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1**. JC 





High Street 


Inglis Street, 

Telephone 288. 
Telegraphic Address — "Woollens, Inverness." 



" What to do To-day * 

enables you to arrange a whole series 
of Holiday Tours at most moderate 
charges. Our comfortable Pneumatic- 
Tyred Coaches are driven by experi- 
enced men vSho know the Highlands 
: : : : thoroughly. : : : ■ 

Day and Night Service for 

250 Cars 

With or Without Driver. 




''Phone (3 Lines) 1000 Inverness. — 'Phone 4 Nairn. 





Established 1836 






The Reversionary Bonus to Participating Policy, 
holders for the quinquennium ended 31st December 
1935, was at the rate of 45/- per cent, per annum upon 
the sum assured. 

Write for Leaflets on — 





ABERDEEN - - - 1 Union Terrace. 
LONDON - 1 Moorgate, E.C.2 

ASSETS - £25,437,500 

Inverness Office— 28 QUEENSGATE 

R. WALKER, Resident Inspector 

To have all 
your insurances 
with the "Royal" 
is a convenience 
with the basic 
essential of 


Company / 

Limited ■ 

Inverness Office : Queensgate 

Local Manager — John S. Rodgers 

Sub-Offices at Elgin and Wick 



We are Manufacturers of High-Grade Furniture, and hold 
large stocks suitable for Dining-Rooms, Lounge, Bedrooms, 
&c, which we can offer at Keenest Prices. 


We invite inspection of our large range of Seamless Ax- 
minster and Wilton Squares, and Oriental Carpets, 
&c, which is the largest in the North of Scotland. 

Inlaid and Printed Linoleums at best Prices- 

Inventories and Valuations carefully made up. 


68 Church St. and 45-49 Academy St., 

Telegrams — "Macivers, Upholsterers, Inverness." 
Telephone — Inverness 46. Night 854. 

'Phone 568 


The Fairfield Dyeworks 


T. HOPE, Proprietor 

Established over 60 Years 
Telephone No. 386. Telegrams — "Chisholm, Inverness" 


Decorative Painters, Paperhangers, 
Glaziers and Glass Merchants 


Local Agents for Koverflor and Darkaline, all High- 
Class Paints and Latest Wallpapers 


INVERNESS— 'Phone 420. Telegrams— "SALMON." 
NAIRN— 'Phone 159. Telegrams— " SALMON." 

The Highland Fish Company 

The Leading Fishmongers, 
Poulterers & Game Dealers 

Inverness and Nairn. 


Telephone 287 

Ask for St Abban's Gold Medal 


Prepared with the Greatest Care and Unequalled for 
General Excellence 





Telephone No. 510 




Manufactured from Pure Wool in the Historic Isle of Skye„ 












10-12 Lombard St., Inverness, Scotland. 
Estd. 1867. Tel. Address, "CLAN, INVERNESS" 'Phone 724 




ALEX. FRASER, Proprietor. 

Telegrams — " Gillanders, Inverness." 
Telephone— No. 200 

'Phone 629 

Charles Macdonald 




House 14 Dochfour Drive 








Incorporated A.D. 1720. 



FIRE (including Consequential Loss) 
LIFE (Special "Young Man's Policy") 
ANNUITIES (Immediate and Deferred) 

THIRD PARTY (including Property 
o>/ Owner's Liability) 


--ENGINEERING (Boilers, Electrical Plant, 
MOTOR (Private and Commercial) 

Insurances are Transacted 
The Corporation also Acts as 


Apply for Prospectuses and full particulars to 


Messrs INNES & MACK AY, Managers. 
District Inspector— ALAN C. GARDINER. 


Official Information 
Street Directory ... 
Alphabetical Directory 

pp. ix-xlii 

pp. 1-200 

„ 205-383 



Association Football Clubs... xxxix. 

Banks xix. 

Bowling Clubs xxxix. 

British Legion Club (Inver- 
ness) Ltd xxvii. 

Caledonian Canal xix. 

Chamber of Commerce xxix. 

Churches and Clergy xxi. 

County Library xvii. 

Cricket xli. 

Curling Club ... xli. 

District Asylum Joint Com- 
mittee xvii. 

Donald Fraser Bequest ... xxv. 

Education Committee for In- 
verness-shire xxxv. 

Electricity Works xv. 

Fire Brigade xv. 

Forbes Dispensary xxv. 

Gas Works xv. 

Highland Club xxvii. 

Highland Orphanage xxv. 

Hockey Clubs xxxix. 

Inverness Boy Scouts Local 
Association xxxvii. 

Inverness County Council... xxxi. 

Inverness County Officials ... xxxv. 


Inverness Town Council ... ix 

Insurance Offices, etc xxix. 

Justice of Peace Courts ... xvii. 

Labour Party (Inverness) ... xxvii. 

Liberal Asssociation (Inver- 
ness) xxv. 

Masonic Lodges xlii. 

Medical Practitioners xix. 

Museum xv. 

Ness Fishery Board xxix. 

Newspapers, etc xxiii. 

Public Library xv. 

Boyal Northern Infirmary... xxv. 

Northern Meeting xxxi. 

N.C. Institute for Blind ... xxiii. 

Rugby xli. 

Schools xxiii. 

Scientific Society and F.C. xxiii. 

Scottish Community Drama 

Association xxvii. 

Scottish Bankers' Assocn. xxvii. 

Sheriff Court xv. 

Shinty xli. 

Solicitors xv. 

Swimming Clubs xli. 

Tennis Clubs xli. 

Unionist Association (Inver- 
ness) xxv. 




% First Glass. Largest in Town. 

Electric Light. Central Heating. 

|H Overlooking River Ness and Miles of 
Mountain Scenery. 

Station 2 mins. All Trains met. 

@ Golf. Tennis. Fishing. 

R.A.C., R.S.A.C. and A.A. Phone 1300 

H. M. CHAPMAN, Manager 





Established in 1905 

Authorised FORD Dealers since 1911 

Special Service Facilities, with Large Stocks of 

Spare Parts 
Cars for Hire for any period with or without Drivers 

Fully Equipped Battery Service Depot 

Tel. No. 148 Tel. Add.: "MAGNETO" 


Population of Burgh (census 1931), 22,600; Parlia- 
mentary Constituency, 15,617; Municipal Constituency, 

Valuation of Burgh, including Railways and Canal, 
1937-38— Gross, £220,797 15s 2d; Rateable value, 

Member of Parliament for Inverness Division — Sir 
Murdoch Macdonald, K.C.M.G., C.B., M.Inst.C.E. 


Hugh Mackenzie, Provost; Bailies Braine, Ward, 
H. Fraser, and Cameron; Dean of Guild Ross; Trea- 
surer Michie; Councillors D. G. Fraser, Robertson, 
J. S. Fraser, Bruce, J. Campbell, D. G. Campbell, Mac- 
kenzie, Smith, Macintyre, Noble, Henderson, Mackin- 
tosh, Macleod, and Mackay. 

Officials — Jas. Cameron, B.L., Town Clerk and Law 
Agent; D. Mackenzie Reid, Town Clerk Depute; Jas. 
Maxw jll, Town Chamberlain; Dr A. M. Fraser, Chief 
Medical Officer of Health; Dr Edward A. Johnston, 
Deputy Medical Officer of Health; A. G. Hamilton, In- 
spector of Public Assistance; A. P. W. Bewglass, 
Governor, Muirfield Institution; Thomas O'Beirne, 
Burgh Surveyor and Water Manager; Peter 
Mackechnie, Burgh Assessor and Registration 
Officer; Andrew Thomson, Gas Manager; G. 
C. Maclean, Electrical Engineer and Manager; 
John Innes, Sanitary Inspector; Alexander Neville, 
Chief Constable; James Munro, Burgh Prosecutor; 
William Attwater, Housing Factor; John T. Mills, 
Cleansing Inspector; Andrew S. Don, Firemaster and 
Lighting Inspector; George Angus, Superintendent of 
Parks and Cemeteries; John Lumsden, Baths Superin- 
tendent; George Macbean, Registrar; William Bain, 
Council Officer; John Maclennan, Superintendent of 


Water and Gas Committee — The whole Council. 

The Provost, Convener. 



Entrust Your Orders to 


Fishmongers, Poulterers, 
and Game Dealers 



Telegrams: "Bookless." Telephone No. 53. 

Telegrams — "Hardware," Telephone 85. 




On hand a New and Select Stock of General Ironmongery 
Household Furniture and Farm Requisites 

'Phone 212, Inverness. 'Phone 12 Beauly. 'Phone 24, Kingussie 


Plumber, Gasfitter, Sanitary and Heating Engineer 



Enquiries Welcomed and Given Prompt Attention 


Roads and Drainage Committee — Bailie Ward. 
Convener; Councillors Robertson, J. S. Fraser, J. 
Campbell, D. G. Campbell, Mackenzie, Smith Noble, 
and Mackay. 

Finance Committee — Treasurer Michie, Convener; 
Bailies Braine, Ward, H. Fraser; Councillors D. G. 
Fraser, D. G. Campbell, Noble, Macleod, and Mackay. 

Law Committee — Councillor Macintyre, Convener; 
Bailies Braine, H. Fraser, Cameron; Dean of Guild 
Ross; Councillors Mackenzie, D. G. Campbell, Hen- 
derson, and Macleod. 

Lighting and Watching Committee — Councillor D. 
G. Campbell, Convener; Bailie Ward, Dean of Guild 
Ross; Councillors D. G. Fraser, J. Campbell, Mac- 
kenzie, Smith, Macintyre, and Henderson. 

Public Health Committee — Treasurer Michie, Con- 
vener; Bailies Braine, H. Fraser, Cameron; Council- 
lors b. G. Campbell, Mackenzie, Macintyre, Hender- 
son, and Mackay. 

Public Assistance Committee — Bailie H. Fraser, 
Convener; Bailie Cameron; Councillors Robertson, 
J. S. Fraser, Mackenzie, J. Campbell, Macleod, Mac- 
kay; Rev. Donald Macleod, M.C., B.D. 

Cleansing Committee — Councillor D. G. Fraser, 
Convener; Dean of Guild Ross; Councillors Bruce, 
Mackenzie, J. Campbell, Noble, Henderson, Macleod, 
and Mackay. 

Parks and Cemeteries Committee — Councillor 
Noble, Convener; Bailies Ward and Cameron; Coun- 
cillors Robertson, J. Campbell, Smith, Macleod, Mack- 
intosh, and Mackay. 

Common Good Committee — Councillor Macleod, 
Convener; Bailie Cameron; Dean of Guild Ross; 
Councillors D. G. Fraser, J. S. Fraser, J. Campbell, 
Bruce, Smith, and Henderson. 

Charities Committee — Councillor Macintyre, Con- 
vener; Bailie H. Fraser; Councillors Robertscn. J. S. 
Fraser, Mackenzie, J. Campbell, Noble, Macl ecd, and 

Gas Works Committee — Dean of Guild Ross. 
Convener; Bailie Cameron; Councillors Robertson, 
Mackenzie, Smith, J. Campbell. Noble, Mackintosh, 
and Macleod. 




Inverness Sawmills and Creosoting Works, 


Telegraphic Address, "Walker, Inverness." 

Telephone Nos. 13 and 803 Inverness. 
Also at Restalrig Sawmills, Leith. 
Telegraphic address: "Battens, Leith." Tel. Nos. 35477-8, Leith 


Every Description of Sporting Ammunition in .Stock 

Salmon & Trout Rods, Reels, Lines, Baskets, Landing Nets. 

Fishing Rods and Reels Neatly Repaired. 

Salmon and Trout Flies always on hand, or made to pattern 

Fishes Stuffed and Preserved. Birds, Stags' Heads, &c. 





Telegrams — "Watson, Gunmaker, Inverness." Tel. No. 461 

Farm Produce Stores 



All Best Quality BEEF, MUTTON and LAMB Stocked 



Housing and Town Planning Committee — Coun- 
cillor Mackay, Convener; Bailies Ward, H. Fraser, 
and Cameron; Councillors Robertson, J. S. Fraser, D. 
G. Campbell, Smith, Henderson, and Macleod. 

Electricity Committee — The whole Council. The 
Provost, Convener. 

Executive Committee of Local Authority — 
Councillor J. S. Fraser, Convener; Treasurer Michie; 
Councillors Bruce and Mackintosh. 

Entertainments Committee — Bailie Cameron, 
Convener; Dean of Guild Ross; Councillors Robert- 
son, Smith, Bruce, Mackenzie, Noble, Henderson, and 

Baths Committee — Bailie Braine, Convener; 
Bailies Ward and Cameron; Councillors Robertson, 
Bruce, Noble, Macleod, and Mackay. 

Provost's Committee — The Provost, Convener; 
Bailies Braine, Ward, Fraser and Cameron; Dean of 
Guild Ross; Treasurer Michie; Councillor Macleod. 

Dean of Guild Court — Dean of Guild Ross; Bailie 
Cameron; Councillors Smith, Henderson and Mac- 

Burgh .and County Public Library Committee. — 
Bailie H. Fraser; Councillors Mackenzie, Noble. 
Henderson, and Macleod; Dr Evan M. Barron, 
"Courier" Office; Mr Daniel Gillies, High School; Mr 
Wni. Mackay, solicitor; Mr W. Crampton Smith, 
O.B.E., Rector, Royal Academy; Mr J. D. Macdonald, 
33 Smith Avenue; Councillors Rev. Wm. Graham, F. 
W. Sopper, Rev. Dr Macfarlane, Rev. Dr Neil Ross, 
Rev. Dr Alex. Mackinnon, Very Rev. Canon MacNeill, 
Rev. Hector Maclean, Rev. Dr Campbell, Charles Ian 
Fraser of Reelig; Mr David Howat, Director of 
Education. D. Mackenzie Reid, Town Clerk Depute, 
Secretary; Mr James Maxwell, Town Chamberlain, 
and Mr D. J. Tolmie, Senior Deputy County Clerk, 
Joint Treasurers; Mr Arthur B. Peters and Mr James 
Smith, Joint Librarians. 

Joint Hospital Board — Treasurer Michie, Chair- 
man; Provost Mackenzie; Bailies Braine and H. 
Fraser; Councillor Macintyre; County Councillors A. 
Munro, Rev. William Graham, Colonel F. W. Sopper, 
Simon Macdonald, and Lady Amy Henschel. Clerk 
and Treasurer — A. P. W. Bewglass, 82 Old Edinburgh 


Telephone No. 306 

The New Inverness Laundry Coy. 



Largest and Best Equipped Laundry in 
North of Scotland 

Our "Works are furnished throughout with the Most Modern and 
Elaborate Machinery. First-Class Workers only are employed, and 
we have all the facilities necessary for the carrying on of a Large and 
High-Class Business. We are content to accept the judgment of the 
Public as to quality of the work done. 


Special facilities for Country Houses and Shooting Lodges 


Regular system of Van Deliveries in Inverness, also over whole area 
from Inverness to Tain. Outlying Districts can be arranged for 


A Trial Order is requested Inspection Cordially Invited 

'Phone 509 






'Phone No. 379. 



Agents for Lincoln Bennett and Woodrow Hats, Jaeger 
Underwear, Burberry and Dunlop Weatherproofs 


INVERNESS GAS WORKS— Office, Manse Place- 
Manager, And. Thomson. 

LOO PLACE— Manager, G. C. Maclean. 

Andrew S. Don, 11 Castle Wynd. 

Lending and Reference Departments— Open 10 a.m. 
to 8 p.m. daily; Thursdays — 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. 

Reading-Room — Open to public daily, 9 a.m. to 
9 p.m. Librarian — Arthur Bowden Peters. 

BUILDINGS, Castle Wynd. Open daily, 10 a.m. till 
8 p.m. Arthur B. Peters, curator. 


Sheriff Robert H. Maconochie, O.B.E., K.C. 

Sheriff -Substitute John Peter Grant, advocate. 

Honorary Sheriff -Substitutes at Inverness — 

William Gossip, W. J. Taylor, J. M. Hunter, J. M. 

Maitland, T. B. Simpson, and Hugh Mackenzie. 

Sheriff -Clerk and Auditor of Court 

Murdoch Mcintosh. 

Sheriffs-Clerks Depute E. P. Grant and M. 


Procurator-Fiscal George Duguid 

Bar Officer &; Keeper of County Buildings 

J. Johnstone. 


Anderson, Shaw, & Gilbert, 20 Church street 
Black, F. A., and Imrie, Academy street 
Critchley, E. G., Fraser Street 
Davidson, Scott & Co., 42 Union street 
Forsyth, James, 62 Academy street 


'Phone 592 ■ Day and Night 



All Arrangements carried out at Keenest Prices 
in Town or Country. 


Established 1878. 



For Prompt Service Day or Night — 'Phone No. 853 



Estimates given for Domestic Hot Water and Central 
Heating Installations. 

Jobbing Work Promptly Executed. 
'Phone 296 





Motoring and Excursion Parties Catered for 
Tables Reserved Lounge and Smoke Room 


Fraser & Ross, 46 High street 
Eraser & Maccallum, 23 Academy street 
Innes & Mackay, Royal Bank buildings 
Macandrew & Jenkins, Royal Bank buildings 
Mackenzie, Alex. J., & Munro, 62 Academy street 
Maciieil, D. H., & Co., 29a High street 
Morris & Macdonald, 35 Queensgate 
Ross, Ramsay A., 51 Church street 
Ross, George, & Noble, 41a High street 
Stev/art, Rule & Co., 21 Church street 
Squair, Middleton &j Co., 2 Inglis street 

Inverness, D. Noble, clerk, 

Grantown j Portree, C. L. Macnaughton 

Kingussie, C. Petty i Lochmaddy — John F. Gray 
Fort-William, Robert Dow. 
Courts for the decision of small debt cases not ex- 
ceeding £5, and for other purposes connected with 
the administration of justice, will be held in each of 
the above places, on days to be fixed by the resident 

Principal Office of the Peace, 41a High Street, 

The Castle. Librarian — James Smith. 

MITTEE. — County Council of Inverness — Lieut.-Col. 
F. W. Sopper, Col. G. E. M. Baillie, Mr D. S. Shaw, 
Rev. Angus Boyd, Rev. Dr A. Mackinnon, Mr D. 
Macrae, Kingussie; Mr Alex. Munro, Mr G. H. Prit- 
chard, Beauly. County Council of Ross and Crom- 
arty — C. W. Murray, Lochcarron; A. J. Mackenzie, 
Stornoway; D. MacLeman, Avoch; Sir Hector Mac- 
kenzie of Gairloch; Mr Ian Campbell; Major Stirling 
of Fairburn; Miss R. Macleod; Mr Geo. A. Ross, 
Rhynie, Fearn. County of Sutherland — James 
D. Cameron, Golspie; John Murray, Dornoch. 
Joint County Council of Moray and Nairn — 
Colonel Ian Campbell, Cawdor; Bailie Alexander 



T. Mackenzie £r Co., 



Established 1826. 'Phone No. 208. 

House Address — D. Fraser, M.P.S,, 44 Island Bank Road 
'Phone No. 659 


'Grams — " Elliot, Butcher, Inverness." 'Phone No. 48. 


(Established 1858). 



Private Families specially attended to. 






Telephone No. 235 
Telegrams — "Campbell, Builder, Inverness." 


Grant. Town Council of Inverness — The Pro- 
vost of Inverness, A. Cameron, Colonel E. G. 
Henderson, Bailie John Mackay, Bailie H. H. Ward. 
Medical Superintendent — Dr William McWilliam. 
House Steward — Alexander Rae. Auditor —. Alex. 
Martin, CA. Clerk and Treasurer — Robert Gilbert, 

CALEDONIAN CANAL— (Opened in 1822). 
From one end of the Canal to the other the dis- 
tance is 60 miles The lochs along the route extend 
to 38 miles, and the Canal cuttings to 22 miles. There 
are 29 locks on the line — the rise to the summit in 
Loch-Oich being about 100 ft. above sea level. Resi- 
dent Engineer and Manager — Frank Whyte, M.C., 
B.Sc, M.Inst. C.E., Clachnaharry. Collector— Simon 


Bank of Scotland, High Street Branch — J. M. Mac- 
kintosh, agent. 

Union Street Branch — Roderick Cameron, agent. 

British Linen Bank — 41 High street — John H. Martin, 

Clydesdale Bank (Limited), 60 Academy street — Alex. 
J. Mackenzie, agent. 

Commercial Bank of Scotland (Limited), 67 Church 
street — James Macdonald, agent 

National Bank of Scotland (Limited), Station 
square — G. C. Forbes, agent. 

North of Scotland Bank (Limited) . Eastgate Branch— 
A. D. Bethune, agent. Queen's Gate Branch — J. 
M. Hunter, agent. 

Royal Bank of Scotland, Union Street— David Aitken, 

Savings Bank — 15 Lombard street. Actuary and 
Cashier— D. G. Ballingall. 

Union Bank of Scotland (Limited), 21 Union street- 
James D. Christie, agent. 


James Murray, M.A., M.D. (Edin.), Victoria House, 

Ness bank 
Dun. Macfadyen, M.B., Ch.B. (Glas.), 1 Ardross ter. 
Robert Sturrock, M.D., Planefield road 
David S. Garden, M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H., Planefield road 


Telephone Nos. 529 and 370. 



Transacts all kinds of Insurance (being a Registered 
Insurance Broker), is able to place all kinds of Risks 
through the Leading Companies. Also holds Agencies 
from the principal Shipping Companies, and can quote 
for Freights and Passengers' Tickets to any port Abroad; 
is also a Representative of Leading Tourist Agencies 
and Railway Companies. 


Property of every description for SALE in various 
Towns in the North of Scotland. LETS, FURNISHED 
HOUSES, and APARTMENTS in Town and Country. 

Properties Supervised and Rents Collected at a 
Moderate Commission. 

'Phone No. 272 


Fancy Bread and Biscuit Baker and 



'Phone 184. Grains. "Arcadian." 






Only First- Class Meat. A Trial Order Solicited 


E. A. Johnston. County M.O., 44 Ardconnel street. 
L. M. V. Mitchell, M.B., Ch.B. (Edin.), D.P.H., 14 

R. C. Macdonald, M.B., CM., L.M., L.R.C.S. (Edin.), 

25 Midmills road 
Geo. D. Mackenzie, M.B., Ch.B., 1 Ardross street. 
Theodore Chalmers, M.B., F.R.C.S. (Edin.),, 16 Ness 

A. W. Mackay, M.A., M.B., CM. (Aber.), 37 Bridge St. 
W. J. Bethune, M.B., Ch.B. (Edin.), 9 Bishop's Road. 
George England Kerr, M.B., Ch.B., 19 High street 
Ian Macleod, M.B., Ch.B., Church street 
Alex. Reid, M.B., Riverdale, Island Bank road 
R. D. Campbell, M.B., Ch.B. (Glas.), 13 Ardross street 
A. J. C Hamilton, F.R.C.S., Ardlarich, Culduthel road 
I M. Seex, Ardross street 
T. S. ©lessor, M.B., Ch.B., 5 Ardross terrace 
Hugh Miller, F.R.C.S. (Edin.), 17a Culduthel Road 

Old High Church— Rev. Donald Macleod, M.C., B.D. 
St Stephen's — Rev. A. A. Hamilton, B.D. 
West Church— Rev. G. H. Grant, B.D. 
St Mary's Church— Rev. Alex. Boyd, M.A. 
St Columba's High Church— Rev. E. J. F. Elliott. 
Crown Church — Rev. Wm. F. Grieve, B.Sc. 
East Church— Rev. William Sutherland, M.A. 
St Mark's West Church- 
Queen Street Church— Rev. James Tolmie, M.A. 
Ness Bank Church — Rev. James Wright, M.A. 
Free North Church— Rev. Kenneth Cameron, M.A. 
F.P. Church of Scotland- 
Baptist Church, Castle Street — Rev. W. C. Fisher. 
The Episcopal Church — 

Bishop of Moray, Ross and Caithness — The Most 
Rev. A. J. Maclean, D.D., Primus of the Epis- 
copal Church in Scotland. 
St Andrew's Cathedral- 
Provost — Very Rev. A. A. D. Mackenzie, M.A. 
Precentor — Rev. W. E. Douthwaite, M.A. 
St John's— Rev. W. Steel. 

St Michael's and All Angels — Rev. R. E. Butchart. 
Wesleyan Methodist Church — Rev. John R. Reid. 
Roman Catholic Church — Rev. Father V. Mackenzie 

Session Clerk — D. H. Macdonald, 42 Union st. 

Registrar — George L. Macbean, Bank street. 


Alexander Mactavish 

Complete House Furnisher 


Furnishing Ironmonger 
18, 20 and 22 CASTLE STREET 


Telephone No. 241. 


Supplied at Keenest Prices. Estimates Solicited. 


Goal Merchants and Colliery Agents 
32 Baron Taylor's Street, INVERNESS 

Telephone No. 268. 


Slaters and Slate Merchants 




52/54 Baron Taylor's St., Inverness 

Agents for Queen, Bective, Excelsior, Start-Rite 
and Nil Simile High-Class Footwear 


Telephone 403. M. MACKENZIE, Proprietrix. 



"INVERNESS COURIER," published twice a week— 
on Tuesday and Friday— Price 2d. Established 
1817. Printing and Publishing Offices, Bank 
Lane. Proprietors— R. Carruthers & Sons. 

"NORTHERN CHRONICLE," published every Wed- 
nesday morning — Price 2d. Established 1881. 
Printing and Publishing Offices, 10 Margaret 
street. Proprietors — The Northern Counties 
Newspaper and Printing and Publishing Coy. 
(Limited). Managing Director and Secretary — 
Wm. Mackay, solicitor. Manager, Alexander 

"HIGHLAND NEWS," published every Saturday 
morning— Price 2d. Established 1883. Publish- 
ing Office, 8 Hamilton street. Proprietors — 
"Highland News," Limtied. Managing Director — 
Duncan Grant. 


Smith, B.Sc, O.B.E., Rector. 
THE CROWN SCHOOL— James A. Mackintosh, M.A. 
HIGH SCHOOL— W. S. Kerr, M.A,, B.Sc, Rector. 

John Macqueen, M.A. 


Miss Cameron. 

CLUB — President — C. I. Fraser of Reelig; Hon. Secre- 
tary and Treasurer. James Munro, solicitor, 62 Aca- 
demy Street. 

BLIND— President, The Mackintosh of Mackintosh, 
Moy Hall; Chairman, Mr Wm. Anderson; Hon. Secre- 
tary and Treasurer, Robert Gilbert; General Superin- 
tendent, John R. Mackenzie; Workshop— 39 Ardconnel 
street; Showrooms— 81 Castle street; Workshop and 
Sales Manager— William Gray; Home, 38 Ardconnel 
street. Matron, Miss Asher. 


Telephone 156 



Basildon Bond Notepaper, Envelopes and 
Cards Relief Die- Stamped and Printed 

Hieratica Bond and Other Varieties of 

Notepaper. Sample Books with Prices on 


The Most Comprehensive Range of 



Showrooms : Workshops : 


Telephone : 662, Inverness 

BASKETRY DEPARTMENT— Baskets of every description in 
stock. Hampers for all purposes. Shop and Cycle Baskets in all 
Bizes. Also Flower and Garden Baskets, &c. 


BAKERS' BASKETS a Speciality. 

CHAIR SEATS Re-Caned at Moderate Prices. 

BEDDING DEPARTMENT— We are the Actual Makers of High- 
and PILLOWS. OLD MATTRESSES Cleaned and Re-Made at 
Made to Order. 

Inspection Cordially Invited 
ENQUIRIES addressed to the 


— Joint Secretaries — James Walker and Joseph Cook; 
Joint Treasurers — W. R. and M. Elliot; Matron — Mrs 
Ritchie; Headmaster — Mr James Fraser. 

PENSARY — Trustees and Managers, Provost and 
Magistrates; Sir Murdoch Macdonald, K.C.M.G., C.B., 
M.P. ; Secretary and Treasurer, D. Noble, solicitor, 41a 
High street; Medical Attendant, Dr L. M. V. Mitchell; 
Assistant Resident Chemist and Dispenser, Miss 
Jeanette J. Petrie. 

quest of the late Donald Fraser, M.D., Fairfax Road,. 
Hampstead, Middlesex, the whole free revenue of 
which is to be applied by the Trustees for the benefit 
of the blind in the County of Inverness, and primarily 
for the education in industrial pursuits of young 
blind persons with the view of enabling them to earn 
their own livelihood. The property and funds of the 
Bequest are vested in a body of Trustees, consisting 
of — The Convener of the County or nominee of the 
County Council, the Provost of Inverness, 
the Sheriff-Substitute resident at Inverness, and 
two other persons nominated by the ex-ofncio Trus- 
tees, and who are at present the Rev. Donald Mac- 
leod, B.D., and James Macdonald, agent, Commercial 
Bank of Scotland, Ltd. Robert Gilbert, solicitor, 
Inverness, clerk. 

Robert Gilbert, hon. secretary; Col. P. Mitford, hon. 
treasurer; Major W. Leonard Forsyth, M.D., D.P.H., 
I.M.S. (ret.), medical superintendent; Miss Drysdale, 
matron ; Robert F. Cameron & Forrest, C.A., auditors. 


— President — C. I. Fraser of Reelig. Organising Sec- 
retary — D. Scott Swanston, 6 Queensgate, Inverness. 

President, Dr Brander, J.P., Fort-William; Chairman. 
Duncan Grant, Achindoune, Crown Drive; Hon, 
Treasurer and Secretary, Joseph Macleod, 22 High 
Street, Inverness. 


Incorporated by Royal Charter, 1727. 

Governor : 

His Grace the Duke of Buccleuch and Qtxeensberry 


Deputy -Governor : 

Right Hon. the Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne 

k.g., k.t., g.c.v.o. 

General Manager : William Whyte 


250 Branches throughout Scotland 
— Five Offices in London — 

World-Wide Facilities for 

Banking Business of every description 


Branches also at Fort-William, Inverlochy, Elgin, 

Grantown, Forres, Nairn, Dingwall, Munloehy, 

Tain, Thurso, Kirkwall. 

CAPITAL (fully paid) - - - £3,780,192 
RESERVE FUND - £4,038,616 

DEPOSITS £69,674,161 

(Members of the London Bankers Clearing House) 

199 Branches elsewhere in England and Wales 


PARTY.— President, Councillor Tom Smith; Secretary 
and Treasurer, Hugh Fraser, 2 Fraser Street, Inver- 

— President Brig. -General D. A. Macfarlane, C.B., 
D.S.O.; Secretary — Neil Morrison, D.C.M.; Caretaker 
— John Maclean. 

Canon Butchart, St Michael's Lodge, Inverness; Sec- 
retary and Treasurer — D. Scott Swanston, F.A.C.S., 23 
Academy Street, Inverness. 

ness-shire Branch). — Chairman, J. C. Graham, Bank 
of Scotland. 

HIGHLAND CLUB.— Chairman, Lieut. -Colonel 
J. P. Grant, M.C., of Rothiemurchus; Secretary- 
Manager — D. M. Edwards; Committee — The 
Mackintosh of Mackintosh, Moy Hall, Inverness- 
shire; The Earl of Leven and Melville. K.T., 
Glenferness House, Nairn; John Birnie, Esq., of Bal- 
nafettack, Inverness; Major D. W. A. D. Mackenzie, 
C.V.O., D.S.O., of Farr, Farr House, Farr; Colonel 
The Hon. I. M. Campbell, D.S.O., Auchindoune, 
Cawdor, Nairn; Melville G. Panton, Esq., 
Messrs Graham and Co., Union Street, Inverness; 
H. K. Cox, Esq., Old Drummond, Inverness; Captain 
W. E. Mackintosh, Kyllachy, Tomatin; Capt. the Hon. 
G. Evan Baillie, M.C., Dochfour, Inverness; D. J. 
Tolmie, Esq., 17 Southside Road; D. H. Macdonald, 
Esq., solicitor, 42 Union Street, Inverness; William 
Birnie, Esq, Braerannoch, Inverness; Colonel W. D. 
Bruce Watt, Messrs Graham and Co., Inverness; 
John MacBean, Esq., 42 Union Street, Inverness. 





All Classes of Insurance Transacted 



Special attention is drawn to the Company's 
Scheme of Life Assurance without Medical 
Examination. An Explanatory Leaflet will be 
forwarded on application. 


Inverness Branch Office: 19 CHURCH STREET 

Local Secretary E. D. A. SMART 



•COMPANY.— Head Office, 35 St Andrew Square, 
Edinburgh; Aberdeen, 248 Union Street; F. G. Collie, 
62 Academy Street, Inverness, resident inspector. 

Offices, Aberdeen and London; Inverness Office, 28 
Queensgate — Robert Walker, resident inspector. 

Queen's Gate. Local Manager, John S. Rodgers. 

Innes & Mackay, managers, Royal Bank Buildings. 

ASSURANCE CO., 19 Church Street— E. D. A. Smart, 
local secretary. 

spector, William T. Campbell, 29a High Street. 

porated under the Companies Acts, 1862 to 1900. — 
President, Mr J. R. McAvoy; Vice-President, 
Mr John Macpherson, Sporting Stores; K. 
Grant, Millburn Distillery; John Mitchell, Solici- 
tor; Alistair Cameron, Draper; J. S, Rodgers, Royal 
Insurance; Wm. Michie, Auctioneer; T. W. Gleeson, 
Broadstone Park; A. P. W. Bewglass, Muirfield Insti- 
tution; D. Forbes, Draper; Kenneth Mackenzie, 
Cabinetmaker; A. N. Walker, Toy Shop; R. A. Ham- 
ilton, Coast Lines, Ltd.; E. C. Jack, Exchange; J. H. 
Martin, agent, British Linen Bank; J. Carmichael, 
Inverness Motors Ltd.; W. Fraser, Chemist. Joint 
• Secretaries and Treasurers— David Ross and James 
South, 46 High Street. 

NESS FISHERY BOARD.— Colonel the Hon. I. M. 
Campbell,. Chairman; W. U. Goodbody, Esq., of 
Invergarry; Captain I. R. J. Murray Grant of Glen- 
moriston; Lt.-Col. the Hon. Evan M. Baillie, Hon. Lord 
Lovat, the Earl of Cawdor, and Jas. Cameron, Esq., 
Town Clerk; Messrs Anderson, Shaw and Gilbert, 
Clerks to the Board. 

Telephone 274. 

Walter Alexander &Son, Ltd. 




Should not fail to VISIT ALEXANDERS'. There 

they will find the Largest and most Varied 

Collection of 


MOTOR MAPS for all parts of Scotland. 

and BLACK'S GUIDES always in Stock. 


All the LATEST NOVELS as Published. 
HOLIDAY READING to suit all Tastes. 

NEWSPAPERS and PERIODICALS delivered imme- 
diately on arrival to any Address in Inverness. 

be had at ALEXANDERS'. 





NORTHERN MEETING (Instituted in 1788).— 
Convener, Colonel the Hon. G. Evan Baillie, M.C., of 
Dochfour; Secretary and Treasurer, David Ross, 
solicitor, High Street; Patrons, H.M. The King; 
Colonel The Mackintosh of Mackintosh, C.B.E. Ball- 
rooms — Church Street. Games Park and Pavilion — 
ArdrosS Street. 


1st or Ardersier, Rev. Wm. Graham, The Manse, 
Ardersier; 2nd or Petty, John Rose, Mains of Con- 
nage, Ardersier; 3rd or Croy, James Dallas, Brae 
of Cantray, Croy; 4th or Daviot, Lieut.-Col. Frank 
W. Sopper, Easter Aberchalder, Gorthleck; 5th or 
Dares, Capt. H. L. Kemble, M.V.O., Laggan, Scaniport: 
6th or Inverness West, the Hon. G. E. M. Bailie, Doch- 
four, Inverness; 7th or Inverness East, Alex. Munro, 
Leanach, Culloden Moor, Inverness; 8th or Inverness 
South, Francis W. Walker, Leys Castle, Inverness; 
9th or Kirkhill, Charles I. Fraser of Reelig, Kijrkhill; 
10th or Beauly, Geo. H. Pritchard, Aultbea, Beauly; 
11th or Easter Kilmorack, Alex. M. Macrae, Ardocby. 
Beauly; 12th or Wester Kilmorack, Wiilliam Mac- 
intyre, estate manager, Erchless, Beauly; 13th or Kil- 
tarlity Upper, the Right Hon. Lord Lovat, Beaufort 
Castle, Beauly; 14th or Kiltarlity Lower, Hon. A. J. 
Fraser, Moniack Castle, Kirkhill; 15th or Glenmoris- 
ton, A. D. Grant, Mains of Invermoriston, Glen- 
moriston; 16th or Urquhart, Rev. Angus Boyd, 
Manse of Kilmore, Drumnadrochit; 17th or 
Fort-Augustus. R. McB. Fraser, Riverside, Fort- 
Augustus; 18th or Boleskine, Herbert Ashlin Skelton, 
Foyers; 19th or Moy and Dalarossie, Colonel 
Geo. Mackintosh, Bruich, Nairn; 20th or Duthil, 
Duncan Macintyre, The Hotel, Carr-Bridge; 21st or 
Rothiemurchus, Dr D. C. Mcintosh, Glenavon, Boat 
of Garten; 22nd or Abernethy, Lieut. -Colonel John 
Grant Smith, D.S.O., Inverallan, Grantown-on-Spey ; 
23rd or Alvie, Lady Amy L. Henschel, Altnachriche, 
Aviemore; 24th or Kingussie North, Thos. Grant, Craig- 
mhor Hotel, Newtonmore; 25th or Kingussie South, 
Duncan Macrae, J.P., farmer, Ruthven, Kingussie: 
26th o)r Laggan North, Rev. Neil Ross, C.B.E. , D.Litt., 
The Manse, Laggan; 27th or Laggan South, T. M. 


Telephone 687 
Telegrams — "Johnstone, Plasterer, Inverness" 





64 Kenneth St. 



Works and Yard— 1 MUIRTOWN STREET 


Builders and Contractors and Electric 
Joinery Works and Saw Mills 


8-10 Gordonville Rd. & 1-3 Haugh Rd. 

'Phone 23 ■ INVERNESS 'Phone 23 

Telegraphic Address — "Graham, Gunmaker, Inverness." 




27 Union Street, INVERNESS, 


Logan, Gallovie, Kingussie; 28th or Glengarry, W. U. 
Goodbody of Invergarry, Glengarry; 29th or Kilmoni- 
vaig North, Colonel A. W. Macdonald, D.S.O., Blarour, 
Spean-Bridge; 30th or Kilmonivaig South, Rev, Alex- 
ander Mackinnon, B.D., Ph.D., The Manse Kilmoni- 
viag; 31st or Nether-Loch aber, Donald Macdougall, 
2 Riverside Road, Kinlochleven; 32nd or Kilmallie 
South, Miss Alison Stewart, B.A., Camus-na-ha, Cor- 
pach; 33rd or Kilmallie North, Col. Sir Donald Walter 
Cameron of Lochiel, K.T., C.M.G., A.D.C., D.S.O., Ach- 
nacarry, Spean-Bridge; 34th or Gleneig, Capt. J. B. 
Kitson, D.S.O., R.N., Arnisdale, Gleneig, by Kyle; 35th 
or Mallaig, Don. Maelennan, merchant, Mallaig; 36th 
or Arisaig, Very Rev. John MacNeill, Beoraid, North 
Morar; 37th or Moidart, Peter Blackburn of Roshven, 
Lochailort; 38th or Small Isles, Lt.-Commander W. I. 
L. MacEwen, R.N. (Retd.), of Gallanach, Isle of Muck; 
39th or Sleat, A. G. Macdonald, yr. of Lower Ostaig, 
Sleat, 40th or Strath, Rev. Hector Maclean, M.A., 
J.P., The Manse, Broadford, Strath; 41st or Portree 
West, Rev. John Maekay, M.A., the North Manse, 
Portree; 42nd or Portree East, Angus Macdonald, 6 
Beaumont Crescent, Portree; 43rd or Braoadale, Flora, 
Mrs Macleod of Macleod, Dunvegan Castle, Isle of 
Skye; 44th or Duirinish West, Captain S. T. Mathe- 
son, Holmisdale House, Glendale; 45th or Duirinish 
East, D. M. Macdonald, Lochview, Edinbane, Skye; 
46th or Snizort, Donald Macfarlane, 23 Mains, Bernis- 
dale, Skye; 47th or Kilmuir, George M. Macleod, 1 
Clachan, Staffin, Skye; 48th or North Uist (South), 
Rod. McEriich, Ostrom House, Lochmaddy; 49th or 
North Uist (North), Captain J. A. R. Macdonald of 
Balranald, North Uist; 50th or Harris North, Norman 
Robertson, factor, Tarbert, Harris; 51st or Harris 
Middle, John Campbell, Tarbert House, Tarbert, Har- 
ris; 52nd or Harris South, Rev. Robert Macleod, J.P., 
Eree Church Manse, Leverburgh, Harris; 53rd or Ben- 
becula, Sir A. M. MacEwen, Kessock House. Kessock, 
Ross-shire; 54th or South Uist, Rev. Jas. Galbraith, 
Ardkenneth, Eochar, South Uist ; 55th or Lochboisdale, 
Rev. D. A. Campbell, D.D., Chapel House, Daliburgh, 
South Uist; 56th or Barra North, J. Macpherson, 6 
Bayherivagh, Northbay, Barra; 57th or Barra South, 
Rev. John MacQueen, Castlebay, Barra. 

Representatives of Burghs on County Council. — 
Kingussie — Bailie D. Cattanach, The Lodge, Kingussie. 


Telephone 366 Night 228 






Ladies' Tailor and Furrier 


'Phone 868 

Telegrams — " Davidson, Butcher, Inverness." 





Best Selected and Choicest Quality Meat. Pickled Meat a Speciality- 
Visitors and Shooting Lodges specially catered for 


Builders and General Contractors 

Telephone No. 387 


Fort-William — Provost Simon Macdonald, Beaufort, 
Port-William; Mrs Halse, St Andrew's, Fort-William; 
ex-Provost D. S. Shaw, Inchrory, Fort-William. Inver- 
ness — Provost H. Mackenzie, Lethington, Annneld 
Road; Bailie H. A. Braine, Craigroyston, Crown 
Circus; Bailie H. H. Ward, Green Gables, Drummond 
Road; Bailie H. Fraser, 40 Charles Street; Bailie A. 
Cameron, 2 Kenneth Street; Dean of Guild Hugh 
Ross, 21 Queensgate; Treasurer Wm. Michie, 62 Aca- 
demy Street; Councillors E. G. Henderson, 39 Telford 
Street; John Mackay, 39 Union Road; Wm. Macin- 
tyre, 12 Ness Bank; J. ©. Fraser, 57 Lochalsh Road; 
D. G. Campbell, 37 Ardconnel Street; John Campbell, 
5 Lindsay Avenue; Joseph Macleod, High Street; J. 
Robertson, 2 Grant Street; D. G. Fraser, 44 Lochalsh 
Road; D. Smith, 25 Ballifeary Lane; G. Mackenzie, 
13 Kenneth Street; N. D. Mackintosh, Raigmore; A. 
A. Noble, Madyn, Ballifeary Road; G. Bruce, 18 Tel- 
ford Road. 

Representatives of Electoral Divisions and Small 
Burghs — Sir A. M. MacEwen, Chairman; Rev. Dr Mac- 
farlane, Vice-Chairman; Rev. Wm. M. Graham, F. W. 
Sopper, F. W. Walker, the Hon. A. J. Fraser, 
Duncan Macintyre, Duncan Macrae, Rev. Dr 
Neil Ross, Donald Maclennan, Rev. Dr A. Mackinnon, 
Rev. Canon J. MacNeill, Mrs MacLeod of MacLeod, 
Rev. Hectolr Maclean, R. McB. Fraser, D. Cattanach, 
Rev. J. Mackay, Rev. Robert Macleod, Rev. J. Mac- 
Queen, J. A. R. Macdonald, Simon Macdonald. Re- 
presentatives of the Burgh of Inverness — Provost 
Hugh Mackenzie, Wm. Michie, Joseph Macleod, A. A. 
Noble, H. A. Braine, John Mackay, H. H. Ward, D. G. 
Campbell, Andrew Cameron, Hugh Fraser. Repre- 
sentatives of Transferred Schools — Very Rev. Alex. 
A. D. Mackenzie. Persons of Experience in Education 
and Interested in the Promotion of Religious In- 
struction — D. A. Macfarlane and Thomas Tulloch. 
Women — Mrs Halse. 

County Clerk, J. W. McKillop; Senior Deputy 
County Clerk, D. J. Tolmie; County Medical Officers, 
Dr A. M. Fraser, Dr E. Johnston; County Road Sur- 





HUGH W. JOHNSTONE, Tailor & Clothier, 


'Grams — "Sirloin, Inverness." Established 1865. 
'Phone 81. 'Phone 81. 

A. & D. MACDONALD, Butchers 

All Orders for Shooting Lodges and Families in 

the Country carefully attended to. 

: : Only First-Class Meat Supplied : : 


An Establishment founded on Service — Growing by 



COFFEE Roasted on the Premises by Electricity. 
GAMMON'S Boiled on the Premises— A Daily Treat. 
Tea, Bacon, Eggs, Fresh Butter, etc., always reliable at 


Telephone 637 Day and Night. 








veyor, Robert Robertson; Chief Public Assistance 
Officer, Thomas R. Paton; County Sanitary Inspector, 
John Mackintosh; County Collector, H. R. Keay; 
Director of Education, David Howat, M.A., B.A.; 
County Assessor, H. R. Keay. 

TION— Chairman— J. Stuart Watson, W.S. Local 
Association Secretary — Ian M. Macdonald, 34 Union 
Road, Inverness Hon. Treasurer — James Macdonald, 
Commercial Bank of Scotland Ltd., Inverness. Dis- 
trict Scoutmaster — Allan G. Macpherson. 

Thomas Skinner 






Telephone No. 508 

'Phone 722 



Post Office Avenue, Queensgate, Inverness 


always in Stock 

Town Plan 




Principal Streets 
Municipal Wards 
and Municipal and 
Police Boundaries 





Caledonian — Ground, Telford Street — Secy., 
Walter Bullock, Green Drive, Culduthel. 

Clachnacuddin — Ground, Grant Street — Secy., 
James Matheson, 18 India Street. 

Thistle — Ground, Kingsmills — Secy., H. Fraser, 28 
Midmills Road, Inverness ; Assistant Secy , 
K. Ross, 96 Castle Street, do. 


Inverness Academicals — Secy., R. A. Whyte, Balli- 

feary Road, Inverness. 
Inverness Royal Academy — Hockey Secy., Royal 

Royal Artillery — Secy., Margaret Street Drill 


Highland — Secy., Geo. Morrison, Falcon Square. 
Seaforth Highlanders — Sports Officer, Fort-George. 

Highland District — Secy., D. F. Macleod, 8 Bishop's 
Road, Inverness; Treasurer, C. M. McManus, 
17 Union Road, do. 


Inverness Royal Academy — Secy., c/o Royal Aca- 
Inverness High School F.P 
Inverness Ladies. 
Inverness Royal Academy Old Girls'. 


Inverness — Green, Ballifeary — Secy., Alex. Mac- 
donald, 37 Celt Street. 
Highland— Green, Auld Castlehill Road— Secy., 

J. D. Farquharson, 39 MacEwen Drive. 
Planefield — Green, Planefield Road — Secy., J. T. 

Campbell, 11 Smith Avenue 
Waterloo — Green, Waterloo Place — Secy., J. Astle, 

53 Innes Street. 
Fraser Park — Green, MacEwen Drive — Secy., 

J. Mackenzie, 18 Stephen's Brae. 



First- Class Workmanship Guaranteed 


Orders Called for on receipt of Post Card 





Cement, Lime, Ferrocrete, and all Builders' 

and Plasterers' Requisites 


'Phone 14. Telegrams: " McGruther, Inverness." 

Telephone No. 163. 

Cut Flowers Bridal Bouquets Wreaths 


We have always a Supply of Fresh- Cut Flowers, 

Bouquets, etc.. made on Shortest Notice. 


All Carefu T ly Grown and at Moderate Prices. 

F. Urquhart & Co., Seedsmen & Nurserymen 


The Leading Fruiterer 






Northern Counties C.C. — Pitch, Northern Meeting 
Park — Secy., S. Kennedy, 


Highland Curling Club — Rinks, Kingsmills. J. T. 
Bookless, Union Street, secy. 


Highland Rugby Football Club — Ground, Northern 
Meeting Park — Secy., J. D. Sturrock. 


Inverness Shinty Club — Pitch, Bught — Secy., 
J. M. Buchan, Tomnahurich Lodge, Inverness. 

Macgillivray Camanachd League — Secy., J. M. 
Buchan, Tomnahurich Lodge, Inverness. 

Mactavish Camanachd Association. — Secy., T. J. 
Macpherson, 57 Kingsmills Road, Inverness, 

Scottish Camanachd Association — Secy., William 
Macpherson, 8 Annfield Road, Inverness, 


Inverness — Courts, Bishop's Road — Secy., P. F. 
Hamilton, Royal Bank Bldgs., Drummond St. 

Public Courts, Bellfield Park 

Do. Fraser Park. 


Inverness Amateur Swimming Club. — W. A. Hardie r 
2 Inglis Street, Inverness. 

L.M.S. Amateur Swimming Club. — Secy., G. J. Reid r 
55 Telford Gardens, Inverness. 

Inverness Ladies' Amateur Swimming Club. — Secy., 
Miss Belle Munro, 24 Crown Street, Inverness. 



Old Inverness Kilwinning St John's, No. 6 — 

R.W.M., Col. N. MacArthur; Secretary, W. G. 
D. Gumming, 1 Lombard Street. 

St Mary's CO. Lodge, No. 339— 

R.W.M,, William Mackenzie; 'Secretary, R. 
Moodie, 4 Bellfield Park. 

St Columba Lodge, No. 1295 — 

R.W.M., W. J. Dalgleish; Secretary, M. 
Urquhart, Whinpark, Muirtown. 


St Andrew's, No. 115 — 

James S. Fraser, Z; Secretary, D. MacGilli- 
vray, S.E., 28 Planefield Road. 

Clachnacuddin No. 540 — 

Hector Mackenzie, Z; Secretary, G. Morrison, 
S.E., 18 Union Street. 

Ness, No. 541 — 

H. Macdonald, Z; Secretary, G. Gill, 40 Crown 




■"Lotus," "Norvic," "Delta," "Mascot," "Cantilever," 
"Footform," "Sir Herbert Barker" Agents. 

Speciality — 

We Fit with X-Ray Ped-o-Scope. 

Phone 11. Highland' Brogues, Etc. 'Phone 11 



Alexander, Walter, and Son, Ltd., Booksellers, Inglis Street xsx. 

Bookless Brothers, Fish Merchants, Union Street x. 

Brooman, John, Jun., Wholesale Grocer, Abban Street 201 

Chisholm, Kenneth, and Sons, Painters, Church Street ii. 

Caledonian Hotel, Church Street viii. 

Chapman, A. W., and Co., Automobile Engineers viii. 

Chisholm, D., and Sons, Undertakers, George Street xvi. 

Campbell, James, and Sons, Contractors, Tomnahurich Street xviii. 

Clark, S. C, Baker, Greig Street xx. 

Cameron, Duncan, Stationer, Drummond Street xxiv. 

Celli, L., Tailor, Church Street xxxiv. 

Duffy, Duncan, Insurance Agent, Church Street xx. 

Davidson and Son, Butchers, Queensgate xxxiv. 

Dundee Equitable Boot Depot, High Street 200 

Dow, James, Bookbinder, Baron Taylor's Street 203 

Dallas & Co., Plasterers, Muirtown Street _ 203 

Edmundsons Electricity Corporation, 7 Queensgate Page 1 of Cover 

Elliot & Co., Butchers, Drummond Street xviii. 

Eairfield Dye Works, Tomnahurich Street ii. 

Eraser and MacColl, Ironmongers, Eastgate x. 

Earm Produce Stores, Lombard Street xii. 

Eraser, Arch., Carpenter, Tomnahurich Street xiv. 

Eraser, Kennedy, and Eraser, Butchers, Queensgate xx. 

Eraser, John, Undertaker, Chapel Street xxxiv. 

Ealconer, Thomas, Motor Garage, Tomnahurich Street 200 

Eraser, Simon, Painter, Washington Court 202 

Eorbes, John, Draper, The Arcade, High St. & Inglis St Page 2 of Cover 

Gillanders' Stores, Queensgate iv. 

Graham and Co., Ltd., Gunmakers, Union Street xxxii. 

Gray, James, and Son, Slaters, Academy Street 203 

Highland Eish Co., Union Street iii. 

Hamiltons' Auction Marts, Eastgate xliv. 

Henderson, Bartlett, and Sons, Engineers, Citadel 201 

Jack, E. C, Grocer, Exchange Place 204 

Johnstone, Wm., and Son, Plasterers, Kenneth Street xxxii. 

Johnstone, Hugh W., Gent.'s Outfitter, Bridge Street xxxvi. 

Keith, Charles, and Co., Stationers, Church Street 201 

Lindsay's, Grocers, Baron Taylor's Street xxxvi. 

London and Lancashire Insurance Co., Ltd., 29a High Street 386 

Munro and Cameron, Carpenters, King Street iii. 


Hamiltons' Auction Marts (Limited) 


Every Monday, at 12 noon prompt — Weekly Sale 
of Fat Sheep. 

Every Monday, at 1.45 p.m. prompt- -Weekly Sale 
of Fat Cattle. 

Every Tuesday, at 11 a.m. — Pigs, Calves, Milch 
Cows, Store Cattle and Store Sheep. 
'Phone 460. 

Branches at Dingwall, Forres, Thurso, and Isle of Skye 

'Phone 301 'Grams: "Economy." 


is a remark often made across the table regarding 
Meat from 


The justification of it lies in the fact that the Meat is without a 
doubt the best procurable in the Inverness Marts 


Macdonald & Morrison 

Coal, Lime, Cement, Ferrocrete and Builders' Merchants 


Stores — Lower Kessock St. and Grant St. 

Telegrams — " Morrison, Inverness." 'Phone Nos. 56 and 23a 

Edmundsons Etectricity Corporation 


Showroom & Offices : 7 QUEENSGATE 

Specialists in Town and Country Mansions Lighting by Electricity 

Repairs on Short Notice. Telephone and Bell Installations 


Contractors for Electric Lighting and Power Work anywhere 




Melvin's, Bakers, Castle Street xvi. 

Matheson, D., and Son, Plumbers, Fraser Street xxxvi. 

Macdonald, Charles, Carpenter, Friar's Street iv. 

Macdonald, A. and D., Butchers, Union Street xxxvi. 

Macdonald and Morrison, Ltd., Coal Merchants, Church Street xliv. 

Macdonald, Fraser and Co., Auction Marts, Eastgate 202 

Maciver and Co., Cabinetmakers, Church Street ii. 

Mackintosh and Co., Ltd., Abban Street iii. 

Mackenzie, Alex. & Co., China Merchants, 44 Union St Cover 

Mackenzie, T., and Co., Chemists, High Street xviii. 

Mackenzie, Hugh, and Son, Shoemakers, Baron Taylor's Street xxii. 

Mackenzie, William, and Son, Undertakers, Haugh Road xxxii. 

Mackenzie, John W., and Co., Shoemakers, Church Street xlii. 

Mackenzie and Murray, Carpenters, Friar's Street 202 

Mackintosh and Co., Wine Merchants, Bridge Street 202 

Mackintosh, C, Fruiterer, Castle Street xl. 

MacGruther and Marshall, Coal Merchants, Church Street xl. 

Maciver, Bros., Butchers, Castle Street xliv. 

Macgregor, John, Hairdresser, Market Brae 203 

Macleod, A., and Co., Drapers, Academy Street 204 

Macleod, Donald, Carpenter, Washington Court 201 

Macleod, Alex., Wholesale Grocer, Post Office Avenue xxxvii. 

Macrae & Dick, Ltd., Motor Engineers, Academy St Page 3 of Cover 

MacVinish, H., and Sons, Contractors, Academy Street xxxiv. 

Macpherson, J., and Co., Coal Merchants, Baron Taylor's St xxii. 

Mactavish, Alexander, Ironmonger, Castle Street xxii. 

New Inverness Laundry Co., Ltd., Telford Street xiv. 

Nisbet and Co., Ltd., Plumbers, Eastgate xvi. 

Northern Assurance Co., Ltd., 28 Queensgate Page 4 of Cover 

Northern Counties' Instutute for the Blind, Castle Street xxiv. 

North British and Mercantile Insurance Co., Ltd., Church St xxviii. 

Portree Wool Mill Co., Ltd., Lombard Street iv. 

Royal Insurance Co., Ltd., Queensgate i. 

Royal Exchange Assurance Co., Union Street vi. 

Boyal Bank of Scotland, Union Street xxvi. 

Hose Street Foundry Co., Ltd., Rose Street 204 

Reid, John, and Son, Slaters, Kenneth Street xxii. 

Shand and Lindsay, Outfitters, Queensgate xiv. 

Skinner, Thomas, Baker, Stephen's Brae xxxvii. 

Steele, H., Watchmaker, Beay Street xl. 

Scottish Union and National Insurance Co., 62 Academy St 385 

Urquhart, William, Plumber, Eastgate x. 

Urquhart, F., and Co., Seedsmen, Union Street xl. 

Walker, James, and Co., Inverness Sawmills xii. 

Watson, D., and Co., Gunmakers, Inglis Street xii. 

York Drive Laundry, Bellfield Park 384 



Abban Place 2 

Abban Street 1 

Abbotsford Terrace, Greig St. 90 

Abertarff Road 2 

Academy Street 3 

Albion Square 7 

Alexander Place 7 

Alexandra Bldgs. (Queen St.) 161 

Anderson Street 8 

Anderson Square S 

AnnfieldRoad 8 

Ardconnel Street 9 

Ar dconnel Terrace 10 

Ardross Place 11 

Ardross Street 11 

Ardross Terrace 12 

Argyle Street 13 

Argyle Terrace 15 

Armadale Terrace (Tomna- 

hurich Street) 189 

AttadaleRoad 15 

Auldcastle Road 16 

Bale's Buildings (Argyle St.) 14 

Ballif eary Lane 16 

Ballifeary Road 17 

Balnain Street 19 

BankLane 19 

Bank Street 20 

Baron Taylor's Street 21 

Beaton's Lane 21 

Beaufort Road 22 

Beech Avenue, Drunmiond 22 

BellfleldPark 22 

Bellfield Terrace 23 

Bishop's Road 23 

Bisset's Close (Muirtown St.) 24 

Bridge Street 24 

Broadstone Avenue 26 

Broadstone Park 26 

Brown Street 27 

Bruce Gardens 2b 

Bught Cottages 31 

Burn Road, Drummond ... 31 


Cameron Barracks 143 

Cameron's Close 31 

Capel Inch 32 

Carlton Terrace (Millburn Rd. ) 142 

Castle & County Buildings ... 32 

Castle Road 32 

Castle Street 32 

Castle Wynd 36 

Cawdor Road 36 

Celt Street 37 

Chapel Street 38 

Charles Street 39 

Chisholm's Close *0 

Church Street 40 

Citadel .'. 45 

Clachnaharry & Canal Side. . . 45 

Craigton Avenue 48 

CrownAvenue 48 

Crown Circus 49 

Crown Drive 49 

Crown Road 50 

Crown Street 51 

Culduthcl Gardens 53 

Culduthel Road 53 

Dalneigh Crescent 55 

DalneighRoad 56 

DamfleldRoad 56 

Darnaway Avenue 56 

Darnaway Road 56 

Dempster Gardens 57 

Denny Street 57 

Deveron Street 59 

Diriebught Road 59 

Dochfour Drive 60 

DoresRoad 62 

Douglas Row 62 

Drummond Circus 63 

Drummond Crescent 63 

Drummond (Upper) 64 

Drummond Road 64 

Drummond Street 65 

Duff Street 66 

Dunabban Road 66 




Dunain Road 67 

Duncraig Street 68 

Dyer's Court (Huntly Street) 101 

EastGate 69 

Exchange Place 72 

Factory Street 72 

Fairfield Lane 72 

Fairfield Road 73 

Falcon Square 75 

FerryRoad 76 

First Street 195 

Fourth Street 57 

Fraser's Close (Muirtown St.) 78 

Fraser Street (Church St.) ... 77 

Fraser Street (Haugh) 77 

Friar's Lane 78 

Friar's Place 78 

Friar's Street 79 

George Street 80 

Gilbert Street 81 

Gladstone Place (Harrowden 

Road) 92 

Glebe Street 82 

Glebe Square 82 

Glenalbyn Road 83 

Glendale Place (Shore Street) 83 

Glen- Urquhart Road 83 

Gordon Terrace 86 

Gordonville Road (Haugh 

Road) 86 

Grant Street 86 

Grant's Close (High Street). . . 88 

Greig Street 88 

Grove Terrace (Haugh Road) 155 

Hamilton Street 91 

Harrowden Road 91 

HaughRoad 93 

Heathmount Road 95 

High Street 95 

High Street, Clachnaharry. . . 45 

HillPlace 98 

Hill Street 98 

Hilton Avenue 100 

Hilton Village 100 

Holm Avenue 100 


Holm Mills (Dores Road) ... 100 

HuntlyPlace 101 

Huntly Street 101 

Huntly Terrace 104 

India Street 104 

Inglis Street 10S 

Innes Street 106 

Island Bank Road 110 

Jamaica Street Ill 

Kennedy's Close (Huntly St.) Ill 

Kenneth Street Ill 

Kessock Avenue 114 

King Street 116 

Kingsmills Road 118 

Ladies' Walk 120 

Leys Drive 121 

Lindsay Avenue 121 

LochalshRoad 123 

Lodge Road (Drummond) ... 126 

Lombard Street 126 

Longman Road 127 

Lotland Place 128 

Lotland Street 128 

LovatRoad 129 

Low Street, Clachnaharry ... 46 

Lower Kessock Street 130 

Lyon's Court (Academy St.) 7 

Macdonald Street (Haugh) 131 

MacEwen Drive 131 

Macgregor's Buildings (Mill- 
burn Road) 142 

Mackintosh's Close (Muir- 
town Street) 132 

Maclennan Crescent 133 

Madras Street 134 

Manse Place 135 

Margaret Street 136 

Market Brae 136 

Maxwell Drive 137 

Maryann Court (off Ardross 

Place) 136 

May Bank Island Bank Rd. Ill 

May Court (Alexander Place) 138 

May Court (Tomnahurich St.) 139 

MayfleldRoad 139 



May Terrace (Alexander 

Place) 7 

Meal Market Close (High St.) 140 

Merlewood Poad 140 

Mid Street, Clachnaharry ... 46 

MidmillsRoad 140 

MillburnRoad 14l 

Milne's Buildings, Pose St. . . . 143 
Mitchell's Lane (Porterfleld 

Bank) 344 

Montague Row 144 

MuirfieldRoad 145 

Muirtown Street 146 

Munro's Lane (Bluntly Street) 148 

Murray Place (Haugh Poad) 94 

kelson Street 148 

NessBank 149 

Ness Place (Haugh) 150 

Ness Terrace (Haugh) 94 

Ness Walk 150 

New Bldgs. (Railway Terrace) 162 

NewMarket 3 

Nicol's Alley (Academy St.) 151 

Noble's Close (King Street) 151 

North Church Place 151 

North Drive (Kessock) 151 

Old Edinburgh Poad 152 

ParkPoad 154 

Paton Street (Haugh) 155 

Perceval Poad 155 

Planefield Poad 156 

Porterfleld Bank 157 

Porterfleld Poad 157 

Portland Place (Shore Street) 158 

Pretoria Terrace (Wells St.) 197 

Pumpgate Street 158 

Princes Place (Huntly St.) 102 

Queen Street 161 

Queensgate 158 

Queensgate Arcade 159 

Railway Terrace 162 

Raining's Stairs 163 

Rangemore Poad 163 

Reay Street 164 

Richmond Terrace (Harrow- 
den Poad) 92 

Rose Street 165 

Rosebery Place (Haugh Poad) 167 

RossAvenue 167 

Ross's Close (Shoe Lane) ... 168 

School Lane (Church Street) 169 

Seabank Poad 169 

Seaforth Mansions (Reay St.) 164 

Second Street 57 

Shoe Lane 169 

Shore Street 169 

Simpson's Lane (Grant St.) 172 

SmithAvenue 172 

South Drive (Kessock) 173 

Southside Place 176 

Southside Road 176 

South Kessock 176 

Station Square 5 

Stephen's Brae 178 

Stephen Street 178 

Sunnybank Road 179 

Swan's Lane (Wells Street) 179 

Tap Lane 179 

Telford Avenue 179 

Telford Gardens 180 

Telford Road 181 

Telford Street 183 

Third Street 57 

Thornbush Road 185 

Tomnahurich Street 187 

UnionRoad 189 

Union Street 191 

Upper Kessock Street 192 

Victoria Drive 194 

Victoria Buildings (Greig St.) 89 

Victoria Square (Rose Street) 194 

Victoria Terrace 195 

ViewPlace 195 

Washington Court 195 

Waterloo Place 196 

Wells Street 197 

West Drive Kessock 198 

Young Street 199 

Street Directory 


1 Miss E. Gillanders 

3 John Fraser, grocer, Isla bank 

5 Hugh Munro, joiner, Daniel cottage 

David Laird, railwayman 
7 Miss Maclean 
9 W. J. Riddoch, shop assistant 

Mrs Macmillan 
11 Ben. Grant, postman 

A. Grant, engine-driver 
13 A. Mackenzie, grocer's assistant 

Mrs Tait 
15 John A. Munro, grocer 
17 S. Fraser, gardener 

Miss Singer 
19 John Skinner, printer 

Peter Shaw, painter 
21 William Macbain, tailor's cutter 

James Hardie, tax officer 
23 James Mackenzie, upholsterer 
25 Mrs Mackenzie 

27 Duncan Sutherland, painter, Nethy cottage 
29 J. Cooper, R.S.M., Cameron Highlanders 

A. G. Kelly, C.S.M., Cameron Highlanders 
31 Miss Ella Forbes, Westview 
33 B. Henderson, engineer 
35 Nurse Russell 

37 W. R. Matheson, Northern Ignition Co. 
39 Mrs Morrison 


2 Murdo Mackenzie, shoemaker 
4 Robert Macdonald, tinsmith, Oakdene 
6 Mrs D. Macdonald 
8 Charles Mackintosh, Gordonville dairy 
Charles Mackintosh, Oxford house 


Abban Street — Continued. 

10 William Allan- 
12 William Smith, clerk 

14 Mackintosh and Co., Ltd., aerated water manu- 

16 K. Gillanders, bank teller 

18 William Bowman, baker 

20 Mrs Macpherson, Riverbank 

22 John L. Carmichael, motor salesman 

24 Abban Institute — 

Cretney Briskham, caretaker 
26 Miss Mackie 
28 Rev. R. E. Butchart, St Michael's lodge 

Church of St Michael's and All Angels — 
Rev. R. E. Butchart 

John Brooman, grocer 

John Brooman, junr., wholesale merchant 

ABBAN PLACE (off Abban Street). 

1 John Macdonald, carter 

2 James Ross 

3 William Geddes, distiller 
Mrs A. Macgillivray 

4 Donald Beaton, tailor 

5 Thomas Ewen, gas stoker 


1 Roderick Cameron, bank agent, Ravelrig 

3 Rev. James Wright, M.A., Ness Bank Manse 

5 Robert Robertson, county surveyor, Twyford 

7 Miss Finlayson, Carronville 
9 Donald F. Munro, clothier 

11 James Morton, commercial traveller 


2 Captain Munro, The Knoll 

4 J. G. Macintosh, commercial traveller, Thule 

6 Wm. John Bethune, chemist, Braemoray 

8 James H. Petrie, C. and E. officer, St Gilberts 
10 Mrs Smith, draper, Altyre 




1, 3 Imperial Hotel — Mrs Macallister 
7, 9 Ross and Sutherland, shoemakers 
15 Royal Hotel — Trust Houses, Ltd. — 

Herbert G. Watt, manager 
New Market — 

1 H. F. Macdonald, butcher 

2, 4 Alex. Maclennan and Son, butchers 

3, 9 W. Macrae, fruiterer 

5, 7 L. Gavin, watchmaker and jeweller 

6, 10, 12 J. Rosenbloom, fancy goods merchant 

8 John Dick, baker and confectioner 

9 M. I. Morrison, fruiterer 

11, 13 Central Furnishing House — L. Gavin, pro- 
14, 16 Harry Low, fruiterer and confectioner 
15 Craig Brothers, butchers 
18 Isaac Finkelstein, watchmaker and jeweller 
19 Andrew Paterson, photographer 
21 Neil & Maclennan, music saloon — 
George Neil 
T. W. Maclennan 
23 Fraser & Maccallum, solicitors — R. G. Hillcoat 
D. Scott Swanston, FA.I.A., F.A.C.S. 
Century Insurance Coy., Ltd. — 

L. H. Davie, inspector 
Inverness County Insurance Committee — 
Miss M. Maclean, clerk 
25 Mitchell & Craig, grocers and wine merchants — 

John Gibson 
27 Maison Victoria — 

Ladies' Hairdressing Department — J. Stewart, 

Gent.'s Hairdressing Department — H. J. V. 
29 Donald Macleod, tobacconist 
31 Donati & Co., confectioners 
33 Queen's House — 

P.O. Area Engineers 

Miss Grant, Rodmure School of Ladies' Tailor- 
ing and Dressmaking, etc. 
N. Fornari, ladies' hairdresser 
41 The New Popular Cafe 


Academy Street — Continued. 

45, 47, 49 Maciver & Co., cabinetmakers 
51, 53 Kenneth Cameron, painter 
55 Dundee Equitable Boot Depot — 

Robert Gilchrist, manager 
57 F. A. Black and Imrie, solicitors 

William Imrie, M.A., LL.B., solicitor 
Inverness Investment and Permanent Building 
Society — Don. Cameron, secretary 
59, 61 A. Macleod & Co., clothiers- 
Norman A. Macleod 
62, 65, 67 The Caledonian Associated Cinemas, Ltd. — 
The Empire Theatre— L. S. J. Wilkinson, 
69 Old High Church Mission Hall 
77, 79 Fraser and Eland, motor engineers 
81 Robert R. Paxton, grocer 
Miss Macgregor, 
Mrs Grant 

James Cumming, brakesman 
83 J. B. Dunlop, confectioner 
85 Rod. Munro, labourer, L.M.S.R. 

Kenneth Macdonald, labourer 
87 W. J. Wilson, hairdresser 
89 Renato Turriani, confectioner 
91 Charles Morrison 

93, 95 Academy Street Hotel— William Morrison 
97 John W. Mackenzie, flesher 
99 Enrico Pagliari 
101 Enrico Pagliari, fish restaurant 
103 J. R. McAvoy, auctioneer 

105, 107 Robt. Andrew, cabinetmaker and upholsterer 
109 Dawson's Store 
111 Donald Fraser, fireman, L.M.S.R. 

Mrs Mackenzie 
113 Rex and Coy. (Falkirk), Ltd., warehousemen 
117 F. A. Cameron, draper 
119 Fraser Sutherland, hairdresser 


2 Soldiers' and Sailors' Home 

4 Caledonian Associated Cinemas, Ltd. — 

The Playhouse— L. S. J. Wilkinson, manager 
8, 10 J. R. McAvoy, furnishing specialist 
13 L.M.S.R. Station Hotel — C. Arnold, manager 


Academy Street — Continued. 

20, 22 L.M.S. Railway Station— 

Thos. Johnstone, district goods and passenger 

W. Paterson, district engineer 
J. Mitchell, goods agent 
William Macleod, stationmaster 
Peter Henderson, parcel agent 
Railway Bookstall — Menzies & Co., lessees 
Fruit Stall — Mrs Ross, proprietrix 

Station Square — 

Macdonald, Fraser & Co., Ltd., live stock sales- 
John Donaldson, agricultural merchant 
L.M.S. District Goods and Passenger Manager— 

General Office — J. Johnstone 
Eagle Star Insurance Coy., Ltd. — 

T. W. S. Rattray, resident inspector 
D. Petrie & Co., coal merchants 
General Assurance Coy., Ltd. — 

D. Duffy, district manager 
Motor Traders' Guarantee Corporation, Ltd. 
Unemployment Assistance Board 
James Armstrong, timber merchant 
SO National Bank of Scotland — G. C. Forbes, agent 
32 Gilbert Ross, ironmonger 
36 Macrae and Dick, Ltd., motor engineers — 
R. Donald, managing director 
W. Hamilton, secretary 
Scottish Airways, Ltd. 
Logan and Kent, V.S. 
38, 40 Gordon's, drapers and outfitters 
42 James Allan, L.D.S., dental surgeon 

James Linley Allan, jnr., L.D.S., dental surgeon 
John Mackenzie and Co., grain merchants 
44, 46, Burnett's Inverness Bakery, Ltd. 
58 Caledonian Associated Cinemas, Ltd. — 

La Scala Picture House— L. S. J. Wilkinson, 
60 The Clydesdale Bank, Limited— 

A. J. Mackenzie, agent 
62 A. J. Mackenzie & Munro, solicitors and N.P. — 
A. J. Mackenzie and J. Munro 


Academy Street — Continued. 

62 Instanta Products, Limited 

James Forsyth, solicitor and N.P., Procurator- 
Fiscal for J.P. Court and Depute Procurator- 
Scottish Union and National Insurance Co. — 

F. G. Collie, local secretary 
Thomas Munro & Coy., architects and surveyors 
James Forsyth, painter and decorator 
Francis C. Luscombe 

Wm. Michie and Son, auctioneers and valuators 
Burgh Insurance Committee office 
British Order of Ancient Free Gardeners 
The Underwood Elliott Fisher Typewriter Co., Ltd. 
64, 66 Highland Rubber Coy. — Francis C. Luscombe, 

68, 70, 72 East Church.— Rev. Wm. Sutherland, M.A. 

Manse, Cul-an-Eilan, 1 Drummond crescent 
78 Inverness Co-operative Society Drapery Ware- 
80 Miss Watt, Central Temperance Hotel 
84-90 D. & A. Davidson, sculptors — Wm. R, Cumming 
92 Mrs Maclean 
D. Matheson 
J. R. Rae 
94, 96 Jas. Gray &i Son, slate merchants and slaters 
Hector Macvinish & Sons, builders 
Nurse Campbell 

Charles MacSween, Australian Mutual Provi- 
dent Society for Life Assurance. 
Miss B. Davidson 
Mrs Sutherland 
98 British Insulated Cables, Ltd. 
100 Alexanders' 'Bus Office 
102 Lawrie Bros., Ltd., motor accessories 
106-110 Wm. Morrison, wine merchant, Phoenix Cafe 
112 Fraser and Eland, motor engineers 
114 William Menzies, plumber 
116 Simon Fraser, porter 

118, 122 Anderson and Co., grocers and bakers 
120 William J. Wilson, hairdresser 

Charles A. L. Robertson, temperance organiser 
124, 126 Catch-my-Pal Recreation Club 


Academy Street — Continued. 
Lyon's Court (off Academy Street) — 

Anderson & Co., grocers and bakers 
1 Donald Cameron, porter, L.M.S.R. 
William Clyne, labourer 
Harry Devine, labourer 

ALBION SQUARE (Off King Street). 

4 Mrs Stewart 

Henry Macarthur, carter 

John A. Murray, coach painter 

Duncan Macdougall, carter 

5 Mrs Milligan 

Robert Hamilton, carpenter 
Edmund Tulloch 
D. Swanson, boots 

6 Mrs Watt 

James Ferguson, chauffeur 

M. B. Johnston, postman driver 

Angus D. Clark, P.O. 

May Terrace — 

1 John Cameron, draper 

2 Peter Mackenzie, painter 

3 Peter Mackenzie, tailor 

4 J. Allan, motor driver 

5 Mrs Corbett 
9 Peter Gow 

William Clark 

10 W. A. Munro 

John Ross, linesman 

11 Simon Fraser, labourer 
Mrs I. Macdonald 

12 M. Macaulay, 'bus driver 
Andrew Irvine, baker 
John Fraser, labourer 

13 Mrs Margaret Shaw 

14 Daniel Michael, carpenter 
John Fraser, labourer 

John W. Maccallum, painter 

15 A. Campbell, platelayer 

W. Watson, police constable 



1 Miss Ross 

2 Norman Macleod 
C. Fraser 

Walter Baird, metal merchant 

3 James Jamieson, lorryman 

Alexander Murray, waggon lifter, L.M.S.R. 

4 William Macdonald 

Anderson Square (off Anderson Street)— 

1 Charles Jamieson, jun., labourer 

2 Charles Jamieson, labourer 

3 Miss Macdonald 

4 James Chisholm, labourer 

8 W. Macdonald, labourer 

9 Kenneth Mackintosh, tailor 
Miss Elizabeth Craib 

10 Allan Stewart 

11 Samuel Sloan 

12 Lachlan Macdonald, painter 

13 Allan Macdonald, labourer 

14 Peter Macdonald, storeman 

15 Murdo Whyte 

R. Baillie, cattle drover 

16 Mrs Sinclair 

Archibald Macdonald, tailor 

17 James Mackay, labourer 

18 Duncan John Craigan, carter 
Finlay Maclean, labourer 

19 Mrs Craigan 

5 Inverness Co-Operative Society, Ltd., coal store 

7 Mrs Margaret Stewart 

John Stewart, fish salesman 
Thomas Ritchie, painter 

8 Walter Anderson, labourer 

9 W. Smith 

David Smith and Sons, metal merchants 
John Maclean, potato merchant 


1 G. Harvie Duncan, Ardnacoille 

2 George Neil (Neil & Maclennan), Annfield house 

3 Rev. Kenneth Cameron, M.A., Aden house 

4 Miss Macdonald, Strowan house 


Annfield Road — continued. 

5 Ida Merry Home, Bowmont Centre, Craigmonie 

6 R. Carruthers Ballantyne, architect 

7 Provost Hugh Mackenzie, Lethington 

8 William Macpherson, M.A., teacher, Dalanach 


Andrew Bain, retired, Kaipoi villa 

Alexander S. G. Geekie, Baldowrie 

T. W. Maclennan (Neil & Maclennan), The Neuk 


12 Miss Finlayson 
14 Miss Sutherland 

16 Wm. Mackenzie, motor driver 

Mrs Baillie 

Andrew Crombie, P.O. cleaner 
18 James Macmillan 
20 Miss Macdonald 
22 Lachlan Russel, fitter 

Mrs W. Macrae 

Miss Macfadyen 

John Reid 
24 Andrew Mackay, pensioner 
28 Miss Heddle 
30 Alexander Forbes 
32 Mrs Simpson 
34 Ronald M. Best, accountant 
36 John R. Mackenzie, general superintendent, 

N.C. Institute for the Blind 
38 Northern Counties Institute for the Blind- 
John R. Mackenzie, general superintendent 
Miss Asher, matron 
40 W. G. D. Gumming, C.A. 
42 Matthew Elliot, flesher 
44 Dr E. A. Johnston, county medical officer 
46 Mrs Lamont 
48 J. S. Rodgers, manager, Royal Insurance Coy. 


1 Mrs Fotheringham 

3 Robert Gunn 

7 Donald Cameron, clerk 

9 John Ross 

11 Mrs Mackenzie 

13 A. R. Robertson 


Ardconnel Street — Continued. 
15 John Mackenzie 
17 Mrs Cameron 

19 Mrs Mackenzie, Crown Private Hotel 
21 Mrs Paterson, board-residence 
23 Donald Macpherson, upholsterer 
25 Miss Macneil 
27 J. Macleod 

J. Ferguson, clerk, L.M.S.R. 

William Ross, cleaner, L.M.S.R. 

Mrs Matheson 
29 Archibald Macleod, grocer 

Donald Fraser, waggon examiner, L.M.S.R. 

Thomas Smith, shop assistant 

H. Munro, vanman 
31 Mrs Macleod 

William Davidson, soldier 

Miss Fraser 

Mrs Glennie 
33 Hugh Mackay, boots 

Alex. Milne, chauffeur 

James McMurrough, checker, L.M.SR. 

Mrs Keating 
35 Simon Cameron, labourer 
37 Donald G. Campbell, manager, Norwich Union 

Insurance Coy. 
39 Blind Institute — Wm. Gray, workshop and sales 

1 E. S. Munro, bank teller 
5 Mrs E. Urquhart 
9 Mrs Jessie Forbes 
11 Tulloch's Buildings— 

1 Roderick Mackintosh, pensioner. 
Mrs Mackenzie 

2 A. Ryrie, boilermaker 

3 Donald Macdonald, L.M.S.R. 
3a James Spence, mason 

4 Miss Macdonald 

5 Mrs Lawler 

6 Mrs Young 

Archibald Macdonald, fitter 

7 Daniel Mackenzie, fitter 
Alfred Coutts, electrician 


Ardconnel Terrace — Continued. 

13 Mrs Mackintosh 

15 Miss Mackay 

17 Mrs D. Gray 

19 Norman Chamberlain, F.R.C.O., organist 

21 Daniel Mann, blacksmith, Ryeford 

Leslie Esler, motor engineer 
23 Sergt. John Urquhart, burgh police, Ben View 
25 Mrs Lisman 

27 J. Macrae 

28 Mrs Miller 

29 Miss Milne 

31 J. M. Duncan 

33 Murray Knox, grocer 

35 J. B. Johnstone, tobacconist 

37 William Ettles, grocer 


1 Miss Macdonald 
J. A. Davidson 

2 Paul Fraser Urquhart, shunter, L.M.S.R. 

3 Mrs J. S. Ross 

4 William Kemp, music teacher 

5 John Maclennan, tailor, Tullich cottage 

7 D. Black, inland revenue officer 

8 R. Christie, grocer 

9 Miss Fraser, Catherine cottage 
Miss Menzies 

Rod Williams, motor mechanic 

10 David Mutch, coke salesman 

11 Misses Noble, Raddery cottage 

12 Mrs Munro 


1 Dr G. D. Mackenzie, M.B., Ch.B. 

2 Miss Cameron 

3 Miss Shaw 
Alexander Shaw 

4 Miss Lyon Mackenzie 

5 Colonel Mackintosh 

6 D. L. Macrae 

7 Miss C. A. Sinclair Wemyss 

8 Rev. W. C. Fisher, Baptist Manse 


Ardross Street — Continued. 

9 Mrs Praser 

10 Mrs Kennedy, Ardlinnhe 
Dr Ian M. Seex 

11 Simon Chisholm, Kingswood 

12 Mrs Murdoch 

13 Dr Ranald D. Campbell 

14 Dr L. M. V. Mitchell, M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H. 

15 The Very Rev. A. A. D. Mackenzie, provost, St 

Andrew's Cathedral 

16 William Macmillan, Craignay 

17 D. Riggs, Whin park 

18 Mrs Clark, Ellanville 

19 Misses Stokes, Glencairn Hotel 
21 D. & A. Davidson, sculptors 

Northern Meeting Park. 
Pavilion Buildings — 

2 H. Tulloch, taxi driver 

4, 5 Donald Dewar,, sawyer 

County Buildings — 

J. W. MacKillop<, county clerk 

D. J. Tolmie, senior deputy county clerk 

David Howat, director of education 

T. R. Paton, chief public assistance officer 

Dr A. M. Fraser, county medical officer 

Dr E. A. Johnston, county medical officer 

Robert Robertson, county road surveyor 

John Mackintosh, county sanitary inspector 

School Medical Officers — Dr D. A. Fraser and 

W. G. S. Inglis, L.D.S. 
H. R. Keay, county assessor 
Caretaker — D. Cameron 


1 Duncan Macfadyen, M.B., Ch.B. (Glas.) 

2 Ed. J. R. Mitchell, electrician 
Major Norman Maciver 
Herbert Stark, chiropodist 

3 Mrs Hay, Ness View private hotel 

4 H. G. F. Allan, Strathness hotel 

5 T. S. Slessor, M.B., Ch.B. 


Ardross Terrace — Continued. 

6 Mrs Scott, Iona board residence 

7 Geo. Duguid, procurator-fiscal 

8 James Macmahon, valuator 

9 J. C. Neish, Ardross Hotel 

10 James B. Stewart 



i Peter Mackay, retired stationmaster 

3 Hugh Daly, gardener 

5 Robert Logan, bus driver, Moyness Cottage 

R. Glennie, do. 
7 Alex. Mackintosh, carpenter, Summerville 
9 Mrs Macmillan 

11 Lachlan Macmillan, printer 
13 Miss Riach 

15 M. Campbell, building contractor 

17 Mrs Lobban 

19 Miss Jessie Macpherson 

21 John Mackay, carpenter 

23 George Rutherford 

25 Mrs Maclean 

27 Miss Fraser 

29 James Mackay, engine driver, L.M.S.R. 

31 Miss Forbes 

33 Miss Fanny Mackintosh 

35 Miss Macswan 

37 Fred. Mackenzie, confectioner 

39 Miss Paxton 

41 Andrew Shivas, Anglo Persian Oil Co. 

43 J. Matheson, plumber 

45 Charles Ross, motor contractor 

47 James Mackenzie, Kensaleyre 

49 Mrs Whyte, Roseville 

51 Miss Christie, Argyle villa 

53 Stewart Walker, grocer 

55 Mrs Macphail, Florida cottage 

57 Mrs Aytoun, Raglan cottage 

59 Sutherland Bros., plumbers and slaters 

Hugh Brodie, cabinetmaker 
61 Mrs Mackay 

John Mackay 

J. Macdonald, cabinetmaker 


Argyle Street — Continued. 

63 Mrs Jack 

65 Fraser Sutherland, hairdresser, Dundreggan 

67 Miss Chisholm 
69 K. Buchan, baker 
73 E. Gowl, electrician 

Wm. Bain, fireman, L.M.S.R. 

Roderick Fraser, sack stores, L.M.S.R. 

Mrs Mackenzie 
75 Miss Peden 

Mrs Hutcheson 


12 John Fraser, slater 

14 Miss Macmillan 

16 Miss Barbara Macdougall 

18 Mrs Mackenzie 

20 John Fraser, retired farmer 

22 Wm. Mackenzie 

24 Mrs Gunn 

26 Miss Campbell 

28 Mrs Fraser 

30 W. Fraser, Glencairn 

32 Mrs Ross 

34 Mrs Mackenzie 

36 Mrs H. Grant 

38 Miss C, Angus 

40 Miss Cameron, Conon-Brae 

James Fraser, grocer 
42 Miss Noble 
44 Mrs Urquhart 

46 John C Mackay, reporter, "Courier" Office 
48 Thomas Ross, clerk 
50 Misses Fraser 
52 A. Ferguson, Craig-an-Ron 

Bale's Buildings — 

1 Alexander Macmillan, mason 
James Macdonald, mason 

2 John R. Steven, basket-maker 

3 Mrs McCombie 

4 Miss Hilda Wilson, feather-mount maker 

5 John Bowman, baker 


Argyle Street — Continued. 
Bale's Buildings — 

6 Mrs Macbean 

William Macbean, painter 

7 Miss Ross 

John Macdonald, market gardener 

ARGYLE TERRACE (Off Porterfield Bank). 

2 Joseph Wilson 

3 Charles Sherlaw, engine-driver 
Alex. Fraser, porter 

Miss Borthwick 
5 George Beaton, coachbuilder 


I D. Cameron, chemist 
3 Mrs Mann 

5 William Macdonald, Westwood 
7 W- Cowie, retired, "The Crasque" 
9 Miss Maclean 

II J. Fraser, carpenter 
13 D. Fraser 

15 Mrs Ross 

17 Charles Campbell, joiner 

17a Andrew A. Gordon, tailor 

19 George Nicol, manager (Alex. Sloan & Co.) 

19a George Salmon, dining car attendant, L.M.S.R. 

21 Mrs Macdonald 

21a Mrs T. Davidson 

23 John Cameron, plasterer, Lochend 

25 Robert Taylor, watchmaker, Dunmore villa 

27 Mrs Taylor 

29 David Maclean, plumber 

31 Alex. Forsyth, joiner 

33 James Walker, manager (W. Low & Co.) 

35 William Maciver, Inverinate 

37 Thomas Craig, butcher, do. 

39 James Macdonald, 'bus driver 

Miss Elphinstone 
41 Miss Macgregor 


Attadale Road — Continued 


2 Alexander Mackenzie, steward 

4 Mrs Mackenzie, Lilybank 

6 Alex. Mackenzie, burgh police 

8 W. Macgregor, roads foreman, Ivybank 

10 Alex. Mackenzie, Raresmount 
12 William Madden, mechanic 
14 Robert Robertson, Ardlea 

16 Rev. Donald Finlayson, retired, Balnacraig cottage 
20 Mrs Fraser, Lestrik 
22 Mrs Sinclair, Waratah cottage 
24 Alexander Forsyth (Fraser and Macdonald), St 

Mrs Ross, do. 
26 William Maclennan, engine fitter, do. 

Charles Robertson, contractor 

1 Misses Dobbie, Moniaive 

3 William Farquhar, Kirwin 

5 Albert L. A. Duffy, insurance agent, Cliftondale 

7 The Highland Bowling Club, Ltd., green 

9 Mrs D. Mackay, Studleigh 

11 Mrs Macdonald, Auld Castlehill 


6 Murdo Mackenzie, Caberfeidh 

8 Ian T. Macleod, chemist 

10 John Macgregor, police constable, Buzancy 

12 Hugh Fraser, plumber, Firthview 

14 P. C. Lennox, collector, customs and excise, Dun- 
16 George Smith, wholesale fruiterer, Birnam 
18 Charles T. Mowbray, plumber, Woodside 
20 A. Sinclair, book-keeper 
22 James Smith, Board of Agriculture 


22 Alex. King, baker and confectioner 
24 Mrs Mackenzie, Hillside cottage 


Ballifeary Lane— Continued 

26 John Fraser, retired farmer 
28 Norris ' Mackenzie, carpenter 

Miss Grant, Dunedin 

James Fraser, The Cottage 


Private lock-up garages 
33 James Smith, general merchant 
31 Mrs Murray, Dunearn cottage 
25 D. Smith, The Square 
23 James Gow, clerk, L.M.S.R., Laurel bank 
21 A. W. Gray, C.A. 

Mrs M. Macrae 

James A. Foster, carrier 

John Goodall, market gardener 


1 Alexander Carfrae, Moray house 

3 Mrs Thomson, Benslie 

5 Mrs Turnbull, The Elms 

7 W. B. Taylor, jeweller, Elmgrove house 

9 Mrs Cameron,, Rose villa 
11 Alexander Fraser, hatter, Gowanlea 
11a Mrs Gallie, Rhu-Ella 
15 Alexander Anderson Noble, Medwyn 
17 Miss Mackenzie 
19 Mrs Annie Gumming 
21 Duncan Nairne, retired farmer 
23 Mrs Macleod 
29 Miss K. Reid, Moy cottage 

D. Mackenzie Reid, town-clerk depute 
31 Ian R. Morrison, P.O. clerk 
39 R. Whyte, ex-constable 
41 Mrs Dallas, Grantly house 
43 Hugh Fraser, Maryville cottage 
45 Mrs Brocklebank, Benedra 
47 William Macrae 
Farquhar Fraser 

49, 51 Miss Clark 

51a Miss Murray, Rosehall 


Ballifeary Road — Continued 

53 Alexander Mackenzie, labourer, Braemar cottage 

55 Donald S. Fraser, Ravenston 

57 James Macdonald, Rogie cottage 

59 Roderick Brooman, carpenter, Kilmichael cottage 

61 Mrs Cameron 

63 Fred. Mitchell, clerk, Beaufort cottage 
A. Golightly, joiner, do. 

67 Miss Falconer, Premier cottage 

73 Misses Ross 

75 Mrs Ritchie 

77 Charles E. Campbell, P.O. 

79 Mrs Sangster, wine and spirit merchant 

81 R. Gardiner, traveller 

83 Hugh Mathieson, grocer 

85 Mrs Urquhart 

87 D. Campbell, retired teacher 

89 Mrs Macpherson 

91 William Fraser, P.O. 

93 Donald Macpherson, driver, Highland Transport 

95 Duncan Fraser, fishmonger 

97 Thomas Mackintosh, clerk, L.M.S.R. 

99 H. Scott, foreman 
101 Alex. Mackenzie, storeman 
103 James Boyd, car attendant 
105 Mrs Leitch, Lochness cottage 
107 Murdoch Mackenzie, architect, Craiglinnhe 
109 Mrs Maclennan, Struy house 
111 Mrs Cross, West End cottage 

2 William Anderson, Dunkintie 
4 A. D. Bethune, bank agent, Alton 
6 E. F. Hunter, tobacconist, Eastdene 
8 Mrs George Mackenzie, Hazeldean 
10 David G. Ballingall, actuary, Savings bank, 

12 D. E. Shaw, R.A.F., retired, Monavie 
14 Mrs Mackay 

16 Archibald Munro, Elm Row villa 
R. Muir, manager 
Patsrson's Nurseries 
18 Malcolm Fraser, Rowanbank 
28 Miss Isabella Cameron 
John Hunter 


Ballifeary Road — Continued. 

30 Bertram Fiddes, engineer, Oak villa 

32 Miss M. A. Stewart, Westfleld 

34 Simon Fraser, gas foreman 

36 A. Macmillan, insurance agent, Belleville 

38 Robert Thomson, painter, Delvorar villa 

40 James Bruce, St Mangus 

42 Robert Buchan 

44 Hugh Macdonald, fitter 

46 Miss Helen Cameron, Hazel cottage 

48 Donald Morrison, lineman, Albert cottage 

50 William Jeans, Allandale cottage 

52 Mrs Grant 

Robert John Macleod, barman 
56 Mrs Mackintosh, Ness cottage 

Roderick Ross, blacksmith, Charmaine 
58 Mrs B. I. Renton, The Bield 
60 Mrs Dallas, Bermuda cottage 

Neil Cameron, carpenter 
62 G. A. K. Cooke, Corrie Cottage 
64 John Fraser, shunter, L.M.S.R. 
66 John Jefferson, tobacconist, Ben-Nevis cottage 
68 Donald Patience, Anchorage 
70 D. Mackenzie, Ben Dearg 
72 Mrs Mackenzie, Thistle cottage 
74 Mrs A. J. Macdonald, Eskadale cottage 
76 Miss Jessie Chisholm, do. 

78 Daniel G. Johnstone, watchmaker, Glenferness 
80 Finlay Macrae, county constable 


3 Mrs Macpherson 

4 Alex. Bisset, millwright and engineer 
2 John A. Munro, caretaker 

Thomas Fraser, coal store 


Highland Transport Co., Ltd., Office— 

H. W. Fowke, manager 
James Young, caretaker 


Bank Lane — Continued 

5 Corporation Electricity Sub-station 

7 Parish Council Offices 

9, 11 "Inverness Courier" Office — 
Evan M. Barron, LL.D., editor 
J. C. Mackay, chief reporter 


5 Miss Tuach 

6 Riverside Hall 

Free North Church — 

Minister — Rev. Kenneth Cameron, M.A. 
Church officer — P. Mackenzie, 3 Alexander pi. 
9 James Thomson and Co., photographers 

10 Miss I. Nicholson 

11 John Macbean, retired inspector of poor 

17 Scottish Motor Accessories, Ltd. 

18 George Urquhart, ladies' and gent.'s tailor 

19 St Columba High Church- 

Minister— Rev. E. J. F. Elliott 

Church officer — M. Campbell, 2 Huntly ter. 

20 Inverness Co-operative Society, Ltd., furniture 


21 Dr Black Memorial hall 

22, 23 W. A. Macleay and Son, taxidermists 
Caledonian Hotel — ballroom 

26 Public Assistance offices — 

A. G. Hamilton, Public Assistance Officer 
G. L. Macbean, registrar 
Corporation Housing Department — 
W. Attwater, housing factor 
G. H. Sherman, inspector, R.S.S.P.C.C. 
Caretaker — Mrs Macdonald 

27 Miss Inglis 
Miss A. Inglis 

28 Miss Fraser 

29 Miss Brims, Milliner 

Thomas Mackenzie, tuber, L.M.S.R. 
D. Fraser, porter, L.M.S.R. 
John Ross, mechanic 



3, 5 James Farley, Criterion bar 
13, 15 A J. Russell and Son, plumbers 

James Dow, bookbinder 
17 W. Taylor and Son, slaters 
29 Mrs Margaret Cameron 
33 A. Fraser, Ltd., salerooms 

49 A. Fraser, Ltd., warehouse 

57 Imperial Bar — Mrs Macallister 


6 Northern Meeting Rooms 

8 Donald Grant, messenger 

14 J, J. James, farm produce stores 
20, 22 Alexander Lindsay, grocer 

24 James Carr 

26 Mrs Chappel 

28 A. Mackenzie and Son, boot and shoemakers 

32 J. Macpherson & Co., coal merchants 

36 Matheson, Smith & Co., tea merchants 

J. E. Macdonald and Co., tailors 

Captain Mackenzie 

"People's Journal" — editorial and advertising 

L. Gavin, store rooms 
38 Menzies & Co., wholesale booksellers, etc. 
40, 42, 46 Alexander Munro, motor and cycle agent 

50 Eagle Bar— James M. Duncan 

52, 54 Hugh Mackenzie & Son, shoemakers 

BEATON'S LANE (off Friar's Street). 

5 Mrs Mackintosh 
Mrs Munro 

7 Charles Mackenzie, stoker, R.N. 

9 Colin Ross, labourer 
11 William Mackenzie 

13 Robert Morrison, ironmonger 

15 William F. Rose, sweeper 




1 Mrs Errington Ross 

3 R. Guy Hillcoat, solicitor, Eversley 
5 James Armstrong, timber merchant 
7 Mrs Munro, Abercairnie 

9 C. S. Reid, Glenskiach 

11 A. Hooper, CA. 

13 Mrs Macleod 

15 F. G. Harper, Telford bakery, Dimdarno 

21 Donald Macdonald, Ardalanish 


2 L. Dow, bookbinder, Invertay villa 

4 James Macbean, Craiglea villa 
10 F. J. Kelly, clothier, Creran 

12 Mrs Symington, Corston 

14 Alex. John Mackenzie, tobacconist, Donieville 

16 Mrs Hackett, Balemore 
18 Mrs Cameron, Pembroke 

20 Robert Macmillan, accountant, Royal Bank 

22 James Barr, Excise surveyor, Norwood 
26 Mrs Grant, Glentromie 

28 Mrs A. R. Ross, Danestone 
30 Mrs Sime, Glenfeshie 

BEECH AVENUE (off Drummond Road). 

1 W. W. M. Ross, H.M. inspector of taxes 

2 Donald Reid, Engineering department, P.O., The 



1 Mrs Fowler 

2 Mrs Elizabeth Shaw 

3 Charles D. Brown 

4 Robert Moodie, clerk 

5 Andrew Grant, chauffeur 

6 G. A. Macleod, sheriff officer and private agent 

7 James Young, Violet bank 

8 W. F. Hasson, reporter 

9 Edward Hughes 

10 Alexander Maclean, builder, Roselea 


Bellfield Park— Continued. 

11 Mrs Mackintosh, Maskee 

12 Miss Chisholm, Hazel bank 

13 Miss Macpherson, Inveroran 

14 John Baxter, master mariner, Kingsford 

15 James Junner, shipmaster, Lyndale 
Bellfield Terrace— 

1 Misses Macdonald, Mairi villa 

2 George Morrison, chemist, SummerhiU 

3 David Mackenzie, Craiglyn 
5 Mrs Fraser, Roysvale 

16 Angus Maclaren, Roskhill 

17 William Mackenzie, engineer, L.M.S.R. 

18 James Moffat, P.O. Radio Service 

19 H. J. Campbell, ironmonger 

20 Miss Macpherson, Glenkens 

21 Mrs Macgillivray, Kenmore 

22 A. J. Chisholm, inspector, county police 

23 William Urquhart, plumber, Tore villa 

24 Simon P. Donaldson, Carse villa 

25 Simon Macdonald, retired constable 

26 James Craig, retired stationmaster, Ingleside 

27 Mrs Maclennan Balcairn 

28 Frank D. B. McColgan, U.A.B. 
28a Alex. J. M. Campbell, bank clerk 

29 H. Urquhart Meikle, The Cottage 

30 York Drive Laundry 

32 Peter Dallas, watchmaker, Balmay 

33 Peter Henderson, parcel agent, L.M.S.R., Bal- 

maghie house 

35 Duncan Macpherson, traveller 

36 Mrs Catherine M. Hasson 

37 Farquhar Fraser, mason 

38 Mrs Macdonald 

Tennis Courts and Recreation grounds 

39 Mrs Wiseman 

40 Alexander Macdonald, foreman painter, L.M.S.R. 



1 Dr H. J. Kirkpatrick, Ness house 
3 Miss Fraser, Netly lodge 
5 Inverness Tennis Club 


Bishop's Road — Continued 

7 Inverness Bowling Green — William Fraser,. 

9 Dr W. J. Bethune, Eastwood 

11 Royal Northern Infirmary, North Lodge— Thomas 

Snowie, porter 
Thomas Grant, engineer 
13 John P. Elgin 
15 Leslie Maclaren, White lodge 


2 Miss Fraser, Lochend 

4 Robert Strachan, Roselea 

6 William Dunbar, cashier, Dykevil 

8 Miss Margaret Macleod, Holmdale 

10 Alexander Macdonald, St Aethans 

12 Donald Macleod, Arratola 

BISSET'S CLOSE (off Muirtown Street). 

Alexander Simpson, sawmiller 

3 Mrs C. Blair, Druie cottage 


1 A. J. Mackenzie, tobacconist and hairdresser 
3 Kenneth Cameron, draper 

Donald Fraser 

Donald D. Murray 

5 A. & K. Junor, licensed grocers 

Alexander Junor 
Kenneth Junor 
John Junor 

7 Mrs Fox 

Mrs Bernardi, fruiterer 
P. Bernardi, confectioner 

9 Regal Ladies' Hairdressing Saloon 
9a A. Donati, confectioner 

11 No. 1 Mrs Fraser 

Munro & Jenkins, tailors and clothiers 
Mrs Davidson 


Bridge Street — Continued. 

11 No. 2 Mrs Macrae 

D. Fraser, left luggage checker 
Mrs Poison 
11 No. 3 John Fraser, fireman 
Mrs Cran 

George Godsman, labourer 
11 No. 4 Angus Warren, cattle drover 
John Noble, labourer 
John Fraser, labourer 
11 No. 5 Donald James Mackay, fireman 

Miss Nellie Macdonald 
11 No. 6 Hugh Macdonald, foreman, loading bank 
11a William Mackenzie, clothier 
13 John Bowman, confectioner 
15 Mrs Mackenzie 
15a Mrs King 
Mrs Rough 

James Matheson, fitter 
James Taylor, labourer 
17 Hugh W. Johnstone, tailor and clothier 
19 J. D. Macdonald, baker and confectioner 
21 The Club— 

Alastair George Murray, superintendent 
William Boag, secretary 
23 Cameron's Book and News Agency — 

Chrissie Farquhar 
25 Miss Macmillan, Hosiery Company 
H. H. Macpherson, ophthalmic optician 
Walter Home, tailor and clothier 
John S. Sutherland, district Rechabite office 
Miss Jessie Macfarquhar 
William Thomas, tailor 
George Linton 
Watt's Temperance hotel — 

Misses Grant and Beaton, proprietrices 
27 Carrie & Company, Italian warehousemen 
29 P. Rizza, fruiterer and confectioner 
31 County Hotel — D. Cameron. 
33 Medlock & Craik, jewellers 
-35 Miss M. Livingstone, stationer 
37 Alexander W. Mackay, M.A., M.B., CM. 


Bridge Street — Continued 


2 A. J. Ducat, tobacconist 

10 Mrs Edwards 

12 Gellion's Hotel — _Wm. N. Irvine, proprietor 

16 Miss Margaret Hendrie, hairdressing saloon 

18 Mrs Mackinlay, confectioner 
20 Miss Fraser 

Mrs Ross 

Mrs K. Macdonald 
22 K. Macdonald, ironmonger 
24 Mrs Reidpath 

William Murray, boots 

Miss Reid 

Mrs Tulloch, ladies' tailoress 
26 William Melville, bootmaker 
30 John Campbell 
28, 32 Mackintosh & Co., wine merchants — 

W. M. Fraser. 
34 Alex. F. Mackenzie, architect and surveyor 

BROADSTONE AVENUE (off Kingsmills Road) 

3 Miss M. Fraser, Hawthorns 
5 Mrs Fraser, Sunnybank 



1 Lieut.-Commander T. Gleeson, R.N.R., Broadstone- 

3 F. W. Peterkin, tax officer, Inland Revenue. 

Broadstone cottage 
5 P. Hefferman, physical training school 
7 Donald Munro, bus driver 
D. Matheson, travelling auditor, L.M.S.R., Inch- 
9 Peter Campbell, Strathearn 

11 Miss Robertson 

13 Mrs Fraser 
G. W- Elliot 

15 Misses Smith, Orchard ville 

17 Mrs Campbell 

19 David Cargill, Airlie House 

21 Finlay Graham retired, The Limes 


Broadstone Park — Continued. 

23 Donald Mackay, Abereigh 

25 Mrs E. Macbean 

27 Angus Fraser, garage proprietor 
Donald Robb, grocer and wine merchant 


2 Mrs Pearn, Kildare 

4 Mrs Mellis 

6 Mrs Macpherson, Balcroydon 

8 Major R. N. Lewis, M.R.C.V.S. 
10 Charles Mackinnon, retired 
12 Miss Forbes 

14 Mrs Bowman, Westbourne 
16 D. Brass, commercial traveller, Orcades 
18 P. Grant Collie, resident inspector Scottish Union 

and National Insurance Coy. 
20 Mrs Macdonald, Rosemount 
22 H. W. Finlay, wholesale stationer, Fawkland 

24 W. R. Lindsay, gent.'s outfitter 

26 Rev. W. Steel, rector, S. John's Church, S. 

John's lodge 

28 George Mackenzie, editor, "Northern Chronicle" 

The Sutors 
30 Rev. E. Macqueen, F.P. Manse 
32 Mrs Finlay son, Westwood 
34 J. R. Craik, jeweller 
36 Cornelius Cowan Gilchrist, Bank of Scotland, 

High Street 
38 Alexander Butter, goods department, L.M.S.R. 
40 James A. L. Kennedy, Mossville 
42 Alexander Campbell, architect, do. 
44 I. Mackenzie, agent, Broadstone house. 



1 Mrs Mackenzie 
Mrs Macleod 

James Macbean, scavenger 
C. Mackay, dealer 
John Dixon, labourer 
Thomas Thomson 

5 Mrs Urquhart 


Brown Street — Continued. 

7 James Logie, sawyer 

9 William dimming, engine-driver 
Mrs Macbean 
William R. Black, slater 

11 Joseph Chisholm, baker 
Mrs M. Hossack. 

Mrs Mackintosh 
A. Kesson, plumber 

15 Mrs C. J. Smith, Cromdale 

17 Allan Mackintosh, fireman 

19 Miss Quinn 

21 Murdo Mackay, hairdresser 

23 Mrs Maciver 

27 Robert Dawson, carpenter 

29 Malcolm Macleod, shunter, L.M.S.R. 
33 William Murray, labourer 

35 V. Macleroy 

Michael Stewart, traveller 

J. Maciver 

Murdo Morrison, contractor 


10 Donald Morrison & Son, carting contractors 
14 Donald Macpherson, carting contractor 

18 James M. Smith, carting contractor 

20 Mrs A. Mackay 
20a Peter Davidson 

22 Kenneth Mackay, fitter 

24 Mrs Mary Mason 

30 Mrs Maclauchlan 


2 John Fraser, funeral undertaker, Fern bank 

4 A. J. H. Smith, Summerfield 

6 Munro's, Moyness, board-residence 

8 Mrs Macdonald, Hermon 
10 Donald J. Fraser, painter 

12 R. G. Stewart, plumber 
14 Charles Elrick, manager 

16 Mrs Mackenzie, nurse 


Bruce Gardens — Continued. 

18 A. W. Pirrie, traveller 

20 Alexander Maclean, taxidermist 

22 James Macdonald, insurance agent 

24 Allan Wilson 

26 William Mackenzie, labourer 

28 W. J. Mackay, storeman 

30 J. Sutherland, L.M.S.R. 

32 Mrs Machardy 

34 Mrs Sinclair 

36 Hubert Sinclair, civil servant 

38 John Mackenzie, traveller 

40 Mrs Sim 

42 Duncan Glass, labourer 

44 David Maxwell, hairdresser 

46 John Dawson, foreman nurseryman 

48 Mrs Cameron 

50 James Sturrock, retired warder 

52 Mrs Howe 

54 Mrs Macgillivray 

56 Mrs Chisholm 

58 Mrs French 

60 Alexander Mackenzie, engine driver 

62 Miss S. M. Findlay, Arthurfield Nursery 

72 Alexander Macdonald, mason 

74 John Gillies, cashier, Mo Dhachaidh 

76 Alexander Fraser, detective, burgh police 

78 Miss B. Bruce 

80 J. A. Watson, railwayman 

82 S. Fraser, bar manager 

94 J. Cumming, motor lorryman 

96 J. Macrae, retired constable 

98 R. Dingwall, postman 
100 Mrs Maclennan 
102 Robert Calder, chauffeur 
104 Thomas Campbell, chauffeur 
106 Alexander Mackenzie, chauffeur 
108 Mrs Gordon 

Alex. Grant, Tomnahurich farm. 


1 Miss Macmillan 

3 Thomas Solomon, postman 

5 Alfred George Fraser, dental mechanic 

7 Angus Mackintosh, traveller 


Bruce Gardens — Continued. 

9 Alexander Scott, machineman 

11 Alexander Stewart, engine-driver 

15 Neil Morrison, clerk 

17 Donald Macdonald, compositor 

19 Robert Macbean, engine fitter 

21 Roderick Mackenzie. Falconers- garage 

25 Murdo Johnstone, postman, 

27 Thomas Carle, manager, Macleod & Co., clothiers 

29 Simon Macpherson, sculptor 

31 John Eraser, overseer, P.O. telegraphs 
33 George Bowman, baker 

35 Nicholas Calvert, P.O. telegraphs 

37 Walter Fulton, commercial traveller 

39 James Watt, retired 

41 David Scott, jeweller 

43 Mrs Ferguson 

45 Alan Macdougall, traveller 

47 Mrs K. Cameron 

49 John W. Munro, I.R. clerk 

51 John M. Garrow 

53 Henry T. Abbott, commercial traveller 

55 C. Fraser, clerk, L.M.S.R. 

57 John Hay, checker, L.M.S.R. 

59 William Mackay, engineer 

61 George R. Barron, chauffeur 

63 Mrs Jessie Mackenzie 

75 A. D. Durham, motor driver 

77 William D. Wilson, manager, Commercial Union 
Insurance Coy. 

79 George Farquharson, shoemaker 

81 Miss Macbeath 

83 A. Corbett, L.M.S.R. 

85 Ronald Mackenzie, jeweller 

87 Charles Smith, milkman 

89 David Allan, chauffeur 

91 James J- Macgillivray, cemetery foreman 

97 William Milne 

99 A. Mackenzie, gas stoker 
101 Michael Black, labourer 
103 Mrs Morrison 
105 Magnus Gibson, clerk 
107 Alfred Williams, clerk 


Bruce Gardens — Continued 

109 John Gollan, painter 
111 A. G. Jeans, pattern maker 
113 T. Fraser, upholsterer 
115 Mrs Henderson 
Tomnahurich Cemetery — 

George Angus, superintendent 

J. M. Buchan, The Lodge 

BUGHT COTTAGES (off Glen-Urquhart Road). 

William J. Burgess, gardener 
J. Mackenzie, motor insurance 
Thomas Macgregor, riding master 
Alexander Swanson, labourer 

(off Glen-Urquhart Road). 

Bught Hydro-Electric Generating Station 
James Matheson, park ranger 


1 S. Edgar 

3 Donald D. Macdougall, traveller, Carrizzo 
3a I. J. Barclay, market gardener 

5 James Mackenzie, Linnhe Cottage 

7 Mrs Borthwick 

9 Frank Macphail, Brenchil 
11 Miss Paterson 


4 Mrs Kennedy 

6 Miss Brown 

8 Alexander Mackintosh 

14 Miss Mackintosh, Oaktree cottage 
16 Robert Macfarlane, dairyman, do. 

CAMERON'S CLOSE (off Muirtown Street). 

2 Peter Polombo 

3 Mrs Stewart 


CAPEL INCH (off Thombush Road). 

Inverness Boat-slip, Rose Street Foundry Co., Ltd. 
18 William Green, labourer, Thornbush cottages 

Roderick J. Maclean, bar manager, do. 
20 James Wilson, boilermaker, do. 

Thomas Macdonald, turner, do. 


Robert H. Maconochie, sheriff-principal 

J. P. Grant, advocate, sheriff -substitute of Inverness, 

Elgin and Nairn 
Murdoch Mcintosh, sheriff-clerk and auditor of court 
E. P. Grant, sheriff-clerk depute 
George Duguid, procurator-fiscal 
James Forsyth, procurator-fiscal depute 
William Fraser, chief constable 
Evan Mackenzie, supt. and deputy chief constable 
Alexander J. Chisholm, inspector of police 
Alexander J. Chisholm, inspector of weights and 

J. Johnstone, keeper of castle 
Hugh Rcss, police sergeant, Castle lodge 
County Section, Inverness Library. Librarian — James 

Ministry of Transport — Roads Department 


1 John MacMahon, Castle Tolmie, house factor and 

2 Oliver H. Gossip, L.D.S., R.F.P.S. (Glas.), dental 




1 Young Men's Christian Association — 
John Macdonald, caretaker 

3 J. M. Symington, M.P.S., chemist— J. A. Connan, 



Castle Street — Continued. 

5 Peter Macdonald, grocer 

J. Brown Davie,, L.D.S., dental surgeon 
7 D. R. Munro & Co., clothiers and hosiers 
9 The Ladies' Shop--Messrs A. and F. Cameron, 
11 Robert Barclay 

Mrs Macintyre 

D. Mackenzie 

William Macrae, labourer 

Miss J. Stewart 

Neil Fraser, coal merchant 

Kenneth Murray, shoemaker 

P. A. G. Hunter, jobbing painter 
13 Galloway & Co., chemists — C. A. Connan 
15 Angus Mackenzie, fishmonger 

Angus Macdonald 

Simon Fraser, storeman 

Miss Macrae 

James Dunbar 

John Mackintosh 

Miss Donavan 

Miss Ross 
17 William Walton, draper 
19 Samuel Downie, French polisher 

John W. Mackenzie, butcher 
21 G. Urquhart Watt, music seller 
25, 29 Melvin's, bakers and confectioners 
27 Maciver Bros., butchers — J. M. Maciver 
31 Pat Dallas, watchmaker 
33 Hugh Cameron, labourer 

Mrs Macaskiii 

Alex. Douglas, fireman 

Roderick Reid, butcher 
35 Mrs Bemardi, confectioner 
37, 39 John Macdonald, wholesale grocer — 

Wm. Milne and D. Hepburn 
41 John Mackenzie, chimney cleaner 

Miss Annie Mackenzie, tobacconist & confectioner 
43 Mrs Bain 

43, 45 Shivas & Ross, cabinetmakers and upholsterers 



Castle Street— Continued. 
47, 49, 53 Colin Mackintosh, fruiterer 
51 John Mackay, chauffeur 

Andrew Mackay 

D. Munro 

John M. Diack 

Alexander Thomson 

T. Alexander 

Donald Grant, greenkeeper 

Miss Ross 

Charles Cairney, labourer 
55 Mrs Campbell, news agent 
57 Primo Pieraccini, fish and chip restaurant 
59 Mrs Black 

James Black, labourer 

Tom Fraser, labourer 

William Tulloch, milkman 

Mrs Macdonald 

Mrs Bain 

Mrs Robertson 

Robert Hobban, surfaceman 

Mrs Isabella Reid 

William Finlayson, farm worker 

George Elder, P.O. engineer 

Mrs Cameron 

Alexander Junor, labourer 

John Munro, wood cutter 

Roderick Mackenzie 
61 George Macpherson,, watchmaker 
63 W. T. Avery, Ltd., weighing machine repairers 
65 Mrs Ann Bain, confectioner 
67 Mrs Anderson 

Mrs Gow 

Charles Mackay, dairyman 

George Peters, painter 

Mrs Thomson 

Henry Thomson, fitter 
69 Miss Macpherson 


Castle Street — Continued. 

71 Miss Reid 

Roderick Grant, labourer 

Miss Chisholm, dressmaker 

Ewen Ferguson, labourer 

John Macdonald 

Mrs Jessie Mackenzie 

Mrs Maclean 

J. G. Bremner, clerk, Labour Exchange 

Murdo Mackenzie 

Miss Catherine Macleod 
73 Miss Catherine Macdonald, milliner 
75 Robert Thomson, painter and decorator 
77 Mrs Fraser 

Miss Machines 

Mrs Mackay 

S. Matheson 

Peter Reid, tractor driver 

Austin Macniven, plumber and gasfitter 
79 Misses Murchison and Mackenzie, dressmakers 
79a, 81 Northern Counties Institute for the Blind — 

William Gray, workshop and sales manager 

Baptist Church— Rev. W. C. Fisher 
97 Miss Fraser 
99 David Munro, cashier 

Edward Brown, fishmonger 
101 Miss Irvine 
103 Mrs Mackenzie 

Miss McCombie 
105 Mrs Scott 
107 General Radio Service 
109 Lamont's Buildings — 

1 Mrs Macleod 

2 Donald Chisholm, joiner 

3 Miss Fletcher 

4 Miss Mellis 

111 and 113 John Mackintosh, plumber 

Town Hall Buildings — 
4 H. W. Finlay and Co., wholesale stationers 
6 William Bain, janitor 

John Innes, sanitary inspector 
Thomas O'Beirne, burgh surveyor 
Peter McKechnie, burgh assessor 


Castle Street — Continued 

8 George L. Davie, optician 

10 John Jefferson, hairdresser and tobacconist 

18, 22 Alex. Mactavish, ironmonger and house 

96 A. Ross, lamplighter 
Peter Watson, chauffeur 
Alex. Taylor, painter 
98 Allan Cameron, meter inspector 
100 Mrs Taggart 

102 Kenneth Bain, temperance hotel 
104 David Taylor, skin curer 

Mrs J. Roy 
106 Alexander Cumming, retired 
Mrs Smith 
Alexander Mackenzie, cabinetmaker 

Fire Engine Station — 

Andrew S. Don, fire master 
Inverness Public Library and Museum — 

Arthur B. Peters, librarian and curator 
Burgh Court-house and Burgh Police Office- 
Alexander Neville, chief constable 
William Dalgleish, inspector and deputy 
chief constable 

11 Donald Macrae, deputy firemaster 
William Fraser, chauffeur 

Castle Court — 

Misses Fraser 


2 George Ross Anderson, Craigdhu 
4 Miss Doull, Ingleside 

6 Mrs Ross, New Tarbet villa 
8 Miss Fraser 

J. Hamilton, traveller 
10 Mrs Cowieson, Weston 

12 M. Fraser, Brumana 

14 Miss Maclean, Dalvourn villa 


1 James Ferries, motor engineer, Balgownie 

3 Lewis J. Owen, music master, Cartref 


Cawdor Road — Continued 

5 Peter Marr, cashier, Messrs Wordie & Co., Ltd. 
7 Mrs Kennedy, Carsaig 


1 Wm. Allanach, cabinetmaker 

3 John Cameron, cabinetmaker 
Robert Lisman, labourer 
Mrs Ferguson 
William Maclennan, labourer 

7 Alex. Mitchell, garden labourer 

9 John Macdonaid, fishing tackle maker 
11 Hugh Shaw, tinsmith 
13 Hugh Dougherty, hairdresser 
15 C. Munro, coalman 
17 Catch-my-Pal Hall 
19 Mrs Annie Stewart, Thistle Bar 
19a J. Clark, butcher 
21 Miss Macdonaid 
23 Mrs Margaret Reid 
25 Miss Mackenzie 
27 Miss Fraser 
31 William Fraser, gardener 

Mrs Maclennan 
33 Mrs Mackenzie 
35 J. Macleod, gardener 
37 Alexander Macdonaid, retired 
39 Mrs Smith 

41 Thomas Mackintosh, P.O. engineer 
43 William Bain, mason 

2 Mrs Call 

Alexander Macrae, barman 

John Cowie, lorryman 

Mrs Ross 
2a J. Clark, motor mechanic 
4 Miss Burne 

6 Donald Johnstone, electrician and bellhanger 
10 Murdoch Cameron, painter 

Miss C. Macrae 


Celt Street — Continued. 

12 Benjamin Alexander, telegraph lineman 
Donald Mackay, blacksmith 

George Maclean, motor driver 

14 Robert Liddle, watchman 

16 Walter Macrae 

18 Miss Macmillan 

Ebenezer Mission Church Hall 

30 Wm. Grant, carpenter contractor 



5 William D. Howie, confectioner and tobacconist 
7 George Paterson, newspaper representative 
11 Delia Giubarelli, fruit and confectionery 

13 Mrs Bergamini 

13a Ernest Stewart Findlay, boots 

15 Miss Effie Reid, newsagent 

17 George Macdonald, licensed grocer 

19 David Macintyre, lorry driver 
Alexander Gordon, inspector 

23 John Maclean 

25 Mrs Fraser 

27 John Murray, barman 

29 Miss Fraser, grocer 

31 John Fraser, undertaker 
Mrs Sim 

33 G. Grant mason 

William Davidson, billposter 
35 Murdo Macaskill, carriage cleaner, L.M.S.R- 
37 John Dick, baker and confectioner 
39 Miss Copland, fancy goods dealer 
41 Miss Cumming 

Alexander Mellis 

Angus Maclean 
43 A. B. Mulholland 
45 James Ross, butcher 

49 D. Macdonald, cabinetmaker and upholsterer 
51 Alex. Bremner, chauffeur 

M. Freedman 

Mrs Grant 

Joseph Gleave 

Malcolm Morrison, labourer 
53 P. and D. Foster, grocers and drapers 


Chapel Street— Continued. 


2 T. Simoson, yardsman 

4 Mrs Jane Cameron, grocer and confectioner 

6 W. J. McClarence, shoemaker 

8 Mrs Mackie 

10 C. Mackenzie, fruiterer and confectioner 

12 Giulio Matti, invisible menders, cleaners, etc. 

14 G. Matti 

18 J. Macgillivray, flesher 
Chapel -Yard Burying -Ground 


North Side. 

5 W. J. Dalgleish, inspector and deputy chief con- 

stable, burgh constabulary 

7 Mrs Neville 

9 Acton A. Turiff, B.L. Bank 

11 Mrs Macrae 

13 William Cooper, photographer 

15 Mrs Calder 

17 Miss Lizzie Fraser, apartments 

19 Mrs Macdonald 
21 Dorando Turrini 
23 Mrs Macdonald 

William Whitton 
25 J. Smith, manager 
29 Mrs Macmillan 

R. Smith, police constable 

William Macpherson, carter 

Miss Mackay 
33 Alex. Henderson, grocer" 
35 Mrs Mackenzie 
37 Mrs Strachan 

39 "William J. Anderson, merchant, The Kerries 
41 Ex -Inspector John Maclean, burgh constabulary 

Miss Maclean, 
43 Donald Macgregor, commercial traveller 
45 Miss Macqueen 
47 George Macdonald, grocer 
49 M. R. Hendry, chemist 
51 William Ettles, grocer, Urie villa 
53 William Mackenzie, engineer, P.O. 


Charles Street — Continued. 

2 Kenneth Mackenzie, Customs and Excise 

4 Adam D. Stewart, Hamilton's Auction Mart 

6 Mrs Budge 

8 R. Hutton, traffic agent 
10 Miss Urquhart, grocer, etc. 
10a Misses White 
12 James Grant, motor engineer 
14 L. R. Jones, C.A. 

16 T. C. Corsie, accountant, Commercial bank 
18 John Mackinnon, retired 

20 John A. Cameron, P.O. clerk, Glenallan cottage 
22 Misses Macpherson 
24 Hugh Mackenzie, miller, Kingsmills 
26 G. H. Sherman, inspector, R.S.S.P.C.C. 
26a Miss Johnstone 
28 J. Grant 
30 Mrs Macgillivray, Inver villa 

William Mackintosh, tableman 
34 Nurse Fraser 

Nurse Martin 

Hector Macdonald, burgh police 
38 Ewen Macgillivray, clothier 
40 Hugh Fraser, Erchite 
42 Thomas Mackay, mason 

CHISHOLM'S CLOSE (off Muirtown Street.) 

2 Mrs Miller 


1 McGruther & Marshall, coal merchants 

3 Duncan Duffy, insurance broker & shipping agent 
Provincial Insurance Co., Ltd. — 

D. R. B. Duffy, local manager 
General Billposting Company 
Miss Annie Maclean, ladies' outfitter 
Nurse Nicolson 
Arthur R. Grant, fishmonger 
William Fraser, storeman 

5 Miss M. Macleod, ladies' and children's outfitter 

7 William N. Irvine, hotelkeeper 


Church Street — Continued. 

7, 9 John W. Mackenzie & Co., leather merchants 
11, 15 F. A. Cameron, draper 
13 W. J. Maccallum, chauffeur 
Charles Mackenzie, labourer 
Thomas Balloch 
Mrs Ann Suttie 
17 The Club Hatters and Hosiers — A Fraser & Co. 
19 North British and Mercantile Insurance Coy. — 
E. D. A. Smart, local secretary 
Christian Science Society 
Mrs Macbean 

Inverness County Benefit Society — 
Miss Anne Campbell, secretary 
21 Stewart, Rule & Co., solicitors — 

Sir Alexander M. MacEwen, B.L. 
R. R. MacEwen, B.L. 
Neil Macarthur 
J. B. Bauchop 
A. Finlayson, cashier 
Alliance Assurance Co., Ltd. — 

C. J. H. Morton, resident inspector 
25, 27 W. B. Taylor, watchmaker and jeweller 
29 Roderick Tweedie and Co., Ltd., ladies' outfitters 
31, 33 Caledonian Hotel— North British Hotels, Ltd., 

proprietors — H. M. Chapman, manager 
35 John Fraser, gardener 
37 Macdonald and Morrison (Inverness), Ltd., coal 

merchants — Morris Macdonald 
39 Mrs Mackintosh, board residence 
39, 41 Charles Keith & Co., wholesale stationers 
43 W. A. Macleay & Son, taxidermists and fishing 
tackle makers and radio manufacturers- 
William A. Macleay 
45 Mrs Mackintosh 
Miss A. Murchison 
Mrs Annie Ross 
John Maclean, chauffeur 
Dr Ian M. Macleod, M.D. 
47 Miss Netta Maclean, milliner 
51 Forestry Commission — 

James Fraser, divisional officer 
A. Ramsay Ross, solicitor 
J. Macdonald, mason 


Church Street— Continued. 

49, 53 Alexander Macdonald & Co., wine merchants — 

Patrick J. Herraghty 
55 Pullars', cleaners and dyers 
57 David Whyte, photographic studio — 
G. M. Tyrell, proprietor 
N.C. Territorial Army Association — Col. H. R. 

Baillie, D.S.O., secretary 
Charles Harting, chauffeur 
Mrs Macdonald 
Miss Thomson 
59, 61, 65 Inverness Co-operative Society — 

James Smeaton, manager 
67 Commercial Bank of Scotland, Ltd. — 
James Macdonald, agent 
T. C. Corsie, accountant 
71 Mrs Bisset 

John Taylor, brass finisher 
Mrs Donaldson 
Mrs Jane Taylor 
Charles Williamson, coal carter 
Mrs Annie Macdonald 
73 R. A. Robertson, electrical engineer 
77, 79 Thomas Tulloch, painter and decorator 
81 T. L. Dingwall, watchmaker and jeweller 
83 Macdougall's Hotel — A. Macdougall, proprietor 
85 Mrs I. Stewart, china merchant 
87 Donald Macdonald, Signal Department, L.M.S.R. 
Thomas Macdonald, lorryman 
Mrs Sutherland 
89, 91 Clachnacuddin Hotel— Mrs Clark 
93 Christopher Murchison, porter, L.M.S.R. 
George C. Fraser, clerk 
John Fraser, engineer 
George Munro, commission agent 
Mrs Palmer 
95 Donald Chisholm, plumber 
97, 99 R. Hay & Sons, cabinetmakers 
101 Ben View Temperance Hotel — Misses Mackinnon 

Peter Inkster, lock-keeper 
105 Arthur Scott, news agent 
107 Hugh A. Munro 
109 John L. Robertson 
111 D. Macgregor, machine-man 


Church Street — Continued. 

Old High Church- 
Rev. Donald Macleod, M.C., B.D., minister 
Rev. Alan Robertson, assistant 
John Ross, church officer 

115 Robert Simpson, chauffeur 

117 Gaelic Church (St Mary's)— 

Rev. Alex. Boyd, M.A., minister 
David Taylor, church officer 


2 Mrs M. Moir, art. needlework saloon 
6 Britannic Assurance Company — H. Witherspoon, 
Allan W. Cook, hairdresser 
Athenaeum Hall 

L. Celli, ladies' tailor and furrier 
8 Industry House 
10 Howden & Co., seedsmen 
12, 14 Northern Meeting Rooms 
16 James Farley, Criterion Bar 
18 James Campbell, tailor and clothier 
20 York House- 
Miss Melven 
A. T. Maclennan, C.A. 
Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert, solicitors — 
Robert Gilbert, solicitor 
Athole G. Mackintosh, solicitor 
Mrs Campbell 
Miss Clark, dressmaker 
N. Fomari 
22 Miss J. E. Gordon, milliner 
24 Fraser, Ferguson & Macbean, opticians and 

photographic dealers 
26 Ministry of Agriculture 
28, 30 A. W. Chapman and Co., motor engineers 

34 New Market Entry— 

1 Alex. Riach, cashier 

James A. Riach, watchmaker 

2 Mrs Bessie Maclennan, New Market Bar 
3, 4 Kenneth Bain, restaurant 


Church Street — Continued. 

36 Renato Turriani, fruiterer and confectioner 
42 Miss E. Edgar, confectioner 
44 Misses Leyden 

Mrs Alan Mackenzie 
44a Mrs Cook 

Alex. Forsyth, mason 

Mrs Mackelvie 
46 Robert Edgar, baker and confectioner 
56-58 Ministry of Labour Employment Exchange— 

D. Urquhart, manager 
60 Department of Health for Scotland— 

D. M. Bridges, district inspector 
64, 68 Maciver & Co., cabinetmakers 
70, 72 Cumming's Hotel- 
Donald Cumming, proprietor 
74 Kenneth Chisholm, painter 
76 Cooper's Close — 

Alexander Macrae, fireman, L.M.SR. 
Charles Marshall, boots 
78 J. Dawson, baker and confectioner 
80 Dan. Davidson, tailor 

J. Taylor, taxi driver 

Alex. Gair, distillery worker 

Robert Quinn 

Mrs Munro 

James Munro 
82 Hugh I. Fraser, hairdresser 
84 John Jackson 

Miss Watson 

Mrs Maclean 

John Taylor, labourer 

Roderick Philip 

Alex. Finlayson 

A. Mackenzie, chimney sweep 
86 Catholic Apostolic Church 
88 Gavin Wardrop, window dresser 
92 Stratton Dairy Depot— R. Ross, manager 
94 Miss Elizabeth Macdonald 
96 Thomas Macpherson, warehouseman 

Joseph Urquhart, chauffeur 

Murdo Munro, lorryman 
98 Miss A. Chisholm 
100 John W. Taylor 

Sween Macqueen, motor mechanic 


Church Street — Continued. 

102 The Co-operative Insurance Society, Ltd. — 

Joseph Black 
104 D. Mackintosh, compositor 
108 Mrs Fowler 
110 Miss Macleod 

Mrs M. Munro 

John Macdonald 

Miss Robertson 
112 William Smith, mason 

Mrs Campbell 

Mrs Maclennan 

Mrs Matheson 

E. A. Macbean 
114 Miss Ann Jane Flood 

CITADEL (off Shore Street). 

John M. Macdonald, wood merchant 

Inverness Corporation Yard 

Scottish Oils and Shell Mex, Ltd. 

Coast Lines, Ltd., Stores 

Anglo-American Oil Company, Ltd. 

The Hide and Tallow Market- 
William Murray & Son 
William G. Mackay, manager 

Slaughter House — 

John Maclennan, superintendent 

Mrs Shand 

Mrs Kynoch 

Cleansing Department Stables — 
Andrew Mackay, stableman 

William Munro, dairyman, Citadel farm 

John Stewart, The Hut 

Mrs M. A. Brown, Hospital cottage 

Fraser and Coy., boat builders (house — 15 Telford 


High Street (North Side)— 

1 John Maclennan, joiner 

3 Hugh Mackintosh, ship carpenter 


Clachnaharry and Canal Side — Continued. 
High Street (North Side)— 

5 Finlay Sutherland, plumber 

7 Duncan Chisholm, mason 

9 William Jamieson, lock-keeper 
Public School — 

Miss Cameron, headmistress 
13 Donald Forbes, mason 

15 J. A. Fraser, clerk 
17a John Mackay 

19 William Mackay, Clachnaharry Inn 

21 Nathaniel Macleod, signalman, L.M.S.R. 
High Street (South Side)— 

2 John Murray, blacksmith 
William Grant, lock-keeper 
Duncan Macdonald, clerk 
George Grant, P.O. 
Alexander Grant 

16 Andrew Greig, carder 

18 George Maclennan. yard foreman, St Mar- 
garet's cottage 
William Grant, plasterer 

20 Ian Macleod, grocer 
Mid Street— 

1 Frank Macdonald, joiner 

2 James Gunn, signalman, L.M.S.R. 

3 Alexander Owens, motor mechanic 

4 George Maclennan, plasterer 

5 James Kintrea, storeman 

6 Meeting-House 

10 John Mackenzie, retired 

11 John Mackintosh, sculptor 

12 George Thomson, salesman 

13 Mrs Macdonald 

14 Mrs E. Mackay 

15 Mrs F. M. Wood 
Low Street — 

1 John Innes, mason 

2 Mrs Cunningham 
John C. Innes, warper 

3 Melville Christie, engineman 
6 Mrs Mackay 

8 Murdo Maclennan, joiner 
10 William Macdonald, painter 


Clachnaharry and Canal Side — Continued. 

Low Street — 

11 Mrs A. Murray 
Mrs Finlay 

12 Robert Thomson 
Miss E. Thomson 

13 Charles Maclean, porter, L.M.S.R. 

14 John Morrison Gumn, retired 
Charles Bird, Sea-lock cottage 
Albert Gibson, lock-keeper 

Canal Bank, West Side — 

S. Macdonald, collector, Caledonian Canal 

D. Macdonald, foreman surfaceman 
7 Alexander Maclean, gardener 
6 Kenneth Maclean, carpenter 
5 J. H. Sture, harbourmaster 
4 Canal Office 

3 Frank Whyte, M.C., B.Sc, M.Inst.C.E., super- 
intendent, Caledonian Canal, Clachna- 
harry house 
2 Mrs Pennington, The Haven 

William Jack, carpenter 

John Maclennan, sawmiller 

David Macbride, inspector, Quirang cot. 

L. S. J. Wilkinson, manager, La Soala Picture 
House, Ltd., Linross 

William Macleod, motor engineer, Glenelg 

Frank T. Forrest, travelled, Balbeg 

J. W. Macrae, Ledgoun 

H. Witherspoon, Britannic Insurance Coy. 

J. Stevenson, carpenter 

W. Allan, grocer 

William Masson, Muirtown dairy 

Roderick Shand, butcher, old toll bar 

Murdo Maclennan, plumber 

W. W. Tarn, Muirtown house 

Canal Side- 
David Ross, Muirtown cottage 
William Mackenzie, gardener, Muirtown 
Mrs Fraser, Balnain cottage 
George Topp, The Grange, Muirtown 
Rev. Duncan Macpherson, retired 
David MacBrayne, Ltd., steamer agents — 
David Malcolm agent 


Clachnaharry and Canal Side — Continued 


Donald Grant, head lock-keeper, May cottage 
Mrs Campbell, Wari cottage 
Wm. Sutherland, pavior, Whin park 
Miss Kennedy, Whin Park 
Miss Munro, Burnfoot 
Mrs Macdonald, do. 
James Macrae, seaman, do. 
Daniel A. Taylor, chauffeur, do. 
W. Payne, shipwright, do. 
S. Fraser, blacksmith, do. 
G. Ellis, machineman. do. 
Canal Bank, East Side — 

William Mackintosh, labourer, Ferry bank 
Andrew Mackenzie, lock-keeper, Ivy cottage 
Angus Fraser, do. 

CRAIGTON AVENUE (off Kessock Avenue.) 
North Side 

1 William Mackay, labourer 

3 John Macneil, dock labourer 

South Side 

2 Richard Burnside, dealer 

4 Murdoch Macdonald, gas worker 

1, 2 Mrs Fraser, grocer 
4 John Russell, craneman 

Donald Mackenzie, taxi driver 

Mrs Macmillan 

Miss H. Campbell 

Mrs Macdonald 

Hyman Greenwald, fish merchant 

James Lyall, shop assistant 

John Sutherland 

Dan. Fraser, lorryman 

Miss Davidson 

Mrs Smith 

Mrs J. Mackenzie 

Duncan Macintyre, shoemaker 
8 Murdo Maclennan, plumber 
8 Donald Cameron, retired, Highfield 
10 Mrs Chisholm 


Crown Avenue — Continued. 

12. E. C. Jack, grocer and wine merchant, Abertarff 

14 T. Wilson, unemployment officer 

16 Miss Gillies, Sunbank 
18 Mrs Humphrey 

20 James Davidson, butcher, Beech-hill 


4 Colin Mackintosh, Crown cottage 

6 J. Stuart Oliver 

8 David Howat, Director of Education 

10 John Macpherson, gunmaker, Raliadh 


3 Mrs Petrie, Taybank 

5 Victor Conn, confectioner, Braehead 

7 H. A. Braine, Craigroyston 

9 Capt. R. K. Kent, veterinary surgeon, Doonbank 

11 James Macdonald, Homewood 

15 A. W. Black, Goulburn villa 

17 Wm. Walton, draper 



2 Rev. John R. Reid, Wesleyan Manse 

4 Peter Macdonald, contractor, Oakhill 

6 Mrs Gilbert Ross, Archwood 

8 Mrs Mackintosh, Fassifern 
10 Duncan Grant, Achindoune 

12 George F. Goulder, insurance inspector 
14 Duncan A. Mackenzie, Dunardarigh 

16 Charles Fraser, Inglewood 

18 Mrs Smith, Douglas lodge 

20 John Alex. Cameron, The Ccolins 

22 Miss Williamson, Broomrield 

24 Mrs Munro, Netherdale 

26 D. C. Duffy, insurance manager, Holydene 

28 Thomas Tulloch, decorator, Mayhill 

30 James Cattell, Romford 

32 Mrs Mackay, Kinreay 

34 Rev. W. F. Grieve, Crown Church manse 

36 Miss Macleod, The Ridge 



Crown Drive — Continued. 

38 Mrs Call, Ormiston 

40 James Cameron, town clerk, Eastfield 
42 Mrs Maciver, Ravelston 

44 Colonel A. S. Fortune 

46 John Macbean, solicitor 
48 Mrs Grigor, Kerrowaird 

50 W. C. Myhill, retired, Ridgeleigh 

52 Rev. George H. Grant, B.D., West Church manse 

54 Mrs Keir, Dun-Ericht 

56 Mrs Gray, Halewood 

58 A. J. Ross, G.P.O., Ardmore villa 

60 Alexander Neville, chief constable 


1 Mrs Stewart Sime, Crown lodge 

3 Mrs Robertson, Achanor 

5 Stanley Dermis, commission agent, Chanonrie 

7 J. O. MacGruther, Dee bank 

9 M. Hadley, Anarly 
11 Hugh Ross, giocar (Cameron and Co., Queen's 

Gate), Cairnaird house 
15 Lauchlan Maclean, motor engineer, Duart 
17 Mrs Johnstone, Roodlands 
19 Mrs Fraser, Ashlyn 
25 Miss Mackintosh, Glenholme 
27 William Melville, Taymount 
29 H. R. Keay, county assessor 
31 D. E. Roberts, A.R.C.O., organist, St Andrew's 

33 L. Maclean & Son, building contractors 
35 James N. Gray, slate contractor, Fergan 
37 Misses Macnair, La-Cloche 

39 Ewen Macdonald, retired postmaster, Cairnie 


41 Joseph Macleod, Liberal organising secretary^ 


45 Jam?s Alexander, builder, Lawnellen 

47 Miss Munro, Colmeg 


1 J. Deans 
Mrs Gollan 

2 Thomson & Brown Bros., motor accessories 

3 Mrs Mackay 

4 Hugh Cameron, joiner 


Crown Road — Continued. 
4 William Sherret, cooper 
Alex. Macoherson trimmer 
John Stephen, coachman 

2 Mrs Ross 
2a J. Hughes, clerk, P.O. 

G. Macdonald 
4 Mrs Crawford 

6 Root. Forrester, manager, Macdonald & Mackintosh 
8 Miss Catherine Macgillivray 
10 Mrs Macrae, Clunie cottage 
12 Miss Noble 
14 J. Macleay, joiner 
16 Alexander Maclennan, carpenter 
18 Mrs Elizabeth Fraser 
20 Duncan Kennedy 
22 A. Beaton, contractor 
24 Mrs Munro 
26 John Macgregor 
28 Miss Annabella Shaw 
30 Mrs I. Ross 

32 George Mackay, electrician 
36 Miss Jean Dingwall 
38 Alexander Gordon, compositor 

Archibald Macdonald, fireman, L.M.S.R. 
40 Miss Helen Mackintosh, Marjory house 

John Gill, G.P.O. 
42 Mrs Millar 

Oliver Brown 
44 John Cameron, guard 
46 Mrs Thomas 

John Dickson, storeman, L.M.S.R. 
48 Mrs Maclennan 
50 J. A. Macrae 
52 Miss M. Fraser 
54 David Low 

Mrs Chisholm 

Miss Macleod 

Andrew Aird, labourer 
56 A. Grant, joiner 

Hill N. Wallace 

William Gumming 

Donald Ross 


Crown Street — Continued. 

58 Mrs Maclennan 
Wm. Ross 

Mrs Jamieson 

W. Tucker 

John Macgillivray, mattress maker 

J. Murray, draper 

60 H. Macdonald, mason 


1 Andrew Irvine, labourer 

la George M. Taylor, P.O. clerK 

3 John Brodie, carpenter 

5 Alex. Marshall, outfitter 

7 John Mackenzie, confectioner 

9. J. Macdonald 
11 George Lauder 
13 Mrs Ross 

James Stewart, baker 
15 Alex. Cameron, shepherd 
17 Mrs Munro 
19 Mrs Henry 
21 Alex. Fraser 
23 Mrs Bisset 
25 D. J. Ross, motorman 
27 Thomas Burns, retired 
29 Mrs Campbell 
31 Thos. Douglas, painter 
33 John Spence, retired 
35 Hugh Williamson, retired 
37 S. Rennie, watchmaker 
39 R. Chisholm, retired 
41 R. W. Mackenzie, retired 
43 Mrs Chisholm 
45 Misses Macdonald 
47 George Macdonald, manager, Hepworth & Co. 

Gruinard cottage 
49 C. Swanney 

51 John Murdoch, coal and firewood merchant 
53 Mrs Mitchell 
55 John Home, clerk 
57 George Macwilliam, carting contractor 

59 John Cumming, joiner 

61 Alexander Camieron, coal merchant 


Crown Street — Continued. 

63 D. Macaulay, carpenter 

65 Mrs Mackenzie 

67 Miss Fraser, teacher 


Donald. Hepburn, C.A. 

Andrew Macdonald (of Macdonald and Morrison, 

Ltd.), Meadowpark 
Hector G. N. Paterson, photographer 
W. H. Innes, Hilbre 
W. Shaw, manager, Co-operative Drapery Stores 



3 Miss Mair, Dunchea, boarding-house 

5 Dr Geo. England Kerr, M.B., Ch.B. 

7 Mrs Neil Maclellan, Hill house 

9 Rev. Ernest J, F. Elliott, St Columba High 

Church manse 
11 James Allan, dentist, Mayfleld 
13 Miss Shaw, Thornhill 
15 A. J. C. Hamilton, surgeon, Ardlarich 
17 Lieut. -Colonel B. R. Roche, Erin 
17a Hugh Miller, surgeon 
19 The Sisters of Notre Dame, Huntly lodge 
21 Kenneth Chisholm, decorator, Hill Park 
23 R. Spence, telephone fitter, Hedgefield cottages 

I.R.A. Girls' Hostel — Miss Paterson, matron, 

James Porter, salesman, do. 

John Black, gardener, do. 

William Cameron, cellarman, do. 
25 John Gibson, grocer, Sunnybank 
41 Miss Batchen, Kaiserbagh 
43 Mrs Jack Birnie, Cuchullin lodge 
45 Miss Luke, Monaliadh 
57 George Couper, The Haven 
63 James South, solicitor, Redburn 
65 R. Beaton, bank clerk 
67 Mrs Saunders, Leanach cottage 
69 Duncan Mackay, Birchdale 


Culduthel Road — Continued. 

71 Highland Orphanage — 
Mrs Ritchie, matron 
James Praser, headmaster 
Miss Macbean 
75 Miss Sutherland, Urray cottage 
87 Mrs Kennedy, Cluny House 
89 H. D. Green, manager, Shell Mex, Carrdeen 
99 Malcolm C. Smith, Calken 
105 Andrew Mackay, Allarburn 
107 D. Tritton, Gillaroo 
109 R. Walker 

111 W. S. Kerr, headmaster, High school 
113 Charles MacEchern, Tor Valley 
115 T. Johnston, L.M.S.R., Langbank 
117 Alex. Ness, Glenmore 
123 William Ross, Foyness 
125 John Ross, Bronville 
J. Johnstone, Aswan 
D. Fairweather 


2 Miss M. A. Macfarlane, Braeside 

4 John Dempster, railway inspector 

6 David Munro, clerk of works 

6a Miss Smart 

12 Mrs A. F. Gordon, Viewmount 
14 F. A. Cameron, draper, Woodcliffe 
16 Miss Mackintosh, Clifton lodge 
18 Rev. Donald Macleod, M.C., B.D., minister, First 

Charge of Inverness, Broomhill 
20 M. Morrison, Beechlawn 
22 Inverness Ladies' College, Heatherley 
30 L. H. Davie, insurance inspector, Dunmore 
32 William Sweeney, dairyman, Dalreda 
34 William Burnett, jnr., baker 
36 J. Stuart Watson, W.S., Aultnaskiach 

The Aultnaskiach Dairy Farm — William Sweeny 
Hugh Sweeney, do. 
36a Robert Davis, advertising and display manager, 

Burnside cottage 
42 Miss Macfadyen, Cul-na-Skiach 


Culduthel Road — Continued. 

44 Ian Cameron, draper, Lynthorpe 

46 Dr D. A. Fraser, M.B., D.P.H., Orrin 

48 Andrew Paterson, photographer, Tigh-an-uillt 

52 Roderick Cameron, bank accountant, Croila 

54 Marshall I. Barclay, lands valuation, Ardchoille 

56 John Mackenzie, Barbeth 

68 Mrs Forbes, Elmbank 

70 W. Davidson, corn factor 

72 D. E. Macphee, Clunebeg 

74 Thomas Fraser, B.Sc. 

76 Miss Mackintosh, Burnbank 

84 Andrew Macdonald, Mayville 

94 J. Richardson, Arch cottage 
104 Miss Shaw 

106 Thomas Brown, gardener, New cottage 
110 Alexander Mackintosh, gardener, Lilybank cottage 
112 Robert Corbett, wood contractor, do. 
126 Miss Munro, Whinburn cottage 
132 William Michie, auctioneer, Valley cottage 
J. Mackay, grocer 
Ian Junor, New Stead 
Mrs Forbes, Broomfield 
Charles Mackenzie, Woodside 


2 Loretto Celli, tailor 

4 Mrs Macdonald 

6 James Wallace, butcher 

8 William Attwater, Corporation house factor 
10 G. Mitchell 
12 Donald Macmillan, civil servant 


1 William D. Macdonald, chauffeur 

3 William J. Maclennan, P.O. clerk 

5 D. F. Macdougall 

7 Mrs MacCallum 



1 William T. Campbell, insurance manager 

2 Mrs Stoddart 

3 Mrs Jane Macdougall 

4 Alexander Manson, banker 

9 William Macdonald, surveyor 
11 W. A. Fernie, civil servant 
15 Ronald Macnaughton, motor engineer 
17 George W. Haldane, engineer 


Miss McClure, Damfield cottage 
Angus Mackintosh Smith, Monadh 


Honble. Mrs Walker, Kingsmills house 
Miss Ferguson 


Allan Macdonald, retired 

James Noble 

J. Johnston, art master, Royal Academy 

William Smith, civil engineer, Crathorne 

John Mackenzie, retired head postmaster, Elsar 


1 Jamesi D. Christie, agent, Union Bank, Oakfield 

5 Charles Fraser (of Fraser and MacColl, iron- 

mongers), Caputh 
W. J. Chisholm 


2 J. Inneis, county road surveyor 
4 Misses Munro, Achanrigh 

8 Robert S. Rattray, market gardener 
10 Mrs Davidson, Reres 


Third Street— 

Wm. Grigor & Sons, Cooperage 
A. Eraser, Ltd., stores 
Alexander Mactavish, stores 
Nisbet, pi umbers, store 
Household Bazaar, store 
L. Esler, garage 
Duncan Fraser, butcher 

Mackenzie & Fraser, carpenters and under- 
F. Urquhart & Co., seedsmen, stores 


Second Street — 

Mitchell & Co., ironmongers' store 

Picture House Exit 

A. Fraser, Ltd., workshops 


A. Fraser, Ltd., timber store 

A. B. Chalmers & Sons, wholesale merchants 


Fourth Street — 

Wordie & Co., stores 

A. Fraser, Ltd., stores 

A. B. Chalmers & Sons, wholesale merchants 

A. Fraser, Ltd.. stores 


1 Alexander Macleod, wholesale provision merchant 

3 William Wilson, inspector, P.O. 

5 J. Fraser 

7 K. Macleod, Burgh Police sergeant 

9 Mrs Macdonald 
11 Miss Macpherson 
13 Kenneth Mackenzie, auctioneer 
15 Mrs Reeves 

Miss Meiklejohn 
17 Charles Rose 


Denny Street— Continued. 

19 George Mackintosh, barman 

21 Mrs Mackay, grocer 

23 W. Irvine, fireman, L.M.S.R. 

25 William Macaulay, grocer 

27 Miss Macdonald 

29 Colin Mann, blacksmith 

31 William Mitchell, architect, Canmore 

33 Mrs Macgregor Fraser 

35 Misses Cruickshann: 

37 H. Yates, grocer 


2 Charles Cawkwell, carriage builder 

4 William Jack, guard, L.M.S.R. 

6 Mrs Campbell 

8 Robert Mackay, joiner 
10 E. Sutherland, clerk, L.M.S.R. 
12 James Brown, P.O. clerk 
14 Thomas Howatt, painter 
16 Miss Martin 
18 M. Mackay, P.O. lineman 

20 A. Mackintosh 

22 George Kennedy, salesman 

24 W. Burns, postman 

26 Mrs Mackenzie 

28 George Murray, guard, L.M.S.R. 

30 Alex. Fraser, carpenter 

32 Ronald Macaskill, burgh constable 

34 Andrew Scott, engine-fitter, L.M.S.R. 

36 Miss M. Paterson, grocer 

38 Charles Mackenzie, Munford house 
40 Miss M. Hossack 

42 Duncan N. Denoon, warehouseman 

44 Miss Catherine Turner, apartments 

46 James Andrew, basketmaker, Ben Vraggie 

48 Joseph Marchant, engine-driver 

50 Mrs Prior 

52 Miss Munro 

54 Hugh Fraser, draper 

56 E. Harcombe, retired 

58 Mrs J. Goodfellow, grocer 

62 Sydney Wilson, plume maker 

64 Miss Ross 


Denny Street — Continued 

66 D. Grant, sawyer 
68 Mrs W. Cameron 
70 Mrs Beale 
72 Wm. Guthrie, L.M.S.R. 
74 Harry Yates, grocer 


1 James Mackay, insurance agent 

2 Mrs Fraser 

A. Ross, joiner 

3 Alex. Godsman, assistant harbourmaster 

4 William Macdonald Third, ship carpenter 
John Mackay, hammerman, L.M.S.R. 

5 William Venables, asylum attendant 

6 Donald Lamont, tanner 
H. B. Lennon, labourer 
Mrs Maclamont 
William Robertson, fitter 

DIRIEBUGHT ROAD (off Millburn Road). 

2 William Fraser, maltman 

4 James Fraser, maltman 

6 Murdo Mackenzie, labourer 

8 Alex. Duncan 
10 Hugh Mackay, fireman 
12 Dan Macaskill, fireman 
14 Alex. Wilkie, Milvalley place 
16 Mrs Cameron 
18 Joseph Macdonald, milkman 
20 Alexander Mackenzie 
22 Mrs Macrae 

Miss Smith, Diriebught mills 

Inverness Ice Company — W. & J. Mackenzie 

DIRIEBUGHT ROAD ,(off Midmills Road). 

D. Hossack, Rose cottage 

Mrs Fraser 

Wm. Ross, Stacpolly, foreman, Chapman & Co. 

John Macintyre, warehouse porter, Lemon cot. 

Alexander Simpson, labourer, The Bungalow 

Andrew Macintyre, chauffeur, The cottage 



1 William Neill, assistant secretary, N.C.T.A.A. 

3 Mrs Munro, The Croft 

5 George Duncan, contractor, Drumoumie 

7 Capt. Maciver, retired, Larachan 
15 Alexander Cameron, butcher 
17 Matthew Dallas, assistant master 
19 William F. Gow, vanman 
21 Mrs Cameron 

23 James T. Farquhar, watchmaker and jeweller 
25 Ian Macdonald, clerk, L.M.S.R. 
27 Glen Hardie, cashier 
29 Alexander Maclennan, clerk, P.O. 
31 T. Fraser, butcher 
33 M. W. Wilson, retired 
35 James Dunbar, relief signalman, L.M.S.R. 
37 Duncan Sutherland, electrician 
39 Hugh Brown, fireman, L.M.S.R. 
41 James Macdonald, porter, L.M.S.R 
43 Thomas Taylor, plumber, L.M.S.R. 
45 William Dallas, travelling auditor, L.M.S.R. 
47 Donald Skinner, motor driver 
49 Mrs Mackintosh 

51 Joseph Munro, engine-driver, L.M.S.R. 
53 John Stirling, motor driver 
55 Charles Pirrie, carpenter 
57 Andrew Smart, grocer 
59 John A. Douglas, baker and confectioner 
61 John Bates, clerk, Ministry of Labour 
63 Mrs Isabella Macgillivray 
65 Donald J. Maclennan, joiner 
67 Miss Campbell 
69 Andrew F. Murray, postman 
71 William Chalmers, fruiterer 
73 Walter Sutherland, guard, L.M.S.R. 
75 Hector Colvin, car driver 

77 George Hutchison, carriage inspector, L.M.S.R. 
79 William Murray, porter-guard, L.M.S.R. 
81 Roderick Chisholm 
83 Mrs Lucy A. Mackenzie 
85 Andrew O. Davidson, tweed designer 
87 Roderick Chisholm, shop assistant 

89 John Maenaughton, clerk 


Dochfour Drive — Continued. 
91 William A. Maclaren, joiner 
93 Mrs Margaret Gill 
95 A. J. Mackay, shop assistant 
97 Vincent Maguire, retired 
99 John Paterson, nurseryman 
101 John Jessiman. motor mechanic 


Roderick Humphrey, retired 
2 Finlay G. Fraser, retired postmaster, Torfern 
4 J. M. Hunter, bank agent, Highbury 
8 John Macdonald, commercial traveller, Craig - 

10 James Macdonald, commission agent 

12 Donald Mackintosh, Strathdawn 

14 Charles Macdonald, carpenter 

16 Alex. Maclean, police constable 

18 Thomas Mackenzie, tailor 

20 Miss Riley 

22 John H. Dallas, taxi owner 

24 John Bl Ellis, railwayman 

26 Mrs James Fraser 

28 Ian Macdonald, shop assistant 

30 James Glennie, saddler 

32 Robert Shepherd, P.O. 

34 Mrs Mary Macdonald 

36 John Shaw, painter 

38 Andrew Pirrie, blacksmith 

40 Peter Hunter, painter 

42 A. Macrae, retired 

44 Allan Ross, barman 

46 Murdo Macaulay, telegraph lineman 

48 James Mackay, grocer 

50 Donald Macdonald, fireman, L.M.S.R. 

52 John Shepperd, retired 

54 A. Urquhart, grocer 

56 John Mackenzie, shoemaker 

58 Alex. Macandrew, gardener 

60 Charles Gordon, commercial traveller 

82 H. Heatly, traveller. 

64 William Davidson, barman 

66 John Philip, 'bus driver 

68 Lachlan Charles, clerk 

70 Duncan M. Mackenzie, teacher 

72 Robert Campbell, tinsmith 


Dochfour Drive — Continued 

74 Hector Macfadyen, lorryman 
76 David G. Morris, P.O. engineer 
78 Dan Fraser, labourer 
80 Mrs Hugh Macdonald 
82 James Craig, barman 
84 Michael Smith, agricultural agent 
88 Alexander Maclean, confectioner 
88 William J. Brown, clerk, Labour Exchange 
90 C. Paul, clerk 
92 William Mitchell, engineer 
94 Colin Hutchison, clerk 
96 Allan Matheson, insurance agent 
98 Donald Macphail, Gaelic organiser 
100 Mrs Elizabeth S. Blackburn 


Patrick J. Herraghty, wine merchant, Rossie 

Mrs Macdonald, The Firs 
Arthur J. Ducat, traveller, Kiiiin 
James Macdonald, Bankhead 
James Macdonald Ross, draper, Tarnash 
James Macarthur, patternmaker, Oakfield 
Robert S. Marshall, cashier, Lonbuie 
W. Menzies, plumber, Sherwood 
R. S. Machame Gordon, Drumblair 
Mrs A. D. Mactavish, do. 
W. J. Denman, do. 
Alex. Munro, ironmonger and cycle agent, Branx- 



2 Miss Stewart 
Mrs Mackay 

William Campbell, chauffeur 

3 Miss Fraser 

4 John Godsman, tailor 

5 Mrs Jessie A. Thomson 

6 Mrs Macdonald 

7 Miss Mary Taylor, nurse 
George Fraser, gasritter 

8 Mrs C. Robertson 

9 Colin Mitchell, guard, L.M.S.R. 

10 Mrs Stewart 

11 James Bowers, carter 


Douglas Row — Continued 

12 John Macgillivray,. butcher 

13 John A. Macgillivray, postman 

14 Miss Robertson, apartments 
Duncan Mackintosh, butcher 

15 George Roy, collector for the Blind Institute 

16 Miss Mackintosh 
Miss Macfee 
Miss Fraser 
Miss Macdonald 

17 James Urquhart, mechanic 

18 Mrs Thomson 

19 Donald Macdonald, P.O. linesman 
Edward Mason, iron dresser 

20 Thomas Maclaren, joiner 

21 John Ferguson, moulder 
Edwin E. Fox, labourer 
Miss Macbain 

James Galloway, coal yardsman 

22 Donald D. Murray, draper 

23 Donald Mackintosh, tailor 
Alex. Dowling, fireman, L.M.S.R. 

24 Mrs G. Jamieson 

William J. Macdonald, lorry driver 

DRUMMOND CIRCUS (Off Drummond Crescent). 

9 Lieut. H. Thorpe, Lovat Scouts 

11 Thomas Simpson, clerk, May villa 

12 H. Fraser, manager, Boots', chemists 
Rev. H. W. Mackay, B.D 

Rev. D. Macdonald, Largie 

J. Maclennan, painter 

John Joss, stationer 

William, Mackenzie, coal merchant (Macdonald 

and Morrison, Inverness), Ltd. 
A. W. Cook, ladies' hairdresser 
Dr Orchard 


1 Rev. Wm. Sutherland, M.A., East Church, Cul-an- 


2 Northern Counties Infant Home, Rosedene 

3 Mrs Robson, Eilandhu 

6 John Chisholm. Brooklyn 
J. Clark, Sunnyfleld 


Drummond Crescent — Continued. 

11 A. W. Fraser (of Fraser, Ferguson & Macbean), 

13 William Birnie, Braerannoch 
19 John Reid, Greenhill 
21 William Mackay, solicitor, Netherwood 
Electric Station 

DRUMMOND (Upper). 

Robert Wotherspoon, solicitor, Westwood 

Robert Gilbert, solicitor, Bellevue 

Frank Sime, wood merchant, Drummond hill 

Mrs Kelly, The Camp 

Dr T. C. Mackenzie, Druim 

Donald Macpherson, gardener, Druim cottage 

Donald Ross, West End Gardens 

John M. Macdonald, wood merchant, Lochardil 

J. Wood, chauffeur 



James Maxwell, town chamberlain, Gleniffer 
Thomas R. Paton, chief public assistance officer 

Abel Mackenzie, optician. Craighill 
H. H. Ward, Green Gables 
N. Macleod, woollen warehouseman, Duntulm 
D. H. Mackintosh. Drumalin 
John Brown, gardener 
Major H. Leah, 4th Cameron Highlanders, Ham- 

Harry K. Cox, Old Drummond 
D. A. Maclean, building contractor, Kilchurn 
Miss Black, Evelix 
H. F. Robson, Boys' Hostel, Drummond Park 


Mrs Nisbet, Druim-an-Ault 

Edward Layton, York cottage 
la James Scott 
1 Mrs Horne : Bhreachloch 
3 Miss Helen Barron, Kilmeny 
5 Misses Mackenzie, Naverton 


Drummond Road — Continued. 

7 D. Maclennan, Brookvale 
9 John Macdonald, do. 

11 Mrs B. C. Munro, Moorlands 

13 Kenneth Junor, grocer, Beechtree 

15 Mrs Taylor, Kingston 

17 Louis Morris, Myrtle bank 

19 Alexander L, Guthrie, civil servant, Clarence 

19a H. Fraser, gardener 
31 Miss Matheson, Woodbine cottage 
33 George Sutherland 
37 James Muir, Whinny rigg 
39 Miss Macbean, Drummond lodge 
39a R. W. Gordon, Edulas 
41 Robert P. Macfarlane, retired 
43 Major? E. Fraser, recruiting officer, Drumleys 
45 Robert A. Hamilton, manager, Coast Lines, Ltd. 
47 Mrs MacColl, Inchlea 
49 W. H. Allan, pension officer, Crianlarich 
51 Mrs Corner, Brookside 

Mrs Robson, East lodge 

Donald Wemyss, West lodge 

F. Urquhart & Co., nurseries 


2 Elliot & Co., fleshers— 

W. R. Elliot and M. Elliot 

4 Alexander Correy, chemist 

6 New Inverness Laundry Receiving Depot 

8 W. Donald and Son, shoemakers — 

Margaret Gardner, proprietrix 
10 R. Macleod, outfitter 


1 John A. Fraser, clothier and house furnisher 

3 Duncan Cameron, stationer 

5 Macandrew & Jenkins, solicitors — 

J. Stuart Watson, W.S. 
Robert Wotherspoon, solicitor and N.P. 
Caledonian Insurance Co. — 

A. G. Munro, superintendent 

7 The Royal Baby Linen Coy. 

9 Gordon Mirtle, baker and confectioner 




3 Mrs Annie Stewart, Thistle bar 
9 Cecil Mann, mason 
11 Alexander Macdonald, ploughman 
13 Donald Macrae, gardener 
J. Macrae, tailor 
John Maclennan, hotel porter 
15 Roderick Mackenzie 

John Fraser, labourer 
19 Frank Hobban, machineman 


2 F. Carter, labourer 
2a John Macbain, grocer 
4 John R. Ahearn, labourer 

John Cameron, motor driver 
8 John Clifford, gardener 
A. Ferguson, butcher 
Mrs Macgregor 
James Macdonald, baker 
10 Miss Grant 

Thomas Paterson, labourer 
12 T." Sim, warehouseman 
14 Hugh Macgillivray, labourer 
16 Miss Graham, dressmaker 
Miss Campbell 
James Simpson, fitter 
William Blyth, waterman 
18 Mrs Ann M. Grant, licence holder 


1 P. C. Coutts, motor mechanic 

3 James Innes, foreman blacksmith, Slipway 

5 Mrs Ross 

6 William Munro, dental mechanic 
8 John Dunbar, electrical engineer 

11 Alexander Grant, grocer 

15-27 James Williamson, hostel for travellers 



1 John Maclnnes, shunter 

3 Alexander J. Thomson, fireman 

5 Simon Fraser, railway clerk 

7 John Dickson, confectioner 

9 James Thomson, fireman 

11 J. M. Mackintosh, guard 
15 Murdo Ross, motor driver 

17 Alistair P. Shaw, motor driver 

19 William Johnston, retired farmer 

21 John Brebner, furniture salesman 

23 Thomas Foubister, grocer 

25 Thomas Maclennan, butcher 

27 Alfred N. Atherton, secretary 

29 E. Ross, 'bus driver 

31 Mrs Elizabeth Treasurer 

33 Charles Milligan, 'bus driver 

35 Alexander Walker, baker 

37 Thomas F. Connors, clerk 

39 Kenneth Mackenzie, Cleansing dept. 

41 John Mackenzie, "butcher 

43 Alexander Blackley, painter 

45 William Falconer, plumber 

47 Tavish Smith, hairdresser 

49 William Ross, traveller 

51 Mrs Maclean 

53 John Mackenzie, insurance agent 

55 D. Mackenzie, tea traveller 

57 Donald Macpherson, clerk, L.M.S.R. 

59 James Sutherland, lorry driver 

61 Mrs Munro 

63 Robert Grant, storeman 

65 James Taylor, carpenter 


2 Neil Macrae, retired 

4 John G. Charlton, pensioner 

6 Alistair Mackenzie, dining car attendant, 

8 John Mabon, tile-layer 

10 Mrs Annie Munro 

12 John Maclennan, labourer 
14 George Bennett, butcher 


Dunain Road — Continued. 

16 John Mackintosh, guard 

18 John Ross, clerk 

20 Thomas Hamilton, cinema operator 

22 Miss C. Young 

24 William McCubbin, manager 

26 William Morrison, hairdresser 

28 Alexander Sinclair, book-keeper 

30 George Whitecross, motor mechanic 

32 Andrew Gordon, labourer 

34 William R. J. Matheson, railway clerk 

36 John Fraser, boilermaker 

38 Martin Auld 

40 David Currie, traveller 

42 J. W. Beech, civil servant 

44 J. Munro, retired 

46 T. H. Rhodes 

48 G. D. Gibson, civil servant 

50 W. J. Handford, milk salesman 

52 Matthew Bain, vanman 

54 Mrs Helen Macdonald 

56 Mrs Jessie C. Henderson 

58 George Darling, clerk 

60 Duncan Macdonald, joiner 

62 W. Allison 

64 Mrs Jessie Barclay 

66 Alexander Dowling, motor driver 

68 David Thomson, labourer 

70 Miss Georgina C. Maclean, retired teacher 

72 Miss Catherine Fraser 


2 James Watt, electrician 

Mrs Lindsay 
2a Donald Cameron and Co., potato dealers 

Iain F. Cameron, monumental sculptor 
4 John Mackinnon, shoemaker 

Donald Macrae, labourer 

John Macleod, fireman 

D. Mackenzie, cleansing department 

Robert Wright, labourer 

Charles Mackenzie, boilermaker 


Duncraig Street — Continued. 

6 William Nicol, labourer 
Mrs Macdonald 
Alexander Nicol, motor driver 
Charles Munro, mason 

John Mackenzie, mill worker 
William Nicol, postman 

8 Donald Allan, tweed merchant 

10 Mrs Munro 

12 Lewis Fraser, trimmer 

14 R. Dow, Nithsdale 
14a James Reid, joiner 

Donald Allan, yard 

16 Mrs M. J. Macdonald 

18 W. Macgillivray, motor mechanic 
20 Mrs Westwood 

22 Duncan G. Macdonald, joiner 
Contin Terrace — 

24 Mrs Matheson 
Miss Sutherland 

26 Ebenezer Duncan, clerk 

28 C. Masson, retired 

30 Thomas Mackay, butcher 


King's & Co., road contractors 
3 W. Fraser, quarry foreman 
5 Roderick Mackenzie, linotype operator 

7 Mrs A. Grant 

9 John Mackintosh, plumber 

11 John Macbain, blacksmith 
11a Mrs Murchison 

15 Mrs Macgillivray 

17 Mrs Cassie 

23 Donald Meiklejohn, waiter, Aird villa 

25 J. W. Eland, garage proprietor 
Fraser & Eland, garage 



1, 3 North of Scotland Bank, Ltd.— 
A. Doull Bethune, agent 
J. W. Ollason, accountant 


East Gate— Continued. 

5 The Buttercup Dairy Company 

7 Mackenzie Bros., tailors and clothiers 

D. Groat, tailor 
9 Miss Grant, bookseller 

15 Kenneth Mackenzie, auctioneer and cabinetmaker 
17, 19 Baxter & Co., nursery and seedsmen 
21, 23 A. Donati, confectioner 
25 Andrew Bremner, boot maker 
27 Daily Express 
31 D. Riggs & Co., butchers 
31a Mrs I. Scott 

Donald Sharp, barman 

James Findlay, lorryman 

R. Douglas, grocer 
33, 35 Crown Bar — John Brodie, proprietor 
37 Miss Joan Z. Milligan, tobacconist 
39 Robert Milligan, electrical and radio engineer 
41 H. Fraser, retired 

43 Robert Taylor & Sons, Ltd.- coal merchants 
45 Neil A. Ross, grocer and provision merchant 
47, 49 A. W. Chapman & Co., motor engineers 
51 K. J. Mackintosh, cycle and motor agent 
53 William Urquhart, plumber 
53a William Mackenzie, coachman 

Mrs Scotland 
55 Clachan Inn — William J. Chisholm, proprietor 
55b The Northern Ignition Co., car electrical 

57, 59 John Macdonald, horse-shoer 
61 Wordie & Co., Ltd., railway carting contractors— 
E. Duncan, manager (ho. 26 Duncraig Street) 
63 Robert Anderson, yardsman 
65 Donald Robertson, labourer 

David Gibson, grocer 

Alfred Neish, lorryman 
67 Hamilton's Auction Marts, Ltd.— 
James Mackenzie, manager 
James Barclay, auctioneer 
75 William Poster 
77, 79 Lochgorm Inn— William Foster 

Macdonald, Fraser & Co., Ltd., Inverness Auction 
Market — William Harley, manager 


Eastgate — Continued 


2 John Ross, manager, Globe warehouse 
4 Joseph Bonici, confectioner 
8, 10 Simon Hendry, chemist 
12 Melvin's, bakers and confectioners 
14 Hugh Fraser, draper and clothier 
16 Gordons, fruiterers 

16a Caledonian Lodge, L.O.A.S.— James Campbell, 

Finlay Munro, lorryman 
18 Mrs B. Christie, licensed grocer 
20, 22 Fraser & Maccoll, ironmongers — 

Charles Fraser and William J. Maccoll 
24 Miss Kate Reid, ladies' outfitter 
28 A. Grant, meal merchant 
30 Pieraccini Bros., restaurateurs 
32 Primo Pieraccini 

34 James Keir, grocer and provision merchant 
36 J. B. Noble & Co., grocers and wine merchants 
38 John Ross, carpenter 

Robert Glennie, gas meter inspector 

Allan Spence, chauffeur 

Douglas Insch, dental mechanic 

William Stronach 

John Laurence 
40 Davidson and Son, butchers 
42 A. J. Mackenzie, ladies' and gent.'s hairdresser 

and tobacconist 
44 A. Lawler, fruiterer 
46 Enrico Pizzamiglio, confectioner 
48, 50 Plough Inn — Kenneth Mackay 
52 Robert Macdonald, tinsmith 
54 Barber & Co., saddlers 
54a Duncan Grant, watchmaker and jeweller 

K. J. Mackintosh, cycle and motor agent 
56, 60 D. Mackenzie, cycle agent 
58 Nisbet & Co., Ltd., plumbers 
60 Eastgate Weigh Office, etc. — Duncan Fraser 
62, 64 Thomson & Brown Bros., Ltd.. motor 

66 The Albert Hotel— Mrs Winton 
68, 70 Albert Bar— Mrs Winton 


East Gate — Continued. 

70a William Murray, gardener 

J. Mackay, 'bus driver 

Hector Mackenzie, waggon builder, L.M.S.R. 
70b James Glennie, saddler 
72 William Sutherland, packer 
74 D. Macgillivray, taxi driver 
76 Mrs Murray 
78 Mrs Drysdale 
80 William Treasurer, Marieville 

T. S>. Macallister & Co. 
82 P. J. and E. A. Herraghty, bonded stores 
84, 86 Jas. Ferries & Co., motor engineers and garage 
88 Murdo Matheson, french polisher 

David Miller, fireman 

Robert Dunbar, telephone operator 
90 Donald Munro, coal merchant 

R. Macleod, goods checker 

Frederick Youngson, goods checker, L.M.S.R. 


1 Robert F. Cameron & Forrest, C.A. 

Ernest Sullivan, fitter 
2, 3 Evan C. Jack, grocer and spirit merchant 


Lord Roberts Memorial Workshops 
Refuse Destructor 
Farmers' Dairy Company 
Corporation Swimming Baths- 
John S. Lumsden, superintendent 


1 and 3 Allan Ross, Royal Ordnance Inn 
7 Ronald Cameron, garage 
11 Mrs Gerrie 

Miss J. Macdonald 
Mrs Fraser 
Miss Mackenzie 
13 Murdo Ferguson, coal merchant 
17 John Thomson, mason 


Fairfield Lane — Continued 

19 Henry Fraser, tailor 
21 Mrs Mackintosh 

23 J. Gillespie, labourer 
25 John Dyce, roadman 


8, 10, 12 Falconer's garage 
Fowler and Kennedy, plasterers 

16 Ronald Cameron, taxi-owner 
Miss E. Cameron 

18 Mrs Strang 

William Orrock, compositor 

18a A. MacRae, barman 

20, 22 King and Co., yard 

24 Hugh Mackintosh, shepherd 


1 Major J. Lockie, Falcon villa 
3 Mrs Macgregor, do. 
5 Mrs Bolton, Fairfield cottage 
7 Andrew Finlay,, (MacVitie and Price). 
9 Peter G. Mackintosh, Purdovan cottage 
11 Mrs Elizabeth Mackintosh, Inverbruach 
13 Mrs S. H. Fraser, Hawthorne 
15 Miss Campbell 
17 Mrs Edith Wood, Sevenoaks 
Territorial Quarters — 

17a T. Oxley, S.M., Lovat Scouts 
17b J. Audis, R.S.M., Lovat Scouts 
17c B. Pilcher, S.S.M. 
21 Misses Fraser, Duncraig 
23 Mrs J. F. Fraser, Ardsley 
25 S. Sykes, shepherd 
27 Dr James C. Tainsh, M.B., Ch.B. 
29 Alfred D. Taylor, insurance superintendent 
31 P. W. Shand, Franklin villa 
33 Donald Urquhart, manager, Labour Exchange 
35 Miss Macdonald, Stanley lodge 
37 Robert Macgregor, tweed manufacturer, Stanley 


Fairfield Road— Continued. 

39 P. Taylor, slater contractor, Fairfield lodge 

41 Miss Jones, Strome lodge 

43 Mrs Macleod, Ardchattan 

45 Miss J. M. Bethune, Ardgowan 

47 John Maclean, master mariner, Invernevis 

49 Rev. James Morton, M.A., St Mark's 

51 Morris Macdonald (of Macdonald and Morrison. 

Ltd., coal merchants), Glencoe 
53 James Rhind, stationer 
55 Mrs Mackenzie 
57 A. King, jun., baker, Hazelhead 
59 J. E. Ewart, Northern Ignition Company 
61 James Baigrie, contractor 
63 John Lunn, G.P.O. 
65 George Dawson, baker 
67 Edward Saddan, I.R. 
69 Edward Macready, postman, Daless 
71 R. Tucker, inspector, Board of Health 
73 J. B. Kinnear, P.O. motor mechanic 
77 A. T. Stoker, civil engineer 


2 William Burnett, confectioner, Bon-Accord villa 

4 John Burnett, confectioner, do. 

6 Mrs Grierson, Tain cottage 

8 Miss Forsyth, Roselea 
10 Miss Bessie Mackenzie, nurse, Albyn villa 
14 James MacBride, Rosebank 
16 Mrs Cameron, Balinreach house 
18 Hugh Fraser, Frisco villa 
20 Miss Chisholm, do. 
22 Miss Bremer, artist, do. 
24 Mrs Allanach, do. 
26 Mrs Bruce 
28 Mrs Moffat 

30 Miss C. Morrison, nurse, Glenisla 
32 Miss Brims, Glencairn 
34 Miss Taylor, Belladale villa 
36 H. K. Whitehom, Morton villa 
38 Mrs Weir, Ailsa cottage 

40 Douglas Kennedy, science master, Amulree 

42 James Ogston, Atherstone 

44 Miss Aitken 


Fairfield Road— Continued. 

46 John Chalmers, commission agent, Haddo cot 

48 Captain Wilson, Scottish Airways, Beamore 

50 Miss Barclay, Glenfruin 

52 Mrs Colin Cameron, Swiss villa 

54 Alexander J. Maclean, cashier, Ardlair 

56 Mrs Mackinnon, Mont Eleanor 

58 Donald Urquhart, grocer, Montclair 

58a Alexander Bain, The Neuk 

60 Mrs Allan, The Bungalow 

62 Mrs Watson 

64 Miss Black, teacher 

66 Tom Fraser, Hunter's billiard saloon 

68 W. A. Macleay (of W. A. Macleay & Son, taxi- 
dermists), Rosehall 

70 Mrs Fraser, Brantford villa 

72 Lachlan Shaw, clerk 

74 Mrs Bertha Christie 

78 James Brodie, clerk, L.M.S.R., Cairndhuna 

80 William Fridge, Threave 

82 Mrs Gossip, Knowsley 

92 Donald Macdonald, engineer 

94 David Fraser, Sunnylea 

96 Misses Nicolson, Trafford bank 
A. Murray, Trafford bank gardens 
100 Thomas Mackenzie, chemist, Waldaira 
102 William Mackenzie, blacksmith 
104 Miss MacColl, teacher 


1 William Munro & Co., Wholesale merchants 

2 Bookless Bros., game dealers 

3, 4 George G. Morrison, wholesale fruit and vege- 
table merchant 
4 British Express Parcel Agency 

M. Gavin, manufacturer's agent 

4th (High Church) Coy., Boys' Brigade 
5, 6 John and Thomas Cook, wholesale produce 

6a Michie's Auction Rooms 

Howden and Co.'s stores 

John Donaldson, agricultural merchant 


Falcon Square — Continued. 

7, 8, 10 The Highland Agricultural Coy., Ltd., Scot- 
tish Agricultural Industries, Limited — 
G. Davidson, local manager 
11, 12 George Gallon, commission agent 
13, 14 The General Electric Co. 

15 Peter Davidson, corn factor 
James R. Young, wholesale stationer 
Kenneth Macrae, wholesale agent 
William R. Fraser, commission agent 
Charles F. Thompson, Ltd., commission agents 

16 Harrison & Reeve, Ltd., wholesale fruit merchants 


47, 49, 51 The Scottish Agricultural Industries, Ltd. 
31 R. Miller 

Alex. Fraser, milkman 

1 Peter Macgillivray, labourer 

2 Mrs Renwick 

3 Alex. Williamson, labourer 

4 Alexander Urquhart, L.M.S.R. 

5 Mrs Fraser 

6 W. J. Chisholm, fitter 

7 Mrs Macbeth 

8 Mrs Morrison 

9 Alex. Blackley, painter 

10 William Macdonald, labourer 

11 Ernest Goddard, motor mechanic 

12 A. Mackinnon, boilermaker 

14 Donald Thomson, maehineman 

15 George Macqueen, engineer 

16 Alexander Mackenzie, labourer 

17 David Mackenzie, labourer 

18 Charles Macrae, labourer 

19 Evan Macdonald, clerk 

20 George Cowie, labourer 

21 Arthur Hill, pensioner 

22 Misses Macdonald 

23 James Macpherson, tailor 

24 Robert Mackay, surfaceman 

25 Mrs Dorward 

26 William Taylor, labourer 


Ferry Road — Continued. 

27 Alexander Fraser, wood cutter 

28 Mrs Lawless 

29 Donald Reid, labourer 

53 Roderick Ross, Seaview villa 

Coastguard Cottages — 

1 Kenneth Munro, fitter 
Simon Grant, plasterer 

2 Hugh Munro, engineer 

3 John Hastie 

4 Roderick Munro 

Mrs Cameron, South Kessock farm 


4 W. J. Handford and Son, cab hirers 

6 Duncan Mackintosh, manager 

7 Jonathan Wells, fitter 

9 George R. Barron, bottler 
11 Samuel Barron, grocer 
13 John Macrae, holder-on 

FRASER STREET (Off Church Street). 

Commercial Bank buildings — 

E. G. Critchley, solicitor 

Donald Hepburn, CA. 

Commercial Union Assurance Coy., Ltd. — W. D. 

Wilson, local manager 
Remington Typewriter Co., Ltd. 
Sun Insurance Office, Ltd. — A. W. Fraser, resident 

1 William Anderson and Co., wholesale motor trade 

John Gunn, cabinetmaker and upholsterer 
2 Mrs Matheson 

Donald Matheson and Son, plumbers 
Salvation Army Headquarters 


Fraser Street (off Church Street — Continued 

Labour Party Rooms 

The Highland Tweed Coy. 

International Bible Students' Association 

Murdo Maclennan, fireman, L.M.S.R. 

The National Union of Railwaymen — No. 1 Hall 

Amalgamated Engineering Union — No. 3 Hall 

The Theosophical Society 

Hugh Fraser, tailor 

Mrs Hardie 

FRASER'S CLOSE (off Muirtown Street) 

1 W. H Shanks, temperance agent 

14 Mrs Davidson, Newton cottage 
Alexander Ross, carting contractor 

3 A. Anderson 
Mrs Mackenzie 
Harry Urquhart, painter 
Miss M. Macdonald 
Thomas Young 
5 Donald Maclennan, carpenter 
9, 9a Charles Macdonald, carpenter contractor 
10a David Digance, traveller 
11 John Ross, carpenter 
11a George Cameron, traveller 
13 C. G. Young, postman 

15 Miss Macphee 
17, 19 Mrs Wilkie 

28 Mrs Ross 


2 Mrs Stanford 

3 John Macleod, accountant 

4 Alex. Munro, slater 

5 Alex. Urquhart, motor engineer 

6 Mrs Ferguson 

7 William Mackenzie, blacksmith 

8 Mrs Whitehead, Lincoln villa 

A. Mackenzie, manager, "Northern Chronicle," do. 



1 The Auto and General Electric Services 

Mrs Paris, ladies' hairdresser 
3 Mrs Campbell 

Mrs A. Mackenzie 

Mrs Munro 

Mrs Thompson 

Charles Campbell, carpenter, L.M.S.R. 

Mrs Annie Corbett 
5 William Wilson, signalman 
7 George Forbes, foreman sawmiller 
9 Alexander Fraser, fireman, L.M.S.R. 

Miss Sutherland 

Miss Macrae 

James Stewart, fireman, LM.S.R. 

11 Alfred John Malcolm, baker 
Robert Ogg, retired 
James Murray, slater 

Mrs Macpherson 

13 Thomas Fraser, upholsterer 
Mrs Murdo Fraser 

L. Harris 

Hugh Maclellan, labourer 

15 Mackenzie and Murray, carpenters 
17 John Rollo, fireman, L.M.S.R. 

A. Macgregor, labourer 
19 G. Forbes, machineman 
25 Malcolm Campbell, chauffeur 

Mrs Macdonald 
27 Alexander Davidson, baker 
31 Robert Murray, retired 

Mrs Ross 
33 Kenneth Maclennan 
43 Miss Macdonald 

William Macrae, fireman 

10 Miss Fraser 
Mrs Melrose 

12 William Dick, carpenter 
Miss Macrae 

14 Mrs Robertson 

16 John Royan 

Miss Mary Anderson 


Friar's Street — Continued. 

18 Duncan Matheson, engineer 
Farquhar Matheson, labourer 

28 Mrs Fraser 

30 George Mackintosh, barman 

James Fraser, chauffeur 
32 Frank Dawson, driver 
34 John Chisholm, clerk of works 
36 Mrs Ross 

William Ingram, lorryman 

Peter C. Fleming, photographer 

Mrs Thomson 


1 Mrs A. Aitken, grocer 

3 Hugh Hepburn, barman 
Miss L. MacCulloch 
Mrs Fraser 

9 Charles Robertson & Co., carting contractors 

John Fraser, house carpenter 
11 T. J. Forbes, labourer 
13 Hector Fraser, labourer 

Mrs Mitchell 
15 Charles Macdonald, postman 
17 Mrs I. Munro 

Mrs Macrae 

Alexander Macleod, chauffeur 

19 James Robertson, slater 
George Bain, surfaceman 
Frank Allan, insurance agent 

23 James Robertson and Son, slaters' yard 
Evan Macnaughton, grocer 
S. Macdonald, foreman moulder 


2 James Gordon, labourer 

4 James Gordon, guard, L.M.S.R. 
John Hendry, signalman, L.M.S.R. 

6 M. Chisholm, cabinetmaker 
8 Alexander Ross, boilermaker, L.M.S.R. 
10 D. Chisholm & Sons, cabinetmakers 


George Street-Continued. 

12 William Aitken, burgh water inspector 

William Graham Lindsay, painter 

Angus Mackintosh, moulder 

Donald Macdonald, retired guard 
14 Alex. Sim 
16 Mrs Ann Mackay 
18 Thomas Robertson 
20 Mrs A. Robertson 

Murdo Smith, sawmiller 
22, 24 Donald Robertson and Sons, carting con- 
26 John Ledingham, engine-driver, L.M.S.R. 
28 Rod. Maclean, fish dealer 
30 John Leslie Robertson, clerk 
32 William Robertson 

Mrs M. Livingston 
34 John Maclennan, sawmiller 

Mrs Mitchell 
36 Emanuel Cooper, Cleansing dept. 
38 William Macgregor, fitter 


7 Mrs Margaret Barry 

8 Duncan Macdonald, waggon lifter, L.M.S.R 
15 John Findlay, contractor 

17 Colin Chisholm and Co., skinners and wool mer- 
19 Thomas Taylor, slater, Seaforth house 
21 John Maclennan. labourer 

George Grant, dock labourer 

William Mackintosh, carter 

Harry Robertson, labourer 

Mrs C. Macpherson 

Edward Corbett 

West End Terrace — 

22 William Cameron, foreman, Carriage Clean- 

ing Department, L.M.S.R. 

23 James Macbean, insurance agent 
Daniel Munro, tailor 

George Fraser, engineer 



Gilbert Street — Continued. 

25 Mrs Buist 

Joseph Wilson, painter 
Alexander Allan, surfaceman 
D. Gilmour, gardener 

26 William Thomas Brown 
Miss Mary Macdonald 

Glebe Terrace— 

1 William Macbean, machineman 
la Miss Johnstone 

2 Miss Isabella Calder 

3 John Finlayson, labourer 
10 Mrs Gibson 

Mrs M. Macleod 
Edward Follen, labourer 

12 George Cruickshanks, blacksmith's shop 

13 George Cruickshanks, blacksmith 

14 Alex. Cruickshanks 

18 Donald Allan, woodcutter 
Thomas Eraser, fireman 
Roderick Macdougall 
Miss Macdonald 
Alexander Matheson, labourer 
Miss Mackintosh 

19 Alexander Sharp, soldier 
Alex. Cameron, fireman 
Adam McGavin, general dealer 

Glebe Square— 

1 Mrs Isabella Maclellan, Glebe cottage 
2 F. Craigmile and Sons, acetylene welders and 
sheet-metal workers 
Simon Mackenzie & Coy., motor engineers — 
A. F. Mackenzie, motor agent, hirer, and 

coach painter 
Alexander Skinner, cycle agent 
W. and J. Cruickshank, bottlers 

2 John Clunas, labourer 

3 Mrs Macrae 

William McAdam, railway porter, L.M.S.R. 
Mrs Porter 

4 Mrs Clyne 

5 Mrs Michie 


Glebe Street — Continued. 

6 James Urquhart, butcher 

7 Miss Maclennan 

8 George Michie, shipwright 
Mrs Fraser 

Laehlan Johnstone, postman 

Miss Greig 

John Macrae, gardener 

John Mackenzie and Co., grain merchants 

GLENALBYN ROAD (off Telford Road). 

J. Macdiarmid 

John Macdonald, maltman 

King & Co., contractors 

John Mackenzie, mashman, Canse farm 

GLENDALE PLACE (off Shore Street). 

M'Gruther & Marshall's coal depot 

1 William Munro, wood turner 
George Ballantyne, baker 
John Mathieson, storekeeper 
Duncan Junor, ploughman 

2 Richard Paterson, sawyer 
Mrs Foster 

James A. Macdonald, storeman 
Donald Macmillan, butcher 

3 Henderson Brown, machineman 
Mrs Grieve 

Simon Nairne, butcher 
Bert Maclennan, chauffeur 



2b Duncan Maclean, plumber 

2a James M. Sinclair, S.C, and T. 

2 Mrs Fletcher, Tarnagulla 

4 Mrs Melville, Blantyre villa 

6 George H. Fairweather, Inland Revenue, Loch- 

alsh villa 
8 F. Cowe, Menzies and Co., Dalcrombie 


Glen-Urquhart Road— Continued. 

10 Pat. S. Clark, Oakdene 

12 Alex. Fraser, grocer, Eskbank 

14 Andrew Ross, P.O. Engineers' Department 

16 Mrs Fraser, Westbourne 

18 Mrs Gordon, Woodbourne 

20 Miss Macbean, Elm cottage 

24 Simon Graham, taxi driver 

26 John D. Gunn, retired schoolmaster 

28 Alexander L. Mowat, commercial traveller, 

34 Allan Mackenzie, chef, L.M.S.R. 
36 A. T. White, clerk, Labour Exchange 
38 James Grant, wood contractor 
40 D. B. Gardiner, traveller 
42 R. A. Macleod, retired schoolmaster 
44 J. Locke, L.M.S.R. 
46 William Macewan, clerk 
48 Thomas Hope, dyer 
50 John Dalgleish, clerk, L.M.S.R. 
52 James Cameron, insurance manager 
54 George L. Haddow, civil servant 
56 William G. Stewart, clerk, L.M.S.R. 
58 Nurse D. Mackenzie 
60 Mrs Mackay 
62 Donald Maclean, grocer 
64 Percy J. Smith, civil servant 
66 John Thomson, traveller 
68 Alexander Patterson, traveller 
70 George D. Hay, traveller 
72 Thomas Mitchell 
74 H. A. Burleigh, traveller 
76 W. Forbes, traveller 
78 John Munro, commission agent 
80 William Bulloch, accountant 
82 John Macdonald, joiner 
84 Mrs F. Stevenson 
86 N. Urquhart, S.C. and T. 
88 Harry G. Scott, railway police 
90 Miss M. Macdonald, teacher 
92 George Mackay, fitter 
94 Mrs Bruce 

96 George Smith, ironmonger 
98 Mrs Young 
100 Miss Macdonald, teacher 


Glen-Urquhart Road — Continued. 

102 Thomas Fraser, upholsterer 
104 Alex. Cumming, motor mechanic 
106 Robert Johnstone, grocer 
108 George Henry, tinsmith 
110 Robert Meldrum, hairdresser 
112 James Fraser, sawmiller 
114 George Bell, butcher 
116 John McHattie, labourer, Cemetery 
118 Tomnahurich Cemetery- 
George Angus, superintendent 
120 Charles Mackay, cattle drover 
122 Miss Urquhart 


25 John Kerr, retired 

27 Kenneth Mackay, S.C. and T., Ashbrook 

29 Donald Macleod, carpenter contractor, Crisdon 

31 John Chisholm, fitter, Cannich cottage 

31a Edward Chisholm, turner, do. 

33 Joseph Maclean, labourer, Heathbourne 

35 William Malcolm, chauffeur, Chester cottage 

37 Alexander Fraser, fitter, Drumbuie cottage 

Miss E. A. Macdonald, do. 
39 R. Munro, L.M.S., Maxwell cottage 
41 John Dickson, brassfounder, Willow bank 
41a Miss Adam 

43 Misses Alexander, Victoria villa 
45 Wm. James Macarthur, solicitor, Victoria villa 
47 Alex. Davidson, P.O., Kilmory 
49 Angus Cameron, Dochanasie 
51 J. Bannerman, Park house 
53 Alexander Macgruer, butcher, Park cottage 
55, 57 John Fraser, funeral undertaker, Melita cottage 
59 Harry Bottom, car conductor, Heathcote 
61 Hugh Munro, jeweller, Roselea cottage 
63 Miss Macgillivray, Woodbine cottage 
65 James Paterson, Gladstone cottage 

Donald Mackay, sculptor 
67 John Macphee, Eilean Aigas cottage 

John Urquhart, clerk, do. 
69 Mrs Macdougall, Bengal cottage 
71 William Ferguson, dairyman 
79 J. & A. Fraser, sculptors 


Glen-Urquhart Road — Continued. 

81 Donald Fraser, sculptor 
103 Lambert Jackson, civil servant, Larchwood 
105 Miss I. Wilson, Brankie 
107 Mrs Williamson, Bught lodge 
Miss Mackay, Bught house hotel 
Alexander Nicolson, hridgeman, Tomnahurich 


1 Mrs Matheson, Redcliff 

3 Miss Mackay, Gordonston 

4 Mrs Harvey 
Misses Poole 

5 J. Kyle Mackintosh, Barnhill 

6 John Macdonald, View bank 
J. Morris Macdonald 

GORDONVILLE ROAD (off Haugh Road). 

3 Mrs C. Roy, Rathel villa 
5 Mrs Shaw, Gair villa 

15 Donald M. Fraser, motor mechanic 

17 Mrs Mackenzie 

19 George Thomson, retired engine-driver 
8, 10 Wm. Mackenzie & Sons, carpenters 

16 Miss Macpherson 

18 James Macdonald, painter 

20 Alexander Macmillan, mason 
Mrs Bain 

George Macnair, mason- 
Peter Shaw 
William Ramsay, labourer 


1, 3 Argyle Bar — Alexander Carfrae, proprietor 
15 Macdonald & Morrison, cement store 
19 Mrs E. Maclean, grocer 
21 Mrs Macleod 

R. Smith, labourer 


Grant Street— Continued. 

21 David Ross, labourer 
Alexander Macfarquhar, labourer 
Mrs Mackenzie 

Mrs Macdonald 

David Macillwraith 

Mrs Hood 

J. Munro, labourer 
23 D. G. Johnstone, garage 
25 Kenneth Johnstone, boot and shoemaker 
27 Mrs Allan 

29 Mrs M. L. Robertson, licensed grocer 
29a Mrs Mearns 
31 Gray's Grocery Stores 
31a John Cameron, porter, L.M.S.R. 

J. Jamieson, dealer 
33 J. A. Maciver, butcher 
35 James Lyall, restaurant 

37 Miss A. G. Mackenzie, grocer and confectioner 
39 D. Riggs & Co., fleshers 
41 John Macphee, hairdresser 
45 Cameron Bros., butchers 
45a A. Fraser, chauffeur 
47 Mrs Adams, fish merchant 
49 Mrs Macrae 
51 John Cameron, newsagent 
53 James Taylor, insurance agent 
55 John George Dick 
57 A. Grant, licensed grocer 


2 John Robertson, newsagent and confectioner 
6 Alex. Smith, labourer 
Model lodging house 
B. Macdonald, labourer 
Michael Nelson, fish dealer 
8 Thomas Tulloch, guard, L.M.S.R. 
10 John Macdonald, hairdresser 
12 William Grant, baker 
14 John Stewart, turf commission agent 
18 George B. Rodgers, fruiterer and confectioner 
20 Mrs W. H. Macmahon, furniture dealer 

22 John Robertson 

Geo. Watson, gardener 
William Macmahon 


Grant Street— Continued. 

24 Stephen Fraser, fruiterer 

26 Clunes Dairy — William Imray 

28 Miss B. Mackay 

William Reid, waggon builder 
34 The Merkinch Ward Welfare Association 
40 P. and J. Mackenzie, butchers 
44, 48 Ian Fraser, fruiterer and general merchant 
46 William Lennox 

Alex. Davidson, car driver 

Hugh Mackenzie, lorryman 
50 Mrs Burnett 
52 Donald Macleod, labourer 

Duncan Clark, labourer 

Mrs Marsh 

William Ferguson, labourer 
52a D. & W. Allan, grocers 
54 J. Cameron & Son, chemists 
56 Miss Annie Smith 

James McReady, postman 
58 James N. Horsburgh 
60 M. Yeudall, Grant Street Post Office 

GRANT'S CLOSE (off High Street). 

6-10 Northern Hotel — Duncan Fraser 
John Colvin, contractor 
Miss Colvin 
14 Duncan Cameron, P.O. linesman 
Gordon Mirtle, baker 
Donald Ramsay, cabinetmaker 
Mrs Chappel 



1 T. Foubister, licensed grocer 
3 Mrs Maclean 

Farquhar Macrae, vanman 

H. Macrae 

Andrew Fraser, chauffeur 
5 William Gibb, hairdresser 
7 Mrs Robb 


Greig Street — Continued. 

7 Mrs Fraser 

Lewis Fraser, baker 

Mrs Thorne 
9 R. Munro, carter 

E. Barron, storekeeper 

Mrs Gunn 

William Godsman 

Mrs Proudfoot 

Rod. Stewart, seaman 
11 S. Ross, labourer 

D. Macleod, engine-driver 

Mrs J. Sinclair 

W. Munro 

Finlay Beaton, engineer 

Frederick Fraser, vanman 
13 Mrs Mackay 

Mrs Mackie 

Mrs Macisaac 

Mrs Sutherland 

D. Macdonald, lamplighter 

James Macleman, porter, L.M.S.R. 
15 Misses I. and R. Tocher, confectioners 
17 Mrs Malcolm 

W. J. Chisholm, retired 

James Grant, plasterer 

Robert Macdonald, labourer 
19 Cameron Bros., neshers 

Victoria Buildings — 

21 Miss Mackenzie, draper 
23 James Cameron and Co., grocers 
25 William Macrae, fruiterer 
25a Mrs Chisholm 

George Mortimer, motor driver 
27 John Shaw, motor mechanic 
29 John Weir, gardener, Olive cottage 

Mrs Davidson, do. 
31 D. Macrae, Mokoia 
33 M. Gillanders, Dunskiath villa 
35 Miss Alexandrina Macdonald, Armadale cottage 
37 Duncan Maccallum, traveller, do. 
39 D. Dunn, clerk 
41 Alex. Robertson 


Greig Street — Continued. 


2 Greig Street Post-Office— 

John Cameron, stationer and sub -postmaster 
4 John Cameron and Son, chemists 

Abbotsford Terrace — 

1 John Pirrie, coal-dealer 

Robert Pirrie, boot and shoe repairer 

2 James Park, tailor 

3 John Sutherland, iron turner 

4 Mrs Carle 

5 Mrs Dingwall 

6 William Young, mechanic 

7 Mrs Mackenzie 

8 Hector Fraser, butcher 
8 Gray's Stores, grocers 

10 Secondo Salvadori, confectioner 

Abbotsford Terrace — 

9 Mrs Denoon 

10 John Ross, carpenter 

11 Kenneth Mackenzie, parcel porter 

12 William Macrobert, baker 

13 Mrs Hossack 

14 John Murray, gardener 

15 John Morrison, vanman 

16 Donald Fraser, fitter 

18 Richard Wilson,, hairdresser 

19 Mrs Macdonald 

20 Angus Matheson, labourer 

21 W. J. Mackenzie 

22 Kenneth Mackay, baker 

23 Donald Grant, carriage builder 

24 Mrs Mackenzie 

14 Maciver Bros., butchers 
16 Inverness Farmers' Dairy Company 
18 S. Clark, baker and confectioner 
20 David Mackenzie, chauffeur 

James Home, linesman 
22 John Joss, stationer and tobacconist 
24 North of Scotland Milk Marketing Board— Miss 
W. Munro, secretary 


Greig Street — Continued. 

30 Mrs Sutherland, boarding-house, Flowerdale villa 
34 W. G. Bailey, mason, Flowerdale 
36 James Cameron, grocer, Namur 


4 and 8 " The Highland News," Ltd.— 

Duncan Grant, managing director 
F. Mackenzie, caretaker 
10, 12 D. Mann and Son, blacksmiths and grate 

10 James Williams, machineman 

Peter Macdonald, fireman, L.M.S.R. 
J. Sutherland 

Leslie Esler, motor engineer 
5, 7 and 9 Carlton Restaurant 
14 Fraser & Maccoll, blacksmiths 
16, 18, 20 William Grigor and Son, wholesale wine 

and spirit merchants 
22 Mitchell & Co., ironmongers 
24 Masonic Buildings — St Mary's Lodge of Free- 
26 and 28 The Clachar Bar 


2 Mrs Beaugie, St Helier's 

4 William Shanks, commercial traveller 

6 Allan Lowrie, guard, L.M.S.R. 

8 Alex. D. Robertson, electrician 
10 Malcolm Cameron, electrical engineer 
12 A. L. Sandison, Alturlie 
12a Miss Andrew, do. 
14 William Mackintosh, do. 
16 James Maclennan, apartments, do. 
18 Malcolm McKiilop, P.O. Engineering Department 
20 James Sheriffs, inspector, P.O., do. 
22 Harry Angus, optician 
24 William Morrison clerk 
26 Charles Graham, motor mechanic 
28 A. D. Farquhar, P.O. Engineering Department 
30 John Mackenzie, carpenter 


Harrowden Road — Continued. 

32 James Fletcher, clerk, Orderly Room, Cameron 

34 Andrew Bremner, shoemaker, Mounteagle 
36 James Officer, commercial traveller, Roydon 
38 David MacOwan, M.A., B.Sc, Seaforth 
40 Wm. Grant, carpenter contractor 
42 William Winchester, Roatfield 
44 T. M. Kerin, Inland Revenue, Rockville 
46 A. L. Mackenzie, sorter, P.O. 
48 Mrs Maclean, Oak villa 
50 A. T. Maclennan, CA. 
52 Jas. S. Clark, insurance agent 
54 Miss Mary Mackenzie 
56 James Stronach, storeman 


Richmond Terrace — 

5 Mrs Shaw 

7 James Thorne, porter, L.M.S.R. 

Miss Fraser 

John Macdonaid, clerk, L.M.S.R. 

Christopher Urquhart, dental mechanic 

Miss Rose 

Duncan G. Maclennan, guard, L.M.S.R. 
9 Alexander Macdonaid, shunter, L.M.S.R. 

Gladstone Place— 

2 J. Macrae, seedsman 

William Cameron, butcher 

Adam Sutherland, fitter 

Mrs Robertson 
4 John Cruickshank, store keeper 

Andrew Cunningham, chauffeur 

Murdo Mackenzie, roadman 

William Forbes, fireman 

6 John Tulloch. mechanic 
Roderick Melrose, mechanic 
Robert Melrose, carpenter 
William Thomson, chauffeur 

16 John Hunter, baker 
D. F. Mackay, painter 
Mrs Macdonaid 
James Sutherland, baker 


Harrowden Road— Continued. 
Gladstone Place — Continued. 

18 A. B. Michie, machineman, L.M.S.R. 

John Clark, butcher 

Miss M. A. Kennedy 

A. Maclean 
20 Peter Mitchell, porter, L.M.S.R. 

D. Mackenzie, retired 

Harry Livingstone, labourer 

Mrs Lyle 
11 James Murray, school teacher, Strathblane 
13 Frederick Turner, tailor, Teviot cottage 
15 Murdo Macdonald, harbourmaster 
17 Mrs Morrison, Dalhousie 
27 John Macdonald, licensed appraiser 
29 D. R. Munro, clothier 
31 James Scott, manager, Lumsdaine 
33 Miss Baxter, Rosearn 
35 Misses Maclennan 
37 James Smith, county librarian 
39 Mrs Hugh Macdonald, Inchyettle 
41 James Mackenzie, manager, Hamilton & Co., 

Ltd., Craiganna 
43 John Dick, baker, Sunnyside 
47 Nurse Maclennan, Coleshill house 

Duncan Ralph, baker, do. 
49 Joseph Smith, architect 



1 D. Macbean and Son, painters and decorators 

la William Mackenzie & Son, funeral undertakers 

3 William Mackenzie, jun. 

5 Donald Mackenzie, box-maker 

7 Mrs Mackenzie 

Mrs Macrae 
11 Malcolm Fraser, joiner 
13 Mrs Ross 

A. Macdonald, labourer 
15a Mrs Paterson 

James Macdonald, gardener 
17 A. Mellis 


Haugh Road — Continued. 

19 E. C. Jack, grocer 

21 James Mackenzie, painter 

Daniel Falconer 
35 Calder's Garage 
37 Andrew Mackintosh 
39, 41 Haugh Brewery Tap — William Bain 
43 Mrs Gordon 
47 Highland Preserves, Ltd. — R. Mackenzie, manager 

57 Mrs Macdonald 
John McCrae 

J. Mackenzie, bootmaker 
Thomas Maclaren, carpenter 

61 I. Scott, Excise officer 

63 Geo. Longmuir, manager (Harrison & Reeve) 

65 J. D. Fraser, grocer 

67 J. D. Fraser, signal foreman 
Peter Allen, motor driver 

69 Wm. Mackay, blacksmith 
71 Hugh Dunbar, butcher 
73 W. J. Hanford, cab hirer 

Ness Terrace — 

1 James Anderson, chauffeur 

2 A. J. Fraser, engineer 
Mrs Ross 

3 Mrs Mackenzie 

4 Donald Mackay, grocer 


54 Charles Fraser, mason 

56 John Cameron, cab proprietor 

58 Mrs Golightly 
60 Miss Clark 

62 Miss Grant 

64 Mrs Macpherson 

66 P. Macdougall 
Miss Mackintosh 

68 F. G. Bain 

Murray Place — 

1 A. Pennington, motor driver, Polmaily 

2 Mrs Johnstone 
Miss Johnstone 



I Duncan Cameron, board residence 
3 Miss Ross, do., Hilihead 


7 Mrs Butchart 


1 Thomas Mackenzie & Co., chemists and photo 

dealers — D. Fraser, M.P.S. 
3 Stewarts (Clothiers), Ltd.— W. Smith, manager 
5 Athenaeum Tobacco Co. 
7 Thomas Mackenzie & Son, opticians 
9 Bank of Scotland — J. M. Mackintosh, agent 

II Bankers' Clearing House 

Thomas Thomson, motor claims assessor- 
Richard Duffy and Son, insurance brokers 

Miss Constance L. Ross, school of dancing 

Town Electricity Showroom 

John G. Chisholm, architect 

David Mundell, messenger- at-arms 
13, 15 F. W. Woolworth & Co., Ltd. 
17 Greenlees & Sons, boot and shoe warehouse 
19 Dr Geo. Kerr, M.B., Ch.B., L.M. 

Mrs Gibb 
21 Birrell, Ltd., confectioners 
23 Prices, Tailors, Ltd. 
25 Nurse Campbell 

Nurse Fraser 

Agnes Cumming, ladies' outfitter 
27 William Mackay & Son, booksellers 
29 Hipps, Ltd., tailors and outfitters — 

James H. Gall, manager 
29a London and Lancashire Insurance Co., Ltd. — 
William T. Campbell, resident inspector 

T. H. Downing & Co.— W. Fulton, representative 

John Macmillan, tailor 

Gordon Mirtle, baker 

McNeill and Co., solicitors 
33 Mayor's Drug Store — Simon Hendry, proprietor 


High Street— Continued. 

35 Billiard Saloon— E. F. Hunter 
37 Highland Club — D. M. Edwards, secretary- 
Montague Burton, tailors 
41 British Linen Bank — John Hope Martin, agent 
41a George Ross and Noble, solicitors 

James H. Stark, M.I.S.C.L., and M. R. Davidson, 

M.I.S.C.L., chiropodists 
R. Carruthers Ballantyne & Cox, architects — 
43 William Low & Company, Ltd. — 

James Walker, manager 
45 Jackson's, Ltd. — 

Alexander Smith, manager 
47, 49 Hepworths, tailors and outfitters — 

G. Macdonald, manager 
53, 55 John Forbes, draper — David Forbes 
57 Boots Pure Drug Co., Ltd. 


Town Hall — 

James Cameron, town clerk 
D. Mackenzie Reid, depute town clerk 
James Maxwell, town chamberlain 
Wm. Bain, janitor 
12 Benjamin Grant, Clan Tartan warehouse 
16 Alex. Cameron and Co., drapers, Economic stores 
20 Fraser & Campbell, drapers — Donald Fraser 
22 Liberal Association Rooms 

Alexander O. Maclaren, Star Photo Co. 

Miss Mackay, nurse 

Mrs Gray 

Mrs Ross 

A. Tait, coachman 

Miss Fraser, school of shorthand and typewriting 

Francis Kidd, tailor 
24 Conn D'Or Restaurant — Victor Conn, proprietor 
26 Maypole Dairy Coy. — James Christison 
28 John Matheson, mason, L.M.S-R. 

Charles Dunnett, tailor 

J. Henderson and Coy., house furnishers 

John G. Eccles, printer 
30 Prudential Assurance Coy., Ltd. — 

James Fisken, district superintendent 


High Street — Continued. 

32 Dundee Equitable Boot Depot — 
George R. Wallace, manager 
34 Donald Maciver, shoemaker 
Wm. Johnston, milkman 
Miss Cameron 

Hugh Macleod, fitter's mate, L-M.S.R. 
David Sturrock, iron turner 
Alexander Shand, driver 
36, 40 J. Hepworth & Sons, Ltd., clothiers and 

38 Nicolas Arthur, commission agent 
Alex. Gray, labourer 
A. Macleod, tailor 
42 Scottish Automobile and General Insurance Co., 
Ltd., and Auto-Motor Finance, Ltd. — 
D. S. Walker, manager 
Scottish Equitable Life Assurance Society — 

J. L. I. Wilson, resident inspector 
G. S. Macpherson, C.E. 
Miss Ross, caretaker 
Miss Macrae 
Angus Gair 

" Jeans," ladies' hairdresser 
44 Fleming, Reid & Co., Greenock Scotch wool stores 
46 Fraser & Ross, solicitors — 
David Ross 
James South 
George Lobban, painter and decorator 
Mrs Wight, dressmaker 
Angus Shaw 
J. Munro, clerk, L.M.S.R. 
48 Wm. Timpson, Ltd., boot and shoemakers 
50 Lipton, Ltd. — K. M. Anderson, manager 
50a Wm. Chalmers, fruiterer 
52 Miss Peggie Mackenzie, ladies' hairdresser 
J. T. Farquhar, watchmaker and jeweller 
W. Smith, architect and surveyor 
58 Customs, Excise, and Inland Revenue offices — 
P. C. Lennox, collector 
W. S. Russell, assistant collector 
Land Valuation Department, Inland Revenue — 
A. M. Clark, district valuer 
60 Macdonald & Mackintosh, licensed grocers — 
D. & J. Macewen & Co. 



1 Alex. Mackintosh, retired. 

2 W. T. Prewin, plumber 

3 Miss Gibb 

4 Mrs Munro 

Mrs Rae, Hawthorndene 
Miss Macdonald, ladies' outfitter 
Miss J. F. Parker, M.B.A. Ch (Lon.) 
A. G. Lewrie, confectioner 
Highland Fish Restaurant— Hyman Greenwald 
5, 6 Little Theatre 
Toe H 

7 N.C.I. for Blind Recreation Room 

8 Christian Brethren Hall 

9 Miss Catherine Maclean 
Thomas Cameron 

James Pirrie, manager (Cooper & Co.) 

10 Boys' Club 



la J. A. Deas, retired 

lb George Allanach, guard, L.M.S.R. 

lc Miss Munro, grocer 

3 Mrs Hendry, Ontario cottage 

5 William Smith, Granite cottage 

7 John Macgillivray, Glengarry cottage 
9 Mrs Mackie 

11 Murdo Maclean, painter, Cuilin cottage 
13 Mrs Mackenzie, Kilmorack 

15 Alex. Ross, baker and confectioner, The Bronx 

17 Mrs Chisholm 

19 Miss Cameron 

21 Miss Macdonald 

23 Mrs Colin Macleod. Blairninich cottage 

35 Misses Macdonald 

37 Mrs Ross 

Mrs Fraser 
39 Mrs Macleod 

Mrs Fraser 
41 George Stark, chauffeur 
43 Charles Livingstone, tailor 
45 Robert Sutherland, mason 

Frank Kelman, vanman 

Hector Macdonald, fireman, L.M.S.R. 

John Macbeath, labourer 


Hill Street — Continued. 
47 G. Treasurer, carter 

Mrs Gregor 

Walter Murray, chauffeur 

Donald Macdonald, plumber 
49 Mrs Brown 
51 Miss Mackintosh 


2 Miss A. Mackenzie 
4 Mrs Henderson 
10 Miss Macdougall 

Alex. Brodrick, porter, L.M.S.R. 
12 Mrs Mackenzie 

Miss Chisholm, nurse 
14 Alex. Rose, inspector, P.O. 
16 Thomas Barron, signal fitter, L.MS.R. 
18 Miss Macbean 
20 William J., Macdonald, joiner 
22 Mrs Munro 

24 Charles Macpherson, P.O. 
26 Gordon Pirie, joiner 
30 Mrs J. G. Clark 
32 Alexander Macdonald, foreman, L.M.S.R. 

George Reid, clerk 

Mrs Bain 

J. Macdonald, barman 

Mrs Mowat 

Mrs Michael 
34 Mrs Whyte 

William Thomson, storeman 

Simon Munro, boilermaker 

William Cran, surfaceman 
34 George Mackenzie 

Roderick Whyte, janitor 
38 Miss Jessie Ross, grocer 
40 Alexander Maclean, telegraph lineman 

Alex. Cumming, carpenter 
42 Peter Mudie, engineer 

James Duff, shoemaker 

Miss Macdonald 

J. Goldstraw, Remington Representative 

Mrs Wheeler 
44 Davidson Manson, range fitter 

Frank Stevenson 

J. Grant 

Mrs Graham 


Hill Street — Continued. 
44 John Ross, taxi owner 
Mrs Currie 
Barnhill Dairy — John K. Thorburn, proprietor 


2 John Williamson, grocer 

4 R. Stuart, Dunlop Rubber Company 

6 Mrs Robertson, Hilton villa 

8 Mrs Mackenzie 
10 Hector Ross, traveller 
14 Thomas Macdonald 
16 Mrs Maclennan 
20 Colin Maclennan 
24 Alexander Davidson 
26 Frank Dougherty, CA. 
26a Mrs Macdonald, Knockie villa 
28 John Chinn, hairdresser 
32 Mrs Mackenzie 

34 Mrs Reid, dairy farm, Cherry villa 
36 Alex. Davidson, commercial traveller, Whitehil? 

HILTON AVENUE (off Culduthel Road). 
A. M. Clark, Inland Revenue, Oakwood 


1 J. A. Ross, dyer 

2 George Turnbull, carder 

3 A. Maclean, clerk 

4 J. Simmons, manager, Timpson's 

5 W. Harper, electrician 

6 W. Young, advertising representative 

HOLM MILLS (off Dores Road). 
James Pringle, proprietor, Holm Tweed Mills 
William Pringle, Sunnybank 
Ernest Sanderson, spinner 
Mrs Mackenzie, Dho cottage 
James Pringle, St Ronans 
James Kennedy, gardener 
John Macdonald, dyer 
David Macdonald, chauffeur 
Finlay Macdonald, smallholder 
Roderick Macdonald, sawyer 
Finlay Macdonald, chauffeur 
James Mackintosh, retired gamekeeper 
Hugh Mackenzie, tailor 


HOLM MILLS (off Dores Road)— Continued.) 

Mrs Mackenzie 

William Henderson, shoemaker 
George Cameron, mill worker 
George Macdonald, smallholder 


1 Donald Dallas, retired 
R. W. Turner 

2 John Ross, telegraph lineman 
William Chisholm, compositor 

3 Alexander Macrae, retired gamekeeper 

4 William Fraser, moulder 
James Owens, carpenter 

5-7 Hugh Stewart, fish salesman, Denny House 

8 Miss Mary J. Ballingall 

9 Miss I. Barron 

James Anderson, insurance agent 

10 Walter Brown, cooper 

11 Mrs A. Finlayson 


1, 2, 3 Glenalbyn Hotel— A. P. Jack 

4 Miss Macleay 

5 Alexander Coote, bricklayer 

6 Robert Mackenzie 
William Shaw 
Mrs Macdonald 

Ewen Macdonald, labourer 
Miss Cornwall 
7, 9 John Macmahon, property agent 
8 John Rosenbloom, fancy goods merchant 

Hugh Mackay, labourer 
10 British Legion Club (Inverness, Ltd.) — 
Neil Morrison, secretary 
John Maclean, caretaker 
13 Dyer's Court — 

1 Fred Bickers, painter 
Mackintosh Macleod, labourer 

2 Mrs Maxwell 

3 Mrs Mary Fraser 
Angus Smith, labourer 

15 Fred. Bickers, grocer 

17 William Morrison, hairdresser 

18, 23 New Inverness Cinema Coy., Ltd. 


Huntly Street — Continued. 

22 Miss Macdonald 

R. Mackay, blacksmith 
Miss Chisholm 

24 John Groat, painter 
Robert Murray, carpenter 

25 David Maclean, plumber 

26 James Rhind, butcher 

27 David Suttie, telephone operator 

28 Miss Livingstone 
Miss Macaskill 

John Mackenzie, boots 
30, 31 St Mary's Presbytery Chapel House— Rev. 
Father Mackenzie 

32 Roman Catholic Chapel and School 

33 St Mary's R.C. Club 
36 Inverness Dispensary- - 

Dr L. M. V. Mitchell, medical officer 

A. B. Mitchell, assistant dispenser 
35a West Church Hall 
38 West Church- 
Rev. G. H. Grant, B.D. 

Lewis Maclennan, church officer 
40 Balnain House — 

John Ward 

Mrs Dunbar 

Don. Praser, lineman 

Thomas Glass, labourer 

James Cameron, plumber 

Mrs R. Grant 

James Edmonston, coachman 
Queen Street Church — 

Rev. J. Tolmie, M.A. 

Church officer — John A. Munro 
Princes Place — 

41 Mrs Macdonald 

James Mackie, general merchant 

42 Andrew Scott, motor driver 
Duncan Falconer, labourer 

43 Murdo Stewart, baker 
Mrs Macdonald 

Miss Treasurer 
Miss Watson 

44 John Robertson 
Mrs Mackenzie 

45 William Bowman, baker and confectioner 


Huntly Street — Continued. 

47 Mrs Fraser 

Thomas Fraser, coalman 
46, 48 Mrs Hannah Dougherty, grocer 

49 Colin Campbell, motor mechanic 

A. Mackenzie, machineman, L.M.S.R. 

50 John Macdonald, compositor 
50a John Eccles, compositor 

William Macbain, slater 

51 Jonathan Wells, gardener 
A. Ross, motor driver 

52 Duncan Mackintosh, engineer 
Donald Campbell, shoemaker 
James Williamson, machineman 
Mrs Mackenzie 

Leslie Johnstone 

53 Mrs Macdonald 

Neil Macaskill, labourer 
W. Stewart 

54 Mrs Campbell 

55 Colin Macdonald, brake fitter 
Miss Cameron 

John B. Hislop, plumber 
55, 56 George Hislop & Sons, plumbers 

57 Mrs Jamieson, fruiterer and confectioner 

58 Frank Stanford, shoemaker 

59 Mrs Macdonald 
Ellington Rae, labourer 
George Macdonald, tailor 

61 Thomas Macvinish, chauffeur 

62 John Macdonald, seaman 
Robert Stewart, labourer 
Miss Macdonell 

64 Angus Macmillan, joiner 
Mrs Hamilton 

Miss Mackenzie 
Mrs Anderson 
Miss Grant 

65 James Honeyman, blacksmith 

66 Andrew Gunn, cabinetmaker 
Miss Shaw 

Miss M. J. Fraser 
Miss Mackenzie 

67 David Forbes, engineer 
John Paterson, cabinetmaker 


Huntly Street — Continued. 

67 D. Macdonald, grocer 

Mrs Williams 

William Fotheringham 
70 : 71 Black Bull Inn— Mrs A. M. M. Grant 

72 Miss E. Mackay 

73 John Fraser, lorryman 
Mrs J. Campbell 

Charles Woolley, porter, L.M.S.R. 
Geo. Innes, fencer 
Alexander Ross, labourer 

75 Emanuel Johansen 
Harold Chalmers, labourer 

76 Mrs Mackintosh 

77 George Bell, butcher 

78 John A. Munro, grocer 

HUNTLY TERRACE (off Huntly Street). 

1 Roderick Maclean, mason 

2 M. Campbell, church officer, St Columba High 

Alfred Adams, shipwright 

3 Charles Myron, 'bus driver 

4 William Crombie, sawmiller 

5 Mrs Macdonald 

6 John Cameron, electrician 

7 Hugh Ross 

8 John Cameron, plasterer 


West Side. 

1 Wm. Alex. Morrison, mason, Florence cottage 

3 John Robertson, surfaceman 

5 A. Macdonald, barman 

7 Robert Davidson, storeman 

9 Angus Macintyre, P.O. 

11 John Hunter, insurance agent 
13 William Mackay, grocer, Rose cottage 
15 James Rothnie, joiner 
17 Wm. Mackenzie, cabinetmaker 
Alexander Dawson, joiner 


India Street — Continued 

19 Misses Mackenzie, Clyne cottage 

21 John Macleman, goods checker, Ivy cottage 

23 James Macdonald, baker, Fern cottage 

25 Thomas Parker, labourer 
27 Walter Skinner, barman 

D. M. Campbell, traveller 
29 George Phillip 
31 Alexander Jamieson, dealer 

East Side. 

2 John Imlack, moulder 

6 David Martin, labourer, India cottage 

8 Geo. Macdonald, labourer, Tweedside cottage 
Mrs Mackintosh, do. 

10 W. Main, vanman 

12 Cyril Scott, motor driver, Tynevale 

12a William Fraser, barber, Yarrowdale 

14 John Goodall, baker 
14a James Maciver, joiner 

16 George Macleman, joiner 
16a Evan Grant, vanman 

18 Mrs Matheson, Seaview 
18a Murdo Munro, chauffeur 

24 George Jack, fisherman, Inverlochy 

26 John Bruce, fisherman, Craig-gowan 

West Side. 

9 E. F. Hunter, tobacconist 
11, 13 John Forbes, draper 

15 R. S. McColl, Ltd., confectioners 

17 The Club Bar — J. C. Macdonald, proprietor 

19 Donald Watson & Co., gun and fishing tackle- 

makers — John Reidpath, proprietor 
21, 23 Victor Conn, confectioner 
25, 27, 29 Walker's Emporium 

East Side. 
2 Squair, Middleton & Co., solicitors — 
J. C. Stewart 
J. M. Middleton 
W. A. Hardie 
Mrs Calder, caretaker 


Inglis Street — Continued. 

2 Inverness Farmers' Trading Society — J. E. Norrie, 


6 Temperance Hotel — F. J. Noble, proprietor 

8 John Macpherson, sports emporium 

10 Walter Alexander & Son, Ltd., booksellers 

12 D. Munro, hatter, etc. 

14 Carlton restaurant 

16 Birrell, Ltd., confectioners 

18 W. & D. Fraser, chemists 

20 Hosiery Manufacturing Company, Ltd. 
24 Edward F. Hunter, tobacco blender 

26 Walker's Emporium 

28 J. B. Stewart, restaurant 

West Side. 

1 Miss Ina Gordon, grocer 

3 George Whitecross 

W. James Amos, watchmaker 
5 David Fraser, engineer 
James MacLeod, salesman 

7 Mrs E. M. Lawson 

9 Mrs Milne 

11 Miss Ross 

Donald Stewart, tailor 

13 Miss Taylor 

Miss Mackay, dressmaker 

15 Mrs Mackintosh 
Miss Ferguson 

John Macdonald, coachbuilder 
Samuel Poison, baker 
Andrew D. Mackenzie, slater 

17 Mrs Ross 

Miss Jessie Gurm, shop assistant 

19 Miss J. Ross 

21 Hector Mackenzie, watchman 
Mrs Stewart 

Wm. Young 

James R. Brown, pump fitter 
23 John Cobban, waiter 

John Fraser, tea merchant 

Mrs Tulloch 

John Mackintosh, storeman 


Innes Street — Continued. 

25 Miss Smith 

John Robertson, fitter 
27 Arnold Brownson 

Wm. Mair 
29 William Macphee, cabinetmaker, India cottage 

William A. Macphee, fitter, do. 

Chas. Garrow, left luggage attendant, L.M.S.R., do. 
31 Mrs William Dargavel 
31a Mrs Henderson 
33 Hugh Paterson, engineer 
33a Mrs W. Thompson 
35 Hugh Macdonald, blacksmith 

D. Dixon, butcher 

J. Mackenzie 

Charles Macdonald 

John D. Fraser, blacksmith 
37 John Dargavel, engine-driver 

Roderick Mackenzie 
37 Andrew Macdonald, vanman 

Mrs Mann 

Duncan Mackay, printer 
39 Mrs Ross 
41 Misses Ross 
43 Angus Graham, porter, L.M.S.R. 

James Macneill, fireman, L.M.S.R. 

Mrs Graham 

Miss Michie 

William Macdonald, greaser 

Horatio Cuthbert, milkman 
45 J. Urquhart, cabinetmaker 

John Forsyth, painter 

William Fraser, fitter 

Charles Maclennan, plumber 

Malcolm Chisholm, storeman, L.M.S.R. 
47 Miss Mackay, grocer 
49 Mrs Grieve 

Mrs H. Thomson 
51 Murdo Mackenzie, motor mechanic 
53 George L. Astle, preventive officer 
55 William Aitken, plumber 
55a Alexander Stenhouse, butcher's assistant 

Harold Paterson, fitter 

Mrs Noble 

James Snowis, porter, L.M.S.R. 


Innes Street — Continued. 

55a Thomas Fraser, clerk 

Malcolm Reid, motor mechanic 
Roderick Mackenzie, guard, L.M.S.R. 

57 William J. Macclarence, shoemaker 

57a Mrs Sutherland 

57a Charles Jack, fitter 

59 W. Riddoch, fireman, L.M.S.R. 
Hugh Rose, fitter 

61, 61a W. R. Cumming, innkeeper 

63 Alexander Macdonald, clerk 

63a Alexander Munro, machinist, L.M.S.R. 
Mrs Donald 

W. A. Mackenzie, mechanic 
Donald Macgregor, butcher 

East Side. 

2 David Fred. Fraser, confectioner 

J. Paxton, butcher 

Miss Paterson 
4 Alfred A. Fox, fireman 

A. Macgregor, plumber 

Robert Hood, storeman 
4a James Mackenzie, boot and shoe repairer 
6 James Munro, painter, L.M.S.R. 

David Tulloch, fitter 

James Calder, waiter 
8 William Tolmie 

D. Macdonald, painter, L.M.S.R. 

Thomas V. Johnston, body builder 
10 Mrs Macdonald 

A/ tiss Field 

Mrs E. Maclennan 

Mrs Grant 

W. G. Tarrant, carpenter 

Miss Mackay 
10a W. J. Amos, watchmaker's shop 
12 James Robertson, sawmiller 

Alexander Chisholm, porter, W.C.S. 
14 Thomas Fraser, retired 

Miss Margaret Gillanders 
16 A. Munro, butcher 

M. Ross, fitter, L.M.S.R. 


Innes Street— Continued. 

18 John Macdonald, mason 

Donald Stewart, labourer 
20 James Robertson, engine-driver 

Neil Thompson, sawmiller 
22 Mrs Campbell 

George McAdie, fireman, L.M.S.R. 

Andrew Clyne, wood turner 

Donald Mackenzie, coalman 
24 James Mackenzie, milkman 

George Clayton, upholsterer 

John Simpson, labourer 

Alex. Macdonald, butcher 

Donald Bain, retired 
26 Miss Praser 
28 Miss Campbell 

Donald Macdonald, bricklayer 
30 Oliver Neilson, boilermaker 

Miss Hood 
32 Finlay Morrison 
34 Alex Macdonald, fitter 

Miss Margaret Mackay 
36 Hugh Cameron, guard, L.M.S.R. 

Mrs Mackay 
38 Duncan Wilson, accountant 
40 Edward Phillips, carpenter 

David Mackintosh, grocer 
42 Arthur Scott, newsagent 

George Grant, clerk 
44 J. Calder, electrician 

Benjamin Macleod, carpenter 
46 Miss Mackenzie 

Philip Fraser, marine engineer 
48 Miss Mackay 

John Smith, fireman, L.M.S.R. 
50 William Thow 
52 Mrs Macgregor 

54 Donald Ross, engine-driver, L.M.S.R. 
56 John Watson, vanman 
58 George Mackay, signalman 
60 John Stewart, furniture salesman 

John Hay, fitter 
62 Hector Mackenzie, asylum attendant 
64 Miss Macleod 
66 Angus Fraser, waggon builder 


Innes Street — Continued 

68 James Mackenzie, engineer 

70 Mrs J. Fraser 

72 Thomas Skinner, carpenter 

74 Robert J. Macbean, engineer 

76 Martin Cooney 

78 Mrs Macdonald 

80 Miss Jack 

82 Mrs Campbell 

,84 Donald Matheson, labourer 

East Side. 

1 Alexander Allan, chemist, M.P.S. 

2 William Mackenzie, engineer 

3 Mrs Fraser, Lincluden 

7, 9 Y.W.C.A. of Great Britain, Flora Macdonald 
Hostel and Club — Miss J. Drysdale Skinner, 
James Murray, blacksmith, Elm Park cottage 
11 Willowbank Nursing Home — Miss Maclean, pro- 
Mrs Martin 
13 Somerled Macdonald, Woodfield 
15 W. M. Grigor, wine merchant, Woodlands 
17 Alexander Reid, M.D., Riverdale 
19 R. V. Trace, Ferndale 
21a Jack Burnett, Mingulay 

23 W. J. Shaw, headmaster, Central School, Rose- 
25 Alexander Mackechnie, architect, The Shelling 
27 F. G. Harper, Valleyfleld 
29 Miss Maclennan, Carrol 

Miss H. D. Robertson, S.R.M., R.R.C. 
31 Rossal Nursing Home — Miss Barbara Maclean, 

S.N.R., matron 
33 Donald L. Macpherson, carpenter, Enfield cottage 
37 G. L. Frewin, master, Royal Academy 
39 A. J. Campbell, postmaster 


Island Bank Road — Continued 

West Side. 
May Bank— 

1 Robert R. Fleming, The Bungalow 

2 Alexander Cameron, Relugas 
3D.H, Hunter, motor engineer 

24 Miss Mackintosh, Inchmay 

28 James Campbell, building contractor, Riverbank 
32 J. A. Ross, architect, Nessdale 

34, 36 James Sime, timber merchant, Island bank ho. 
38 S. Hunter Gordon, managing director and secre- 
tary, Rose Street Foundry, Tighneilan 
42 Mrs Allan Cameron, Glasdair 
44 Mrs Fraser 

Donald Fraser, chemist (T. Mackenzie and Co.) 


3 Hugh Burnett, pensioner 

6 Nelson F.C. Hall 

7 Robert Macfarlane, motorman 

8 J. Hay, stoker, Craigview cottage 

9 Mrs Jack 

10 S. Fraser, fruiterer 

15 Mrs Chisholm 

17 Roderick Mackay, drover 

19 Mrs Mackenzie 

21 Mrs Kelman 

23 Donald Robertson 

25 Mrs Macdonald 

27 Thomas Mapplebeck, Cleansing Department 

29 William Grant, labourer 

31 Thomas Fraser, baker, Vulcan cottage 

KENNEDY'S CLOSE (off Huntly Street). 

1 Frederick E. Bickers, grocer 
William Paterson, orderly, R.N. Infirmary 


West Side. 

1 Miss Ross, Glenbeg 

3 William Greig, motor hirer, Gilford 

7 David Mundell, messenger-at-arms, Claremont 

9 St Andrew's Cathedral Guild house 


Kenneth Street — Continued. 

11 Malcolm Mackenzie, caretaker 
13 George Mackenzie, tailor 
15 Mrs Jane Mackenzie 
17, 19 S. Walker, licensed grocer 
21 Miss M. Morrison 

23 Fraser & Macdonald, builders and contractors — 
Duncan Maclennan 
George E. Wood 
Alexander Forsytb 

Central Public School — 
W. J. Shaw, headmaster 
J. Munro, janitor 
29 D. J. Macdonald, teacher, Craigdarroch 
31 Miss Fraser 

33 John Alex. Grant, manager, Carrie & Co. 
35 Misses Urquhart 

John G. Chisholm 
37 Donald Gray, grocer, Mardon cottage 
39 Miss Smart, music teacher, Ardross cottage 
41 George E. Wood (Fraser and Macdonald) 
43 Mrs C. Macdonald, Roslyn cottage 
45 Duncan Gray, engineer, Fern cottage 
47 John Macdonald, labourer, Rowan cottage 

Mrs Mackay 
49 William Harris, retired 

L. Wiseman, traveller 
51 Angus Forbes, Royal Insurance Company, 

53 John A. Smith, wholesale fruiterer 
55 Miss Cameron, Canonbury 
57 Mrs Chisholm, do. 
59 Duncan Maclennan (Fraser & Macdonald), Rose* 

61 James Prott, motor engineer, Averon cottage 
63 Isaac Williamson, electrical engineer 
65 Macpherson & Co., wine merchants 
67 Donald Riggs, baker and confectioner 
69 D. Riggs & Co., butchers 

Donald Riggs, bakehouse 
71 Misses Morrison 
73 Mrs Smith 

Mrs Grant 

Miss Maclennan 

Miss Mackintosh 

William Proudfoot, taxi driver 


Kenneth Street— Continued. 

75 Alexander Ross, cartage contractor 
79, 81 Andrew Fraser, grocer, Carisbrooke 

William Paterson, postman 
83 Lachlan Hardie, guard, Burdett cottage 
85 Miss Campbell, do. 
87 Thomas Hunter, P.O. 
89 William T. Allen 
91 Miss Paterson 
93 Mrs Macdonald 
95 William Bain, contractor 
97 Miss Duncan, Craighead 
99 Norman Smart, contractor, yard 
101 Norman Smart, carpenter -contractor, Glenard 

East Side. 

2 Andrew Cameron, engineer, Heathfield villa 

4 Mrs Urquhart 
Alexander Smith, cashier 

6 Hugh Tulloch, carpenter 
W. C. Lindsay, salesman 

8 Duncan Fraser, traveller, Heathbank 
10 Alexander Munro, blacksmith 
12 George Ross, engine-driver, L.M.S.R. 
12a Ian Macgregor 
14 John Reid and Son, slaters 
16 Mrs Reid, Maryville 
18 Miss Stafford, Maryville 

20, 22 Private Temperance Hotel — Mrs Macgregor 
24 W. A. Robertson 
28 P. Rizza, Monti villa 
30 Miss Campbell 

32 Alexander J. Ferguson, butcher , 

38 Mrs Junor, Cromdale 
40 Mrs Reid 

40a W. C. Cassie, shoemaker 
42 John W. Milne, traveller, Craig villa 
44 Miss Macdonald, Caberfeidh 
46 Thomas Menzies, butcher, Caberfeidh 
48 Mrs Robertson 

50 S. Salvadori confectioner, Iver villa 
52 R. Allan, tweed merchant 

54 Gilbert W. Peterkin, H.M.C. and Excise, Malvern 
56 Miss Jessie Macandie, Glenness place 
L. Macrae, vanman 

58 Duncan C. Wilson, stationer (C. Keith and Co.) 



Kenneth Street— Continued. 

60 Rev. Jas. Tolmie, Queen Street Church manse 

62 Mrs Johnstone, Rae cottage. 

64 Alastair Johnstone, plasterer 

64a William Johnstone & Son, plasterers and cement 

66 Alex. Mann, Strathallan villa 

68 Miss Paterson, Kiltearn villa 

70 Miss Campbell, Carron cottage 

72 Miss Maclean, Inver cottage 

74 Peter Beaton, painter, Cable cottage 

76 Finlay Fraser, motor mechanic, do. 

78 Miss Grant, Ashton 

80 Hugh Innes Fraser, hairdresser, Newfield place 

84 Miss S. Fraser, do. 
Miss Johnston, do. 

86 Miss Munro, Glenrossie 
Mrs Macdonald 

88 J. Macbain, grocer, Allanmore 

92 Mrs Jenkins 

94 James Fraser, Madeline villa 

98 James Finlayson, clerk, L.M.S.R.. Braeval 
100 Mrs Maclennan 
102 Mrs Matheson 
104 Mrs Fotheringham 
106 Mrs Maclean 
108 Miss A. Park, Lee cottage 

110 John Munro, resident inspector, Warden Insur- 
ance Coy., Ltd. 
114 Mrs Ross, The Whins 
116 J. Macleod 
118 Mrs Pullar 

Miss Forsyth 
120 J. Bain, retired stationmaster, LM.S.R. 
122 William Macdonald. engine-driver 



1 William Skinner, blacksmith 

3 John Chisholm, sawyer 

5 Peter Mackinnon, motor mechanic 

7 James Ross, labourer 
15 Mrs Catherine Macfarlane, laundrymaid 
17 William Sturrock, coach painter 


Kessock Avenue — Continued. 

19 Mrs M. Fraser 

21 Wallace Black, labourer 

23 David Mackintosh, labourer 

25 James Gordon, P.O. linesman 

27 Miss Jessie Macleod 

29 Charles Davidson, fireman, L.M.SH. 

31 David Forbes, coalman 

33 Donald Wallace 

35 James Wilson, labourer 

37 Mrs Catherine Grant 

39 Mrs Sarah Aitken 

41 William Wells, iron moulder 

43 John Macleod, carter 

45 Miss Kate Macdonald 

47 Mrs Macgregor 

49 J. G. Forsyth, lorry driver 

51 William Macgillivray, postman 

53 Donald Mackay, labourer 

55 Alex. Kelly, L.M.S. 

57 Robert Blaney, gardener 

59 Wrn. Thomson, labourer 

61 Allan Hutcheson, P.O. linesman 

€3 Andrew Macpherson, dock labourer 

65 Archibald Paterson, surfaceman 

67 Alexander Robertson, blacksmith 

69 John Green, labourer 

71 Simon Watson, labourer 

73 Robert Gibson, milkman 

75 Michael Barry, labourer 
77 John Mackay, labourer 
79 Robert Macmillan, dealer 

81 Alexander Mackay, labourer 
83 Peter Macrae, gardener 

85 Donald Macdonald, dealer 

87 Robert Wells, labourer 
89 Mrs C. McSween 

91 John Nelson, car driver 
93 George Cuthbert, tailor 

70 Robert Stewart, dealer 

72 Andrew Wilson, dealer 

74 John Newlands, labourer 

76 Daniel Craigen, foreman, Cleansing Dept. 

86 Angus Macphail, labourer 

88 Wilfred Finlayson, labourer 


Kessock Avenue — Continued. 

90 John Simpson, carter 
92 Andrew Watson, sawyer 
94 James Jackson, butcher 
96 Colin Mackenzie, marine fireman 
98 Horace Guthrie, labourer 
100 John Watt, carriage cleaner 


2 Andrew Paterson, shoemaker 
4 Peter Mackenzie, labourer 

6 Hugh Hossack, labourer 
8 James Dignan, gardener 

16 Hugh Fraser, traveller 

18 Mrs Helen Fraser 

20 John Stewart, pensioner 

22 Peter Sinclair, labourer 

24 Anthony Burke, surfaceman 

26 James Forsyth, labourer 

28 Alexander Macintyre, labourer 

30 John Macdonald, potato merchant 

32 Roderick J. Cumming, dock labourer 

34 John Macdonald, coal merchant 

36 Mrs C. Hay 

38 John Soutter, sawmiller 


West Side. 

7 Frank Macdonald 
James Tait, chauffeur 
William Macrae, cabman 
Mrs Mackenzie 

9 Mrs Paterson 
11 Thomas Falconer, motor and cab proprietor 

Victoria garage 
13 John Macmahon 

James Fraser & Son, plasterers 
19 Murdoch Macdonald, carpenter 
21 Mrs E. Gray 

James Fraser, mechanic 
23 James S. Campbell, insurance agent 
25 James F. Glass 

John Stewart, carpenter 


King Street — Continued 

27 Hugh Mackintosh, machineman 

Mrs Jessie Mackenzie 
29 Munro & Cameron, carpenters 
31 A. & D. Smith, yard 
37 Donald Macleod, brake fitter 
39 John Sharp, gramophone repairer 
45 Miss Roy, grocer 
47 Donald Cameron, potato merchant 
49 David Mackay, labourer 
53 Mrs E. Mackenzie 

Mahomed Chaddi 
61 James Fraser. labourer 

Mrs Macpherson 

George Geddes, labourer 

John Mackenzie, labourer 

Mrs Gj Mackenzie 
63 William Murray, slater 

George Batchen, mason 
65 Victoria Buildings — 

Frederick McLernan, painter 
James Macleay, coach builder 
71 Miss Brown, schoolmistress 
73 Bishop Eden's Girls' School 
75 Maclver & Co., furniture store 
77 Duncan Forsyth, grocer 
79 John Fraser, plumber 
81 Grigor Anderson, carpenter 
83 Mrs Maclean 

East Side. 

2 Tarry He — Mrs Sangster, proprietrix 
4 Donald Macleod, plumber 
8 William Munro 

Donald Mackenzie, waggon-builder 

Miss Annie Mackinnon 

James Macdougall, baker 
12 Robert Brown, plumber's and gasfitter's store 
14 Mrs Rose 
16 Duncan Maclennan, mason 

Alexander Russell, labourer 

Mrs Fraser 
18 Finlay Mackenzie, porter 

Duncan Quinn, painter 

George Mackenzie, upholsterer 

William Robertson, labourer 


King Street — Continued. 

20, 22 John Macbain, blacksmith & mower grinder 
30 Mrs Mackenzie 

Miss Marion Finlayson, cook 

Mrs Macbeath 
32 Geo. Williamson, labourer 

William Dawson, motor driver 

John Johnstone, retired 

E. Hughes, motor mechanic 

Duncan J. L. Grant, chauffeur 

John Johnstone, labourer 
34 William Macrae, slater 

Alexander Ross, labourer 

Daniel Macdonald, joiner 
36 Duncan Godsman 

Joseph Hunter, labourer 

James Ahearn, welder 

Roman Catholic School 
38 Hugh Tyronney 
40 John Mackenzie, barber 
42 Roderick Macmillan, boilermaker 
44 Roderick Fraser, machineman 
46, 48 P. Pieraccini, fish restaurant 
64 Mrs Alexander 
66 David Cameron, painter 
68 John McLintock, P.O. 
68a Mrs Anderson 
70 George Masters, fishmonger 
74 G. Macgillivray, clothier 

William Wilson, labourer 
76 Peter Emlick, surfaceman 

Duncan Mackenzie, labourer 

John Macdonald, turner 

George Cameron 

Robert Noble, labourer 
78 Peter Emlick, Cleansing Department 


East Side. 
Royal Academy — 

W. Cramipton Smith, B.Sc, rector 
George Galloway, janitor 


Kingsmills Road— Continued. 

Crown Church — 

Rev. W. F. Grieve, B.Sc. 
Calder Mackenzie, church officer 
Crown School, Higher Grade — 

James A. Mackintosh, M.A., rector 
J. Moncur, janitor 
9 Adam Macgillivray, shoemaker 

11 Alexander Campbell, ioiner 

13 J. D. Macaulay, grocer 

15 Miss Colvin 

17 Miss Yeudall, stationer, etc., sub -P.O. 

19 Hill Drapery Emporium- 
Proprietor — P. L. Ferguson 

21 Pipe-Major Meldrum 

21a James Christison, manager, Maypole Dairy Co. 

21b Miss Macdonald 

23 Mrs Paton, Kildary villa 

25 Donald Macdonald, retired 

29 Miss Ferguson, Hazelgrove 

31 Miss Macpherson, do 

53 Charles Green, mason 

55 James Galloway, retired 

57 Thomas J. Macpherson, compositor 

59 Robert J. Macleod, clothier 

61 J. J. Christie, G.P.O. 

63 J. A. Mallinson, AJl.C.O., organist 

65 E. Murdoch, bookstall manager 

67 N. F. Brydon, architect, County Council 

69 Mrs Paterson 

71 Hugh Beaton, engineer 

73 John Munro, clerk, L.M.S.R. 

75 William Gordon, retired 

77 A. MacNab, Customs and Excise 

79 Mrs Dallas 

83 Neil Macarthur, solicitor, Milnfield house 
Duncarj Cameron, gardener, Milnfield cottage 

98 David Mackay, labourer, Kingsmills cottage 

100 Hugh Mackenzie & Co., millers, Kingsmills 

101 Hugh Macrae, miller 

West Side. 
2 Mrs J. Mills 
4 Mrs Macdonald 
6 N. Macrae, hotel porter 


Kingsmills Road — Continued. 

8 George Reid, engine-driver 
10 Robert Maclean, law clerk 
12 John Macaulay, engine-driver, L.M.S.R. 
14 W. Macdonald, hairdresser 
16 Mrs Clarke, Anerley cottage 
18 Alex. Chisholm, Sadia cottage 
20 George Macdonald, P.O. 
22 James Douglas, retired, Dunalisdar 
24 Thomas Grant, retired 
26 John Sutherland, seedsman 
32 Robert Fraser 

34 Andrew Cameron, fitter, L.M.S.R. 
36 Misses Macdonald, Garry 
40 Mrs Anderson, Tomatin cottage 
42 Mrs Grant, Rosefield villa 
44 Alexander Macrae, foreman, Craggie villa 
46 Donald Mackenzie, tailor 

Mrs Barbara Gray 

Miss Maclaughlan 

Miss Baillie 

Colin Forsyth, tailor 

D. Mackenzie, gardener 

Miss Macdonald 

John Leonard 

George Gunn, "shunter, L.M.S.R. 

Peter Ferguson, surfaceman 
50 Mrs Mackenzie 
52 William Fraser, warehouseman 
54 Donald Miller, baker 
78 Robert Mackay, Parkgate 
80 W. G. Macconnachie, M.A., F.E.I.S., Drumsheugh 


Mrs Watt, Eileanach 
A. Macdonald, gardener 

2 Harry Mackenzie, clothier, Erradale 

3 David Forbes, draper, Aysgarth 

4 W. Munro, retired schoolmaster 

5 Miss Macdougall, St Giles lodge 

6 Mrs England Kerr 

7 James Barnes, depute collector of taxes, Inland 




1 George Mackintosh, traveller, Monkswood 

3 John Innes. sanitary inspector 

5 James Davie, traveller, Mulgrave 

7 R. C. Wilson, teacher, Egmore 
9 John Macleod, An-Crasg 

11 J. G. Urquhart, Woodside 

13 Mrs Fraser 

15 Alex. S. Fraser, clerk, Leysdene 

17 James Macdonald, clerk, Delshangie 

21 George Henderson, B.So, Parklands 

25 Mrs Black 

27 Miss Macdonald, Struan Hallin 
29 Robert Taylor, retired, Dunedin 

31 D. Macaulay, carpenter, Aultbea 
33 Charles Gordon, traveller.. Hillcrest 


2 James Smith, The Bungalow 

4 Hugh A. Munro, mechanic, St Bernards 

6 Mrs Walker, St Leonards 

8 Donald A. Matheson, Achany, cashier 

10 T. W. S. Rattray, insurance agent 

18 Miss Roy and Miss Falconer, teachers 

20 K. J. Mackintosh, cycle and motor agent, Cathken 

22 James Shand, outfitter, Balgownie 
24 David Scott Swanston, accountant 

26 Donald Macgillivray 

28 John S. Paterson, chartered surveyor, Glenwhern 

32 Mrs W. Campbell 



1 Donald Macdonald, fitter 

3 Mrs Walton 

5 John Campbell, guard, L.M.S.R. 

7 Adam Godsman, spinner 

9 David Lawson, cleansing department 

11 David Paterson, butcher 
15 James Smart, joiner 


Lindsay Avenue — Continued. 

17 James Cobban, cook, L.M.S.R. 

19 Angus Mathieson, plumber 

21 Charles Macdonald, blacksmith 

23 J. B. Barclay, clerk 

25 Harold Paton, cabinetmaker 

27 Gregor Fraser, postman 

29 William S, Barnet, postman 

31 Alexander Grewar, chauffeur 

33 A. G. Chisholm, guard 

35 George Mackay, foreman pattern maker 

37 W. J. Anderson, depot foreman, Anglo American 

Oil Company 
39 James Munro, warehouseman 
41 James Robertson, motor driver 
43 J. Jamieson 

45 Andrew Macbean, chauffeur 
47 William Craigie, clerk 
49 Grigor Mackintosh, insurance agent 


2 Angus Ferguson, electrical engineer 

4 R. Mackenzie, cabinetmaker 

6 John Menzies, baker 

8 John Macdonald, fireman, L.M.S.R. 
10 Mrs Mackenzie 
12 Mrs Netta Mackenzie 
14 Hugh Fraser, plumber 
16 Andrew Paterson, butcher 
18 Mrs C. P. Taylor 
20 M. M. Rose 

22 J. D. Wheatley, clerk, L.M.S.R. 
24 Donald Finlayson, linesman, L.M.S.R. 
26 William E. Browne, marine engineer 
28 Robert Mackie, motor mechanic 
30 Lewis Williams, commercial traveller 
32 James Tulloch, chef, L.M.S.R. 
34 William Sandison, clerk, L.M.S.R. 
36 George Morrison, saddler 
38 J. McAllan, grocer 
40 John Morrison, butcher 




2, 4, 6, 8 Inverness Co-operative Society — Branch 
6 James Mackintosh, fitter, Willow cottage 
8 Roderick Maclennan, porter, L.M.S.R. 

10 Andrew Mackenzie, carter 

12 John Macdonald, hairdresser, Daisy cottage 

14 James D. Legge, insurance agent, Flowerdale cot. 

16 John Wilson, retired 

22 Miss Macdonald, Dunabban villa 

24 Thomas Tulloch, fireman 

28 Donald Grant, manager 

30 William Johnstone, plasterer 

34 Mrs Third, Margaret cottage 

36 John G. Gillan, sorting clerk and telegraphist 

38 Charles Macmillan, gas stoker 

40 George Main, baker 

42 J. G. Macgillivray, engineer 

44 D. G. Fraser, clerk 

46 William Hutcheson 

48 Archibald Campbell, postman 

50 Wm. Rae, baker 

52 John Brooman, grocer 

56 Alexander Reid, retired, Findoran 

58 Mrs C. Fraser, Rockburn cottage 

60 D. Mackay, baker, Balbeg cottage 
Alexander Goodall 

62 Archibald Fraser, plumber 

64 Miss Dundas 

66 J. Matheson, Chilcomb 

68 Mrs Rose Mackenzie, Ivanhoe 

70 A. Macdonald & Sons, plasterers 

72, 74 George Mackenzie, confectioner 

76 Duncan Mackenzie, outfitter 

78 Mrs C. Fraser 

80 Robert Simpson, engine-driver, L.M.S.R. 

82 John Garvie, L.M.S.R, 

84 Miss L. Maclean 

86 C. A. Ross. 

88 Mrs Smith 

90 Alexander Munro, mason contractor 

92 Donald Macgruer, motor mechanic 

94 Mrs Macdonald 

96 J. Gordon, painter, L.M.S.R. 


Lochalsh Road — Continued. 

98 Matthew Mackay, luggage attendant, L.M.S.R. 
100 Mrs Macdonald 
102 James Robertson, manager 
104 David Bodell, postman 
106 James Robertson, fireman 
108 Donald Pinlayson, engine-driver 
110 Donald J. Davidson, labourer 
112 Neil Cameron, S.C. & T. 
114 Alex. Mackintosh, storeman 
116 Mrs MacConnell 
118 Henry R. Potter, foreman printer 
120 Charles Wilson, storeman 
122 James Cameron, engine-driver 
124 Urquhart Howie, motor driver 
126 W. J. Praser, draper 
128 Francis Falconer, baker 
130 Hugh Horsburgh, chauffeur 
132 Mrs Macdonald 
134 Arthur Main, wireman, P.O. 
136 George Forsyth, pensioner 
138 Kenneth A. Burke, clerk 
140 Alexander Fraser, painter 
142 Alexander Lyon, commercial traveller 
144 Mrs Gibb 

146 Jonathan Carlyle, Post-Office clerk 
148 Mrs Mackenzie 
150 William Summerfield 
152 D. Aitken, clerk 


1 Mrs Forbes, grocer 

3 Frank Forbes, engine-driver 

7 Donald Cross, retired 

9 John Wilson, labourer 

Mrs Cuthbert, Vale cottage 
11 Harry Fox, postman 

15 William Mackenzie (Clach) boot & shoemaker 
17 Ross and Maclennan, carpenters and funeral 

19 Mrs Scott, Rosekeen villa 
21 Mrs Grant 

23 Charles Dunnett, tailor, Carse house 
William Macdonald, compositor, do. 
George Paterson, joiner, do. 


Lochalsh Road — Continued. 

23 John Fraser, fitter, Carse house 

James Campbell, telephone lineman, do. 
Robert Mackenzie, barman, do. 

25 William Mackintosh, fitter, Inver villa 
Charles Anderson, barman, do. 
R. MacLennan, carpenter 
Mrs Margaret Speirs, do. 

27 Mrs Maciver, Milton cottage 

29 W. J. Lyon, tailor, do. 

33 Alex. A. Greig, civil servant 

41 Robert Ross, timekeeper, Redfern villa 

43 Miss Macpherson, do. 

45 William Fraser, slater 

47 William Andrews, manager, Scottish Legal Life 
Assurance Society 

49 Alexander Mackenzie, chauffeur 

51 Frank Mackenzie, butcher 

53 Alex. Fraser, clerk 

55 John Mackay, P.O. clerk 

57 James S. Fraser, butcher 

59 Tan Ross, 'bus driver 

61 Joseph Bowes, printer and stationer 

63 John Smith, stevedore, The Neuk 

65 Mrs Maclennan 

67 Wm. M. Watson, do. 

69 Miss Macgillivray, Thorn villa 

73 George C. Bruce, potato store 

75 D. Maclean, grocer 

79 Miss Mackenzie, teacher 

81 S. Gibson, engineer 

R3 John Steel, clerk 

85 J. Gordon, skinner 

87 R. Macrae, lorryman 
89 Angus Mackenzie 

91 W. Smith, loco, fireman, L.M.S.R. 

93 H. Macdonald, roadman 

95 W. Giggins, excessman, L.M.S.R. 

97 K. Maclennan, coach-painter 

99 John G. Panton, chauffeur 

103 C. Edward Sharp, dining car attendant, L.M.S.R, 
105 Mrs Mackenzie 
107 John Macpherson, fishmonger 
109 Geo. Macleod, joiner 
111 Thomas Macdonald, baker 


Lochalsh Road — Continued. 

113 David Lumsden, police constable 
115 Mrs Skinner 

117 George Allan, guard, L.M.S.R. 
119 Mrs Whyte 
121 Mrs Chisholm 
123 James Downham, Heatherbell 
125 Finlay Fraser, draper (J. Forbes & Co.,) Aventine 
127 Tom Davis, music teacher, Bandara 
129 George S. Bain, burgh police constable 
131 James Stalker, engine-driver 
133 Douglas P. Reid, French polisher 
135 James Simpson, upholsterer 
137 Hugh Owens, butcher 
139 Mrs McCombie 

LODGE ROAD (off Drummond Road). 

I. Hay, Ravelston 

Mission House 

George Murray, retired, Smediton 
1 Andrew Denoon, cabinetmaker 
3 Donald Beaton 

Harry Low, Eilean nurseries 

Ian Young (Young & Chapman) 

Mrs Thorburn, Stanwix 

1 Miss Hutchison, dressmaker 
Roderick Maclean & Co., chartered accountants — 
Alexander Martin, C.A. 
W. G. D. Cumming, CA. 
Fred Cooke, signal fitter 
3 Thomas Maclaren, bookseller — 
James L. Rhind, proprietor 
5 J. B. Johnstone and Son, ladies' hairdressers and 

7, 9, 11 B. G. Hoare, polytechnic 
13 John Hinton Gall & Son, architects- 
Herbert Lawrie Gall 
William Smith & Co., chartered accountants — 
William Smith, CA. 
William H. Kennedy, CA. 
Alastair N. Macleod, C.A. 


Lombard Street — Continued. 

15 Inverness Savings Bank — 

David G. Ballingall, actuary 
19 Royal Hotel Annexe — Trust House 

21 A. Macdonald, draper 


2 J. J. James, Farm Produce Stores 
4 G. A. Macleod, messenger -at-arms and Sheriff- 

John Lees & Co., Ltd., warehousemen 

Miss Bailey, hairdresser 

Highland Trade Protection Agency 

William Macmillan, baker 

Donald Taylor, painter 
6, 8 John A. Fraser, draper 
10, 12 Portree Wool Mill Coy., Ltd. 
14 F. W. Woolworth & Co., Ltd. 

16 John L. Parker, painter 

18 James Morrison, tobacconist 

20 R. G. Stewart, plumber and electrician 

22 Daniel Maciver, butcher 

23 Inland Revenue — No. 1 District — 

Patrick J. Molony, H.M. Inspector of Taxes 
Ministry of Pensions 



1 Evan Fraser, pitcher 
3 John M. Macdonald, Ltd., sawmill 

Burnetts' bakehouse' 

Post- Office garage 
15 George Macgregor, fireman, L.M.S.R. 
17 George Boyle, dining-car, L.M.S.R. 
19 Mrs Clayton 
21 Thomas Burnett, butcher 
23 Mrs Miles 

25 Duncan Macdonald, electric cable jointer 
27 Hugh Fraser, chef, L.M.S.R. 
29 Duncan Urquhart, grocer 
31 Mrs Margaret Macpherson 
33 Mrs White 
35 William Darge, draughtsman 


Longman Road — Continued. 

37 David Angus, storeman, L.M.SR. 
39 Alex. Sinclair, guard, L.M.S.R. 
41 Edward Thorne, fireman, L.M.S.R 
43 John Macbean, slater 
45 John Macgillivray, fireman, L.M.S.R 
47 Mrs Baxter 
49 Mrs Christie 

51 William G. Robertson, blacksmith 

53 Thomas Russell, porter, L.M.S.R 

Inverness Airport Aerodrome 


4 Messrs Alexander & Sons, omnibus proprietors, 

6 Highland Transport Garage 

8 Alex. Paterson, factor, Seapark cottage 
12 D. Crerar, mason, L.M.S.R., Camwood 

14 James Morrison, tobacconist 

16 Robert Milligan, electrical engineer, Achilty cot. 
18 Neil Morrison, clerk, L.M.S.R. 

H. W. Stewart, farmer, Seafield 
Duncan Mackay, grieve 
Hugh Graham, cattleman 


Gray's Creamine, Ltd. — David Gray 

2 James Macgregor, engine-driver 

3 John Home, butcher, Annfield house 

4 Daniel Simpson, upholsterer, do. 
12 Rod. Shand, motor mechanic 


9 Donald Thomson, carter, Rose cottage, Wormfield 

15 John Macdonald, plumber, Ormus cottage. 

17 James Duncan, do. 

23 John Henderson, engineer, Cromwell villa 

John M. Macdonald, yard 
25, 27 Bartlett Henderson & Sons, engineers, Crom- 
well works 

Macrae and Dick, Ltd., haulage contractors 



North Side. 

1 E. D. A. Smart, local secy., N.B. and Mercantile 

Insurance Co., Ardlui 

3 Mrs Hutton, Rosslyn 

5 James Smith, M.R.CVJS., Elchies 

7 Mrs Williamson, Kinrhive 
9 Miss Maccombie 

11 William Fraser, chemist, Kincraig 

13 Alastair Mactavish, ironmonger, Crosshill 

15 William Smith, Woodford 

17 Kenneth Cameron, carpenter, Flowerdale 

21 Donald Fraser, draper, Follart 

23 Mrs Reid, Elrig villa 

25 J. D. Macaulay, grocer, Inverarnie 

27 Alexander Malcolm, Glenbervie 

29 Mrs Macdonald, Balcham 

L. Maclean & Son, building contractors' yard 

35 James Fraser, auctioneer, Drumossie 
39 Roy Macleod, Glenfeshie 

South Side. 

2 Wm. Harley, auctioneer, Trenton villa 

4 George Davidson, manager, Gordon villa 

6 Donald A. Mowat, bank teller 

8 Murdoch Mcintosh, Sheriff clerk and auditor of 


12 Mrs Gill, Craigview 

14 Miss Macdonald, Tuach villa 

16 Mrs Mackenzie 

18 Evan Mackenzie, deputy chief-constable, Kiltearn 
20 Mrs A. J. Laing, The Yews 

22 Wm. Macleod, stationmaster, L.M.S.R., The Elms 

24 Miss J. D. W. Bartleman, Lily Bank 

26 John Mackenzie, Raybank 

28 Lewis Gavin, jeweller, Belleville 

30 Mrs Macphee, Merlin 

32 Donald Macdonald, Altchurn 
34 V. Beveridge, manager 

36 Miss Murray, Ardinair 

Donald Graham, MA., Royal Academy 
38 Miss Watson, Lauriston 
Andrew Watson 



Lovat Road — Continued. 

40 J. Suttie, Bank of Scotland 

42 J. Bauchop, solicitor 

44 James Clark, cabinetmaker 



11 Wm. J. Kesson, joiner 

James Forbes, tweed mills manager, Holm Mills 

19 Mrs Lyndon 
Mrs Chisholm 

Thomas Macgillivray, spinner 

21 Mrs A. B. Duncan 

James MacGregor, bricklayer 

23 William Macqueen, painter 
25 Miss Macdonald 

27 Miss Chisholm 

Donald Maclennan, postman 

31 Charles Morrison, nightman, L.MS.R. 
31a Mrs Sutherland 

33 George Maclean, labourer 

35 Wm. Allan, retired 

37 Mrs Waterston, St Andrews 
John Macbean, fireman 
Ernest Greenwood, rigger 
Mrs Davidson 


2 Charles Davidson 
4 Mrs Fraser 

Robert Fraser, foreman, Wordie & Co. 
8, 10 George G. Davidson, carpenter contractor 
12, 14 Robert Drummond, general merchant 

20 William Reid, labourer 

22 Wm. Ross, dealer 

24 Dan Macdonald, yard foreman 

26, 28 Macdonald & Morrison, Ltd., coal merchants 

32 Alexander Macgruer, joiner 

34 Roderick Macpherson, tailor 
Kenneth Hutchison, labourer 
Chris Gray 

36 Kenneth Maclean, lineman, P.O. 

38 James Cameron, chauffeur 


Menzies' Buildings— 

2 William Mackenzie, lamplighter 

4 William Maclean, milkman 
William Strang, gardener 
G. Pirie, plasterer 
Simon Eraser, stationer 
John Fraser, painter 

5 Hugh Fraser, slater 

6 H. Maclean, labourer 

14 William Allan, wood merchant 


1 J. J. Fraser, golf professional 

3 Hugh Maclean 

5 J. Mackenzie, plumber 

7 John Mackay, engine-driver, L.M.S.R. 
17 George Bowman, baker 
19 Miss Macleod, teacher 
21 James Riddell, commercial traveller 
23 Mrs Beaton 

25 W. Gray, sales and works manager, Blind Institute 
27 Herbert Steele, Civil servant 
29 Simon Macpherson, grocer 
31 D. Macbean, painter 
35 Miss Smith Laing 
37 Walter Buchanan, watchmaker 
39 James Farquharson, retired storekeeper, L.M.S.R. 
41 William Mackintosh, traveller 
43 Wm. Findlater, L.M.S.R, 
45 Mrs Smith 

47 Thomas Hepburn, clerk, L.M.S.R. 
49 G. J. Grant, motor driver 
51 Miss Elizabeth Grant 
53 Walter Ross, linotype operator 
55 Andrew Smith (retired postman) 
57 Thomas S. Calder, traveller 
59 Donald Rose, Board of Health 
61 Angus Macdonald, L.M.S.R. 
63 William Notman, Department of Agriculture 
65 John Ross 

67 William Cattanach, traveller 
69 John McTurk, traveller 


Macewen Drive — Continued 

71 Alexander R. Macnair, civil servant 

73 Scott Moffat, butcher 

75 John Storm, cashier, Goods Dept., L.M.S.R. 

77 Miss Storm. 

79 Henry J. L. Leishman, insurance inspector 


2 Mrs A. Watson 

4 John Grant, attendant, sleeping car, L.M.S.R. 

6 Mrs Munro 

8 Daniel Maciver, butcher 
10 George Sinclair, signalman 
12 Donald Nicolson, engine-driver, L.M.S.R. 
14 Roderick Campbell, painter 
16 James S. Cassie, postman 
18 John Roy, signalman, L.M.S.R. 
20 Alistair Fraser, grocer 
22 William MacGregor, retired 
24 Mrs Margaret Macdonald 

72 Mrs Margaret Mackintosh 

74 Thomas Macphail, hairdresser 

76 John Macdonald, engine-driver, L.M.S.R 

78 James Mackercher, yardsman 

80 Harold Butterworth, commercial superintendent 
82 Simon Cameron, clerk 

84 Mrs Ross 

86 John Munro, painter 

88 Robert Hunter, traveller 

90 Miss Mackintosh 

92 T. Cameron, inspector 

94 David Ross Skinner, Hamiltons' Auction Marts, 

96 John Ross, taxidermist 
98 Miss M. Anderson 
100 Donald Macdonald, motor mechanic 
102 Duncan Ross, greenkeeper, Fraser Park 
Fraser Park — 

Corporation bowling and tennis greens 

MACKINTOSH'S CLOSE (off Muirtown Street). 
2 Mrs Fotheringham 
6 Peter Ross 

Mrs Deveron 

Donald Macdonald, labourer 

Miss Macdonald 



2 Donald Murray, shunter, L-M.S.R. 

4 Salvation Army Relief Centre 

6 William Ferguson, Destructor attendant 
8 James Donnachie, labourer 

10 Alex. Urquhart, labourer 

12 Archibald Mackintosh, stableman 

14 Mrs Macdonald 

16 William Macdonald, Cleansing department 

18 Alexander Dewar, labourer 

20 Mrs I. Robertson 

22 James Shand, labourer 

24 Mrs Macpherson 

26 William Nelson, dealer 

28 John B. Sutherland, roadman 

30 Mrs A. B. Munro 

32 Andrew Wilson, labourer 
34 Mrs Mary Grigor 

36 Miss Isabella Macgregor 

38 Mrs Williamina Daley 

40 Mrs Hepburn 

42 Thomas Finlayson, labourer 

44 William Matheson, labourer 

46 James MacConnachie, labourer 

48 Alex. Macphee, retired 

1 Mrs Stewart 

3 Hugh Anderson, moulder 

5 Alex. Chisholm, labourer 

7 George Murray, cleansing department 
9 George Grant, painter 

11 John Mackenzie 

15 Mrs Smith 

17 L. Patience, labourer 

19 Alex. Mackenzie, foreman porter, L.M.S.R. 

21 John Rooney, labourer 

23 George Morrison, labourer 

25 Mrs Ellen Mackenzie 

27 Alexander A. Macdonald, tailor 

29 Alex. Fraser, labourer 

31 John Anderson, labourer 

33 Thomas Williamson, labourer 


Maclennan Crescent— Continued. 

35 James Young, labourer 
37 Hugh Shields, labourer 
39 Emanuel Johansen, dock labourer 
41 James Mackay, labourer 
45 Thomas Kennedy, labourer 
47 Mrs Duffus 

49 Thomas Hodgson, labourer 
51 R. Robinson, labourer 
53 Mrs Mackenzie 
55 W. W. Clark, retired 
57 David Hay, labourer 
59 Donald Fraser, yardsman 
61 Mrs Gunn 

63 Roderick Campbell, carter 
65 William Palmer, labourer 
67 Michael Behan, labourer 
69 William Smith, labourer 
71 William J. Mackenzie, labourer 
73 Frederick Kiel, labourer 


5 Paul Mapplebeck, showman 

7 James Riach, carter 
13a Mrs Hay 

15 John Mackintosh, labourer 
17 James Young, fish merchant 
19 William Forbes, roadman 
21 D. Reid, labourer 
27 John Nairn, Mayella 
29 Ernest Fraser, labourer 
29a Hugh Campbeli 
31 D. Walkei 

31a Miss Janet Walker, grocer 
33 Mrs Macpherson 
35 Ronald Mackenzie, carpenter 
37 John F. Speirs, clerk, Labour Exchange 
Daniel Main, boat-builder 
James W. Davidson, sailmaker 

39 Mrs Macdonald 
Mrs Munro 

40 Free North Church Meeting Hall 



Madras Street— Continued. 


2 Theodore Mackenzie, fireman 

Alex. Junor 

Wm. Junor, shoemaker 
4 Henry Nelson, L.M.S.R. 

Robert Wemyss, dock labourer 

Mrs Thain 

John Macrae, labourer 
6 A. Urquhart, fish merchant 
8 John Macdougall, slater 
10 Alex. Collie, electrician 
12 Angus Robertson, fish-dealer 
14 Alexander Dignan, surfaceman, L.M.S.R. 
18, 20, 22 Alexander Goodall, licensed grocer 
24 Miss Ross 
26 Mrs C. Dunbar 
30 Duncan Macdonald, joiner 
32 Miss Jane Munro 
34 Murdo Maciver, fitter 

Duncan Maclean, storeman 

John Murray, painter 
36 Kenneth J. Paterson, fitter 


2 James Grieve, mason 
Miss L. Forbes 
Miss C. Mackenzie 
Miss Elizabeth Macbain 

3 Donald Simpson, retired 

4 Miss Fraser 

James Milne, upholsterer 
Hugh Wheeler, plumber 

6 Mrs Mackenzie 

7 Harry Macdonald, chauffeur 
John Wheeler, mason's labourer 
Donald Innes 

James Donaldson, milkman 
Donald Cameron, warehouseman 
Hugh Macdonald, retired 
Inverness Gas Works and Office — 

Andrew Thomson, gas manager 

Duncan Macleod, foreman 

5 Mrs Forbes 
Mrs Mackay 

John Davidson, chauffeur 



8 William Holloway 

10 "Northern Chronicle" Office — 
George Mackenzie, editor 
Alexander Mackenzie, manager 

15 Artillery Drill Hall- 
John Stevens, B.Q.M.S. (I.G.) 

17 John Mackenzie, caretaker 
Farraline Park School — 

Miss S. Praser, Infant mistress 
Robert E. Home, janitor 


1 The Bookery Nook — Miss W. S Davidson and 
Mrs Muir, librarians 
F. G. Miller, engineer 
3 J. Macgregor, hairdresser and umbrella maker 


16 Donald J. Macdonald, warehouseman 

18 John Urquhart, upholsterer 

20 G. Sharp 

22 David Christie, lorryman 

MARYANN COURT (Off Ardross Place). 

John Macdonald, Castle Street, garage 
1 Miss M. Roy, Mariann villa 

3 John Macmillan 

4 W. Fraser, storekeeper 

5 J. Mackenzie, shoemaker 
Mrs Maclennan 

6 Mrs Maclennan 
Wm. MacCulloch 

7 Mrs Holme 

Wm. Borthwick, tailor 
Robert Sim, cabinetmaker 

8 A. C. Urquhart, motor engineer 



1 Alexander Smart, chauffeur 

3 Robert Jeans, linotype operator 

5 Thomas J. Taylor, manager, Underwood Type- 

writer Company 

7 Kenneth Mackenzie, traveller 
9 Thomas Machardy, chauffeur 

11 Wm. Hall, motor mechanic 

15 Alex. Mackenzie, hairdresser 

17 A. Gallie, gas worker 

19 Thomas Macpherson, clerk 
21 Miss A. Munro 

Mrs Milne 
23 Mrs Mackenzie 

25 James Macdonald, tax officer, I.R. 

27 G. Barclay 

29 Mrs J- Munro 

31 John Mackenzie, road roller driver 
33 A. Walker, insurance superintendent 
35 Roderick Mackenzie, motor mechanic 
37 T. Poison, assistant inspector, P.O. 
39 Adam Sutherland, clerk, L.M.S.R. 

41 Wm. Wiseman, plumber 

43 Edward W. King, draper 

45 Charles Guthrie, carriage and wagon foreman 


2 John Maccallum, burgh pavior 

4 Mrs Fraser 

6 James A. Symon, traffic superintendent 

8 Ian Macrae, plasterer 

10 C. K. Hunt, vehicle examiner 

12 Alexander F. Walker 

14 A. Macvicar, car attendant 

16 Mrs Smith 

18 John Park, baker 

20 Thomas Cooper, fishing tackle maker 
22- James Dougherty, baker 

24 Mrs Macleay 

26 Robert Ogg, baker 

28 J. Grant, guard. L.M.S.R. 

30 A. Reid, contractor 

32 Robert John Duncan, clerk, L.M.S.R. 


Maxwell Drive — Continued. 

34 Alexander Fraser, coachman 

36 Ernest Will, commercial traveller 

38 Thomas Dixon, millworker 

40 Alexander Black, traveller 

42 Mrs Craigmile 

44 Thomas Grant, cleaner, P.O. 

46 John Anderson, clerk, L.M.S.R. 

48 George Macqueen, foreman baker 

50 Mrs Mackenzie 

52 Angus G. Macdonald, cycle salesman 

54 William E. Dunbar, engineering dept., P.O. 

56 Wm. Macdonald, retired 

58 Joseph Pirrie, coal merchant 

60 W. J. Ross, installation supervisor 

62 John Cameron, motor driver 

64 Alexander Yeaman, clerk, L.M.S.R. 

66 Mrs Rankin 

68 David R. M. Campbell, clerk 

70 Misses Macnaughton 

72 Donald Menzies, engine-driver 

MAY COURT (Off Alexander Place). 

5 Hugh Mackenzie, gardener 

6 John Fraser, storeman 

7 Mrs Stewart 

8 Mrs Maclean 

9 Mrs Beattie 

10 Mrs Latham 

11 Henry Mackenzie, electrician 

12 A. Murray, dyer 

13 Andrew Gollan, surfaceman 

14 Mrs Fraser 

15 James Fraser, garage attendant 

16 Mrs Munro 

17 William Baxter, boilermaker 

18 Neil Black, barman 

19 Tom Mackay, shipwright 

20 Geo. Macdonald, lorry driver 

21 Robert Williams, fireman 

22 David Bruce, chauffeur 

23 Donald Forbes, P. Way mason 

24 J. Morrison, labourer 


May Court (off Alexander Place)— Continued. 

25 Miss Macpherson 

26 W. A. Foster, carriage examiner 

27 Miss I. Mackenzie 

28 Duncan Urquhart, burgh police constable 

29 John Duncan, motor driver 

30 Mrs W. Urquhart 

31 James Nicol, mason 

32 Archibald Fraser, waggon builder 

33 William Paterson 

34 A. Macaulay, engine-driver 

MAY COURT (Off Tomnahurich Street). 

1 Roderick Chisholm, plasterer 

2 P. Beaton, motor engineer 

3 James Fraser, storekeeper 

4 James Macintosh, engine-driver 
R. Mackintosh and Co., bakery 



2 Dr A. B. Mitchell, Mayfleld cottage 
4 Edward J. Taylor, Royston 
Aged Christian Friend Society Home of Rest — 
Miss Anderson, matron 
6 William S. Russell, Customs and Excise, The Croft 
8 Mrs Jean Graham, Dunalastair 
10 F. A. Lawn, collector of taxes, I.R., Alan-Ard 
12 Alexander Smith, manager, Jackson's, Ltd., The 

14 Miss Mackenzie, health visitor 

16 J. Spence — representative, Macfarlane & Lang 


1 David Lees Provan, L.D.S., Mansefield 
Misses Davidson, Carnach 
Mrs Muir, do. 
E, G. Critchley, solicitor, Malwa 

15 Misses Walker, Glenbreck 


MEAL MARKET CLOSE (off High Street). 

3 John Forbes, goods entrance 

11 Murdo Mackay, plasterer 
9 Mrs Macdonald 

4 Macleod's Electric Printing Works 

6 William Michie, junr., furniture salerooms 


J. R. Maclean, retired, Braehead 

Mrs Byatt, Midhurst 

D. M. Finlayson, hairdresser 


Robin Stirling, Merlewood 

Mrs Graham, Merlewood cottage 



Crown Church Hall 
4 H. D. Masson, St Austin's 
6 James Paul, Crownleigh 
8 Miss Macgillivray 
10 Miss Fraser, Hamilton 

12 Misses Murray, Ethel cottage 
14 Mrs Russell, Rhodavil 

16 Mrs Mackenzie, Novar cottage 

18 Miss Fraser, Drumossie cottage 

20 Miss Grant 

24 Miss Rankin 

26 Alexander Chisholm, clerk 

28 George Fraser, Evanton 

30 James Kennedy 

32 Mrs Macmillan, Bayfield villa 

34 T. Gordon 

38 James Duncan, civil servant 

40 Mrs Murdoch 

42 William H. Kennedy, C.A. 

44 Alexander Martin, C.A. 


Midmills Road — Continued. 

46 Duncan Cameron, stationer, Norwood villa 
48 Mrs Mackintosh, do. 

56 Charles Ross, motor contractor and garage 

58 C. F. M. Ross. Hawthornlea 

60 A. Durrant, gardener 

62 Harold Frere, retired, Mayneld 

64 Miss Macandrew, Aisthorpe 


3 Alexander Sanderson, Rowan bank 

5 Althole G. Mackintosh, solicitor 

7 John Fraser, retired 

9 John Ross, manager, Globe shoeshop 
11 Donald Mackenzie, constable, Palm villa 
13 Miss Macdonald, Ashley 
15 Andrew Grant 
17 Wm. Smith, C.A. 
19 Mrs Tait, outfitter 
21 Miss Mackenzie, Seaforth villa 
25 Dr R. C. Macdonald, Bona villa 
27 Misses Maclennan, Hawthorne cottage 
29 Charles Mackenzie, retired postmaster 
31 Daniel Gillies, M.A., Craigrossie 
33 Miss Cumming, Craigie villa 
35 Miss Grant, Drayton lodge 
37 Miss Macdonald, Athole villa 
39 Mrs Fraser, Grange villa 
41 James Munro, solicitor 
43 Miss Clegg, Dromard 
45 Mrs Grant 

47 R. Maclagan, cashier, Ellerslie 
Mrs Fraser, Midmills cottage 


2, 18 Inverness Bonding Co., Ltd. (Ross and 
Cameron, Loehgorm Bonded Warehouses) 
Dunlop Rubber Co., Ltd. 
Millburn Motor Company, petrol service station — 
James A. Bremner 


Millburn Road— Continued. 
Macgregors Buildings — 

Mrs D. Mackenzie 

Mrs Fraser 

Mrs Thomson 

A. M. Shaw, butcher 

Robert MacBey, engine-driver, L.M.S.R. 

Alex. Fraser, gardener 

Alexander Shaw, butcher 

Mrs Phemister 

Lewis & Lewis, M.R.C.V.S. 

D. Stewart & Co., The petrol filling station 

James Ferries & Co., garage 

Carlton Terrace — 

1 Donald Macdonald, car driver 
Herbert A. Lane, carriage-builder 
Alexander Dallas Ross, fireman, L.M.S.R. 
W. Bourne, Inland Revenue 

Mrs J. Ross 

2 Mrs Munro 

3 Duncan Grant, watchmaker 
Wm. Morrison 
Laurence Hasson, tailor 
John A. Martin, motor hirer 
James Innes, clerk 

Andrew Allison, driver, L.M.S.R. 

4 Mrs Shivas 
Mrs Macdonald 

John Goulder, loco, inspector 

Hector Grant, painter 

Mrs Milton 

John Grant, engine-driver 
2 Miss Macdonald, Golf View hotel 
4 John Grant, accountant, Bank of Scotland 
6 Donald Munro, ironmonger 

8 Miss Isabella Gordon, Dell house 
Alex. Tuach, carpenter 

8a Robert Dow, bookbinder, Craigellachie cottage 

9 Miss Macbeath 

10 Miss Grant, Oraigellachie 
Alexander Cargill 

11 Robert Mackenzie, butcher 


Millburn Road — Continued. 

11a Miss Innes 

12 J. M. Hay, manager, Errol 

14 Kenneth Grant, distillery manager, Dulnan villa 

15 Mrs Angus Mackenzie, grocer 

16 Miss MacGregor, Craigroyston 
20 Mrs Ross, Meadowfield 

22 Alexander Gardiner, cooper, Seaview 
24 William Grant, mashman, Millburn cottage 
Booth's Distilleries, Ltd., London — 
Kenneth Grant, manager 

Cameron Barracks- 
Major G. P. Miller, M.C., commanding officer 
W. Stewart, Excise officer, Corrie lodge 
Steve Mulsion, road dressing manufacturers 
N. D. Mackintosh, Raigmore house 
Mrs Mackenzie, Raigmore lodge 
James Dawson, railway crossing 
Alexander Skinner, cycle agent, Raigmore cottage 
Mrs Fraser 

Hector Rose, motor engineer and motor hirer 
William Rose, engineer 
Mrs Mackay 

James Johnstone, chauffeur, Woodside cottage 
Robert Barclay, labourer, do. 
Mrs Fraser, Oriflamme cottage 

MILNE'S BUILDINGS (off Rose Street). 

1 Miss Macintosh 
John Urquhart, grocer 

2 David Ross, pensioner 
Mrs Margaret Munro 
Mrs Lobban 

Mrs Mackay 
Miss Munro 
Mrs Brodrick 

3 Mrs Mackinnon 

J. Dawson, bank clerk 

Hector Mackenzie, dmdng-car, L.M.S.R. 

Mrs Ross 

Mrs Maclean 

William Caddenhead, motor driver 


Milne's Buildings (off Rose Street) — Continued 

4 John Smith, engine-driver 
Mrs Mary Wheatley 

Alexander Macdonald, guard, L.M.S.R. 

Miss Stewart 

Alex. Fraser, welder 

James Skinner, blacksmith 

Hall, Ancient Order of Shepherds 

5 Mrs Macdiarmid 
Mrs Mackintosh 
Miss Forbes 
Mrs Rae 

John Mackenzie, fitter 
Donald Macrae, blacksmith 
James Flaherty, gardener 

MITCHELL'S LANE (off Porterfield Bank). 

H.M. Prison — Vivian Guy, governor 

1 A. E. C. Bright, warder 

2 Andrew Borland, do. 

3 Andrew Innes, do. 

4 G. Thomson, do. 

5 Wm. Munro, do. 

6 H. Mackintosh, do. 

7 D. Macdonald, do. 

8 Robert Tinnock, do. 


1 Mrs Christie, Montague cottage 
3 Peter Beaton, sen., confectioner 
5 David Macdonald, moulder 
5a Mrs Baigrie 

7 Moray Firth Salmon Fisheries Co., Ltd., Iris villa- 
W. S. Robertson secretary 

9 Frank H. Stanford, boot and shoemaker 
17 D. Mackay, retired, St Ives 

19 Thomas Johnstone, district manager, L.M.S.R. 
21 Thomas Todd, Westdale 
23 Mrs George Urquhart, Westgrove 


Montague Row — Continued. 

25 James A. Elgin, cashier, Maryville 

27 Miss Mackay and Mrs Mooring, Alexandra villa 
29 Robert Forbes, Ellengowan 

31 Mrs Brown, Yewbank 

33 Mrs Maclennan, hotelkeeper, GlenarirT 

35 Mrs Hossack, Lochinver villa 

39 Alexander Fraser, Craigview 

41 Mrs Macintosh, Marlee 

43 K. Fraser, overseer, P.O. 

45 John Reidpath, fishing tackle maker 

47 William Fraser, fitter, L.M.S.R. 
High School- 
Principal — W. S. Kerr, M.A., B.Sc. 
Janitor — James Marchant 
Central Special School — Miss Alexander 


4 William A. M. Greig, motor hirer 

6 A. N. Nicolson, secretary, Gaelic Society and 
Licensed Trades Association, Scorrabreac 

8, 10 Donald Macdonald, painter, Kingsburgh 
12 Robert Brown, plumber 
14 George Graham, Benalder 
16 Hector Sangster, Glengarry villa 
18 Alexander Macdonald, draper, do. 
20 William D. Aitken, furniture salesman 
22 Mrs A. M. Cooke 

28 Premier Inverness Steam Laundry Coy., Ltd.-* 
W. Reid, engineer 


2 W. Crampton Smith, B.Sc, O.B.E., rector, Royal 
Academy, Dunelm 

4 Major Robert Bruce, Kerrisdale 

6 Mrs Melvin, Ashfield house 

8 James Macdonald, agent, Commercial bank, Haw- 
thorne bank 
10 James Forsyth, solicitor, Heathcote 

26 P. L. Ferguson, commercial traveller, Lilyfield 
28 Forsyth Robertson, retired, Muirfield house 



Muirfield Road — Continued. 

30 James M. Wilkie (of Tawse, contractors, 


32 David Jones, foreman lineman 

34 Walter Drew 

£6 C. J. H. Morton, insurance inspector 

38 Simon W. Jack, Eilean-dubh 


1 Miss Wimberley, Willow cottage 

7 Joseph Cook, timber merchant 

9 Miss Mackintosh 

17 Donald Cameron, L.M.S.R., Blar-Dhu 
19 Ian Grant 
21 Mrs Mead 

25 Robert Brodie, Bank of Scotland 
27 Mrs Kennedy 
29 John Carson 

31 Andrew F. Anderson, merchant, Glencairn 

33 Miss Marfarlane 

35 Edwin J. Insch, baker 
37 J. Mackintosh 

39 William Cowper, painter 

41 Hugh Masson, retired clerk, L.M.S.R. 

43 Misses Taylor, Fernlea 

45 James Macdonald, Greenlawn 

General Marshall, C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O., Hilton 



1 William Johnstone & Son, plasterers 
Mrs Munro 
John Cameron 
3 James Russell, cabman 
George Welsh, labourer 
7, 9 Walter Duff, labourer 
11 Jamas Nicol, builder and contractor 
13 Mrs Maclean 
15 John Urquhart. slater 
Lewis Macdonald, engineer 


Muirtown Street — Continued. 

17 Alexander Walker, retired inspector 
25 Miss Margaret M. Stevens 

29 Robert Watt, gardener 
James Munro 

James Cameron, labourer 

D. Riggs and Co., garage 
31 Alex. Hutchison, shoemaker 
33 George Macbeath, labourer 

Alexander Docherty, core maker 
35 Kenneth Mackenzie, labourer 
37 J. Mackenzie, fruiterer 
39 Andiew Paterson, butcher 
41 James L. Sutherland, machineman 
43 James Crout 

David Currie, French polisher 

Colin Cameron 

J. Mackay, 'bus driver 
45 Dallas & Co., plasterers 
51 Mrs A. J. Brown 

W. Brown 

A. G. Macdonald 
53 A. Maclaren, signalman 
59 Robert Williams, car driver 
61 A. Fraser and Son, slaters 
63 Munro's Garage 


2 John A. Ross* signalman, L.M.S.R. 

Miss C. Mackenzie, cook 
4 Miss Rose 

Hugh Rose, motor driver 
6 M. Mackenzie, shoemaker 
8 J. Ross, dairyman 
10 Mrs Fotheringham, grocer 
16 Charles Macleod, stables and yard 

18 Alex. Morrison, labourer 
Alexander Duncan, garage 
John O'Neill, ship's fireman 

26 Miss Matheson 
28 Alex. Maclennan 

30 W. Morrison, entertainment contractor 


Muirtown Street — Continued. 

32 Charles Sutherland, slater 

Robert Robertson, boilermaker 

Mrs Munro 

R. Stoddart, joiner 
34 Kenneth Mackenzie, guard 

Mrs Cockburn 

Mrs Ross 

Alexander Macaskill, motor driver 
36 Mrs Mackay 

George Beaton, fireman, L.M.S.R. 

MUNRO'S LANE (off Huntly Street). 

1 Alexander Fraser, labourer 

2 George Williamson 


3 John Chisholm, labourer 
5 Colin Sutherland, labourer 
7 Donald Fraser, vanman 
11 John Plinstone 

Walter Nairn, carpenter 

Robert Urquhart, retired 
13 William Lumsden, retired 
15 William Vause, commission agent 
19 John Townsley, dealer 
21 Robert Maclean 
23 John Macpherson, upholsterer 
25 Duncan Macdonald, fireman, L.M.S.R. 
27 Mrs Macdonald 
29 W. Finlayison, motor driver 
33 George Maciver, carpenter 
35 Mrs Mair 
37 Hugh Mackay, labourer 

Kenneth Mackenzie, labourer 

William Macbean, labourer 
39 William Smith, labourer 

John Munro, foreman 
41 Donald Chisholm, plumber 


Nelson Street — Continued. 


8 John B. Dunlop', confectioner 

J. Cuthbert, hairdresser 
10 Mrs Wemyss 

Wm. Duff, postman 
12 Mrs Sutherland 

Alexander Forbes, fish dealer 
16 William Barron, fitter 
18 Donald Davidson 
24 Mrs Fraser 

30 John Charles Murphy, garage superintendent 
32 George Ralph, baker 
34 Hugh Grant, gardener 
36 George Munro, clerk 
38 J. P. Young, milk-carter 
44 Alexander Mackenzie, storekeeper 

Peter Macdonald, labourer 
44a John Third, joiner 

Ronald Mackenzie, labourer 

John Mackenzie, fireman 

John Dawson, joiner 
46 Mrs E. N. Mackay 
48 Alex. Henderson 


Ness Bank Church — 

Minister — Rev. James Wright, M.A. 
Church officer— George A. Hendry, 108 Glen- 
Urquhart road 

5 Mrs Macleod, Silver fjord 

6 W. A. Hardie, solicitor 

7 Simon Hendry, chemist 

8 Misses Macdonald, board-residence, Victoria house 
James Murray, M.A., M.D. 

9 Mrs Fraser, Hanover house 

10 Misses Macdonald, Glenmhor hotel 

12 William Macintyre, O.B.E., Glenoe 

13 A. Kennedy, Struan 

15 Bert Marler, Larchfield 

16 Dr Theodore Chalmers, M.B., F.R.C.S. (Edin.) 

17 Miss Fraser, East Lynne Private Hotel 


Ness Bank — Continued. 

18 James Gray, slater contractor, The Hollies 
18 Mrs Dufly, Haughdale 
20 James Macdonald, Glenmoriston house 
22, 23 F. Steven, Windsor Hotel 

24 D. S. Chisholm 

25 C. A. Connan, chemist (of Galloway & Co.) 

26 Wm. R. Elliot (of Elliot and Co.) 

27 Mrs M. Batchen 

28 Miss Brown, Silverwells 

29 Duncan G. Leys, physician, do. 

NESS PLACE (off Haugh Road). 

1 Mrs Dawson 

David Macdonald, labourer 

2 Miss Macdonald 

D. Macdonald, waiter 

3 Alexander Calder 

4 Farquhar Macdonald, moulder 

5 George Lobban, head boots 
William C. Grant 

Peter Grant 
Glenmhor Garage 

7 Alexander Taylor, cabman 
William Malcolm, vanman 

8 Martin Macdonald, engine-driver 


1 Ferrari & Co., confectioners 

2 Inland Revenue — F. A. Lawn, collector of taxes 

3 Columba Hotel annexe 

4 James Macarthur, confectioner 

5 Miss Ferguson, music teacher 

6 Miss Ferguson, confectioner 

7 Columba Hotel— Mrs Williamson, proprietrix 

8 Palace Hotel— Mrs Ann Fotheringham 
St Andrew's Cathedral — 

The Most Rev A. J. Maclean, D.D., Bishop 
of Moray, Ross and Caithness, Primus of 
the Episcopal Church of Scotland 
Very Rev. A. A. D. Mackenzie, M.A., provost 
Rev. W. E. Douthwaite, precentor 


Ness Walk — Continued. 

Cathedral Boys' School- 
Stanley Martin, headmaster 

The Most Rev. A. J. Maclean, D.D., Bishop of 
Moray, Ross and Caithness, Eden court 

William Chisholm, gardener, Eden court 

Royal Northern Infirmary — 

Major W. Leonard Forsyth, M.D., D.P.H., I.M.S., 
(retired), medical superintendent 
Miss Drysdale, matron 

9 Alexander Mackenzie, porter 

12 E. F. Lowe, Springfield 

13 Dr D. J. Macleod, H.M.I.S. 

NICOL'S ALLEY (Off Academy Street). 

The Unemployed Service Hall 
Mrs Smith 

NOBLE'S CLOSE (off King Street). 

1 Mrs Milne 

2 Mrs Mackintosh 

James M. Mackay, chauffeur 


1 George Rose 

2 John Fraser, carpenter and funeral undertaker 
Free Presbyterian Church — Rev. E. Macqueen 

5 Jas. Carrol, lodging-house keeper, Grace cot. 
8 Mrs) Junor , 

Hugh Macdougall, retired 

10 Alexander Mackenzie 

6 Inverness Homes (Model Lodging House)— 

James Carrol, proprietor 



2 Donald Reid, labourer 

4 William Paterson, mechanical engineer 

6 Miss Scott 

8 George Murray, cleansing department 


North Drive (Kessock) — Continued. 

10 Henry Hayes, labourer 
12 John Tough, soldier 

14 Thomas Kelly, labourer 

16 Richard Morrison, labourer 

18 James Watt, fish salesman 

20 Hugh Watt, labourer 

22 Peter Chisholm, labourer 

24 Thomas Hooper, labourer 

26 Peter Mackintosh, examiner, L.M.S.R. 

28 Alex. Grant, labourer 

30 David Sutherland, chimney sweeper 

32 E. Macleod 

34 A. Ross, labourer 

36 Charles Macdonald, L.M.S.R. 

38 Alexander Robertson, dock labourer 
40 Mrs Ryles 


1 John Fraser, labourer 
3 Alex. Williamson, hawker 
5 Donald Noble, pensioner 
7 Mrs Isabella Paterson 
9 Mrs Stewart 

11 Robert Stewart, hawker 

15 Mrs Halley 

17 Alexander Long, labourer 

19 D. Chisholm, labourer 

21 Peter Stewart, labourer 

23 D Cooper, labourer 

25 Mrs Macdonald 

27 Alex Chisholm, labourer 

29 D. Mackenzie, carter 

31 Hugh Ross, cook 

33 James Mackenzie, window cleaner 

35 Anthony Waller, labourer 

37 John Macdonald, labourer 



9 T. O'Beirne, burgh surveyor, Ethandune 
11 David Gray (of David Gray and Co.), Puxton 
15 Mrs Macdonald, Allan cottage 


Old Edinburgh Road — Continued. 

17 Miss Cook, Reay house private hotel 
23 David Ross, solicitor, Craig wood 
25 Miss Ann Macgregor 

27 Mrs Forbes 

31 John Mackenzie, inspector of weights and 


33 Peter Mackintosh, solicitor, Muiryshade 
37 Miss Correy 

39 Alistair Sinclair, manager (A. Fraser, Ltd.) 

41 Mrs John Mackenzie, Lamburn 
43 G. F. Kent 

45 G. C. Forbes, agent, National Bank 

47 John Munro, architect and surveyor, Garden 

49 A. J. Mackenzie, solicitor, Wilton lodge 
51 Andrew Thomson, gas manager, Arniston 
53 J. W. McKillop, county clerk, Letham lodge 
57 Alexander Macdonald, retired farmer 
59 W. G. S. Inglis, school dental surgeon 
61 John Connan, chemist 
63 John R. MacAvoy, auctioneer, Tordarroch 
69 Miss Mackintosh 
73 James Macdonell, tinsmith 
75 Hugh Fraser, clerk 
77 William A. Walker, mechanic 
79 E, M. Bennie, engineer surveyor 


2 James Allan, jnir., L.D.S. 

4 Patrick J. Moloney 

6 William Taylor, architect, Craigneish 

8 J. C. Stewart, solicitor, Melness 
10 Town Water Supply Yard 
12 J. C. Neil, auctioneer, Ivy cottage 
16 J. C. Macdonald, wine merchant, Daviot lodge 

28 Mrs Martin, Ivy bank 
30 Miss Shackleton, Bruar 

32 Hugh Urquhart, retired, St Vincent cottage 
32a G. Urquhart Watt, music seller 

34 Mrs Bell, Blythfield 
Edward Woodward 

42 Rev. Arthur Hamilton, B.D., of St Stephen's 

46 J. T. Bookless, fishmonger 


Old Edinburgh Road— Continued. 

50 William Brash, M.A., B.Sc., Ellandonan 

56 Dr John Macdonald, M.B., CM., D P H 

60 Mrs Gillies, Balaldie 

62 James Martin, retired bank agent, Carlenrig 

64 Misses Elliot, Dorneygills 

66 Mrs Linton, Nevis bank 

68 Mrs S. E. Macdonald 

80 Andrew P. W. Bewglass 

82 Muirfield Institution and Hospital- 
Andrew P W. Bewglass, governor 
J. D. Hood, porter 
Joint Hospital Board- 
Andrew P. W. Bewglass, clerk and treasurer 



1 Harold Macdonald, painter 
3 W. J. Boag, clerk, L.M.S.R. 
5 Alex. Macaulay, commercial traveller 
7 Richard Mackenzie, machineman 
9 William Macrae, fruiterer 
11 James V. Kennedy, clerk, L.M.S.R. 
Miss Jean Robertson, confectioner 


2 Hugh Macdonald, retired 

4 John R. Braid, traveller 

6 Captain Simkins, Salvation Army 

8 Grigor Edward Marr, overseer, G.P.O. 

10 Mrs Mackenzie 

12 John R. Bennett, newspaper representative 

14 David Fairweather traveller 

16 David Millar, shoemaker 

18 Alexander Ross Lindsay, grocer 

20 Mrs Ross 

22 John K. Beaton, teacher 

24 Gilbert Clark, weighing machine mechanic 



1 James Gow, painter 
Duncan Fraser, roadman 

2 Finlay Mackay, sawyer 

2a Mrs Allan, Thistle cottage 

3 Miss Macdonald 

John Russell, motor driver 

4 Frank Lawson, milkman 

5 Hugh Fraser, titter 
William Gunn, R.N. 

6 John Baddon, motor mechanic 

7 John Polworth, labourer 
James Welsh, motor driver 
John W. Macleod, chauffeur 
Mrs Macdonald 

Miss A. Mackenzie 

8 Robert Livingston, joiner 
10 George Dorward, retired 

Mrs Reid 

Simon Maclean, sugar boiler 
Grove Terrace — 

3 Andrew Mowatt, motor driver 

4 David Cumming, electrician 
9 Henry McNeillie, barber 

11 John Smart, painter 

Joseph Beaton, fireman, L.M.S.R. 
11a E. Fraser, shoemaker 
13 John Aitken 
15 A. M. Fraser, motor driver 
17 John Lawson, potato merchant 


2 Mrs Cameron, Fassock house 

Mrs Groat, do. 

Miss Munro, do. 

Mrs Gillately, do. 

Mrs Gordon 
4 Mrs Jenner 

6 Miss Macdonald, Lentran cottage 
8 Miss Ross, Eden villa 
10 Donald Treasurer, photographer, Whitehaven 


Perceval Road — Continued 

12 Mrs A. Campbell 

Ian Allan, stores superintendent, L.M.S.R. 

14 Mrs Donald Cameron 

16 A. W. Glashan, cashier 

18 Mrs MacCrum, Sans Souci 
20 Peter Swanney, draper 
22 John Donaldson, commission agent 
24 James Fraser, D.O., Forestry Commission, Glen- 


1 Mrs C. Macrae, Osborne 

3 John Macdonald, commercial traveller 

5 J. H. Davis, motor driver 

7 Miss Maclean 

11 John Macallan, retired 

13 Mrs Sinclair, Cennamonie villa 

15 Misses Macleod, Craigielea 

17 Mrs John Cameron, do. 


2 William Grant, slater 

6 Archibald Reid 

8 Mrs Macdonald 

10 Miss Fraser, Carswell cottage 

John Alex. Fraser, coachbuilder, do 

12 Mrs Mackenzie 

14 John Hunter 

16 Mrs Scott 

18 Stanley H. Wilson, depute town chamberlain, 

20 H. J. Pallister, wireless operator 
22 Robert Macdonald, chemist 
24 Miss M. Macleod, teacher, Craigieholm 
26 Miss Davidson, Morayston 

28 Donald Macgillivray, sub-manager, Coast Lines, Ltd. 
30 Mrs Macnaughton, Merlindene 
32 Miss Mackenzie, Craigmonie 
34 Alex. Mackenzie, shoemaker. Enrick villa 


Planefield Road — Continued. 


Planefield Bowling Green — James Matheson, 
19 Dr David S. Garden, M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H. 
11 Robert Sturrock, M.B., Ch.B., Planefield House 


1 William D. Hain, works manager, L.M.S.R. 

2 Mrs Boyne 

3 Charles Murdoch 

4 Wm. Fraser, confectioner 

5 Donald Macfie, engineer 

7 Thomas Cameron, Birchwood villa 

8 George Macdonald, retired farmer, Kytra villa 

10 David Ross, painter 

11 Mrs Wilson 

13 Sutherland Bros., plumbers and slaters 


1 Robert J. Pealling, M.A., B.Sc. 

3 Miss Annie Macvicar, teacher 

5 Miss Grant 

7 James Smith, loco, foreman, L.M.S.R., Aitnoch 
9 Miss Gordon 

11 Miss Maclennan 
13 Hugh Macdonald 


William Forbes, grocer, Tordarroch 

2 James T. Henderson 

4 D. Macpherson, butcher 

6 Mrs Rattray 

8 Mrs Leith, board-residence 



Harbour Offices — 

Captain Donald Munro, harbourmaster and 

collector of dues 
Charles Macdonald, harbour meter. ho. 
35 Innes street 

1 David Macmillan Johnstone 
Albert George Lewery, carpenter 

2 Mrs Macbain 

J. Home, jeweller 
Robert Home, janitor 

3 William A. Whyte, chauffeur 
5 Stratton Dairy stables 


la Alex. Carfrae, wine and spirit merchant 
3 Andrew Russell, motor driver 

James Sutherland, junr. 

James Sutherland, guard 
5 Duncan Sutherland, electrician 
7 Co-operative Dairy 

13 Mrs Jessie Ferguson 
Thomas Chisholm, labourer 
James Taylor, barman 

A. D. Mackenzie, storekeeper 
12 John Wheeler, mason 

14 David Dott, contractor 


1 Shand & Lindsay, hosiers and outfitters 
3 W. J. Bethune, chemist 

5 Fraser, Kennedy and Fraser, butchers — R. 
Singer Sewing Machine Company — 
C. W. Williamson, manager 
7 Edmundsons Electricity Corporation, Ltd. 


Queen's Gate — Continued. 

Queen's Gate Arcade — 

2 Mrs David Logan, music seller 

4 Donald Robb, licensed grocer 

6 Alex. Sloan & Go., Ltd., house furnishers 
8 Duncan Fraser, fishmonger and poulterer 

10 Robert C. Taylor, cash draper 

11 Miss Jessie Fraser, milliner 

12 D. M. Finlayson, ladies' and gent.'s hairdresser 
7, 9 West Riding Wallpaper Company— Miss R. 

Jack, manageress 

5 Isaac Mackenzie, sewing machine agent 

3 Wm. Jeans, picture framer and art dealer 
1 Duncan Fraser, butcher 

11 C. H. Webster, Imperial Typewriters 

The Department of Agriculture for Scotland 

Irvine & Johnstone, stockbrokers 

Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society — J. Cameron, 

Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society — 
William Andrews, district manager 

The Dominion Insurance Co., Ltd. — 
I. M. R, Hay, branch manager 
13 John Fraser & Co., drapers 

15 Bergamini and Co., fruiterers and confectioners 
17 The Mackintosh Estates Office — 
A. R. Paterson, factor 

Miss M. A. Maclean, restuarant 

Hamish Paterson, architect 

Tom Davies, music teacher 

Miss Macdonald, masseuse 

John M. Macdonald, timber merchant and quarry- 

Scottish Equitable Life Assurance — 
J. L. I. Wilson, resident inspector 

Standard Property Investment Co., Ltd. 

Miss Farquharson, board residence 

Albert A. L. Mackay, clerk, L.M.S.R. 
19 Balmoral Restaurant — Miss M. A. Maclean 
21 D. Cameron & Co., licensed grocers 
23 J. F. Kelly, antique art galleries 
25 Donald Morrison & Son, saddlers 
27 Queensgate Hotel — J. C. Ward, manager 
29 Mrs Margaret H. Tait, ladies' outfitter 


Queen's Gate — Continued. 

31 Robert Campbell & Co., ironmongers and tin- 
33 Coast Lines, Ltd., and David MacBrayne, Ltd. 
35 H. M. Law, face treatment, chiropody, and ladies' 
Mrs J. F Grant, dancing academy 
Morris & Macdonald, solicitors — 
Colin Outram Morris 
37 North of Scotland Bank, Ltd.— 
J. M. Hunter, branch agent 


2, 4 Royal Insurance Coy., Limited — 

John S. Rodgers, local manager 
6 Mrs Simpson 
Robert Jack, joiner 

Mrs MacAndie, wine and spirit merchant 
John M. Macdonald, L.D.S. (Edin.), dental 

Geo. Gordon & Co., C.E.'s, architects and sur- 
veyors — 
Alex. Grant, M.Inst. C.E. 
A. Mackechnie, F.F.S. 
Herbert Topper, manager, Morel Bros. 
Miss K. G. Martin 
Miss Fraser, apartments 
J. Maclennan, wireless and ace. engineer 
Inverness-shire Unionist Association 
8 Cash Drapery Stores — Mrs Smith 
10, 12 Morel Bros., Cobbett & Son, wine merchants- 
Herbert Topper, manager 
General Post and Telegraph Office— 
A. J. Campbell, postmaster 
18 Alexander Macleod, wholesale provision merchant 
24 Davidson & Son, butchers 
26 Gillanders' grocery stores- 
Alex. Fraser, proprietor 
28 Alex. Ross & Son, architects — 
J. A. Ross, F.R.I.BA. 
Gaelic Society and Licensed Trade Association — 
Alex. Nicolson, secretary 


Queen's Gate — Continued. 

28 Pearl Life Assurance Coy. — 

A. Mackay, district manager 
Post Office Engineering Department 
W. J. Taylor & Coy., architects 
Northern Assurance Co., Ltd.— R. Walker, resident 

The Stitching Service Coy.— Donald H. M. 

Frank Sime, timber merchant 
30 Employment Exchange — D. (Jrquhart, manager 

3 Hugh Henderson, dyer 

Angus Macleod, labourer 
5 Mrs Kirk 

Mrs G. Macdonald 
7 Harry Fraser, mason 

James Gunn, labourer 
9 Robert Mackay, chauffeur 
11 Alex. Mowatt, chimney sweep and slater 
13 Mrs Simpson 
Alexandra Buildings — 

1 Donald Macleod, jobbing gardener 

2 David Crout 

3 William Noble, labourer 
James Chisholm, labourer 
R. Macdonald, milkman 
Mrs Chisholm 

Charles Macleod, mechanic 
Hector Macdonald, cinema operator 
William Smith, labourer 
R. Urquhart 

4 Lewis Maclennan, painter 

5 John Macdonald, printer 

6 James Stewart, motor driver 

7 John Fraser, turner 
19 Mrs Mackenzie 

21 William Fraser, seaman 

James Kippen, mechanic 

Miss Ross 

George Fraser, labourer, L.M.S.R. 

Joseph Mackissick, coal merchant 
23 Miss Thomson 



Queen Street— Continued. 


2a D. R. Fraser, joiner 
2 Andrew Mackay, porter, L.M.S.R. 
4 Charles Whyte, lorryman 
6 Duncan Beaton 
8 Miss Pearson 

10 John Macdonald, boilermaker 
12 Walter Chisholm, labourer 

Mrs Ross 
12 Walter Maclean, coppersmith 

Robert Crout, labourer 
14 John Crout, labourer 

Mrs Jessiman 
16 Mrs Fraser 
18 Miss Bella Stewart 
18a L. Macdonald, heating engineer 
24 Wm. Davidson, porter, Blind Institute 

D. Macdonald, railwayman, L.M.S.R. 
26 Mrs Mackay 

Mrs Annie Burgoyne 
28 Mrs Patience 
Mrs Grant 
Mrs Rintoul 
Miss Macdonald 
Mrs Greig 


1 George Tarrant, clerk 
Miss Mackenzie 

2 Mrs F. Fraser 
Mrs Maciver 
James L. Cross 

William Fraser, compressor attendant 
j} George Macleod, baker 
Alex. Munro, plumber 
Mrs Munro 
James Fraser 
New Buildings— 

9 John Chisholm, inspector, L.M.S.R 
11 Alfred Ross, platelayer, L.M.S.R. 
13 Malcolm Macdonald, labourer 
15 Archibald Munro, L.M.S.R. 


Railway Terrace— Continued. 
New Buildings— 

17 Thomas Cameron, fitter 
19 Mrs Mackenzie 
21 Ronald Macdonald, labourer 
23 Donald Ross, lorryman 
25 John Fraser, retired 
27 Charles Grant 
29 Hugh Cameron, clerk 
31 William Fraser, shunter 
33 L.M.S. Railway time office 
42 John Mackenzie, inspector, L.M.S.R., Miranda 


1 Wm. Stewart, painter 
John Fraser, carter 

5 Mrs Calder 

David Fraser, tailor 
F. Malcolm 
7 John Macqueen 

Robert Richardson, machineman 
9 Mrs Simpson 
Mrs Elliot 
Robert Reid, lorry driver 

11 Jas. Fiskin, Prudential Assurance Co., Hillside 

Miss Macrae 
A. Fraser, shoemaker 


12 Mrs B. Macdonald 
Finlay Thomson, labourer 

14 Mrs Mackintosh 

Miss Sarah Mackenzie, Cliff cottage 
Thomas Fraser, do. 


2 Mrs Macvinish, Viewforth 

4 Mrs Flannery, Stenhouse 

6 John Macvinish, building contractor, Rcseneath 


Rangemore Road — Continued. 

8 David B. Macdougall, manager, Boblainie 

10 Mrs Maclennan, Cairnboag 

12 Misses Macdougal, Glenmarkie 

16 Mrs Tough, St Ninian's 

18 Miss Kelly, St Catherine's 

20 John Cameron, Bruan 

22 Alexander W. Graham, Glentromie 

24 Donald Hepburn, merchant. St Eanswyth's 

26 John Macdonald, permanent way inspector, 

28 David Ross, shoemaker, St Kilda 
32 S. Mair, boilermaker, Strathisla 
34 Mrs Mackinlay, Delny 
38 James Lennox, Glenlyon 
40 George Campbell, Hallcraig 

1 Duncan Fraser, butcher 
3 Mrs Law, Druim - 

5 Donald Gordon, meal merchant, Benview 
7 Mrs Morrison, Craig-Conis 

9 Mrs A. Fraser, Culag 

11 D. Smith, Prudential Assurance Co., Kerbet Bank 

13 Robert Edgar, Portree Wool Company 

15 Anthony Johnstone, manager* Premier laundry 

17 William Bertram, surveyor 

I7a John Brooman, }un., wholesale merchant 

19 Kenneth Cameron, butcher, Inverpolly 

21 Kenneth John Cameron, butcher 


Seaforth Mansions— 

1 a Mrs Brown 

b Mrs Steele 

c Miss Urquhart 

d Donald Macgillivray, baker 

e Mrs Macdonald 

f George Thomson, signalman, L.M.S.R. 
3 a N. Macdiarmid 

b Peter Wight, plumber 

c Roderick Williams, sculptor 

d Donald Matheson, mattress maker 

e Angus Macleod, traveller 

f John Cumming, grocer 


Reay Street— Continued. 

Seaforth Mansions— Continued. 

5 a Donald Christie, clerk, L.M.S.R. 
b A. S. Thompson 
c Alex. Bissett, grocer 
d Mrs Macdonald 

7 a George Lawler, car driver 
b William Ross, signal fitter 

c Francis Falconer, milk salesman 
d D. Petrie, guard, L.M.S.R. 
9 a P. Linton, P.O. 
b R S. Cameron, plumber 
c Miss Grant 
d Mrs Macleod 

11 a William Fraser, sculptor 
b John Finnie, traveller 

c John Matheson, storeman 
d W. Chisholm, joiner 

15 a H. Ross, P.O 

b William Cameron, painter 


8 Daniel Mackay, county constable 
10 Mrs Mackenzie, Coiltry villa 

12 Wm. Macculloch, guard, L.M.S.R., Enrick villa 
14 Mrs Macleod 

16 Mrs Falconer 
Balchraggan BuildingiS — 

18 Miss Murphy 

20 Mrs Fraser 

22 Mrs Macmillan 

24 Harry Anderson, motor mechanic 

26 Mrs Hay 

28 John Gunn, cabinetmaker 

30 John Macrae, retired police sergeant 

32 John Macrae, carpenter 

34 Angus Stewart 

34a Alex. Ross, confectioner 


1 Mrs Campbell 
Mrs W. Macdonald 
Robert Gray, motor driver 


Rose Street — Continued. 

1 Miss Fraser, cook 

John Grant, boilerrnaker 

J. Jarret, labourer 

Mrs Fraser 
3, 5 Geo. Forsyth, plumber 
7 Fraser & Eland, motor hirers 
9-15 Rose Street Foundry Company 
17 Mrs Walker 

Roderick Fraser, porter 

John Mackenzie, fitter 

W. J. Mackenzie, labourer 
19 William Macgregor, storeman 

Robert Ferguson, painter 

Miss Bella Gallacher 
21 John Dargavel, motor driver 

William Chisholm, furnaceman 

23 Inverness Corporation Gas Works 
29 Mrs Mackenzie 

Robert Macleod, engine-driver, L.M.S.R. 

R. Finlay 

Mrs Tolmie 

Alfred Fleming, shunter, L.M.S.R. 

Roderick Macrae, barman 
31 Robertson's Garage 
41 D. Swanson, sheet metal worker 

John Mackay, checker 
43 Donald Mackay, carter 

Harry Taylor, fish restaurant 
43a James Tulloch, vanman 

James Grant, machineman 

Donald Mackay, jun., fireman 
45 Mrs Chisholm 

Mrs A. Miller 

A. Macdonald 


2 to 22 The Rose Street Foundry and Engineering 
Company, Limited — 
S. Hunter Gordon, managing director and 

J. M. Maitland, manager 

24 Drill Hall, 4th Battalion Cameron Highlanders 
26 Rose Street Foundry pattern shop 


Rose Street— Continued. 

28 Kenneth Mackenzie, carter 

John Macbean, fitter 

J. Reid 
30 Mrs Spence 

Robert Whyte, storeman 
32 Thomas Cameron, fitter 

Mrs Cormack 
36 D. Miller, L.MjS.R. 

A. Grant, butcher 

John Dallas, painter 

Donald Mair, gasfitter 
38 Mrs Stewart 
40 James Fraser, chauffeur 
42 William Dunbar 
42a Robert Chisholm, storekeeper, P.O. 

Miss Mackenzie 
44 John Urquhart, grocer 
46 Alexander Macdonald, grocer 
48 D. P. Maclean, plasterer contractor 
50 James Shand, guard 
52 John Moir, labourer 
52a Mrs Fraser 

Alex. Morrison, surfaceman, L.M.S.R. 

ROSEBERY PLACE (off Haugh Road). 

1 Kenneth Fraser, fitter 
James Anderson 

Mrs Mackintosh 

2 Mrs Williams 

3 Alexander Fraser, lock-keeper 

4 David Maclachlan, retired 
John Grant, chauffeur 

5 T. Fraser 
E. Donachie 

5a Miss Sinclair 

6 Frederick Mackenzie, fitter 

1 Mrs Macleod, Norwood 
3 Mrs Russell 
5 Everard Cockburn 

7 Mrs Edgar, Tweedside 


Ross Avenue — Continued. 

9 Dav id M alcolm, steamer agent, Tayside 
13 James Johnstone, Lynwood 
15 G. Scott, clerk, L.M.S.R. 
19 W. A. Graham, piano -tuner, Grahamsville 
21 Miss Mackintosh 
23 Mrs Macfarquhar 
25 D. Macpherson, vanman 
27 John Maclennan, clerk 
29 Charles Macfarlane 
31 George Williamson, G.P.O. 
33 Miss Mackay 
35 George Young, Brucefield 
37 Misses Mackenzie, Daisyfield 
39 A. Paterson, draper 
41 David Anderson, compositor 
43 John Kennedy Maclean, labourer, Culburnie 
45 Mrs Angus Macintyre, Culburnie 
47 J. Matheson, grocer, Roslyn 


Iain Fraser, grocer, Inveravon 
18 Miss B. Macrae, Atholl 
22 Mrs Nicolson, Balnuig 
26 Colin Fraser, motor driver, Kinnoull 
38 James D. Simmie, Invererne 
40 James Campbell, tailor and clothier, Glenorrin 
42 John Mackenzie, Rocklands 

44 Robert H. Stevenson, foreman electrician, Inch- 

ROSS'S CLOSE (off Shoe Lane). 

1 Alex. Macmillan, hawker 

Andrew Wilson, sen. 
3 James Wilson, hawker 

Mrs Macmillan 

Alaistair Fraser, gardener 
5 Mrs Macmillan 
7 Mrs Macmillan 


SCHOOL LANE (off Church Street). 

Mrs Macpherson 

John Macniven 

Freemasons' Hall 

Mrs Grant 

Mrs E. Robertson 

Mrs Farquhar 

James Blackie, labourer 


1 Evan Mackenzie, engine-driver, L.M.S.R. 

2 Harry Corbett, L.M.S.R. 
Alex. Munro, farmer, Millburn 

Albert Finlay, ploughman, Millburn farm 
Mrs Catherine Cameron, Millburn farm 
John Scott, Millburn farm 

7 Mrs Urquhart 
Mrs Matheson 
9 Alex. Hammond, labourer 
Miss A. Mann 


18 Miss M. A. Macdonald 

Mrs Macgregor 

D. Macarry, labourer 

William Wood, labourer 

William Matheson, labourer 
20 Wm. Wemyss, labourer 


1 Miss J. Fraser 

3, 5 Alex. Ross & Co., joiners 

7 David Macdonald, milk salesman 

David R. Grant, plasterer 
9 Alex. Macmillan, cattle dealer 
13 A. Grant & Sons, plasterers and cement workers. 

ho. 20 Waterloo place 
15 Mrs Cobban 
17 Northern Tyre Service. 


Shore Street— Continued. 

19 R. Mackenzie, stableman 
Mrs Cameron 

29, 31 Hugh Allan, carrier-contractor 


Co-operative stables and garage 
4 J. Perrie, coal dealer 

George Whyte 

Peter Graham, carter 
6 David Forbes, motor contractor 
8 Mrs Mellis 

Mrs Marello 

Alex. Macrae, Cleansing Department 

Mrs Macdonald 
14 Mrs Chisholm 
16 Miss Mackintosh 
18 Hugh Malcolm, motor driver 

John Currie, labourer 

20 Miss Hood 

Alexander Reid, shunter, L.M.S.R. 

D. Maclean 
22 Mrs Mackintosh 
24 J. Liddell, signal fitter 
28 J. Gray & Sons, slater contractors 
30 Miss Bowman 

33 Mrs Corbett 

James Gollan, plumber 

Robert J. Mackenzie, motor driver 

Roderick Mackenzie, fitter 

34 Miss Ethel Cay, dressmaker 
Mrs Wylie 

Miss Craig 
Miss Munro 
Alex. Angus, butcher 
34a Creosoting Works— James Walker & Co. 
Coal Store — Robert Taylor & Sons, Ltd. 

35 William Macinnes, foreman cleaner 
Alexander Mackenzie, carter 
Andrew Patience, labourer 

36 Hector Patience, conductor 
Mrs Jessie Macdonald 
Mrs Duncan Macdonald 
John Mann, sawyer 

D. Mackinlay, vanman 
J. Milne, tailor 


Shore Street — Continued. 

37 Sinclair Laird, carter 
Walker's Stables 

38 Mrs Smith 

John Paterson, sawmiller 
42 John Macpherson & Co., coal merchants 

44 M'Gruther & Marshall's lime and cement store 

45 D. Petrie & Co.'s coal store 

46, 47 The Inverness Bonding Co., Ltd., No. 3 Duty 
free warehouse 

49, 53 Inverness Sawmills- 
James Walker & Co., timber merchants 
Mrs Jeffrey, caretaker 

54 James Wilson, traction driver 
Alex. Mackintosh, sawyer 
Hector Mackenzie, engine cleaner 

55 William Fraser, boiler inspector 
Robert Mackenzie, painter 

57 John Munro, carter 
James Grant 

James Mackintosh, painter 
William Third, ship carpenter 
Alex. Maclennan, labourer 

58 Duncan Finlayson, coppersmith 
William Mackintosh, butcher 
Donald Gray, plumber 

James Gray & Son, slaters 

59 John Dewar, labourer 
€1 James Fraser, clerk 

Mrs Mackintosh 

Mrs Dewar 

Miss Bella Mackintosh 

62 Shore Street Mission Hall 

63 James Mackenzie, flesher 

64 Citadel Bar — Alex. Carfrae, proprietor 

66 Hugh Patience, labourer 
Herbert Macdonald, fireman 
James Mackenzie, painter 
Arthur Macmillan, fireman 
John Matheson, grocer 

66a J. Paterson, dock labourer 

67 David Paterson, driver, L.M.S.R. 
Anthony Simpson, fireman 
Murdo Macleod, killer 

Miss Macbean 


SIMPSON'S LANE (off Grant Street). 

4 William Macbean, vanman 

5 Mrs Williamson 

Donald Mackay, dock labourer 
Mrs Mair 

David Sutherland, sawmiller 
7 Miss Jessie Mackenzie 

John Mackenzie, barman 
9 Donald Urquhart, oil merchant 
10 Thomas Williamson, dealer 
12 Mission Hall 


1 Alex. Osborne, P.O. lineman 

3 John R. Sutherland, P.O. Engineering dept, 

5 Alex. Mackenzie, manager 

7 John T. Ogg, inspector A.A. 

9 Douglas Garland, dining car chef 

11 J. T. Campbell, postal clerk, P.O. 

15 Alexander Miller, journalist 

17 Henry Gordon, clerk 

19 William Harper, labourer 

21 Michael Hassan, taxidermist 

23 David Robertson, electrician 

25 J. Macphenson, foreman stableman 

27 Miss Dickson 

29 Mrs Rice 

31 George Wilson, fireman 

33 John D. Macdonald, confectioner 

35 Louis Davidson, plumber contractor 

37 John Hogg, fishing tackle maker 


2 Duncan Munro, guard, L.M.S.R. 

4 John Stewart, painter 

6 John Cameron, traveller 

8 James D. Mackenzie, cashier 
10 Mrs Fraser 

12 John Boa, commercial traveller 

14 James Alex. Mackie, radio engineer 

16 William Paterson, Sergeant, burgh police 

18 Mrs Morrison 


Smith Avenue — Continued. 

20 Miss Anderson 

22 George Ross, ironmonger 

24 Thomas Phair, tailor 

30 Charles Miles, fitter 

32 Edward Macrae, potato merchant 

34 Angus Macrae, clerk 

36 Mrs Mackendrick 
38 R. W. Richardson 

40 John Kennedy, agent for Hobart, Ltd. 


1 John Ross, labourer 

3 Andrew Williamson, labourer 

5 D. Wemyss labourer 

7 James Barnaby, labourer 

9 William Hill, labourer 
11 Mrs Urquhart 

15 Roderick Macdougall, plasterer 
17 Murdo Macfarlane, brick layer 
19 Donald Ross, mattress-maker 

21 Mrs Mary Macleay 

23 William Mackay, cabinetmaker 

25 Donald Macdonald, shoemaker 
27 Miss Isabella Macleod 

29 Mrs Junor 

31 Mrs Gray 

33 Mrs Shaw 

35 James Macintyre, labourer 

37 John Calder, labourer 
39 Robert Glass, labourer 

41 William Smith, labourer 
43 Peter Mackenzie, painter 
45 James Fraser 

47 JohnMacbean, fireman, L.M.S.R. 

49 John Thomson, labourer 

51 Hugh Patience, labourer 

53 Alex. Asher, stonebreaker 

55 Miss Maggie Fraser 

57 James Macbean 

59 Norman Macleod, coalman 

61 John Davidson, labourer 


South Drive (Kessock) — Continued. 

63 James Thomson, gardener 

65 Miss Mary Mackenzie 

67 John Mackenzie, yardman 

69 John Kennedy, 'bus driver 

71 Miss Christina Stewart 

73 Mrs Macdougall 

75 Alex. Maclean, boots 

77 A. Mackenzie 

79 Mrs Tait 

81 G. Wood, mason, L.M.S.R. 

83 W. Fraser, moulder 

85 John Maclennan, carriage cleaner, L.M.S.R. 

87 Alfred Johansen, labourer 

89 Charles Ross, labourer 

91 John Beggan, labourer 

93 Angus Macintyre 

95 James Mackay, insurance agent 

97 David Shaw, labourer 

99 Mrs Ross 
101 Mrs W. Maclennan 
103 James Maclean, labourer 
105 William Mackenzie, painter 
107 Thomas Morrison, labourer 
109 Mrs Macdonald 
111 Donald Mackenzie, woodcutter 
113 Mrs Campbell 
115 John Urquhart, dealer 
117 Mrs Maciver 
119 Mrs Mackenzie 
121 James Macrae, carter 

123 William Urquhart, fish salesman 

125 James McCall 

127 William Black, slater 

129 Ronald Wilson, fitter 

131 John Sutherland (Wordie and Co.) 

133 Donald Macpherson, carder 

135 Colin Macdonald, coalman 

137 Duncan Finlayson, labourer 


2 Alexander Junor, slater 

4 John Walker, drover 

6 Donald Hasson, brass moulder 

8 Mrs Fraser 


South Drive (Kessock) — Continued. 

10 Mrs Ann Cormick 

12 Alexander Sutherland, labourer 

14 D. Mackinnon, motor driver 

16 Donald Black, labourer 

34 Mrs Williamson 

36 Alex. Wells, labourer 

38 Mrs Jessie Mackenzie 

40 John Anderson, labourer 

42 John Thomson, fireman 

44 Donald Mackenzie, 'bus driver 

46 Sam Macleod, storeman 

48 J. J. Low, labourer 

50 Duncan Mackenzie, labourer 

52 Evan Jessiman, gardener 

54 Peter Shane, labourer 

56 Thomas Russell, dock labourer 

58 H. Caldwell, motor driver 

60 Donald Manson 

62 P. Mapplebeck 

64 D. Fraser, labourer 

66 Donald Macdonald, wood cutter 

68 Mrs Ross 

70 Charles Mackintosh 

72 Hugh Masson, labourer 

74 Ernest Trace (Holm Mills) 

76 Angus Williamson, dealer 

78 E. Mackenzie, labourer 

80 A. Mackintosh, Cleansing Department 

82 Colin Gray, coal merchant 

84 Miss Maclennan 

86 James Robertson, L.M.S.R. 

88 Mrs Watson 

90 Mrs E. Blythe 

92 George Macdonald, labourer 

94 W. Cuthbert, coalman 

96 P. Davidson, motor driver 

98 J. Stewart, hawker 
100 Andrew Maclennan, mason 
102 Thomas Dawson, labourer 
104 Miss Fraser 
106 Mrs Fraser 
108 Mrs J. Forsyth 
120 Mrs May Hutchison 
122 Kenneth Mackintosh, fitter 
124 Thomas Reid, taxi driver 


South Drive (Kessock) — Continued. 

126 John Scanlan, retired 
128 Mrs Ross 

130 William Wright, shipwright 
132 John Chisholm, hairdresser 
134 David Patience, grocer 


I John Montgomery, bricklayer 

3 George C. Gunn, engineer 

4 Edward Irvine, skipper 

5 John Stewart, traveller 

6 Kessock Ferry Company- 
Robert A. Macdonald, secretary 
Alexander Shand. L.M.S.R. 
Inverness Boat Club 


1 John Souter, retired 

2 P. Lunardi, confectioner, Averon 

3 Mrs Macdonald, Dil-Kushi 

4 Mrs Sinclair 

5 Mrs Ross 

6 Miss E. C. Rose 

7 Miss Cameron 

8 Mrs Milne 

9 Miss Reid 

10 C. O. Morris (of Morris & Macdonald, solicitors;, 

Mayfield cottage 

11 Don. Mackenzie, commercial traveller, Earnsclifle 

12 Wm. C. Graham, commercial traveller, Lawriston 

13 Mrs R. B. Moore 

14 Mrs Waters, Roachdale 
M. P. Gentles 

15 Edward Williams, fitter, L.M.S.R. 



5, 7 St John's Episcopal Church — 

Rev. W. Steel 
9 Alex. Duthie, M.A., Royal Academy 

II W. Fraser, county chief constable, St Duthus 


Southside Road — Continued. 

13 James Stark, chemist 

15 Misses Forsyth 

17 D. J. Tolmie, senior deputy county clerk 
17a D. H. McNeill, solicitor 

19 Miss Maclennan, Carron 

21 R. H. C. Ford, C.A. (of R. F. Cameron and 

Forrest), Southside cottage 

25 Miss Murchison, private hotel, Rannoch lodge 

27 Mrs Macdonald 

27a W. R. Cumming, sculptor, Morayston 
29 Mrs Jessie Macdonald, Glencona 
31 William Urquhart, St Anns 
33 Mrs Smith Laing, Glentarff 

35 Miss Mackintosh, St Margaret's nursing home 

37 B. G. Hoare, Ravenswood 

39 Murdo Morrison, Westfield 

41 Mrs Chalmers, Southcote 


2 A. Macphee & Son, fruiterers and confectioners 

4 Mrs M. Ramsay 
Mrs Hutchison 

6 Scott Moffat, butcher 

6a John Bowman, baker, Wallace buildings 

8 Joseph Wood, baker 
10 William Macdonald, Braeholm 
12 Mrs Murray, Tigh-Chnuic 

14 Mrs Mackintosh, Lochmaree cottage 

16 Mrs Campbell 

16a Mrs Mary Ralph, dressmaker 

18 W. J. Munro, dairy, Eldad villa 

20 Mrs Ross, Atholdene 

22 Miss Urquhart, Rigfoot 

24 Kenneth Mackay, traveller, Kildonan 

26 Miss Mackenzie, Kinrara 

28 Miss Dunlop, Carrick lodge 
St Stephen's Church- 
Rev. Arthur A. Hamilton, B.D., minister 
John Spence, church officer 

36 Duncan Duffy, shipping agent, St Colme 

38 D. Cameron 

40 Donald Noble, solicitor, Scotscraig 

42 Angus Paterson, Southwood 



Southside Road — Continued. 

44 Mrs Duncan Shaw, St Aubyns 

46 David Aiken, agent, Royal Bank, Culblain 

48 John M. Middleton, solicitor, Dunolly 


1 Allan Fraser, postman 

2 Thomas Skinner, Crown Bakery 

3 Enrico Pizzamiglio 

4 Thomas Skinner, baker 
Thomas Mackay, storeman 
B. Lowe, yard foreman 

5 Donald Macdonald, Crown shoemaker 

6 Hugh Fraser & Sons, plumbers, etc. 
8 Ross & Sutherland, shoemakers 

8a Alex. Macdonald, labourer 

Alexander Macdougall, labourer 

Mrs Mackenzie 

Alexander Fridge, labourer 

Miss J. Mackay 
10 Mrs Dyce 
12 Miss Gordon 

18 Donald Alex. Mackenzie, carpenter 
20 Affleck Gordon, labourer 
22 Mrs Watt 
24 St Stephen's Crown Church Mission Hall 


2a D. J. Millar, boot and shoemaker 

3 Andrew Macaulay, fireman, L.M.S.R. 
Alexander Gordon, blacksmith 

Mrs Finlay 

Mrs Mackenzie 

James Maclean, gais stoker 

Farquhar Macdonald, telegraph lineman 

Mrs I. Macdonald 

Ronald Macdonald 

Donald Macfarquhar, barman 

Mrs Paterson 

F. Weale 

4 William Sutherland, labourer 
Archibald Macdonald, fireman, L.M.S.R. 
James C. Munro 

George Sutherland, chauffeur 


Stephen Street — Continued. 

4 Miss Maclennan 
Frank Moncur, mechanic 
George Paul, L.M.S.R. 
John Ross, coachman 
Archibald E. Munro, clerk 
Colin Mackenzie, Cleansing Department 
Kenneth Maclennan, tailor 
George Mackay 


2 T. E. Cameron (A. W. Chapman & Co.) 
4 Mrs Clark 

6 Misses Begbie 

8 Thomas Stewart, accountant, County Council 
10 James B. Davie, L.D.S., dental surgeon 

SWAN'S LANE (off Wells Street). 

Davis Square Meeting House 

7 Thomas Gray, labourer, Queen's cottage 
Isaac Mackay, labourer 

2 John Ross 

4 Murdo Mackenzie 
Alex. Mackenzie 
Charles Shand, labourer 

Hugh Young, Cleansing Department 
Mrs Mackenzie 
6 Alexander Mackenzie, barman 
10 Robert Urquhart, fish dealer's yard 
12 Robert Stewart, dealer 
16 John Fraser, labourer 
22 Donald Fridge, painter 
24 A. Smart, grocer 

TELFORD AVENUE (off Telford Road). 

8 James Hutchison, inspector, P.O. 

6 Murdoch Macpherson, stoker 

5 Allan Dawson, engine-driver 

7 Charles Davidson 



1 Lewis Shaw, fireman 

3 William Baird, foreman baker 

5 Henry Henderson, clerk 

7 Alex. Bartlett, signalman 
9 James Fraser, fireman 

11 Charles Gunn, baths attendant 
15 Roderick Fraser, boatbuilder 

17 Robert A. Robertson, electrician 

19 Miss Mary MacFadyen, teacher 

21 John Finlay, contractor 

23 John Murray, carpenter 

25 John F. Cameron 

27 Hugh Macdonald, fishmonger 

29 James Smart, joiner 

31 Alexander MacColl, grocer 

33 Alexander Macdonald, blacksmith 

35 Francis Deans 

37 Mrs A. Perrie 

39 Mrs Catherine Fraser 

41 William Shand, fireman 

43 Hector Macvinish, wine and spirit salesman 

45 James Chalmers, confectioner 

47 Mrs Williamson 

49 Philip Alexander 

51 Henry Cameron 

53 Frank Adams 

55 Gordon Reid, clerk 

57 D. Simpson 

59 James F. Campbell 

61 Miss M. J. Cameron 

63 Mrs A. Macdonald 

65 Simon Fraser 


2 Simon Fraser, housing inspector 

4 Donald Mackenzie, signal installer 

6 J. A. Smith, meter inspector 

8 Hugh Falconer, clerk 

10 John G. Macleod, foreman 

12 James Ross, yardsman 

14 Roderick Gollan, storekeeper 


Telford Gardens— Continued. 

16 James Macdonald, plumber 

18 Mrs C. Grant 

20 George Gillespie, works manager 
22 G. MacMurtrie, retired 

24 David Grant, labourer 

26 John Campbell, plumber 

28 Mrs Alice Morrison 

30 Hugh Mackintosh, blacksmith 

32 Donald Gray, grocer 

34 Thomas Macdonald, mason 

36 William Macdonald, shunter 

38 George Clarke, typewriter mechanic 

40 Duncan Munro 

42 John Doyle, tinsmith 

44 Alexander Chisholm, mason 

46 Hugh Dougherty, hairdresser 

48 J. W. Mackenzie, surfaceman, L.M.S.R. 

50 William E. Matheson 

52 John Robertson, news agent 

54 Roderick Morrison, chef 

56 J. Thorn 

58 William J. Munro, milk salesman 

60 James Swanson, stoker 

62 Andrew Cameron, railway checker 

64 James Sinclair, railway guard 

66 Mrs B. Attwater 

68 Mrs Margaret Leslie 

70 Mrs A. Barron 

72 Mrs Mary Allan 


3 William Mann, machineman 
7 William Mackintosh, plumber 

Hugh Morrison, potato merchant 
9 William Macgregor, labourer 
11 Co-operative Dairy 
15 D. Grant, motor mechanic 
William Sutherland, clerk 

19 Henry Maitland, chauffeur 
William Mackay, L.M.S.R. police 

21 James W. Foubister, plumber 


Telford Road — Continued. 

21 Alex. Davidson, engineer 

27 Martin F. Macintyre, meter tester 
Miss Cumming 

29 Andrew Mackenzie, labourer 

31 Miss Macgregor 
Mrs Lamb 

33 Mrs Houston 

35 William Mackenzie, engineer 
R. T. Mackenzie, clerk 

39 William Cameron, storeman 

41 Alex. Macphee, carriage -builder 

43 John M. Macdonald, grocer 

45 Donald Maclennan, retired 

47 Telford Engineering Works 

51 J. Mathason, clerk 

51a Mrs Maclean 

69 William Jack, carpenter 

77 John Allan, foreman, L.M.S.R. 

79 John Gordon, insurance agent 

Misses Macdonald 
81 Alex. Hutchison, boot and shoemaker 


2 H. K. Maclean, shipwright 

4 Miss Stewart, Telford villa 
W. J. Allanach, outfitter 

6 Mrs Harper 

8 Robert Urquhart 

8a Alex. Fraser, cartwright 
10 James Davidson, travelling agent 
10a Donald Reid, manager 
12 Mrs Gunn 
14 Kenneth Sinclair 
Mrs Jane Millar 
16 William Smith, manager 
18 Mrs Munro 
20 John Munro, carriage builder 

22 David Cameron, engineer 
26 Mrs Howie 

30 Mrs Baxter 

32 Kenneth Johnstone, shoemaker 

36 Mrs Forbes 

38 Alexander Fraser, carpenter, St Ives 

40 John Young, monotype operator, Gwffane 


Telford Road— Continued. 

42 Miss Forsyth, Bailenrigh 

44 George Andrew, cabinetmaker 

46 Murdo Mackenzie, carpenter 

48 Cameron Proudfoot, taxi driver 

50 Mrs Macbean 

52 Robert Jeans, printing manager 

Telford Bakery, Inverness, Ltd. 

Telford Wholesale Grocery 

Merkinch Public School — 

Miss Mary J. Campbell, infant mistress 
56 John Fraser, janitor 

66 G. M. Tocher, tailor and clothier, Glenisle 
72 Alexander Munro, carpenter 
74 William J. Campbell, traveller 
76 George Davidson, Ben-y-Vrackie 
82 Mrs Forbes 

84 Roderick Maclennan, retired, Te-Kowai 
86 William Simpson, Anchorvil 
88 Alexander McLachlan, hewer 
90 William F. Macdonald, postman 
92 Mrs Chisholm, Boglashin 
94 Miss Isabella Mackenzie 
94a Miss Ross, confectioner 
96 Miss Ross 


1 James W. Paxton, supervisor foreman 

3 Mrs Mackay 

5 Donald Macdonald, carting contractor 

7 Mrs Fraser 

9 Mrs Duncan Fraser 
11 Thomas Gordon 
15 James Macdonald, fitter 
17 Miss Mary Munro 
19 Duncan Maclennan, mason 
21 Hugh Munro, Labour Exchange 
23 William Sutherland, P.O. linesman 
25 Matthew Mackenzie, slater 
Colin Mackenzie, slater 
James M. Mackenzie, fishmonger 


Telford Street— Continued. 

27 William Rae, coal merchant 
Mrs Davidson 

Mrs A. Fraser 

29 Thomas Connon, commercial traveller 

33 James A. G. Munro, janitor 

35 William Cay, fitter, L.M.S.R. 

37 Queen Victoria Jubilee Institute of Nurses, Briton 

39 Miss Paul 

41 John Macdonald, overseer, P.O. 
43 Angus Macleod, sculptor 
49 James D. Chisholm, railway clerk 

Muirtown Nurseries — Howden & Co. 

Caledonian Football Field 
51 Duncan Mackintosh, guard 
81 Thomas Perrie, joiner, Glen-Mhor cottage 

79 Kenneth Mackenzie, mashman 

80 Mackinlays and Birnie, Ltd., Glen-Mhor and 

Glen-Albyn Distilleries — 

John Birnie, managing director 
85 J. McD. Fraser, gardener 
87 Mrs M. Fraser, grocer and post office 


2 Mrs Mackenzie 

4 Peter Grant, grocer 

6 William J. Finlayson, painter 

8 Mrs Gunn 

Colin Fraser, blacksmith 
10 Colin Thompson, plumber 

Mrs Macaskill 
12 Mrs Shaw 

H. Macvinish & Sons, mason contractors' yard 
16 Angus M. Smith, motor garage 
16a, 18 George C. Bruce, potato merchant 
20 Mrs Quinn 
26 Mrs Jackson 

28 Mrs Clellene 

30 John Fraser, clerk 

32 William Mackenzie, secretary 

34 Robert Macdonald, sculptor 

36 Mrs Maclean 


Telford Street — Continued. 

38 Thomas Yeudall 

40 Miss J. Macdonald 

46 Duncan Maclean, grocer, Hardun 

48 Mrs Mackenzie, Ord Muir 

50 George Cameron, coach painter 

52 Harry W. Finlay, jun., stationer, Morley 

54 Roderick Kennedy, Culzean 

56 James Fenton 

58 S. Kennedy, clerk 

60 Miss Morrison, Pine house 

64 Mrs Macrae 

66 Alistair S, Bulloch, motor engineer 

68 William Munro, chef 

70 John Callum, retired 

72 Hugh Macleod, auto, painter 

74 The New Inverness Laundry Company, Ltd. 

76 Greig's garage 

78-84 Tweed Mill — James Pringle 

86 James Ritchie, manager, Glenalbyn house 

88 Glenalbyn Distillery 

90 John Riddoch, porter, L.M.S.R. 

Mrs Macdiarmid 

Mrs Dorward 

Mrs Wilkie 

Charles Mackintosh, baker 


4 William Fraser, gardener 

6 Murdo Macleod, retired 

8 John R. Grant, plumber 
10 James Wemyss, labourer 
12 Robert Gollan, labourer 
14 J. Lamb, labourer 
16 Thomas Kennedy, labourer 
18 James Macdonald, labourer 
20 John Macvicar, labourer 
22 John Grant, painter 


Thornbush Road — Continued. 

24 Walter Duff, engine-driver, L.M.S.R. 

26 Miss Jessie Bell 

28 Charles Praser, labourer 

30 John Deans, labourer 

32 Mrs Mackay 

34 William Duncan, labourer 

36 James Bruce, coal merchant 

38 Donald Gordon, labourer 

40 James Grant, carpenter 

42 James Macgregor, sawyer 

44 Robert Simpson, compositor 

46 Mrs N. Simpson, grocer 

Church of Scotland Mission Hall 
Smith Bros., haulage contractors 


Y.W.C.A. of Scotland Rooms— Miss Brickhill 
5 D. Proudfoot, taxi owner, Kilmodan 
7 Garage 
9 Donald Falconer, fireman, destructor 

11 W. Matheson, fitter, L.M.S.R. 

13 Thomas Baxter, engine-driver 

15 J. R. Macdonald, 'bus driver 

17 Frederick Warburton, mason 

19 Mrs Mackinosh 

21 Simon Mackenzie, checker, L.M.S.R. 

23 James Fraser, shoemaker 

25 F. Kidd, tailor 

27 Lindsay Thomson, Cleansing Department 

29 William J. Mackenzie, stoker 

31 Kenneth Mackenzie, labourer 

33 Peter Junor, joiner 

35 F. Thain, coalman, L.M.S.R. 

37 Roderick Maclennan, mechanic 

39 John Chisholm, storeman 

41 William Cumming, chauffeur 

43 Mrs Macbean 

45 John James Gardener, grocer 

47 Thornbush Inn — John Walls, proprietor 




1 R. Brown, plumber 
3 Arch. Munro, fruiterer 
5 R. Mackintosh & Co., bakers, etc. 
5a Robert Macdonald, chemist 
7 Alastair Bulloch, cycle agent 
9 D. and W. Allan, provision merchants 
11 Elliot & Co., fleshers 
13 Miss Mackenzie 

Miss E. Macbean 

James Mackenzie, carpenter 

Mrs Bryson 
15a Tavish Smith, hairdresser 
15 Angus Macdonald, labourer 

John Macdonald, waiter 

Mrs Margaret Macdonald 
17 Mrs Fraser, registry 
21 George Bell, motor mechanic 

Miss Macleod 
23 Alexander Mackay 
27 Miss Cumming 

Pat Shivas, motor driver 

Colin Mackenzie, tailor 

Donald J. Fraser, carriage builder 
29 D. Urquhart, slater 

Alexander Matheson, fitter 

William Mackintosh, joiner 

Alexander Stewart, insurance agent 
39 J. Campbell, builder 
41 Archibald Fraser, carpenter contractor 
43 Archibald Fraser 
45 Mrs Maclennan 

Miss J. Stevenson 
47 Miss Mary Fox, fruiterer and confectioner 
47a A. Scott, motor mechanic 
49 Miss M. Munro 

51 Alexander Macdonald, boiler inspector 
53 William Macbain, slater 
55 Alexander Stewart, fitter 
57 William Bain, fishing tacklemaker 
59 Mrs Rose 
61 Mrs Mackay Fraser 
63 Miss Annie Menzies 


Tomnahurich Street — Continued. 

8 Falconer's Garage — Thomas Falconer 
12 West End Garage— A. S. Bulloch 
14, 16 Robert Macgregor, weaver 
18 Royal Ordnance Inn — Allan Ross, proprietor 
20 Fairfield Dye Works— Thomas H. Hope 
22 Miss E. Fraser 
24 Mrs R. Robinson 

Miss M. Cameron 
26 Alpin Chisholm, 
28 Alexander Fraser, licensed grocer 
30 John Maclean, fitter 

David L. Fraser, grocer 

James Stoddart, joiner 
32 John Fraser 

Miss Macfarlane 

Nurse Macdonald 

David Fraser, carpenter 
34 R. Wallace 

James Boag, ironmonger 
36 Miss Macdonald 

D. Giubarelli, confectioner 

J. Carey, motor mechanic 
38 D. Giubarelli, confectioner 
40 Alex. Macdougall, signalman 
40a Mrs Dickson 

Miss Jones 

James Mackay, porter 

John Mackenzie, labourer 

Mrs Cameron 

Miss Fraser 

Miss Johan Mackay 
42 Miss M. Fraser 
44 James Fraser, railway checker 
46 Allan Maclean, motor driver 
48 Peter Macbean 
50 Miss Pybus 

T. Stewart, painter 

Miss Grant 

Miss Macdonald 

Miss Ross 
52 Mrs Murray 
56 Hugh Munro, gardener 


Tomnahurich Street — Continued. 

58 Miss Catherine Cameron 
Duncan Russell, dealer 
D. Mackenzie, moulder 
William Mackenzie, gardener 
60 Mrs McGranaghan 
Miss M. Fraser 
Donald Mackenzie, slater 
Miss J. A. Mackenzie 
Wm. Murray, carpenter 
62 Miss Dickson 
62a Hugh Falconer, motor hirer 
64 Mrs Mary Turner 

Hugh Paterson, L.M.S.R. 
Armadale Terrace — 

66 William MacCulloch, P.O. engineer 
A. Garrow, 'bus driver 
G. Tolmie, motor driver 
Mrs Catcher 
68 Mrs H. Macdonald 
William Wilson, barber 
Robert Long, butcher 
Mrs Fraser 
Miss Mackenzie 
George Munro, P.O. 
Mrs Paterson 

Roderick Chisholm, chauffeur 
William Cameron, painter 
70 James Macdonald, mason 

Peter Macgregor, slater 
72 J. F. Warner, grocer 


1 Mrs Mackenzie 
3 Miss Isabel Kennedy 
Rod. Kennedy, piano tuner 
Mrs Mackenzie, nurse 
5 J. Lumsden. baths superintendent 
7 Mrs Macxenzie 

9 J. H Gall, manager, Hipps, Ltd. 
11 John Grieve, musician 
13 J. Dunbar, engine fitter 
15 Mrs Bunn 


Union Road — Continued. 

17 Mrs McManus 

19 Mrs Campbell 

21 W. V. Finlayson, commercial traveller 
23 J. Ford, gas works 

25 Mrs Macrae 

27 Andrew Macdowall, traveller 

29 John Taylor, railway clerk, Rose isle 

33 Miss Alexander 

35 Mrs Grant 

37 Miss Macrae, Anellan villa 

39 John Mackay 

41 James Chisholm, Concord villa 

45 Mrs Fraser 

47 Mrs Macdonald 

49 D. Morrison, evangelist 

51 W. G. Mackay, manager 
53 Alexander McLucas 

55 Miss M. Ferguson 


2 Thomas Ritson, banker, Kyle 

4 Miss Burns 

6 Miss Mary Ross 

8 Mrs Pettigrew 
10 A. Malcolm, L.M.S.R. 
12 William Mackintosh 
14 Simon Fraser, foreman, L.M.S.R. 
16 Henry Smith, constable 

20 Mrs Simon Mackay 

26 Mrs Leslie, Craigrothie 

28 Miss Gallie, Carron villa 

30 Mrs Macleod, Alfred villa 

32 Alex. Melville, clerk, Malvern 

32a Alex. R. Chalmers, inspector (Lipton's), Orcadia 

34 Mrs Mackechnie 

36 William Melville, shoemaker 

38 Mrs Witham 

40 Mrs Forbes 
42 Mrs Brown 

44 John Mackenzie, slater 

46 Mrs Gardener 

50 John Munro, chauffeur 

52 John Macaulay, grocer 



1, 3 F. Urquhart & Co., seedsmen— 

W. H. Urquhart 
la J. Morrison, tobacconist 
3 Norwich Union Life Insurance Society — 

Donald G. Campbell, assistant manager 
R.N. and R.M. Recruiting Office 
Angus Macdonald, shipping and commision agent 
North of Scotland College of Agriculture — 

A. W. Black, B.Sc. (Agric.) 
Donald Mackintosh, Ladies' and Gent.'s tailor and 

kilt maker 
Llewellyn R. Jones, C.A. 
5 Miss M. Clegg, fancy goods merchant 

Miss Gordon, chartered masseuse 
7, 11 A. Fraser, Ltd., cabinetmakers 
13, 15, 17 Young & Chapman, drapers 
19 Royal Bank Buildings — 
Innes & Mackay, solicitors' — 
William Mackay 
Peter Mackintosh, M.A. 
D. T. Munro, cashier 
Mrs Taylor, caretaker 
Royal Bank — 

David Aitken, agent 
Robert Macmillan, accountant 
21 Union Bank of Scotland, Ltd.— 
James D. Christie, agent 
Alex. Manson, accountant 
25 Douglas Hotel- 
Inverness Hotel Coy., proprietors 
27 John Graham & Co., gunmakers 
29 Melven Bros., booksellers 
31 Miss C. Tolmie, confectioner 
33 A. & D. Macdonald, butchers — 
D. J. Macdonald 
Donald Macdonald 
35 Fred. J. Kelly, hatter and hosier 
37 A. Robertson & Co., tobacconists — 

John H. Smith, proprietor 
39 John C. Ferguson 

41 Fraser, Ferguson & Macbean, watchmakers — 
A. W. Fraser 


Union Street — Continued. 


8, 10 Fashion Salon, mantles and gowns 
12 Household Bazaar Coy. 
14 Gray & Co., gun and fishing tackle -maters 
18 Ogstons, chemists — G. Morrison 
20 Cooper & Co., provision merchants — 

James Pirrie, manager 
24 Stanley Dennis, commission agent 

Dorothy Mair, ladies' hairdresser and manicurist 
R. Whyte, labourer 
W. G. Nairne, blacksmith 
William Macleod, platelayer 
Duncan Shaw, constable 
28 Bookless Bros., fishmongers and game dealers 
30 Henry Mitchell & Son, chemists 
32 Wesleyan Central Hall— Rev. J. R. Reid 
34, 36 A. & S. Fraser, milliners, drapers, and 

38 The Highland Fish Coy.— 

John C. Ferguson 
40 A. J. Stewart & Co., wine merchants- 
Mrs George Duncan 
42 Davidson, Scott & Co., solicitors — 
Donald H. Macdonald, B.L. 
John MacBean 
Guardian Insurance Coy. 
D. Lees Provan, L.D.S., dental surgeon 
H.M. Inspector of Taxes — 2nd Dist. — E. Leonard 
Miss Sara Walker, Northern College of Music 
44 Alex. Mackenzie & Co., china merchants 
46 Lind Davidson, electrical engineer 
50 Bank of Scotland- 
Roderick Cameron, agent 
John Grant, accountant 



1 A. Grant, grocer 
5 Mrs Maclennan 

Mrs Cuthbert 

Alexander Davidson, fitter 


Upper Kessock Street — Continued. 

9 John Fraser, seaman 
John Emely, labourer 
11 Alex. J. Mackenzie, carriage inspector 

13 Donald Mackenzie, fireman, L.M.S.R. 
15 R. Stewart, metal dealer 

17 Donald Macdougall, drover 
Alexander Barclay, labourer 
Miss Meade 

Alexander Robertson, labourer 
R. Rizza 
Mrs Burgoyne 

19 Thos. Collins, electric craneman 
John Murray, joiner 

Joseph Mackenzie 
John Maclennan, carter 
W. T. Ross, labourer 
21, 21a Henry Jamieson, china merchant 

23 Mrs Wallace 

Andrew Skinner, labourer 

25 Angus Mackenzie, labourer 
John Gilzean, dealer 

Mrs Watson 

Geo. Weir, labourer 

27 Mrs Moffat 

31 Mrs Grant 


14 Donald Hossack 

20 Kenneth Macdonald, shoemaker 
22 Reinhard Waldie, hammerman 

24 David Mackenzie, tinsmith 

26 David Macpherson, sawmiller 

28 Mrs Sutherland 

30 John Maclennan, labourer 

32 William Mackay, licensed grocer 
34 Mrs Gordon 

36 Alexander Thomson, labourer 
40 Mrs R. Maclean 

Miss Maclennan 
42 Robert Chalmers, postman 
44 Arthur J. Mackintosh, painter 
46 R. Milton, labourer 

Robert Andrew Mann, teaser 
48 Alexander Jamieson, marine stores 



Upper Kessock Street — Continued. 

50 John Mackenzie, carter 
52, 54 Donald Noble, labourer 
56 John Shaw, labourer 

Ismial Kaka, traveller 
58 John Godsman, slater 
60 John Macdonald, porter 

Alexander Long, shoemaker 

Alexander Maclean, labourer 
62 Robert Gilchrist, shoemaker 
64a James Williamson, yard 

James Williamson 
66 Andrew Gibbie, caretaker 
70 Duncan Macintyre, boot and shoe maker 
72 Donald Young, traveller 
74 Hugh Urquhart 
76 James Watson, joiner 
78 J. R. Macleod, grocer 

St Mark's West Church — 
Rev. James Morton, M.A. 
Mrs M. Finlayson, church officer 


1 Mrs Young, Crombagh 

2 Thomas B. Walker, traveller, Glenliadh 

3 Mrs Macewen, The Knowe 

4 Mrs Macdonald, Balnacarn 
6 Hugh Ross, Ballone 

8 J. A. Ellis, retired, "Morven" 
10 James Gollan, retired, Athlone 
14 John Macpherson, St Margaret's 
Duncan Macpherson, do. 

VICTORIA SQUARE (off Rose Street). 

1 Peter Bowie, L.M.S.R. 

2 Mrs Allanach 

3 Miss Stewart 

4 Mrs Haggarty 

5 John Mackinnon, brakesman 

6 Miss Haggarty 

7 John L. Macrae, carpenter 

8 Mrs Bowie 
Miss Sharp 

J. Anderson, L.M.S.R. 


Victoria Square (off Rose Street)— Continued. 

10 Mrs Sharp 

11 Matthew Hilton, compositor 

12 Mrs Grant 

13 Alfred Mackenzie, joiner 
James Arthur, baker 

14 Alexander Fraser, shoemaker 

15 Mrs Macqueen 

16 Mrs Macdonald 


1 Miss Middleton 

2 John James Mackintosh, county sanitary inspector 

3 Mrs Davidson 

5 John Maciver, butcher 

6 Mrs Robertson 

7 Mrs Miller 

8 Rev. Alex. Boyd, St Mary's (Gaelic) Church manse 

9 Mrs Watson 

10 Arthur B. Peters, librarian 

12 Alex. P. Mackenzie, architect and surveyor 


1, 2 Mrs Miller, board residence 

3 Mrs Robertson 

4 D. P. Maclean 

5 Hugh F. Murray, carpenter 

6 J. Menzies, engineer 

7 D. Macdonald, engine-driver 

8 Kenneth Fraser, chauffeur 

10 John Macleod, engine-driver, L.M.S.R. 

11 Mrs Campbell 

12 Alex. D. Fraser, retired 

First Street — 

1-11 "Highland News," Ltd., printers and pub- 
2 John Bruce, motor driver 
4, 6 Kenneth Mackenzie, cabinetmaker 
Boys' Brigade Hall 


Washington Court — Continued. 

15 Simon Fraser, painter and decorator 
17 Macdonald & Mackintosh's Stores 
20 D. Riggs & Co., butchers 
22, 28 A. W. Chapman & Co., motor engineers 
23 D. Swanson & Sons, sheet and metal workers 
25 Donald Macleod, carpenter contractor 
27, 29 Fraser & Munro, tea merchants 
30 James Paul, commission agent 
33, 37 A. Fraser, Ltd., cabinetmakers 
35, 39 Baxter & Co., seedsmen 
Wordie & Co., stables 


1 G. C. Maclean, manager, Electricity works 
3, 5 Corporation Electricity works 

7, 9, 11, 17 Farmers' Dairy Company 
13, 15 Ice Store 

Burgh Cleansing Office 


2 John C. Fraser, newsagent and confectioner 
2a James Sinclair, grocer 

4 Thomas Smith, chauffeur 

Donald Munro, labourer 
6, 8 Donald Urquhart & Son, licensed grocers 
10 John Mitchell, ship -carpenter 
12 George Haldane, fireman 

J. Macdonald, clerk, L.M.S.R. 
14 Miss Urquhart 

Mrs Oliver 

James Ellison, traction engine-driver 

Mrs Macpherson 

Hugh Fraser, blacksmith 
16 Mrs Stewart 
18 Mrs Taylor 
20 Adam Grant, plasterer 
22 James Sinclair 
24, 26 John Hendlry, innkeeper 
28 William Fraser, hairdresser 
30 Mrs Dewar 

Mrs Mackenzie 


Waterloo Place — Continued. 

30 Mrs Macdonald 

Mrs Matheson 

William Murray 
30a Garage 

32 Ministry of Transport, vehicle examiners 
34 George Grant, foreman mason 
36 Alexander Simpson, carpenter contractor 
38, 40 M. Cymbalist, tailor and designer 
42 A. Wilson, caretaker 


2 Miss Macdonald 

4 A. Norrie, traveller 

8 Angus Macrae, plumber 
10 Mrs Mackenzie 
12 Harry Stenhouse, postman 
14 John Finlay, retired warder 
16 Bernard Burgoyne, postman 
18 Mrs Robertson 
20 Robert Home, junr., cashier 
22 Kenneth Macdonald, L.M.S. linesman 
24 Mrs J. Taylor 
26 James C. Rattray, gardener 
28 James Stuart Fraser, boilermaker, Oakshaw 

Miss Stuart 
32 Miss M. Macdonell 
34 Kenneth Morrison, labourer 
36 Mrs Mackinnon 

38 Wm. Stuart, clerk, L.M.S.R., Mossbank 
40 Miss Brown 
42 Alex. Jenkins, tailor 
44 Donald Campbell, marine engine fitter 
46, 48 A. Ross, motor driver 
Pretoria Terrace — 

1 Miss Mackenzie 

William Skirving, quarry foreman 

Miss Gill 

Miss Singer, dressmaker 

2 The Misses Ross 

i James Edwards, storeman 

Miss Mackinnon 

Alexander Mackintosh, car driver 
Alexander Mackintosh, yard 
50 Miss Macdonell 


Wells Street-Continued. 


1 Miss Maclean 

3 N. and S, Fraser, stationers and confectioners 

3a Peter Home, insurance agent 

5 P. Ferrari, confectioner 

7 Giacomo Persichini, restaurateur 

9 Ewen Macdonald 
11 Miss.Macleod 
13 Mrs Mary Ann Sinclair 
15 John Thatcher 

17 Mrs Mackintosh 

21, 23 William Melville, salesman 

25 Thomas Maclean, carriage builder 
Miss Maclean 

27 Donald Matheson, grocer 

27a R. Summerfield, fruit salesman 

29 Mrs Maclean 

31 Mrs Mackenzie 
Mrs Hardie 

33 Mrs Fraser 

Donald Macrae, vanman 
35 Mrs Barker 

35a Alexander Smith, retired 
37 William H. Mackintosh, motor mechanic 
37a George Kelly, fitter 
39 John Mackay, carpenter 

Andrew Lowrie, mechanic 
41 John Mackay, slater contractor, yard 
45 Alex. Beaugie, grocer 



18 John Simpson, L.M.S.R. 
20 Fergus Milne, tailor 

22 Donald Polworth, distillery worker 
24 Thomas Urquhart, labourer 

26 Mrs Margaret Buchanan 

28 James Cameron, labourer 

30 Patrick Macdonald, painter 

32 Peter Higgins, hawker 


West Drive (Kessock) — Continued. 

34 John Clyne, labourer 

36 James Mackintosh, Cleansing Department 

38 Francis Gilmour, labourer 

40 Mrs M. Macdonald 


1 J. C. Macdonald, wood worker 
3 Donald Macphee dealer 

5 Donald Dyce, machineman 

7 Wm. Duncan, labourer 

9 John Maclean, vanman 
11 Robert Kelman, gardener 

15 James Sutherland, docker 
17 James Wilson, hawker 

19 Mrs Margaret J. Fraser 

21 James Cochrane, labourer 

23 Peter Stewart, labourer 

25 Alex. Burns, engine driver 

27 Peter Macgavin, fireman 

29 Hugh Royan, guard, L.M.S.R. 

31 Peter Mackie, road roller driver 

33 Roger Macdonald, L.M.S.R. 

35 Donald John Noble, labourer 

37 Richard Corcoran, labourer 

39 William Stewart, labourer 

41 Charles Macphee, labourer 


2, 4 Glenalbyn Bar — E. C. Jack, proprietor 

6 D. H. Hunter, motor engineer and garage 

8 F. Mackintosh, fireman 
Roderick Mackay, surfaceman 

10 Farquharson & Co., shoemakers 

12, 14 Donald Fraser & Son, licensed grocers 

16 Mackenzie and Pennington, electrical engineers 


1 Ferrari & Co., confectioners 

3 Jules Rusterholz 

5 Alex. King, baker and confectioner 


Young Street — Continued. 

7 Mrs Crawford 

Wm. Farquhar, radio engineer 

Mrs Ewen 
9 J Bowes, printer and stationer 
11 Robert Mackenzie, fitter 

D. Ross, L.M.S.R. 

James Rowan, porter, L.M.S.R. 
13 Mackenzie Bros., butchers 
15 John Mackenzie, L.M.S.R. 

James Paterson, chauffeur 

Mrs Campbell 

Mrs H. Macdonald 

L. Serafini 

D. M. Scott, hairdresser 

James Barnett, traveller 

Donald Macgillivray, gamekeeper 
17 Thomas Murdoch, tailor and outfitter 
19 L. Serafini, restaurant 

The Dundee Equitable Boot Depot 




Large Selection. Lowest Possible Prices. Best Materials. 
Repairs a Speciality. 


Postmaster, Motor and Cab Proprietor, 


Tomnahurich Street and King Street, INVERNESS. 

Open and Closed Carriages, Waggonettes, Cars, etc. 


CARRIAGES, Etc., Etc. 

Telegrams—" FALCONER, HIRER." 'Phone 47. 



Charles Keith & Co. 

Wholesale and Retail Manufacturing Stationers, 
Lithographers and Printers, 

Account Book Manufacturers, Paper Rulers, and 
Relief Stampers. 


Telephone 664. 


Wholesale Grocer, Confectioner, 
and Tobacconist 



Carpenter and Funeral Undertaker 


29 GLEN-URQUHART ROAD. 'Phone 347- 

'Phone — House and Works — 54 


Engineers, Millwrights, Brassfounders and Oxy- 

Acetylene Welders 

Lawn Mowers Machine- Ground and Set 

dromwell Works, Citadel, Inverness. 

All kinds of Repairs given every attention. 


Macdonald, Fraser & Co.'s 



Cattle, Fat Sheep, Lambs, and Pigs. Sale of Cattle at 12 Noon. 
Sheep at 1 p.m. 

Store Sheep and Cattle, Calves and Swine. Sale at 11.15 a.m. Also 
Extensive Sales of Cattle and Sheep as advertised. 


Painter, Decorator, Glazier 


(Late 88 Academy Street) 


High- Glass Wine and Whisky Merchants 

Proprietors of the Famous "TOSH" Whisky 


Established 1726 

Telegraphic Address — "Mack, Inverness" 
Telephone— No. 83 

'Phone No. 822 


Carpenters, Joiners & Funeral Undertakers 


Jobbing Punctually Attended to. Estimates Given 


Established 1874 



Every Class of Bookbinding expeditiously executed. 

Agents for Twinlock Loose-Leaf Books. 

Roneo Steel Filing Cabinets. 

Telephone — 465. After 6 p.m. 1051. 'Grams — "Grays, Slaters" 


Slate Merchants and Quarrymasters 
Slating and Roughcasting Contractors 


Agents for the Penrhyn Slate Quarries, Bangor 

All kinds of Exterior House Repairs carried out by First-Class 

Tradesmen. Estimates 


Lathers, Plasterers, Cement Workers, Tile and 
Mosaic Layers 



Sole Partners - - J. & D. Cameron 

Telephone No. 837 


Dear Snt on, Madam, — Your Old Umbrella can be made as 

Good as New if you send it to 3 Market Brae. My charges are 

very reasonable, and your satisfaction is assured. 


Razors and Scissors Ground and Set 

PERMANENT WAVING 21/- Always at Your Service 



Telegraphic Address : " IRONWORKS. INVERNESS." 
Telephones Nos. 61 and 62. 

The Rose Street Foundry 


Engineering Coy., Ltd., 

Ship Builders and Marine Engineers 

Agents for MOTOR PLOUGHS and all classes of 

Repairs of all classes of AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY 

and IMPLEMENTS undertaken. 

Established 1895. Telephone 499. 



61 Academy St., Inverness 


70 Rosemount Viaduct, Aberdeen 

Telegraphic Address: 
" JACK, EXCHANGE, INVERNESS." Telephone 409. 


Grocery, Provision, Wine and Spirit Stores 

Fine Old Highland Whiskies from 5 years to 14 years 
a Speciality. 

Alphabetical Directory 


Abban Institute, 24 Abban street. 

Abbot, H T., commercial traveller, 53 Bruce Gardens 

Aged Christian Friend Society Home of Rest — Miss 
Anderson, matron, Mayrield Road 

Academy Street Hotel, 93-95 Academy street 

Adam, Miss, 41a Glen-Urquhart road 

Adams, Alfred, shipwright, 2 Huntly terrace 

Adams, Mrs, restaurateur, 35 Grant street 

Adams, Frank, 53 Telford gardens 

Ahearn, James, welder, 36 King street 

Ahearn, John, labourer, 4 Duff street 

Aird, Andrew, labourer, 54 Crown street 

Aitken, D., clerk, 152 Lochalsh road 

Aitken, David, agent, Royal Bank, Culblain, 46 South- 
side road 

Aitken, John, 13 Grove terrace, Paton street, Haugh 

Aitken, Miss, 44 Fairfield road 

Aitken, Mrs A., grocer, 1 George street 

Aitken, Mrs S., 39 Kessock avenue 

Aitken, Wm., burgh water inspector, 12 George street 

Aitken, Wm., plumber, 55 Innes street 

Aitken, Wm. D., furniture salesman, 20 Montague row 

Albert Hotel, 66 Eastgate; Albert Bar, 68, 70 Eastgate 

Alexander, Benjamin, telegraph lineman, 12 Celt st. 

Alexander, James, builder, Lawnellan, 45 Crown drive 

Alexander, Miss, 33 Union road 

Alexander, Misses, Victoria villa, 43 Glen-Urquhart rd. 

Alexander, Mrs, 64 King street 

Alexander, P., 51 Castle Street 

Alexander, Philip, 49 Telford gardens 

Alexander, Walter & Son, Ltd., booksellers, 10 Inglis 

Alexander's motor 'bus office, 100 Academy street: 
garage, 4, 6 Longman road 

Allan, Alex., 1 Island Bank road 

Allan, Alex., surfaceman, 25 Gilbert street 

Allan, D., tweed merchant, 8 Duncraig street 


Allan, D. and W., grocers and provision merchants, 

9 Tomnahurich street and 52a Grant street 
Allan, David, chauffeur, 89 Bruce gardens 
Allan, Donald, woodcutter, 18 Glebe street 
Allan, Frank, insurance agent, 19 George street 
Allan, George, guard, 117 Lochalsh road 
Allan, H. G. F., Strathness hotel, 4 Ardross terrace 
Allan, Hugh, carrier contractor, 29-31 Shore street 
Allan, Ian, stores supt., 12 Perceval road 
Allan, J., motor driver, 4 May terrace, Alexander place 
Allan, James, dental surgeon, 42 Academy Street, ho. 

Mayrield, 11 Culduthel road 
Allan, James Linley, jun., 42 Academy street. ho. 

2 Old Edinburgh road 
Allan, John, foreman, L.M.S.R., 77 Telford road 
Allan, Mrs Jessie, "The Bungalow," 60 Fairfield rd. 
Allan, Mrs, Thistle cottage, 2a Paton street 
Allan, Mrs, 27 Grant street 
Allan, Mrs M., 72 Telford gardens 
Allan, Rodk, tweed merchant, 52 Kenneth street 
Allan, W., grocer. Canal bank, Clachnaharry 
Allan, W. H., pension officer, Crianlarich, 49 Drum- 

mond road 
Allan, Wm, 10 Abban street 
Allan, Wm., retired, 35 Lower Kessock street 
Allan, Wm., wood merchant, 14 Menzies buildings, 

Macdonald street, Haugh 
Allanach, George, guard, L.M.S.R., lb Hill street 
Allanach, Mrs, 2 Victoria square, Rose street 
Allanach, Mrs, Frisco villa, 24 Fairfield road 
Allanach, Wm., cabinetmaker, 1 Celt street 
Allanach, W. J., outfitter, 4 Telford road 
Allen, Peter, motor driver, 67 Haugh road 
Allen, Wm. T., 89 Kenneth street 
Alliance Assurance Co., Ltd., 21 Church street — C. J. 

H. Morton, resident inspector 
Allison, Andrew, driver, L.M.S.R., 3 Carlton terrace, 

Millburn road 
Allison, W., 62 Dunain road 
Amalgamated Engineering Union, 2 Fraser street (off 

Church street) 
Amos, W. J., watchmaker, 10a Innes street, ho. 3 
Ancient Order of Shepherds Hall (Caledonian Lodge), 

16a Eastgate — Jas. Campbell, secretary 


Ancient Order of Shepherds (Valley of Ness Lodge), 
4 Milne's Buildings, Rose street — Robert 
Macdonald, secretary 
Anderson, Andrew F., merchant, 31 Muirfleld road 
Anderson, A., 3 Friar's lane 
Anderson & Co., grocers and bakers, 118 & 122 Academy 

street (Lyon's court) 
Anderson, Charles, barman, 25 Lochalsh road 
Anderson, David, compositor, 41 Ross avenue 
Anderson, George Ross, 2 Cawdor road 
Anderson, Grigor, carpenter, 81 King street 
Anderson, H., motor mechanic, Ballachraggan build- 
ings, 24 Reay street 
Anderson, Hugh, moulder, 3 Maclennan crescent 
Anderson, J., L.M.S.R., 8 Victoria square (off Rose st.) 
Anderson, James, insurance agent, 9 Huntly place 
Anderson, James, 1 Rosebery place, Haugh road 
Anderson, James, chauffeur, 1 Ness terrace, Haugh 

Anderson, John, labourer, 40 South drive, Kessock 
Anderson, John, clerk, L.M.S.R., 46 Maxwell drive 
Anderson. John, labourer, 31 Maclennan crescent 
Anderson, Miss, 20 Smith avenue 
Anderson, Miss M., 98 MacEwen drive 
Anderson, Miss Mary, 16 Friar's street 
Anderson, Mrs, Tomatin cottage, 40 Kingsmills road 
Anderson, Mrs, 67 Castle street 
Anderson, Mrs, 64 Huntly street 
Anderson, Mrs, 68a King street 
Anderson, Robert, yardsman, 63 Eastgate 
Anderson, Shaw & Gilbert, solicitors, 20 Church St. 
Anderson, Walter, labourer, 8 Anderson street 
Anderson, William, Dunkintie, Ballifeary road 
Anderson, Wm. & Co., motor trade specialists, 1 Fraser 

street, off Church street 
Anderson, W. J., depot foreman, 37 Lindsay avenue 
Anderson, Wm. J., merchant, "The Kerries," 39 Charles 

Andrew, George, cabinetmaker, 44 Telford road 
Andrew, James, basket maker, Ben-Vraggie, 46 Denny 

Andrew, Miss, Alturlie, 12a Harrowden road 
Andrew, Robert, cabinetmaker, 105-107 Academy street 
Andrews, William, manager, Scottish Legal Life 

Assurance Society, 47 Lochalsh road 


Anglo-American Oil Company, Ltd., Citadel 
Angus, Alex., butcher, 34 Shore street 
Angus, David, storeman, L.M.S.R., 37 Longman road 
Angus, George, cemetery superintendent, 118 Glen- 

Urquhart road 
Angus, Harry, optician, 22 Harrowden road 
Angus, Miss C, 38 Argyle street 
Argyle Bar, 1, 3 Grant street 
Armstrong, James, timber merchant, Station square. 

ho. 5 Beaufort road 
Arnold C, manager, Station Hotel, Academy street 
Arthur, Jas., baker, 13 Victoria square, Rose street 
Arthur, N., commission agent, 38 High street 
Artillery Drill Hall, 15 Margaret street 
Asher, Alex., stonebreaker, 53 South drive, Kessock 
Astle, George L., preventive officer, 53 Innes street 
Athenaeum Hall, 6 Church street 
Athenaeum Tobacco Co., Ltd., 5 High street 
Atherton, A. N., secretary, 27 Dunain road 
Attwater, Mrs B., 66 Telford gardens 
Attwater, William. Corporation house factor, 26 Bank 

street, ho. 8 Dalneigh crescent 
Audis, J., R.S.M., Lovat Scouts, 17b Fairfield road 
Auld, Martin, 38 Dunain road 
Aultnaskiach Dairy Farm. Culduthel road — William 

Auto and General Electric Services, 1 Friar's street 
Avery, W. T., Ltd., weighing machine repairers, 63 

Castle street 
Aytoun, Mrs, Raglan cottage, 57 Argyle street 


Baddon, John, motor mechanic, 6 Paton Street 
Baigrie, James, contractor, 61 Fairfield road 
Baigrie, Mrs, 5a Montague row 
Bailey, Miss, hairdresser, 4 Lombard street 
Bailey, W. G., stone mason, 34 Greig street 
Baillie, Miss, 46 Kingsmills road 
Baillie, Mrs, 16 Ardconnel street 

Baillie, R., cattle drover, 15 Anderson square (off 
Anderson street) 


Bain. Alex., "The Neuk," 58a Fairfield road 

Eain, Andrew, Kaipoi villa, Annfield road 

Bain, Donald, retired, 24 Innes street 

Bain, P. G., 68 Haugh road 

Bain, George, surfaceman, 19 George street 

Bain, George S., Burgh P.C., 129 Lochalsh road 

Bain, J., retired stationmaster, 120 Kenneth street 

Bain, Ken., restaurant, 3 and 4 New Market entry 

Bain, Kenneth, Temperance Hotel, 102 Castle street 

Bain, Matthew, vanman, 52 Dunain road 

Bain, Mrs, 59 Castle street 

Bain, Mrs, 20 Gordonville road, Haugh 

Bain, Mrs Ann. confectioner, 65 Castle street 

Bain, Mrs, 32 Hill street 

Bain, Mrs, 43 Castle street 

Bain, Wm, mason, 43 Celt street 

Bain, Wm., fishing tackle maker, 57 Tomnahurich st. 

Bain, William, fireman, L.M.S.R., 73 Argyle street 

Bain, William, contractor, 95 Kenneth street 

Bain, William, janitor, town hall buildings, 6 Castle 

Baird, Walter, metal merchant, 2 Anderson street 
Baird, Wm., foreman baker, 3 Telford gardens 
Ballantyne, George, baker, 1 Glendale place, Shore 

Ballantyne, R. C^rruthers & Cox, architects, 41a High 

Ballantyne, R. Carruthers, 6 Annfield road 
Ballingall,. D. G, actuary, Savings Bank. ho. Craig- 

neish, 10 Ballifeary road 
Ballingall, Miss Mary J., 8 Huntly place 
Ballqch, Thomas, 13 Church street 
Bannerman, J., Park house, 51 Glen-Urquhart road 
Bank of Scotland, 50 Union street and 9 High street 
Bankers' Clearing House, 11 High street 
Baptist Church, Castle street— Rev. W. C. Fisher 
Barber & Co., saddlers, 54 Eastgate 
Barclay. Alex., labourer, 17 Upper Kessock street 
Barclay, G., 27 Maxwell drive 
Barclay, I. J., fruiterer, 3a Burn road, Drummond 
Barclay, J. B., clerk, 23 Lindsay avenue 
Barclay, Marshall I., Lands Valuation, Ardchoille, 54 

Culduthel road 
Barclay, Miss, 50 Fairfield road 
Barclay, Mrs J., 64 Dunain road 
Barclay, Robert, 11 Castle street 



Barclay, Robert, labourer, Woodside cottage, Millburn 

Barker, Mrs, 35 Wells street 
Barnaby, J., labourer, 7 South drive, Kessock 
Barnes, James, depute collector of taxes, 7 Ladies' walk 
Barnet, Wm. S., postman,, 29 Lindsay avenue 
Barnett, James, traveller, 15 Young street 
Barnhili Dairy — J. K. Thorburn, proprietor, 44 Hill st. 
Barr, James, Excise surveyor, "Norwood," 22 Beau- 
fort road 
Barron, Evan M., LL.D., "Inverness Courier," Bank 

Barron, E., storekeeper, 9 Greig street 
Barron, Geo. R., bottler, 9 Fraser street, Haugh 
Barron, G. R., chauffeur, 61 Bruce gardens 
Barron, Miss, 9 Huntly place 
Barron, Miss Helen, Kilmeny, 3 Drummond road 
Barron, Mrs A., 70 Telford gardens 
Barron, Samuel, grocer, 11 Fraser street, Haugh 
Barron, Thomas, signal fitter, L.M.S.R., 16 Hill street 
Barron, Wm., fitter, 16 Nelson street 
Barry, Michael, labourer, 75 Kessock avenue 
Barry, Mrs Margaret, 7 Gilbert street 
Bartleman, Miss J. D. W., 24 Lovat road 
Bartlett, Alex., signalman, 7 Telford gardens 
Batchen, George, mason, 63 King- street 
Batchen, Miss, Kaiserbagh, 41 Culduthel road 
Batchen, Mrs M., 27 Ness bank 
Bates, John, clerk, Ministry of Labour, 61 Dochfour 

Bauchop, J., solicitor, 42 Lovat road 
Baxter, Captain John, Kingsford, 14 Bellfield park 
Baxter .& Co.. seedsmen, 17 and 19 Eastgate. 35 and 

39 Washington court 
Baxter, Miss, 33 Harrowden road 
Baxter, Mrs, 47 Longman road 
Baxter, Mrs, 30 Telford road 

Baxter, Thomas, engine driver,, 13 Thornbush road 
Baxter, Wm., boilermaker, 17 May Court (off Alex- 
ander place) 
Beale, Mrs, 70 Denny street 
Beaton, A., contractor, 22 Crown street 
Beaton, Donald, tailor, 4 Abban place, Abban street 
Beaton, Donald, 3 Lodge road, Drummond 
Beaton, Duncan, 6 Queen street 


Beaton, Finlay, engineer, 11 Greig street 

Beaton, George, coachbuilder, 5 Argyle terrace, 

Porterfield bank 
Beaton, George, fireman, 36 Muirtown street 
Beaton, Hugh, engineer, 71 Kingsmills road 
Beaton, John K., teacher, 22 Park road 
Beaton, Joseph, fireman, 11 Grove terrace, Paton 

street, Haugh 
Beaton, Mrs, 23 MacEwen drive 
Beaton, P., motor engineer, 2 May court (off Tomna- 

hurich street 
Beaton, Peter, sen., confectioner, 3 Montague row 
Beaton, Peter, painter, Cable cottage, 74 Kenneth st. 
Beaton, R. bank clerk, 65 Culduthel road 
eeattie, Mrs, 9 May court (off Alexander place) 
Beaugie, Alex., grocer, 45 Wells street 
Beaugie, Mrs, 2 Harrowden road 
Beech, J. W., civil servant, 42 Dunain road 
Begbie, Misses, 6 Sunnybank road 
Beggan, John, labourer, 91 South drive, Kessock 
Behan, Michael, labourer, 67 Maclennan crescent 
Bell, George, butcher, 77 Huntly street, ho. 114 Glen- 

Urquhart road 
Bell, George D., motor mechanic, 21 Tomnahurich 

Bell, Miss Jessie, 26 Thornbush road 
Bell, Mrs, Blythfield, 34 Old Edinburgh road 
Bennett, George, butcher, 14 Dunain road 
Bennet, John R., newspaper representative!, 12 Park 

Bennie, E. M., engineer surveyor, 79 Old Edinburgh 

Bergamini,, Mrs, 13 Chapel street and 15 Queensgate 
Bernard!, Mrs, fruiterer, 35 Castle street, ho. 7 Bridge 

Bernardi, P., fruiterer, 7 Bridge street 
Bertram, Wm, surveyor, 17 Rangemore road 
Best, Ronald M., accountant, 34 Ardconnel street 
Bethune, A. D., bank agent, Alton, 4 Ballifeary road 
Bethune, Dr W. J., Eastwood, 9 Bishop's road 
Bethune, Miss J. M., Ardgowan, 45 Fairfield road 
Bethune, Wm. J., chemist, 3 Queensgate. ho. Brae- 

moray, 6 Abertarff road 
Beveridge, V., manager, 34 Lovat road 
Bewglass, Andrew P. W., governor, Muirfield Insti- 
tution, ho. 80 Old Edinburgh road 


Bickers, Fred., painter, 1 Dyer's court, 13 Huntly st. 
Bickers, Fred E., grocer, 15 Huntly street 
Billiard Saloon 35 High street — E. F. Hunter 
Bird, Charles, seaman, Sea-lock cottage, Clachnaharry 
Birnie, John (of Mackinlay & Birnie, distillers), Bal- 

Birnie, Mrs Jack, Cuchullin lodge, 43 Culduthel road 
Birnie, William, Braerannoch, 13 Drummond crescent 
Birrell, Ltd., confectioners, 16 Inglis street and 21 

High street 
Bishop Eden's Girls' School, 73 King street 
Bisset, Alex., millwright and engineer, 4 Balnain st. 
Bissett, Alex., 5c Reay street 
Bisset, Mrs, 71 Church street 
Bisset, Mrs, 23 Crown street 
Black, Alex., traveller, 40 Maxwell drive 
Black, A. W., B.Sc. (Agric), 3 Union street. ho. 

Goulburn villa, 15 Crown circus 
Black Bull Inn— Mrs A. M. M. Grant, 70, 71 Huntly st. 
Black, D., Inland Revenue officer, 7 Ardross place 
Black, Donald, labourer, 16 South drive, Kessock 
Black, Dr, Memorial hall, 21 Bank street 
Black, F. A., and Imrie, solicitors, 57 Academy street 
Black, James, labourer, 59 Castle street 
Black, John, gardener, 23 Culduthel road 
Black, Michael, labourer, 101 Bruce gardens 
Black, Miss, teacher, 64 Fairfield road 
Black, Mrs, 25 Leys drive 
Black, Mrs, 59 Castle street 
Black, Miss, Evelix, Drummond road 
Black, Neil, barman, 18 May court (off Alexander 

Black, Wallace, labourer, 21 Kessock avenue 
Black, Wm.. slater, 127 South drive, Kessock 
Black, Wm. R., slater, 9 Brown street 
Blackburn, Mrs Elizabeth S., 100 Dochfour drive 
Blackie, James, labourer, School lane, Church street 
Blackley, Alex., painter, 9 Ferry road 
Blackley, Alex., painter, 43 Dunain road 
Blair, Mrs C, 3 Bisset's close, Muirtown street 
Blaney, Robert, gardener, 57 Kessock avenue 
Blythe, Mrs, E., 90 South drive, Kessock 
Blyth Wm., waterman, 16 Duff street 
Boa, John, traveller, 12 Smith avenue 
Boag, James, ironmonger, 34 Tomnahurich street 
Boag, W. J., clerk, 3 Park road 


Bodell. David, postman, 104 Lochalsh road 
Bolton, Mrs, Fairfield cottage, 5 Fairfield road 
Bonici, Joseph, confectioner, 4 Eastgate 
Bookery Nook — Miss Davidson and Mrs Muir, 

librarians, 1 Market brae 
Bookless Bros., game dealers, 2 Falcon square and 28 

Union street 
Bookless, J. T., fishmonger, 46 Old Edinburgh road 
Booth's Distillery Coy., London, Millburn road 
Boots' Pure Drug Co., Ltd., 57 High street 
Borland, Andrew, warder, 2 Mitchell's lane, Porterfield 

Borthwick, Miss, 3 Argyle terrace, Porterfield bank 
Borthwick, Mrs, 7 Burn road, Drummond 
Borthwick, William, tailor, 7 Maryann court (off 

Ardross place) 
Bottom, Harry, conductor, L.M.S.R., Heathcote, 59 

Glen-Urquhart road 
Bourne, W., Inland Revenue, 1 Carlton terrace, Mill- 
burn road 
Bowers, James, carter, 11 Douglas row 
Bowes, J., printer and stationer, 9 Young street — 

house, 61 Lochalsh road 
Bowie. Mrs, 8 Victoria square, Rose street 
Bowie, Peter, L.M.S.R., 1 Victoria square, Rose street 
Bowman, George, baker, 17 MacEwen drive 
Bowman, George, baker, 33 Bruce gardens 
Bowman, John, baker, 6a Southside road, 13 Bridge 

street, 5 Bale's buildings, Argyle street 
Bowman, Miss, 30 Shore street 
Bowman, Mrs, 14 Broadstone park 
Bowman, William, baker, 18 Abban street 
Bowman, Win., baker and confectioner, 45 Huntly st. 
Boyd, Rev. Alex., M.A., St Mary's (Gaelic) Church 

manse, 8 Victoria terrace 
Boyd, James, car attendant, 103 Ballifeary road 
Beyle, George, 17 Longman road 
Boyne, Mrs, 2 Porterfield bank 
Boys' Brigade Hall, Washington court 
Braid, John R., traveller, 4 Park road 
Braine, Henry A., M.A., 7 Crown circus 
Brass David, traveller, 16 Broadstone park 
Brash, Wm, M.A., B.Sc, Ellandonan, 50 Old Edin- 
burgh road 
Brebner, John, salesman, 21 Dunain road 
Bremer, Miss, artist, Frisco villa, 22 Fairfield road 


Bremner, Alexander, chauffeur, 51 Chapel street 
Bremner, Andrew, bootmaker, 25 Eastgate. ho. 34 

Harrowden road 
Bremner, J. G., clerk, 71 Castle street 
Bright, A. E. C.„ 1 Mitchell's lane, Porterfield bank 
Brims, Miss, milliner, 29 Bank street, ho. Glencairn, 

32 Fairfield road 
Briskham, Cretney, caretaker, 24 Abban street 
Brittanic Asurance Co., 6 Church street — H. Wither- 

spoon, district manager 
British Express Parcel Agency, 4 Falcon square 
British Legion Club (Inverness, Ltd.). 10 Huntly st 
British Linen Bank, 41 High street — John Hope 

Martin, agent 
British Insulated Cables, Ltd., 98 Academy street 
British Order of Ancient Free Gardeners, 62 Academy 

Brocklebank, Mrs, Benedra, 45 Ballifeai v roaa 
Brodie, James, clerk, L.M.S.R., Cairndhuna, 78 Fair- 
field road 
Brodie, John, carpenter, 3 Crown street 
Brodie, Hugh, cabinetmaker, 59 Argyle street 
Brodie, Robert, banker, 25 Muirfield road 
Brodrick, Alex., porter, L.M.S.R., 10 Hill street 
Brodrick, Mrs, 2 Milne's buildings, Rose street 
Brooman, John, grocer, Abban street. ho. Texa 

villa, 52 Lochalsh road 
Brooman, John, junr., wholesale merchant, Abban st. 

ho. 17a Rangemore road 
Brooman, Rod., carpenter, Kilmichael cottage, 59 

Ballifeary road 
Brown, Charles D., 3 Bellfield park 
Brown, Edward, fishmonger, 99 Castle street 
Brown, Henderson, machineman, 3 Glendale place, 

Shore street 
Brown, Hugh, fireman, L.M.S.R., 39 Dochfour drive 
Brown, James, P.O. clerk, 12 Denny street 
Brown, James R., pump fitter, 21 Innes street 
Brown, John, gardener, Drumalin. Drummond road 
Brown, Miss, Silverwells, 28 Ness bank 
Brown, Miss, headmistress, Bishop Eden's Girls' 

School, 71 King street 
Brown, Miss, 6 Burn road, Drummond 
Brown, Miss, 40 Wells street 
Brown, Mrs, 42 Union road 


Brown, Mrs M. A., Hospital cottage, Citadel 

Brown, Mrs, A. J., 51 Muirtown street 

Brown, Mrs, Yew Bank, 31 Montague row 

Brown, Mrs, 49 Hill street 

Brown, Mrs, la Seaforth mansions, Reay street 

Brown, Oliver, 42 Crown street 

Brown, R., plumber, 1 Tomnahurich street. Store — 

12 King street, ho. 12 Montague row 
Brown, Thos., gardener, New cottage. 106 Culduthel 

Brown, W., 51 Muirtown street 
Brown, Walter, cooper, 10 Huntly place 
Brown, Wm. James, clerk, Labour Exchange, 88 Doch- 

four drive 
Brown, Wm. Thomas, boilermaker, 26 Gilbert street 
Browne, Wm. E., marine engineer 26 Lindsay avenue 
Brownson, Arnold, 27 Innes street 
Bruce, David, chauffeur, 22 May court, off Alexander 

Bruce, Geo. Cameron, potato merchant, 16a and 18 

Telford street, and 73 Lochalsh road 
Bruce, James A., St Mangus, 40 Ballifeary road 
3ruce, James, coal merchant. 36 Thornbush road 
Bruce John, fisherman, Craig-gowan, 26 India street 
Bruce, John, motor-driver, 2 Washington court 
Bruce, Major Robert, chief engineer, Kerrisdale, 4 

Muirfield road 
Bruce, Miss B., 78 Bruce gardens 
Bruce, Mrs, 94 Gleii-Urquhart road 
Bruce, Mrs, 26 Fairfield road 
Brydon, N. F., architect, 67 Kingsmills road 
Bryson, Mrs, 13 Tomnahurich street 
Buchan, J. M., The Lodge, Bruce gardens 
Buchan, K., baker, 89 Argyie street 
Buchan, Robert, 42 Ballifeary road 
Buchanan, Mrs, 26 West drive, Kessock 
Buchanan, Walter, watchmaker, 37 Macewen drive 
Budge, Mrs, 6 Charles street 
Bught Hydro-Electric Generating Station 
Buist, Mrs, 25 Gilbert street 
Bulloch, A. S., cycle agent, West end garage, 7 and 

12 Tomnahurich street, ho. 66 Telford street 
Bulloch, Wm., accountant, 80 Glen-Urquhart road 
Bunn, Mrs, 15 Union road 
Burgoyne, B., postman, 16 Wells street 


Burgoyne, Mrs, 17 Upper Kessock street 

Burgoyne, Mrs A., 26 Queen street 

Burgess, William J., gardener, Bught cottages, Glen- 

Urquhart road 
Burgh Cleansing office, 13-15 Waterloo place 
Burgh Court-house and Burgh Police office, Castle 

Burgh Insurance Committee office, 62 Academy street 
Burgh Sanitary Office, 6 Castle street 
Burgh Valuation Office, 6 Castle street 
Burke, Anthony, surfaceman, 24 Kessock avenue 
Burke, Kenneth A., clerk, 138 Loehalsh road 
Burleigh, H. A., traveller, 74 Glen-Urquhart road 
Burne, Miss, 4 Celt street 
Burnett, Hugh, pensioner, 3 Jamaica street 
Burnetts' Inverness Bakery, Ltd., 44, 46, 48 Academy 

street and Longman road 
Burnett, Jack, Mingulay, Island Bank road 
Burnett, John (of Burnetts' Inverness Bakery, Ltd.), 

Bon Accord villa, 4 Fairfield road 
Burnett, Mrs, 50 Grant street 
Burnett, Thomas, butcher, 21 Longman road 
Burnett, William (of Burnett's Inverness Bakery, Ltd.) 

Bon-Accord villa, 2 Fairfield road 
Burnett, Wm, jun., baker, 34 Culduthel road 
Burns, Alex., engine-driver, 25 West drive, Kessock 
Burns, Miss, 4 Union road 
Burns, Thomas, 27 Crown street 
Burns, William, postman, 24 Denny street 
Burnside, Richard, dealer, 2 Craigton avenue 
Burton, Montague, tailors, 37 High street 
Butchart, Mrs, 7 Heathmount road 
Butchart, Rev. R. E., St Michael's lodge, 28 Abban st. 
Butter, Alex., Goods Department, L.M.S.R., 38 

Broad stone park 
Buttercup Dairy Co., 5 Eastgate 

Butterworth, H, commercial supt,, 80 MacEwen drive 
Byatt, Mrs, Midhurst, Merlewood road 

Cab Stand and motor park, Bank street 
Caddenhead, Wm., motor driver, 3 Milne's buildings, 

Rose street 
Cairney, Charles, labourer, 51 Castle street 
Calder. Alex., 3 Ness place, Haugh 


Calder's Garage, Haugh road 

Calder, J., electrician, 44 Innes street 

Calder, J., labourer, 37 South drive, Kessock 

Calder, James, waiter, 6 Innes street 

Calder, Miss Isabella, 2 Glebe street 

Calder, Mrs, caretaker, 2 Inglis street 

Calder, Mrs, 15 Charles street 

Calder, Mrs, 5 Raining's stairs 

Calder, Robert, chauffeur, 102 Bruce gardens 

Calder, Thomas S., traveller, 57 MacEwen drive 

Caldwell, Hugh, motor driver, 58 South Drive, Kessock 

Caledonian Associated Cinemas Ltd. — Emoire Theatre, 

62, 67 Academy street 
Caledonian Associated Cinemas, Ltd. — The Playhouse, 

1 Academy street 
Caledonian Associated Cinemas, Ltd.- -The La Scala 

Picture House 58 Academy street 
Caledonian Hotel, 31 and 33 Church street. Ball- 
room — Bank street 
Caledonian Insurance Co., 5 Drummond street 
Call, Mrs, 2 Celt street 
Call, Mrs, Ormiston, 38 Crown drive 
Galium, John, retired, 70 Telford street 
Calvert, Nicholas, P.O. Telegraphs, 35 Bruce gardens 
Cameron, Alex, and Co., drapers, Economic stores, 16 

High street 
Cameron, Alex., shepherd, 15 Crown street 
Cameron, Alex., Relugas, 2 May Bank, Island Bank 

Cameron, Alex., fireman, L.M.S.R., 19 Glebe street 
Cameron, Alex., coal merchant, 61 Crown street 
Cameron, Alex., butcher, 15 Dochfour drive 
Cameron, Allan; meter inspector, 98 Castle street 
Cameron, And., engineer, Heathfield villa, 2 Kenneth 

Cameron. Andrew, fitter, L.M.S.R., 34 Kingsmills road 
Cameron, Andrew, railway checker, 82 Telford gardens 
Cameron, Angus, Dochanassie, 49 Glen-Urquhart road 
Cameron Barracks, Millburn 
Cameron Bros., butchers, 19 Greig street and 45 

Grant street, ho. Rangemore road 
Cameron, Colin, 43 Muirtown street 
Cameron, D., chemist, 1 Attadale road 
Cameron, D., caretaker, County bldgs., Ardross street 
Cameron, D., County hotel, 31 Bridge street 
Cameron. D. & Co., licenced grocers, 21 Queensgate 


Cameron, David, painter, 66 King street 
Cameron, David, engineer, 22 Telford road 
Cameron, Donald, 38 Southside road 
Cameron, Donald, potato merchant, 47 King street 
Cameron, Donald, L.M.S.R., Blar-Dhu, 17 Muirfield rd. 
Cameron, Donald, clerk, 7 Ardconnel street 
Cameron, Donald, Highfield, 8 Crown avenue 
Cameron, Donald, warehouseman, 7 Manse place 
Cameron, Donald, porter, 1 Lyon's court, Academy st. 
Cameron, Donald, and Co., potato dealers, 2a Dun- 

craig street 
Cameron, Duncan, P.O. linesman, 14 Grant's close Xoff 

High street) 
Cameron, Duncan, wholesale stationer, 3 Drummond 

street, ho. Norwood villa, 46 Midmills road 
Cameron, Duncan, board-residence, 1 Heathmount rd. 
Cameron, Duncan, gardener, Milnfield cottage, 83 

Kingsmills road 
Cameron, F. A., draper, 11, 15 Church street and 117 

Academy street, ho. 14 Culduthel road 
Cameron, George, 76 King street 
Cameron, George, traveller, 11a Friars lane 
Cameron, George, mill-worker, Holm mills, Dores road 
Cameron, George, coach painter, 50 Telford street 
Cameron, Henry, 51 Telford gardens 
Cameron, Hugh, guard, 36 Innes street 
Cameron, Hugh, joiner, 4 Crown road 
Cameron, Hugh, clerk, 29 New buildings, Railway 

Cameron, Hugh, labourer. 33 Castle street 
Cameron, Iain, sculptor, 2a Duncraig street 
Cameron, Ian, draper, Lynthorpe, 44 Culduthel road 
Cameron, J., newsagent and tobacconist, 51 Grant st. 
Cameron, James, town clerk, Eastfield, 40 Crown drive 
Cameron, James, insurance manager, 52 Glen-Urqu- 

hart road 
Cameron, James, engine-driver, 122 Lochalsh road 
Cameron, James, labourer, 28 West drive, Kessock 
Cameron, James, plumber, Balnain house, 40 Huntly 

Cameron, Jas. & Co., grocers, 23 Greig st. ho. 36 
Cameron, James, chauffeur, 38 Lower Kessock street 
Cameron, James, labourer, 29 Muirtown street 
Cameron, John, motor driver, 4 Duff street 
Cameron, John, electrician, 6 Huntly terrace 
Cameron, John, draper, 1 May terrace, Alexander pi. 


Cameron, John, watchman, 1 Muirtown street 
Cameron, John, plasterer, Lochend, 23 Attadale road 
Cameron, John, porter, L.M.S.R., 31a Grant street 
Cameron, John A., The Coolins, 20 Crown drive 
Cameron, John, guard, 44 Crown street 
Cameron, John, sub -postmaster, Greig street P.O. 
Cameron, John, traveller, 6 Smith avenue 
Cameron, John and Son, chemists, 4 Greig street. 

and 54 Grant street, ho. 17 Perceval road 
Cameron, John F., 25 Telford gardens 
Cameron, John, cabinetmaker, 3 Celt street 
Cameron, John, cab proprietor, 56 Haugh road 
Cameron, John, Bruan, 20 Rangemore road 
Cameron, John, plasterer, 8 Huntly terrace 
Cameron, John A., clerk, P.O., 20 Charles street 
Cameron, John, motor driver, 62 Maxwell drive 
Cameron, Kenneth, butcher, Inverpolly, 19 Range- 
more road 
Cameron, Rev. Kenneth, M.A., Aden house, 3 Annneld 

Cameron, Kenneth, painter, 51-53 Academy street 
Cameron, Kenneth, draper, 3 Bridge street 
Cameron, Kenneth, carpenter, Flowerdale. 17 Lovat rd. 
Cameron, Kenneth John, butcher, 21 Rangemore road 
Cameron, Miss, headmistress, Clachnaharry school 
Cameron, Miss, 55 Huntly street 
Cameron, Miss E., 16 Fairfield lane 
Cameron, Miss, 7 Southside place 
Cameron, Miss, 58 Tomnahurich street 
Cameron, Miss, 34 High street 
Cameron, Miss, 2 Ardross street 
Cameron, Miss, Canonbury villa, 55 Kenneth street 
Cameron, Miss, 19 Hill street 

Cameron, Miss Helen, Hazel cottage, 46 Ballifeary rd. 
Cameron, Miss Isabella, 28 Ballifeary road 
Cameron, Miss M., 24 Tomnahurich street 
Cameron, Miss M. J., 61 Telford gardens 
Cameron, Miss, Conon Brae, 40 Argyle street 
Cameron, Mrs, 17 Ardconnel street 
Cameron, Mrs C. Millburn Farm. Seabank road 
Cameron, Mrs M., 29 Baron Taylor's street 
Cameron, Mrs John, 17 Perceval road 
Cameron, Mrs, Pembroke, 18 Beaufort road 
Cameron, Mrs, Rose villa, 9 Ballifeary road 
Cameron, Mrs, 16 Diriebught road 
Cameron, Mrs, Swiss villa, 52 Fairfield road 


Cameron, Mrs, South Kessock Farm, Ferry road 

Cameron, Mrs, 61 Ballifeary road 

Cameron, Mrs, Glasdair, 42 Island Bank road 

Cameron, Mrs, 59 Castle street 

Cameron, Mrs, Fassock house, 2 Perceval road 

Cameron, Mrs, 48 Bruce gardens 

Cameron, Mrs, 40a Tomnahurich street 

Cameron, Mrs, 21 Dochfour drive 

Cameron, Mrs Donald, 14 Perceval road 

Cameron, Mrs, 19 Shore street 

Cameron, Mrs, Balinreach house, 16 Fairfield road 

Cameron, Mrs Jane, grocer, etc., 4 Chapel street 

Cameron, Mrs K., 47 Bruce gardens 

Cameron, Mrs W., 68 Denny street 

Cameron, M., electrical engineer, 10 Harrowden road 

Cameron, Murdoch, painter, 10 Celt street 

Cameron, Neil, carpenter, 60 Ballifeary road 

Cameron, Neil, P.O., 112 Lochalsh road 

Cameron, R., bank agent, Ravelrig, 1 Abertarff road 

Cameron, R., garage, 7 Fairfield lane 

Cameron, Robert F., overseer, P.O., 26 Duncraig st. 

Cameron, Robert S., plumber, 9b Seaforth mansions, 

Reay street 
Cameron, Roderick, bank accountant, Croila, 52 Cul- 

duthel road 
Cameron, R. F. & Forrest, C.A., 1 Exchange place 
Cameron, Ronald, taxi-owner, 16 Fairfield lane. 

Garage 7 
Cameron, Simon, clerk, 82 MacEwen drive 
Cameron, Simon, labourer, 35 Ardconnel street 
Cameron, T. E. (Chapman & Co.), 2 Sunnyside road 
Cameron, T., inspector, 92 MacEwen drive 
Cameron, Thomas, Birchwood villa, 7 Porterfield bank 
Cameron, Thomas, fitter, 32 Rose street 
Cameron, Thomas, fitter, 17 New buildings, Railway 

Cameron, Wm„ cellarman. 23 Culduthel road 
Cameron, Wm, painter, 15b Seaforth mansions, Reay 

Cameron, Wm., butcher, 2 Gladstone place, Harrow- 
den road 
Cameron, William, storeman, 39 Telford road 
Cameron, Wm, foreman, Carriage Cleaning Dept. ? 

L.M.S.R., 22 West End terrace, Gilbert street 
Cameron, Wm., painter, 68 Tomnahurich street 
Campbell, A., platelayer, 15 Alexander place 


Campbell, Alex., architect (Geo. Gordon & Co.), Moss- 

ville, 42 Broadstone park 
Campbell, Alex. J. M., bank clerk, 28a Bellfield park 
Campbell, Alex., joiner, 11 Kingsmills road 
Campbell, Arch., postman, 48 Lochalsh road 
Campbell, A. J., postmaster, 39 Island Bank road 
Campbell, Charles, carpenter, L.M.S.R., 3 Friar's st. 
Campbell, Charles, joiner, 17 Attadale road 
Campbell, Colin, motor mechanic, 49 Huntly street 
Campbell, C. E., P.O., 77 Ballifeary road 
Campbell, D., retired teacher, 87 Ballifeary road 
Campbell, D. M., traveller, 27 India street 
Campbell, David R. M., clerk, 68 Maxwell drive 
Campbell, Donald, marine engine fitter, 44 Wells st. 
Campbell, Donald, shoemaker, 52 Huntly street 
Campbell, Donald G., insurance manager, Rockhill, 

37 Ardconnel street 
Campbell, George, Hallcraig, 40 Rangemore road 
Campbell, H. J., ironmonger, 19 Bellfield park 
Campbell, Hugh, 29a Madras street 
Campbell, J., builder, 39 Tomnahurich street 
Campbell, J. T., postal clerk, G.P.O., 11 Smith avenue 
Campbell, James, tailor and clothier, 18 Church street. 

ho. Glenorrin, 40 Ross avenue 
Campbell, James, telephone lineman, 23 Lochalsh rd. 
Campbell, James, insurance agent, 23 King street 
Campbell, James, building contractor, Riverbank, 28 

Island Bank road 
Campbell, James F., 59 Telford gardens 
Campbell, John, guard, L.M.S.R., 5 Lindsay avenue 
Campbell, John, 30 Bridge street 
Campbell, John, plumber, 26 Telford gardens 
Campbell, Miss, 28 Innes street 
Campbell, Miss, 16 Duff street 
Campbell, Miss, Burdett cottage, 85 Kenneth street 
Campbell, Miss, Carron cottage, 70 Kenneth street 
Campbell, Miss, H., 4 Crown avenue 
Campbell, Miss, 26 Argyle street 
Campbell, Miss, 67 Dochfour drive 
Campbell, Miss, 30 Kenneth street 
Campbell, Miss, 15 Fairfield road 
Campbell, Mrs, 11 View place 
Campbell, Mrs J., 73 Huntly street 
Campbell, Mrs, 17 Broadstone park 
Campbell, Mrs, newsagent, 55 Castle street 
Campbell, Mrs, 16 Southside road 


Campbell, Mrs, Wari cottage, Canal bank 

Campbell, Mrs, 54 Huntly street 

Campbell, Mrs, 112 Church street 

Campbell, Mrs, 3 Friar's street 

Campbell, Mrs, 6 Denny street 

Campbell, Mrs, 1 Rose street 

Campbell, Mrs A., 12 Perceval road 

Campbell, Mrs, 22 Innes street 

Campbell, Mrs, 19 Union road 

Campbell, Mrs, 20 Church street 

Campbell, Mrs, 82 Innes street 

Campbell, Mrs, 113 South drive, Kessock 

Campbell, Mrs, 29 Crown street 

Campbell, Mrs, 32 Leys drive 

Campbell, Mrs, 15 Young street 

Campbell, M., building contractor, 15 Argyle street 

Campbell, Malcolm, chauffeur, 25 Friar's street 

Campbell, Murdo, church officer, 2 Huntly terrace, 

Huntly street 
Campbell, Nurse, 25 High street 
Campbell, Nurse, 94 Academy street 
Campbell, Peter, Strathearn, 9 Broadstone park 
Campbell, Robert & Co., ironmongers, 31 Queensgate. 
Campbell, Robert, tinsmith, 72 Dochfour drive 
Campbell, Rod., carter, 63 Maclennan crescent 
Campbell, Roderick, painter, 14 MacEwen drive 
Campbell, Dr R. D., M.B., 13 Ardross street 
Campbell, Thomas, chauffeur, 104 Bruce gardens 
Campbell, W. J., traveller, 74 Telford road 
Campbell, Wm. T., insurance manager, 1 Dalneigh rd. 
Campbell, William, chauffeur, 2 Douglas row 
Canal Office, 4 Canal Bank, Clachnaharry 
Carey, J., motor mechanic, 36 Tomnahurich street 
Carfrae, Alex., Lochiel Arms, 1 and 3 Pumpgate street; 

Argyle bar, 1 and 3 Grant street; and Citadel 

bar, Shore street, ho. Moray house, 1 Balli- 

feary road 
Cargill, Alex., 10 Millburn road 
Cargill, David, Airlie house, 19 Broadstone park 
Carle, Mrs, 4 Abbotsford terrace, Grelg street 
Carle, Thomas, manager, 27 Bruce gardens 
Carlton Restaurant, 14 Inglis street; 5, 7, 9 Hamilton 

Carlyle, J., post-office clerk, 146 Lochalsh road 
Carmichael, John L., motor salesman, 22 Abban st. 
Carr, James, 24 Baron Taylor's street 


Carrie & Co., Italian warehousemen, 27 Bridge street 
Carrol, James, model lodging-house keeper, Grace cot., 

5 North Church place 
Carruthers, Robert, & Sons, printers and publishers. 

"Inverness Courier" Office, Bank lane 
Carson, John, 29 Muirfield road 
Carter, F., labourer, 2 Duff street 
Cassie, James S., postman, 16 MacEwen drive 
Cassie, Mrs, 17 Duncraig street 
Cassie, W. O, shoemaker, 40a Kenneth street 
Catcher, Mrs, Armadale terrace, 66 Tomnahurich st. 
Catch -my-Pal Recreation Club, 124, 126 Academy st. 
Catch-my-Pal Hall, 17 Celt street 
Cathedral Boys' School, Ness Walk 
Catholic Apostolic Church, 86 Church street 
Cattanach, Wm, traveller, 67 MacEwen drive 
Cattell, James, Romford, 30 Crown drive 
Cawkwell, Charles, carriage builder, 2 Denny street 
Cay, Miss E., 34 Shore street 

Cay, William, fitter, L.M.S.R., 35 Telford street 
Celli, Loretto, ladies' tailor, 6 Church street. ho. 2 

Dalneigh crescent 
Central Furnishing House, 11, 13 New Market, Aca- 
demy street 
Central Public School, Kenneth street 
Central Special School, 49 Montague row 
Century Insurance Coy., Ltd., 23 Academy street 
Chaddi, Mahomed, 53 King street 
Chalmers, A. R., Lipton's inspector, Orcadia, 32a 

Union road 
Chalmers, Alex. B., and Son, wholesale merchants, 4 

Dempster, gardens and Second street 
Chalmers, John, commission agent, Haddo cottage, 46 

Fairfield road 
Chalmers, James, confectioner, 45 Telford gardens 
Chalmers, Mrs, Southcote, 41 Southside road 
Chalmers, Robert, P.O., 42 Upper Kessock street 
Chalmers, Dr Theodore, M.M., F.R.C.S. (Edin.), 16 

Ness bank 
Chalmers, Harold, labourer, 75 Huntly street 
Chalmers, Wm., fruit merchant, 50a High street, ho. 

71 Dochfour drive 
Chamberlain, Norman, F.R.C.O., organist, 19 Ard- 

connel terrace 
Chapel Yard Burying-ground, Chapel street 
Chappel, Mrs, 26 Baron Taylor's street 


Chappel, Mrs, 14 Grant's close (off High street) 
Chapman, A. W. & Co., motor engineers, 28-30 Church 

street, 22, 28 Washington court, and 47, 49 

Chapman, H. M., manager, Caledonian hotel, 31 

Church street 
Charles, Lachlan, clerk, 68 Dochfour drive 
Charlton, John G., 4 Dunain road 
Chinn, John H., Maison Victoria saloon, 27 Academy 

street, ho. 28 Hilton village 
Chisholm, A. G., guard, 33 Lindsay avenue 
Chisholm, Alex., porter, W.C.S., 12 Innes street 
Chisholm, Alex., clerk, 26 Midmills road 
Chisholm, Alex., Sadiai cottage, 18 Kingsmills road 
Chisholm, Alex., labourer, 5 Maclennan crescent 
Chisholm, Alex., labourer, 27 North drive, Kessock 
Chisholm, Alex. J., inspector, County police, The 

Castle, ho. 22 Bellfield park 
Chisholm, Alexander, mason, 44 Telford gardens 
Chisholm, Alpin, 26 Tomnahurich street 
Chisholm, Colin, & Co., skinners and wool merchants, 

17 Gilbert street 
Chisholm, D. S., 24 Ness bank 
Chisholm D., labourer, 19 North drive, Kessock 
Chisholm, D., mason, 7 High street, Clachnaharry 
Chisholm, D„ and Sons, cabinetmakers, 10 George st. 
Chisholm, Donald, plumber, 95 Church street. ho. 

41 Nelson street 
Chisholm, Donald, joiner, 2 Lamont's bldgs., 109 Castle 

Chisholm, E., turner, 31a Glen-Urquhart road 
Chisholm, James, labourer, 3 Alexandra buildings, 

Queen street 
Chisholm, James D., railway clerk, 49 Telford street 
Chisholm, James, labourer, 4 Anderson square (off 

Anderson street) 
Chisholm, James, Concord villa, 41 Union road 
Chisholm, John, clerk of works, 34 Friar's street 
Chisholm, John, fitter, 31 Glen-Urquhart road 
Chisholm, John, hairdresser, 132 South drive, Kessock 
Chisholm, John, labourer, 3 Nelson street 
Chisholm, John, Brooklyn. 6 Drummond crescent 
Chisholm, John, inspector, L.M.S.R., 9 New, 

Railway terrace 
Chisholm, John, sawyer, 3 Kessock avenue 
Chisholm, John, storeman, 39 Thornbush road 


Chisholm, John G., architect and surveyor, 11 High 
street, ho. 35 Kenneth street 

Chisholm, Joseph, baker, 11 Brown street 

Chisholm, Kenneth, painter, 74 Church street. ho. 
Hillpark, 21 Culduthel road 

Chisholm, Miss, Hazelbank, 12 Bellfield park 

Chisholm, Miss, 22 Huntly street 

Chisholm, Miss, 20 Fairfield road 

Chisholm, Miss, nurse, 12 Hill street 

Chisholm, Miss, dressmaker, 71 Castle street 

Chisholm, Miss, 98 Church street 

Chisholm, Miss, 27 Lower Kessock street 

Chisholm, Miss, 67 Argyle street 

Chisholm, Miss Jessie, Eskadale cottage, 76 Balli- 
feary road 

Chisholm, Mrs, 10 Crown avenue 

Chisholm, Mrs, 54 Crown street 

Chisholm, Mrs, 56 Bruce gardens 

Chisholm, Mrs, 19 Lower Kessock street 

Chisholm, Mrs, 25a Greig street 

Chisholm, Mrs, 14 Shore street 

Chisholm, Mrs, Boglashin, 92 Telford road 

Chisholm, Mrs, 43 Crown street 

Chisholm, Mrs, 17 Hill street 

Chisholm, Mrs, 3 Alexandra buildings, Queen street 

Chisholm, Mrs, 15 Jamaica street 

Chisholm, Mrs, Canonbury, 57 Kenneth street 

Chisholm, Mrs, 121 Lochalsh road 

Chisholm, Mrs, 45 Rose street 

Chisholm, Malcolm, storeman, 45 Innes street 

Chisholm, Murdo, cabinet-maker, 6 George street 

Chisholm, Peter, labourer, 22 North drive, Kessock 

Chisholm, R., 39 Crown street 

Chisholm, Robert, storekeeper, P.O., 42a Rose street 

Chisholm, Roderick, chauffeur, 68 Armadale terrace, 
Tomnahurich street 

Chisholm, Roderick, plasterer, 1 May court (off Tom- 
nahurich street) 

Chisholm, Roderick, shop assistant, 87 Dochfour drive 

Chisholm, Roderick, 81 Dochfour drive 

Chisholm, Simon, 11 Ardross street 

Chisholm, Thomas, labourer, 13 Pumpgate street 

Chisholm, Walter, labourer, 12 Queen street 

Chisholm, W., joiner, lid Seaforth mansions, Reay st. 

Chisholm, W. J., 17 Greig street 



Chisholm, W. J., Clachan inn, 55 Eastgate. ho. 

Darnaway road 
Chisholm, W. J., fitter, 6 Ferry road 
Chisholm, Wm., printer, 2 Huntly place 
Chisholm, Wm., furnaceman, 21 Rose sireet 
Chisholm, Wm., gardener, Eden court, Ness walk 
Christian Science Society, 19 Church street 
Christie, David, lorryman, 22 Market brae 
Christie, Donald, clerk, 5a Seaforth mansions, Reay 

Christie, James J., G.P.O., 61 Kingsmills road 
Christie, James D., agent, Union Bank of Scotland, 

1 Darnaway road 
Christie, Melville, 3 Low street, Clachnaharry 
Christie, Miss, Argyle villa, 51 Argyle street 
Christie, Mrs, Montague cottage, l Montague row 
Christie, Mrs, 49 Longman road 
Christie, Mrs B., licensed grocer, 18 Eastgate ho. 

74 Fairfield road 
Christie, Richard, grocer, 8 Ardross place 
Christison, James, manager, Maypole Dairy Co., 21a 

Kingsmills road 
Church of St Michael and All Angels, 28 Abban st. 
Clachar, The Bar, 26, 28 Hamilton street 
Clachnacuddin Royal Arch Chapter Rooms, 1 Castle 

Clark, A. M., Inland Revenue, Hilton avenue, Cul- 

duthel road 
Clark, Angus D., P.O., 6 Albion square (off King st.) 
Clark, Duncan, labourer, 52 Grant street 
Clark, Gilbert, mechanic, 24 Park road 
Clark, J., Sunnyfield, Drummond crescent 
Clark, J., motor mechanic, 2a Celt street 
Clark, James, cabinetmaker, 44 Lovat road 
Clark, James S., insurance agent, 52 Harrowden road 
Clark, John, butcher, 19a Celt street, ho. 18 Glad- 
stone place, Harrowden road 
Clark, Miss, dressmaker, 20 Church street 
Clark, Miss, 49-51 Ballifeary road 
Clark, Miss, 60 Haugh road 
Clark, Mrs, 4 Sunnybank road 
Clark, Mrs, Clachnacuddin hotel, 89 and 91 Church 

Clark, Mrs, 30 Hill street 
Clark, Mrs, Elian ville, 18 Ardross street 
Clark, P., Oakdene, 10 Glen-Urquhart road 


Clark, S. R., baker and confectioner, 18 Greig street 
Clark, W. W., retired, 55 Maclennan crescent 
Clark, William, 9 Alexander place 
Clarke, George, typewriter mechanic, 38 Telford 

Clarke, Mrs, Anerly cottage, 16 Kingsmills road 
Clayton, George, upholsterer, 24 Innes street 
Clayton, Mrs, 19 Longman road 
Clegg, Miss M., fancy goods merchant, 5 Union st. 

ho. Dromard, 43 Midmills road 
Clellene, Mrs, 28 Telford street 
Clifford, John, gardener, 8 Duff street 
Club Hatters and Hosiers — A. Fraser & Co., 17 Church 

Club, The, 21 Bridge street 
Club, The Bar, 17 Inglis street 
Clunas, John, labourer, 2 Glebe street 
Climes Dairy — William Imray, 26 Grant street 
Clydesdale Bank, Ltd., 60 Academy street — A. J. Mac- 
kenzie, agent 
Clyne, Andrew, wood turner, 22 Innes street 
Clyne, John, labourer, 34 West drive, Kessock 
Clyne, Mrs, 4 Glebe street 

Clyne, W., labourer, 1 Lyon's court, Academy street 
Coast Lines, Ltd., and David MacBrayne (1928), Ltd., 

33 Queen's gate and Stores, Citadel 
Cobban, James, cook, L.M.S.R., 17 Lindsay Avenue 
Cobban, John, waiter, 23 Innes street 
Cobban, Mrs, 15 Shore street 
Cochrane, James, labourer, 21 West drive, Kessock 
Cockburn, Everard, 5 Ross avenue 
Cockburn, Mrs, 34 Muirtown street 
Columba Hotel, 3 and 7 Ness walk — Mrs Williamson, 

Collie. Alex., electrician, 10 Madras street 
ColUe. F. Grant, insurance inspector, 18 Broadstone 

Collins, Thomas, electric craneman, 19 Upper Kessock 

Colvin, Hector, car driver, 75 Dochfour drive 
Colvin, John, contractor, Grant's close, 31 High street 
Colvin, Miss, Grant's close, 31 High street 
Colvin, Miss. 15 Kingsmills road 
Commercial Bank of Scotland ("Limited) , 67 Church st. 
Commercial Union Assurance Co., Ltd., Fraser street 
(off Church street) 


Conn D'Or Restaurant, 24 High street 

Conn, Victor and Co., confectioners, 21 and 23 Ingiis 

street, ho. 5 Crown circus 
Connan, C. A. (of Galloway & Co., chemists), 13 Castle 

street, ho. 25 Ness bank 
Connan, John, chemist, 61 Old Edinburgh road 
Connon, Thomas, traveller, 29 Telford street 
Connors, T. F., clerk, 37 Dunain road 
Cook, Allan W., hairdresser, 6 Church street. ho. 

Drummond circus 
Cook, John and Thomas, produce merchants, 5 and 

6 Falcon square 
Cook, Joseph, timber merchant, Whitehill, 7 Muirfield 

Cook, Miss, Reay house, 17 Old Edinburgh road 
Cooke, Mrs A. M., 22 Montague row 
Cook, Mrs, 44a Church street 
Cooke, Fred., signal fitter, 1 Lombard street 
Cooke, G. A. K., Corrie cottage, 62 Ballifeary road 
Cooney, Martin, 76 Innes street 
Cooper & Co., provision merchants, 20 Union street — 

James Pirie, manager 
Cooper, D., labourer, 23 North drive, Kessock 
Cooper, Emmanuel, scavenger, 36 George street 
Cooper, J., R.S.M., Cameron Highlanders, 29 Abban st. 
Cooper, Thomas, fishing tackle maker, 20 Maxwell 

Cooper, Wm„ photographer, 13 Charles street 
Couper, Geo., The Haven, 57 Culduthel road 
Co-operative Society, 59, 61, 65 Church street, 6 Alex- 
ander place, 2 Lochalsh road, and 5 Anderson 

street (coal store) 
Co-operative Dairy, 7 Pumpgate Street, 11 Telford road 
Co-operative Insurance Society, Ltd. (The), 102 

Church street — Joseph Black 
Co-operative stables and garage, Shore street 
Coote, Alex., bricklayer, 5 Huntly street 
Copland, Miss, fancy goods dealer, 39 Chapel street 
Corbett, A., L.M.S.R., 83 Bruce gardens 
Corbett, Edward, 21 Gilbert street 
Corbett, Harry, L.M.S.R., 2 Seabank road, Longman 
Corbett, Mrs, 33 Shore street 
Corbett, Mrs Annie, 3 Friar's street 
Corbett, Mrs, 5 May terrace, Alexander place 
Corbett, Robert, contractor, Lilybank cottage, 112 Cul- 
duthel road 


Corcoran, Richard, labourer, 37 West drive, Kessock 

Cormack, Mrs, 32 Rose street 

Cormick, Mrs Ann, 10 South drive, Kessock 

Corner, Mrs, Brookside, 51 Drummond road 

Cornwall, Miss, 6 Huntly street 

Corporation Electricity Works, 3-5 Waterloo place 

Corporation Electricity Substation, 5 Bank lane and 

Union road 
Corporation Housing Department — W. Attwater, 

factor, 26 Bank street 
Corporation Swimming Baths, Factory street 
Correy, Alexander, chemist, 4 Drummond street 
Correy, Miss, 37 Old Edinburgh road 
Corsie, T. C, accountant, Commercial Bank, 16 

Charles street 
County Public Health Office, County buildings, Ardross 

County Hotel, 31 Bridge street — D. Cameron 
Coutts, A., electrician, 7 Tulloch's buildings, Ardconnel 

Coutts, P. O, motor mechanic, 1 Dunabban road 
Cowe, F., Menzies and Co., Dalcrombie, 8 Glen- 

Urquhart road 
Cowie, George, labourer, 20 Ferry road 
Cowie, John, lorryman, 2 Celt street 
Cowie, W., The Crasque, 7 Attadale road 
Cowieson, Mrs, Weston, 10 Cawdor road 
Cowper, Wm„ painter, 39 Muirfield road 
Cox, H. K., Old Drummond, Drummond road 
Craib, Miss Elizabeth, 10 Anderson square (off Ander- 
son street) 
Craig Bros., butchers, 15 New Market, ho. 14 Crown 

Craig, James, 26 Bellfield park 
Craig. James, barman, 82 Dochfour drive 
Craig, Miss, 34 Shore street 
Craig, Thomas, butcher, 37 Attadale road 
Craigan, Duncan John, carter, 18 Anderson square (off 

Anderson street) 
Craigan, Mrs, 19 Anderson square (off Anderson st.) 
Craigen, Daniel, foreman, cleansing department, 76 

Kessock avenue 
Craigie, Wm., clerk, 47 Lindsay avenue 
Craigmile, F. & Sons, acetylene welders, 2 Glebe 

square. Glebe street 
Craigmile, Mrs, 42 Maxwell drive 


Craik, J. R., jeweller, 34 Broadstone park 

Cran, Mrs, 3 of 11 Bridge street 

Cran, Wm., surfaceman, 34 Hill street 

Crawford, Mrs, 4 Crown street 

Crawford, Mrs, 7 Young street 

Crerar, Donald, mason, L.M.S.R., 12 Longman road 

Critchley, E. G., solicitor, Fraser street (off Church st.) 

ho. Malwa, Mayfield road 
Crombie, Andrew, P.O. cleaner, 16 Ardconnel street 
Crombie, Wm., sawmiller, 4 Huntly terrace 
Cross, Donald, retired, 7 Lochalsh road 
Cross, James L., 2 Railway terrace 
Cross, Mrs, West End Cottage, 111 Ballifeary road 
Crout, David, 2 Alexandra buildings, Queen street 
Crout, James, 43 Muirtown street 
Crout, John, labourer, 14 Queen street 
Crout, Robert, labourer, 12 Queen street 
Crown Bar, 33, 35 Eastgate 
Crown Church, Midmills road and Kingsmills road — 

Rev. W. P. Grieve, B.Sc. Calder Mackenzie, 

church officer 
Crown School, Higher Grade — James A. Mackintosh, 

M.A., rector. Robert Home, janitor 
Cruickshanks, Alex., 14 Glebe street 
Cruickshank, John, storeman, 4 Gladstone place, 

Harrowden road 
Cruickshank, W. & J., bottlers, Glebe square, Glebe 

Cruickshanks, George, blacksmith, 12, 13 Glebe street 
Cruickshanks, Misses, 35 Denny street 
dimming, Alex., retired, 106 Castle street 
Cumming, Alex., motor mechanic, 104 Glen-Urquhart 

Cumming, Alex., carpenter, 40 Hill street 
Cumming, David, electrician, 4 Grove terrace, Paton 

Cumming's Hotel, 70-72 Church street— Donald Cum- 
ming, proprietor 
Cumming, J., motor lorryman, 94 Bruce gardens 
Cumming, James, brakesman, 81 Academy street 
Cumming, John, joiner, 59 Crown street 
Cumming, John, grocer, 3f Seaforth mansions, Reay 

Cumming, Miss, 27 Tomnahurich street 
Cumming, Miss Agnes, ladies' outfitter, 25 High street 
Cumming, Miss, Craigie villa, 33 Midmills road 


Cumming, Miss, 27 Telford road 

dimming. Miss, 41 Chapel street 

Cumming Mrs A.. 19 Ballifeary road 

Cumming, Rod. J., dock labourer, 32 Kessock avenue 

Cumming, W. G. D., chartered accountant, 40 Ard- 

connel street 
Cumming, Wm., innkeeper, 61 and 61a Innes street 
Cumming, Wm., 56 Crown street 
Cumming, Wm., chauffeur, 41 Thornbush road 
Cumming, Wm., engine-driver, 9 Brown street 
Cumming, Wm. R. (of D. & A. Davidson, sculptors), 

"Morayston," 27a Southside road 
Cunningham, Andrew, chauffeur, 4 Gladstone place, 

Harrowden road 
Cunningham, Mrs, 2 Low street, Clachnaharry 
Currie, David, polisher, 43 Muirtown street 
Currie, David, traveller, 40 Dunain road 
Currie, John, labourer, 18 Shore street 
Currie. Mrs, 44 Hill street 
Customs, Excise, and Inland Revenue Offices, 58 High 

Cuthbert. George, tailor, 93 Kessock avenue 
Cuthbert, Horatio, milkman, 43 Innes street 
Cuthbert, J., hairdresser, 8 Nelson street 
Cuthbert. Mrs, 5 Upper Kessock streeti 
Cuthbert, Mrs, 9 Lochalsh road 
Cuthbert, W.. coalman, 94 South Drive, Kessock 
Cymbalist, M., tailor, 38, 40 Waterloo place 


"Daily Express" Office, 27 Eastgate 

Dalgleish, J., clerk, L.M.S.R., 50 Glen-Urquhart road 

Dalgleish, W. J., inspector and deputy chief constable, 

5 Charles street 
Dallas, Don.. 1 Huntly place 
Dallas, John H„ taxi-owner, 22 Dochfour drive 
Dallas, John, painter, 36 Rose street 
Dallas, Matthew, assistant master, Crown School, ho. 

17 Dochfour drive 
Dallas, Mrs, 79 Kingsmills road 
Dallas, Mrs, Bermuda cottage, 60 Ballifeary road 
Dallas, Mrs, Grantly house, 41 Ballifeary road 
Dallas, Pat, watchmaker, 31 Castle street, ho. 32 

Bellfield park 


Dallas & Co., plasterers, 45 Muirtown street 

Dallas, Wm, travelling auditor, L.M.S.R., 45 Dochfour 

Daley, Mrs Williamina, 38 Maclennan crescent 
Daly, Hugh, gardener, 3 Argyle street 
Dargavel, John, engine-driver, 37 Innes street 
Dargavel, John, motor driver, 21 Rose street 
Dargavel, Mrs Wm., 31 Innes street 
Darge, William, draughtsman, 35 Longman road 
Darling, George, clerk, 58 Dunain road 
Davidson, A., traveller, Whitehill, 36 Hilton village, 

Old Edinburgh road 
Davidson, Alex., car driver, 46 Grant street 
Davidson, Alex., G.P.O., 47 Glen-Urquhart road 
Davidson, Alex., engineer, 21 Telford road 
Davidson, Alex., baker, 27 Friar's street 
Davidson, Alex., 24 Hilton village, Old Edinburgh rd. 
Davidson, Alex., fitter, 5 Upper Kessock street 
Davidson, Andrew O., tweed designer, 85 Dochfour 

Davidson, Charles, 2 Lower Kessock street 
Davidson, Charles, 7 Telford avenue, Telford road 
Davidson, Charles, fireman, L.M.S.R., 29 Kessock av. 
Davidson, D. & A., sculptors, 84 Academy street and 

21 Ardross street 
Davidson, Donald, tailor, 80 Church street 
Davidson, Donald, labourer, 110 Lochalsh road 
Davidson, -Donald, chauffeur, 18 Nelson street 
Davidson, George, Ben-y-vrackie, 76 Telford road 
Davidson, George, manager, Gordon villa, 4 Lovat rd. 
Davidson, George G., carpenter contractor, 8, 10 

Lower Kessock street 
Davidson, James, travelling agent, 10 Telford road 
Davidson, James, sailmaker, 37 Madras street 
Davidson, James, butcher, Beech hill, 20 Crown avenue 
Davidson, John, labourer, 61 South Drive, Kessock 
Davidson, John, chauffeur, 8 Manse place 
Davidson, Lind, electrical engineer, 46 Union street 
Davidson, Louis, plumber contractor, 35 Smith avenue 
Davidson, Miss M. R., MJ.iS.Ch. (Edin.), chiropodist, 

41a High street 
Davidson, Miss, Morayston, 26 Planefield road 
Davidson, Miss, 4 Crown avenue 
Davidson, Miss B., 96 Academy street 
Davidson, Misses, Carnach, Mayfield road 
Davidson, Mrs, 1 of 11 Bridge street 


Davidson, Mrs, Newton cottage, 14 Fraser's close, Muir- 

town street 
Davidson, Mrs, 37 Lower Kessock street 
Davidson, J. A., 1 Ardross place 
Davidson, Mrs T., 21a Attadale road 
Davidson, Mrs, Olive cottage, 29 Greig street 
Davidson, Mrs, 3 Victoria terrace 
Davidson, Mrs, 27 Telford street 
Davidson, Mrs Reres, 10 Darnaway road 
Davidson, P., motor driver, 96 South Drive, Kessock 
Davidson, Peter, corn factor, 15 Falcon square 
Davidson, Peter, 20a Brown street 
Davidson, Robert, storeman, 7 India street 
Davidson & Son, butchers, 24 Queensgate and 40 

Davidson, Scott & Co., solicitors, 42 Union street 
Davidson, William, soldier, 31 Ardconnei street 
Davidson, Wm, barman, 64 Dochfour drive 
Davidson, Wm., porter, Blind Institute, 24 Queen st. 
Davidson, Wm., billposter, 33 Chapel street 
Davidson, W., corn factor, 70 Culduthel road 
Davie, G. L., optician, 8 Castle street 
Davie, James, traveller, Mulgrave, 5 Leys drive, South- 
side place 
Davie, J. B., L.D.S., dental surgeon, 5 Castle street. 

ho. Sunnybank road 
Davie : L. H., insurance inspector, Dunmore, 30 Cul- 
duthel road 
Davies, Tom, professor of music, 17 Queen's gate. 

ho. Bandara, 127 Lochalsh road 
Davis, J. H., motor driver, 5 Perceval road 
Davis, Robert, . advertising and display managei, 

Burnside cottage, 36a Culduthel road 
Davis Square Meeting House, Swan's lane, Muirtown 

Dawson, Allan, engine-driver, 5 Telford avenue, Tel- 
ford road 
Dawson, Alex., joiner, 17 India street 
Dawson, Frank, driver, 32 Friar's street 
Dawson, George, baker, 65 Fairfield road 
Dawson, J., baker and confectioner, 78 Church street 
Dawson, J., bank clerk, 3 Milne's buildings, Rose st. 
Dawson, James, railway crossing, Millburn road 
Dawson, John, foreman nurseryman, 46 Bruce gdns. 
Dawson, John, joiner, 44a Nelson street 
Dawson, Mrs, 1 Ness place, Haugh road 


Dawson, Robert, carpenter, 27 Brown street 

Dawson's Store, 109 Academy street 

Dawson, Thomas, labourer, 102 South drive, Kessock 

Dawson, Wm, motor driver, 32 King street 

Deans, Francis, 35 Telford Gardens 

Deans, J., 1 Crown road 

Deans, John, labourer, 30 Thornbush road 

Deas, J. A., retired, la Hill street 

Dempster, John, railway inspector, L.M.S.R., 4 Cul- 

duthel road 
Denman, W. J., B.Sc, Drumblair, Dores road 
Dennis, S., commission agent, 24 Union street, ho. 

Chanonrie, 5 Crown drive 
Denoon, Andrew, cabinetmaker, 1 Lodge road, Drum- 

Denoon, Duncan N., warehouseman, 42 Denny street 
Denoon, Mrs, 9 Abbotsford terrace, Greig street 
Department of Health for Scotland, 62 Church street 

— D. M. Bridges, district inspector 
Deveron, Mrs, 6 Mackintosh's close (off Muirtown st.) 
Devine, H, labourer, 1 Lyon's court, Academy street 
Dewar, Alex., labourer, 18 Maclennan crescent 
Dewar, Donald, sawyer, 4, 5 Pavilion buildings, Ardross 

Dewar, John, labourer, 59 Shore street 
Dewar, Mrs, 30 Waterloo place 
Dewar, Mrs, 61 Shore street 
Diack, John M., 51 Castle street 
Dick, John, baker and confectioner, 37 Chapel street 

and 8 New Market, ho. Sunnyside, 43 Har- 

rowden road 
Dick, John George, 55 Grant street 
Dick, William, carpenter, 12 Friar's street 
Dickson, John, confectioner, 7 Dunain road 
Dickson, John, storeman, L.M.S.R., 46 Crown street 
Dickson, John, brassfounder, Bridge street. ho. 

Willowbank, 41 Glen-Urquhart road 
Dickson, Miss, 62 Tomnahurich street 
Dickson, Miss, 27 Smith Avenue 
Dickson, Mrs, 4Qa Tomnahurich street 
Digance, David, traveller, 10a Friar's lane 
Dignan, Alex., surfaceman, 14 Madras street 
Dignan, James, gardener, 8 Kessock avenue 
Dingwall, Miss Jean, 36 Crown street 
Dingwall, Mrs, 5 Abbotsford terrace, Greig street 
Dingwall, R., postman, 98 Bruce gardens 


Dingwall, T. L., watchmaker and jeweller, 81 Church 

Diriebught Ice and Cold Storage Coy.— Wm. and J 

Mackenzie, proprietors 
Dixon, D., butcher, 35 Innes street 
Dixon, John, labourer, 3 Brown street 
Dixon, Thomas, mill worker, 38 Maxwell drive 
Dobbie, Misses, Moniaive, 1 Auldcastle road 
Docherty, Alex., core maker, 33 Muirtown street 
Dominion Insurance Co., Ltd., 11 Queensgate — I. M. R. 

Hay, manager 
Donachie, Edward, 5 Rosebery place, Haugh road 
Donxiachie, James, labourer, 8 Maclennan crescent 
Donald, Mrs, 63a Innes street 
Donald, Wm. and Son, shoemakers, 8 Drummond 

street — Margaret Gardner, proprietrix 
Donaldson, J., agricultural merchant, Station square. 
Stores 6 Falcon square, ho. Hurst villa, 22 
Perceval road 
Donaldson, Mrs, 71 Church street 
Donaldson, James, milkman, 7 Manse place 
Donaldson, Simon F., Carse villa. 24 Bellfleld park 
Donati, A., confectioner, 21 and 23 Eastgate, 15 Queens- 
gate, 9a Bridge street, and 31 Academy street 
Donovan, Miss, 15 Castle street 
Dorward, George, retired, 10 Paton street, Haugh 
Dorward, Mrs, 25 Ferry road 
Dorward, Mrs, 90 Telford street 
Dott, David, contractor, 14 Pumpgate street 
Dougherty, Frank, C.A., 26 Hilton village 
Dougherty, Hugh, hairdresser, 13 Celt street. ho. 

46 TelfOrd gardens 
Dougherty, James, baker, 22 Maxwell drive 
Dougherty, Mrs, grocer, 46 and 48 Huntly street 
Douglas, Alex., fireman, 33 Castle street 
Douglas, Jas., Dunalisdar, 22 Kingsmills road 
Douglas, John A., baker and confectioner, 59 Docb- 

four drive 
Douglas R., grocer, 31a Eastgate 
Douglas, Thomas, painter, 31 Crown street 
Doull, Miss, Ingleside, 4 Cawdor road 
Dow, James, bookbinder, 15 Baron Taylor's street 
Dow, Lawrence, bookbinder, Invertay villa, 2 Beau- 
fort road 
Dow, R., Nithsdale, 14 Duncraig street 


Dow, Robert, bookbinder, Craigellachie cottage, &a 

Millburn road 
Dowling, Alex., fireman, L.M.S.R., 23 Douglas row 
Dowling, Alex., motor driver, 66 Dunain road 
Downie, S., French polisher, 19 Castle street 
Downing, T. H. and Co. — W. Fulton, representative, 

29a High street 
Downham, James, Heatherbell, 123 Lochalsh road 
Doyle, John, tinsmith, 42 Telford gardens 
Drew, Walter, 34 Muirfield road 
Drill Hall, 4th Batt. Cameron Highlanders, 24 Rosest. 
Drummond, Robert, merchant, 12-14 Lower Kessockst. 
Drysdale, Miss, matron, Royal Northern Infirmary 
Drysdale, Mrs, 13 Tomnahurich street 
Drysdale, Mrs, 78 Eastgate 
Ducat, A. J., tobacconist, 2 Bridge street, ho. Killin,. 

Dores road 
Duff, James, shoemaker, 42 Hill street 
Duff, Walter, labourer, 7 and 9 Muirtown street 
Duff, Walter, engine-driver, 24 Thornbush road 
Duff, William, postman, 10 Nelson street 
Duffus, Mrs, 47 Maclennan crescent 
Duffy, Albert L. A., insurance agent, Cliftondale, 5 

Auldcastle road 
Duffy, D. C, insurance manager, Holydene, 26 Crown 

Duffy, Dun., insurance broker, shipping and property 

agent, 3 Church street, ho. 36 Southside road 
Duffy, Mrs, Haughdale, 19 Ness bank 
Duffy, Richard & Son, insurance brokers and property 

agents, 11 High street 
Duguid, George, procurator-fiscal, Castle and County 

buildings, The Castle, ho. 7 Ardross terrace 
Dunbar, Hugh, butcher, 71 Haugh road 
Dunbar, J., engine fitter, 13 Union road 
Dunbar, James, relief signalman, L.M.S.R., 35 Doch- 

four drive 
Dunbar, James, 15 Castle street 
Dunbar, John, electrical engineer, 8 Dunabban road 
Dunbar, Mrs, Balnain house, 40 Huntly street 
Dunbar, Mrs, 26 Madras street 
Dunbar, Robert, night telephonist, P.O., 88 Eastgate 
Dunbar, Wm, 42 Rose street 

Dunbar, Wm. A., cashier, Dykevil, 6 Bishop's road 
Dunbar, W. E., engineering dept, P.O., 54 Maxwell 



Duncan, Alex., 8 Diriebught road 
Duncan, Ebenezer, clerk, 26 Duncraig street 
Duncan, G. Harvey, Ardnacoille, 1 Annfield road 
Duncan, George, contractor, Drumournie, 5 Dochfour 

Duncan, J. M., 31 Ardconnel terrace 
Duncan, James, Ormus cottage, 17 Lotland street 
Duncan, Mrs A. B., 21 Lower Kessock street 
Duncan, James, civil servant, 38 Midmills road 
Duncan, John, motor driver, 29 May court (off Alex- 
ander place) 
Duncan, Miss, Craighead, 97 Kenneth street 
Duncan, Robert John, clerk, L.M.S.R., 32 Maxwell dr. 
Duncan, William, labourer, 7 West drive, Kessock 

Duncan, Wm, labourer, 34 Thornbush road 

Dundas, Miss, 64 Lochalsh road 

Dundee Equitable Boot Depot, 32 High street and 55 
Academy street 

Dunlop, J. B., confectioner, 83 Academy street, ho. 8 
Nelson street 

Dunlop, Miss, Carrick lodge, 28 Southside road 

Dunlop Rubber Coy., Ltd., Millburn road 

Dunn, D., clerk, 39 Greig street 

Dunnett, Charles, tailor, 28 High street. ho. Carse 
house, 23 Lochalsh road 

Durham, A. D., motor driver, 75 Bruce gardens 

Durrant, A., gardener, 60 Midmills road 

Duthie, Alex., M.A, teacher, Royal Academy, 9 South- 
side road 

Dyce, Donald, machineman, 5 West drive, Kessock 

Dyce, John, roadman, 25 Fairfield lane 

Dyce, Mrs, 10 Stephen's brae 


Eagle, Star Insurance Co., Ltd.— T. W. S. Rattray, 
resident inspector, Station square 

Eagle Bar — James M. Duncan, 50 Baron Taylor's st. 

East Church, Academy street — Rev. Wm. Sutherland. 
M.A., Cul-an-Eilan, 1 Drummond crescent 

Eastgate Weigh Office — Duncan Fraser 

Ebenezer Hall, 18 Celt street 

Eccles, John, printer, 28 High street, ho. 50a Huntly 


Edgar, Miss E., confectioner, 42 Church street 
Edgar, Mrs, Tweedside, 7 Ross avenue 
Edgar, Robert, baker and confectioner, 46 Church st. 
Edgar, Robert, Portree Wool Mills Co., 13 Rangemore 

Edgar, S., 1 Burn road, Drummond 
Edmonston, James, cab-driver, Balnain house, 40 

Huntly street 
Edmundsons' Electricity Corporation, Ltd., 7 Queens- 
Edwards, James, storeman, 2 Pretoria ter., Wells st. 
Edwards, Mrs, 10 Bridge street 
Eland, John, garage proprietor, 25 Duncraig street 
Elder, Geo., G.P.O. engineer, 59 Castle street 
Electric Station, Drummond crescent 
Electricity Showroom, 11 High street 
Elgin, James A., cashier, Maryville, 25 Montague row 
Elgin, John P., 13 Bishop's road 
Elliot and Co., fleshers, 2 Drummond street and 11 

Tomnahurich street 
Elliot, G. W., 13 Broadstone park 
Elliot, Matthew, fiesher, 42 Ardconnel street 
Elliot, Misses, Dorneygills, 64 Old Edinburgh road 
Elliot, Mrs, 9 Raining's stairs 

Elliot, W. R. (of Elliot and Co., fleshers), 26 Ness bank 
Elliott, Rev. Ernest E. J., High St Columba's Church 

Manse, 9 Culduthel road 
Ellis, George, machineman, Burnfoot, Canal side 
Ellis, J. A., Morven, 8 Victoria drive 
Ellis, John S., railwayman, 24 Dochfour drive 
Ellison, J., traction engine-driver, 14 Waterloo place 
Elphinstone, Miss, 39 Attadale road 
Elrick, Charles, manager, 14 Bruce gardens 
Emely, John, labourer, 9 Upper Kessock street 
Emlick, Peter, surfaceman, 76 King street 
Emlick, Peter, Cleansing Department, 78 King street 
Empire Theatre, 63-67 Academy street 
Employment Exchange, 30 Queensgate — D. Urquhart, 

Esler, Leslie, motor engineer, Dempster gardens and 

10 Hamilton street, ho. 21 Ardconnel terrace 
Ettles, William, grocer, 37 Ardconnel terrace. ho. 

51 Charles street 
Ewart, J. E., Northern Ignition Co., 59 Fairfield road 
Ewen, Mrs, 7 Young street 
Ewen, Thomas, gas stoker, 5 Abban place, Abban st. 


Fairfield Dye Works— Thos. H. T. Hope, 20 Tomna- 

hurich street 
Fairweather, G. H., Inland Revenue, Lochalsh villa, 

6 Glen-Urquhart road 
Fairweather, D., 129 Culduthel road 
Fairweather, David, traveller, 14 Park road 
Falconer, Daniel, 21 Haugh road 
Falconer, Donald, fireman, destructor, 9 Thornbush 

Falconer, Duncan, labourer, 42 Huntly street 
Falconer, Francis, milkman, 7c Seaforth Mansions, 

Reay street 
Falconer, Francis, baker, 128 Lochalsh road 
Falconer, Hugh, clerk, 8 Telford gardens 
Falconer, Hugh, motor hirer, 62a Tomnahurich st. 
Falconer, Miss, teacher, 18 Leys drive 
Falconer. Miss, Premier cottage, 67 Ballifeary road 
Falconer, Mrs, 16 Reay street 

Falconer, Thomas, garage, Victoria yard, 8 Tomna- 
hurich street, 11 King street, and 8-12 Fair- 
field lane 
Falconer, William, plumber, 45 Dunain road 
Farley, James, Criterion bar, 16 Church street, and 3„ 

5, 7 Baron Taylor's street 
Farmers' Dairy Coy., 7, 9, 11, 17 Waterloo place and: 

Factory street and 16 Greig street 
Farquhar, A. D., G.P.O., 28 Harrowden road 
Farquhar, James, watchmaker, 52 High street, ho.. 

23 Dochfour drive 
Farquhar, Miss C, newsagent, 23 Bridge street 
Farquhar, Mrs, School lane (off Church street) 
Farquhar, Wm, Kirwin, 3 Auldcastle road 
Farquhar, Wm., radio engineer, 7 Young street 
Farquharson, George and Co., shoemakers, 10 Young 

street ho. 79 Bruce gardens 
Farquharson, James, 39 MacEwen drive 
Farquharson, Miss, board residence, 17 Queensgate 
Farraline Park School, Margaret street 
Fashion Salon, mantles and gowns, 8-10 Union street 
Fearn, Mrs, 2 Broadstone park 
Fenton, James, 56 Telford Street 
Ferguson, A. butcher, 8 Duff street 
Ferguson, A., Craig-an-Ron, 52 Argyle street 
Ferguson, Alex. J., butcher, 32 Kenneth street 


Ferguson, Angus, electrical engineer, 2 Lindsay avenue 
Ferguson, Ewen, labourer, 71 Castle street 
Ferguson, J., clerk, L..M.S.R., 27 Ardconnel street 
Ferguson, James, chauffeur, 6 Albion sq. (off King st.) 
Ferguson, J. C, 39 Union street 
Ferguson, John, moulder, 21 Douglas row 
Ferguson, Miss, confectioner, 6 Ness walk 
Ferguson, Miss, Hazelgrove, 29 Kingsmills road 
Ferguson, Miss, 15 Innes street 
Ferguson, Miss, music teacher, 5 Ness walk 
Ferguson, Miss M., 55 Union road 
Ferguson, Miss, Damfield road 
Ferguson, Mrs, 3 Celt street 
Ferguson, Mrs, 6 Friar's place 
Ferguson, Mrs J., 13 Pumpgate street 
Ferguson, Mrs, 43 Bruce gardens 
Ferguson, Murdo, coal merchant, 13 Fairfield lane 
Ferguson, P. L., traveller, 26 Muirfield road 
Ferguson, Peter, surfaceman, 46 Kingsmills road 
Ferguson, Robert, painter, 19 Rose street 
Ferguson, Wm., labourer, 52 Grant street 
Ferguson, Wm., dairyman, 71 Glen-Urquhart road 
Ferguson, Wm., destructor attendant, 6 Maclennan 

Ferrari & Co., confectioners, 1 Ness walk and 1 Young 

Ferrari, P., confectioner, 5 Wells street 
Ferries, James and Co., motor engineers, 84-86 East- 
gate and Millburn road. ho. Balgownie, 1 

Cawdor road 
Fernie, W. A., civil servant, 11 Dalneigh road 
Fiddes, Bertram, engineer, Oak villa, 30 Ballifeary rd. 
Field, Miss, 10 Innes street 
Findlater, Wm., L.M.S.R., 43 MacEwen drive 
Findlay, E. S., boots, 13a Chapel street 
Findlay, James, lorryman, 31a Eastgate 
Findlay, Miss, Arthurfield nursery, 62 Bruce gardens 
Finkelstein, Isaac, watchmaker, 18 New market 
Finlay, Albert, ploughman, Millburn farm, Seabank rd. 
Finlay, Andrew, 7 Fairfield road 
Finlay, H. W. and Co., wholesale stationers, 4 Castle 

street, ho. Fawkland, 22 Broadstone park 
Finlay, Harry W., jun., stationer, Morley, 52 Telford 

Finlay, John, contractor, 15 Gilbert street, ho. 21 

Telford gardens 


Finlay, John, 14 Wells street 

Finlay, Mrs, 11 Low street, Clachnaharry 

Finlay, Mrs, 3 Stephen's street 

Finlay, R„ 29 Rose street 

Finlayson, Alex., 84 Church street 

Finlayson, D. labourer, 137 South drive, Kessock 

Finlayson, D. M., hairdresser, 12 Queensgate arcade. 

ho. Merlewood road 
Finlayson, Donald, engine-driver, 108 Lochalsh road 
Finlayson, Donald, lineman, L.M.S.R., 24 Lindsay 

Finlayson, Duncan, coppersmith, 58 Shore street 
Finlayson, James, clerk, L.M.S.R., Braeval, 98 Kenneth 

Finlayson, John, labourer, 3 Glebe street 
Finlayson, Miss, Carronville, 7 Abertarff road 
Finlayson, Miss Marion, cook, 30 King street 
Finlayson, Miss, 12 Ardconnel street 
Finlayson, Mrs, Westwood, 32 Broadstone park 
Finlayson, Mrs A., 11 Huntly place 
Finlayson, Rev. Donald, retired, Balnacraig cottage, 16 

Attadale road 
Finlayson, Thomas, labourer, 42 Maclennan crescent 
Finlayson, W., motor driver, 29 Nelson street 
Finlayson, W., Victor, commercial traveller, 21 Union 

Finlayson, Wilfred, labourer, 88 Kessock avenue 
Finlayson, William, farm worker, 59 Castle street 
Finlayson, William J., painter, 6 Telford street 
Finnie, John, traveller, lib Seaforth Mansions, Reay 

Fire Engine station, Castle wynd 
Fisher, Rev. W. C Baptist Manse, 8 Ardross street 
Fiskin, James, Prudential Assurance Co., Hillside villa, 

11 Raining's stairs 
Flaherty, James, gardener, 5 Milne's bids., Rose st. 
Flannery, Mrs, 4 Rangemore road 
Fleming, Alfred, shunter, 29 Rose street 
Fleming, Peter C, photographer, 36 Friar's street 
Fleming, Reid and Co., Greenock Scotch wool stores, 

44 High street 
Fleming, Robt. R.. The Bungalow, 1 May bank, Island 

bank road 
Fletcher, James, clerk, Orderly Room, Cameron Ba_- 

racks. 32 Harrowden road 
Fletcher, Miss 3 Lamont's buildings, 109 Castle street 



Fletcher, Mrs, Tarnagulla, 2 Glen-Urquhart road 
Flood, Miss Ann Jane, 114 Church street 
Follen, Edward, labourer, 10 Glebe street 
Forbes, Alex., fish-dealer, 12 Nelson street 
Forbes, Alexander, 30 Ardconnel street 
Forbes, Angus, Royal Insurance Co., 51 Kenneth st. 
Forbes, David, draper, Aysgarth, 3 Ladies' walk 
Forbes, David, engineer, 67 Huntly street 
Forbes, David, motor contractor, 6 Shore street 
Forbes, David, coalman, 21 Kessock avenue 
Forbes, Donald, mason, 13 High street, Clachnaharry 
Forbes, Donald, 23 May court (off Alexander place) 
Forbes, Frank, engine-driver, 3 Lochalsh road' 
Forbes, George, foreman sawmiller, 7 Friar's street 
Forbes, G., machineman, 19 Friar's street 
Forbes, G. C, agent, National Bank, 45 Old Edin- 
burgh road 
Forbes, James, Tweed Mills manager, Holm Mills. 

ho. 11 Lower Kessock street 
Forbes, John, draper, 53-55 High street and 11-13 
Inglis street; goods entrance, 2 Meal market 
Forbes, Miss, 31 Argyle street 
Forbes, Miss L., 2 Manse place 
Forbes, Miss, 5 Milne's buildings, Rose street 
Forbes, Miss, 12 Broadstone park 
Forbes, Miss Ella, Westview, 31 Abban street 
Forbes, Mrs J., 9 Ardconnel terrace 
Forbes, Mrs, 82 Telford road 
Forbes, Mrs, Elmbank, 68 Culduthel road 
Forbes, Mrs, 27 Old Edinburgh road 
Forbes, Mrs, grocer, 1 Lochalsh road 
Forbes, Mrs A., 8 Manse place 
Forbes, Mrs, 36 Telford road 
Forbes, Mrs, 40 Union road 
Forbes, Mrs, Broomfield, Culduthel road 
Forbes, Robert, Ellengowan, 29 Montague Row 
Forbes, T. J., labourer, 11 George street 
Forbes, W., traveller, 76 Glen-Urquhart road 
Forbes, Wm, fireman, 4 Gladstone place, Harrowden 

Forbes, William, roadman, 19 Madras street 
Forbes, William, grocer. Tordarroch, Porterfield road 
Ford, J., gas works, 23 Union road 
Ford, R. H. C, C.A. (of R. F. Cameron & Forrest), 
Southside villa, 21 Southside road 


Forestry Commission, 51 Church street — James 

Fraser, divisional officer 
Fornari, N., ladies' hairdresser, 33 Academy street 

ho. 20 Church street 
Forrest, F. T., traveller, Balbeg, Canal bank, Clach- 

Forrester, Robert, manager (Macdonald & Mackin- 
tosh), 6 Crown street 
Forsyth, Alex., joiner, 31 Attadale road 
Forsyth, Alex., mason, 44a Church street 
Forsyth, Alex. (Fraser & Macdonald), St Duthus, 24 

Attadale road 
Forsyth, Colin, tailor, 46 Kingsmills road 
Forsyth, Duncan, grocer, 77 King street 
Forsyth, George, pensioner, 136 Lochalsh road 
Forsyth, George, plumber, 3-5 Rose street 
Forsyth, James, painter, 62 Academy street 
Forsyth, James, solicitor, 62 Academy street, ho. 

Heathcote, 10 Muirfield road 
Forsyth, James, labourer, 26 Kessock avenue 
Forsyth, John, painter, 45 Innes street 
Forsyth, J. G., lorry driver, 49 Kessock avenue 
Forsyth, Major W. Conard, M.D., etc., medical super- 
intendent, Royal Northern Infirmary 
Forsyth, Miss, Roselea, 8 Fairfield road 
Forsyth, Miss, Bailenrigh, 42 Telford road 
Forsyth, Miss, 118 Kenneth street 
Forsyth, Misses, 15 Southside road 
Forsyth, Mrs J., 108 South drive, Kessock 
Fortune, A. S., Colonel, Millmount, 44 Crown drive 
Foster, James A., carrier, 21 Ballifeary lane 
Foster, Mrs, 2 Glendale place, Shore street 
Foster, P. and D., grocers and drapers, 53 Chapel st. 
Foster, William, Lochgorm Inn, 77-79 Eastgate. ho. 

75 Eastgate 
Foster, W. A., carriage examiner. 26 May court (of! 

Alexander place) 
Fotheringham, Mrs, 2 Mackintosh's close, Muirtown 

Fotheringham, Mrs, 1 Ardconnel street 
Fotheringham, Mrs, 104 Kenneth street 
Fotheringham, Mrs, grocer, 10 Muirtown street 
Fotheringham, Mrs, Palace hotel, Ness walk 
Fotheringham, William, 67 Huntly street 
Foubister, James W., plumber, 21 Telford road 


Foubister, Thomas, grocer, 1 Greig street. ho. 23 

Dunain road 
Fowler and Kennedy, plasterers, Fairfield lane 
Fowler, Mrs, 108 Church street 
Fowler, Mrs, 1 Bellfield park; 
Fox, Alfred A., fireman, 4 Innes street 
Fox, Edwin E., labourer, 21 Douglas row 
Fox, Harry, postman, 11 Lochalsh road 
Fox, Miss Mary, fruiterer and confectioner, 47 Tomm - 

hurich street 
Fox, Mrs, 7 Bridge street 
Fraser, A., Ltd., cabinetmakers, 7 and 11 Union 

street; salerooms, 33 Baron Taylor's street.; 

warehouse, 49 Baron Taylor's street; work- 
shops, Dempster gardens 
Fraser A. & S., drapers, milliners and furriers, 34*36 

Union street 
Fraser,, A., chauffeur, 45a Grant street 
Fraser, A., hatter, Gowanlea, 11 Ballifeary road 
Fraser, A., grocer, 20 MacEwen drive 
Fraser, A., shoemaker, Raining's stairs 
Fraser, A, & Son, slaters, 61 Muirtown street 
Fraser, A. J., engineer, 2 Ness terrace, Haugh road 
Fraser, A. M., motor driver, 15 Grove terr., Patonst. 
Fraser, Alistair, gardener, 3 Ross's close, Shoe lane 
Fraser, Alex., clerk, 53 Lochalsh road 
Fraser, Alex., fitter, Drumbuie cottage, 37 Glen- 

Urquhart road 
Fraser, Alex., lock-keeper, 3 Rosebery place, Haugh rd. 
Fraser, Alex., licensed grocer, 28 Tomnahurich street 
Fraser, Alex., milkman, 31 Ferry road 
Fraser, Alex., welder, L.M.S.R., 4 Milne's buildings. 

Rose street 
Fraser, Alex., proprietor (Gillanders' Stores), Eskbank. 

12 Glen-Urquhart road 
Fraser, Alex., woodcutter, 27 Ferry road 
Fraser, Alex., 21 Crown street 

Fraser, Alex., porter, 3 Argyle terrace, Porterfield bank 
Fraser, Alex., labourer, 29 Maclennan crescent 
Fraser, Alex., carpenter, St Ives, 38 Telford road 
Fraser, Alex., fireman, L.M.S.R., 9 Friar's street 
Fraser, Alex., detective, Burgh Police, 76 Bruce 

Fraser, Alex., cartwright, 8a Telford road 
Fraser, Alex., painter, 140 Lochalsh road 
Fraser, Alex., Craigview, 39 Montague row 


Fraser, Alex. S., clerk, Leysdene, 15 Leys drive, South- 
side place 
Fraser, Alex, gardener, Macgregor's buildings, Mill- 
burn road 
Fraser, Alexander D., retired, 12 View place 
Fraser, Alex., carpenter, 30 Denny street 
Fraser, Alex., labourer, 1 Munro's lane, Huntly street 
Fraser, Alex., shoemaker, 14 Victoria square, Rose st. 
Fraser, Alexander, coachman, 34 Maxwell drive 
Fraser, Alfred George, dental mechanic, 5 Bruce 

Fraser, Allan, postman, 1 Stephen's brae 
Fraser, Andrew, grocer, 79 Kenneth street, ho. 81 
Fraser, Andrew, chauffeur, 3 Greig street 
Fraser, Angus, waggon builder, 66 Innes street 
Fraser, Angus, garage proprietor, 27 Broadstone park 
Fraser, Angus, Ivy cottage, Canal bank 
Fraser, Archibald, plumber, 62 Lochalsh road 
Fraser, Archibald, carpenter contractor, 41 Tomna- 

hurich street, ho. 43 
Fraser, Arch., waggon builder, 32 May court (off Alex- 
ander place) 
Fraser, A. W. (of Fraser, Ferguson, & Macbean, jewel- 
lers), Birchwood, 11 Drummond crescent 
Fraser, Dr A. M., county medical officer, County build- 
ings, Ardross street 
Fraser & Campbell, drapers, 20 High street 
Fraser, C, clerk, L.M.S.R., 55 Bruce gardens 
Fraser, C, 2 Anderson street 
Fraser, Charles, labourer, 28 Thornbush road 
Fraser, Charles (of Fraser & Maccoll, ironmongers), 

Caputh, 5 Darnaway road 
Fraser, Charles, Inglewood, 16 Crown drive 
Fraser, Charles, mason, 54 Haugh road 
Fraser, Colin, motor driver, Kinnoull, 26 Ross avenue 
Fraser, Colin, blacksmith, 8 Telford street 
Fraser & Co., boat builders, Citadel (off Shore street) 
Fraser, Dr D. A., M.B., D.P.H., school medical officer, 
County buildings, Ardross street, ho. Orrin, 
46 Culduthel road 
Fraser, D., porter, L.M.S.R., 29 Bank street 
Fraser, D., 13 Attadale road 

Fraser, D., left luggage checker, 2 off 11 Bridge street 
Fraser, D., lorryman, 4 Crown avenue 
Fraser, D., labourer, 64 South drive, Kessock 
Fraser, D. lineman, Balnain house, 40 Huntly street 


Fraser, D., fitter, 16 Abbotsford terrace, Greig street 
Fraser, D., chemist (T. Mackenzie & Co.), 44 Island 

Bank road 
Fraser, D. G., clerk, 44 Lochalsh road 
Fraser, D. J., carriage builder, 27 Tomnahurieh street 
Fraser, D. R., joiner, 2a Queen street 
Fraser, D. S., Ravenston, 55 Ballifeary road 
Fraser, Dan, labourer, 78 Dochfour drive 
Fraser, David, Sunnylea, 94 Fairfield road 
Fraser, David, engineer, 5 Innes street 
Fraser, David, carpenter, 32 Tomnahurieh street 
Fraser, David, tailor, 5 Raining's stairs 
Fraser, David L., grocer, 30 Tomnahurieh street 
Fraser, David Fred., confectioner, 2 Innes street 
Fraser, Donald M., motor mechanic, 15 Gordonville 

road, Haugh 
Fraser, Donald, waggon examiner, L.M.S.R., 29 

Ardconnel street 
Fraser, Donald, sculptor, 81 Glen-Urquhart road 
Fraser, Donald and Son, licensed grocers, 12 Young 

street, ho. 14 
Fraser, Donald J., painter, 10 Bruce gardens 
Fraser, Donald (of Fraser & Campbell, drapers), Fol- 

lart, 21 Lovat road 
Fraser, Donald, yardsman, 59 Maclennan crescent 
Fraser, Donald, fireman, L.M.S.R., 111 Academy st 
Fraser, Donald, vanman, 7 Nelson street 
Fraser, Duncan, roadman, 1 Paton street, Haugh 
Fraser, Duncan, fishmonger, 95 Ballifeary road 
Fraser, Duncan, Northern Hotel, 6-10 Grant's close, 31 

High street 
Fraser, Duncan, butcher and fishmonger, 1 and 8 

Queensgate arcade and Dempster gardens 

(Third street), ho. 1 Rangemore road 
Fraser, Duncan, commercial traveller, Heathbank, 8 

Kenneth street 
Frassr, E., shoemaker, 11a Grove terrace, Paton street 
Fraser & Eland, motor hirers, 77-79 and 112 Academy 

street, 25 Duncraig street, and 7 Rose street 
Fraser, Ernest, labourer, 29 Madras street 
Fraser, Evan, pitcher, 1 Longman road 
Fraser, F. G., Torfern, 2 Dochfour drive 
Fraser, Farquhar, mason, 37 Bellfield park 
Fraser, Farquhar, 47 Ballifeary road 


Fraser, Ferguson & Macbean, watchmakers, opticians. 

and photographic dealers, 41 Union street and 

24 Church street 
Fraser, Finlay, Cable cottage, 76 Kenneth street 
Fraser, Finlay, draper, Aventine, 125 Lochalsh road 
Fraser, Fred, vanman, 11 Greig street 
Fraser, Geo., labourer, L.M.S.R., 21 Queen street 
Fraser, George C, clerk, 93 Church street 
Fraser, George, engineer, 23 Gilbert street 
Fraser, George, gasfitter, 7 Douglas row 
Fraser, Gregor, postman, 27 Lindsay avenue 
Fraser, George, Evanton, 28 Midmills road 
Fraser, H., manager, Boots, chemists, 12 Drummond 

Fraser, H., gardener, 19a Drummond road 
Fraser, H., Maryville cottage, 43 Ballifeary road 
Fraser, Harry, mason, 7 Queen street 
Fraser, Hector, labourer, 13 George street 
Fraser. Hector, butcher, 8 Abbotsford terrace, Greig 

Fraser, Henry, tailor, 19 Fairfield lane 
Fraser, Hugh, plumber, 14 Lindsay avenue 
Fraser, Hugh, plumber, Firthview, 12 Auldcastle road 
Fraser, Hugh, blacksmith, 14 Waterloo place 
Fraser. Hugh, Frisco villa, 18 Fairfield road 
Fraser, Hugh, chef. L.M.S.R., 27 Longman road 
Fraser, Hugh, Erchite, 40 Charles street 
Fraser, Hugh, fitter, 5 Paton street, Haugh 
Fraser, Hugh, ladies' and gent.'s tailor, 2 Fraser street 

(off Church street) 
Fraser, Hugh & Sons, plumbers, 4-6 Stephen's brae 
Fraser, Hugh I, hairdresser, 82 Church street, ho. 

Newfield place, 80 Kenneth street 
Fraser, Hugh, retired, 41 Eastgate 
Fraser, Hugh, clerk, 75 Old Edinburgh road 
Fraser, Hugh, draper, 54 Denny street 
Fraser, Hugh, draper and clothier, 14 Eastgate 
Fraser, Hugh, traveller, 16 Kessock avenue 
Fraser, Ian, general merchant, 44 and 48 Grant street 
Fraser, Iain H., grocer, Inveravon, Ross avenue 
Fraser, J., carpenter, 11 Attadale road 
Fraser, J., 5 Denny street 

Fraser, J. and A., sculptors, 79 Glen-Urquhart road 
Fraser, J. A., clerk, 15 High street, Clachnaharry 
Fraser, J. D., groceir. 85 Haugh road 
Fraser, J. D., signal foreman, 67 Haugh road 


Fraser, James, auctioneer, Drumossie, 35 Lovat road 
Fraser, James, clerk, L.M.S.R., 61 Shore street 
Fraser, James, shoemaker, 23 Thornbush road 
Fraser, James D. O., Forestry Commission, Glen- 

doune, 24 Perceval road 
Fraser, James, mechanic, 21 King street 
Fraser, James, chauffeur, 30 Friar's street 
Fraser, James S., butcher, 57 Lochalsh road 
Fraser, James, labourer, 61 King's street 
Fraser, James, Madeline villa, 94 Kenneth street 
Fraser, James, maltman, 4 Diriebught road 
Fraser, James, railway checker, 44 Tomnahurich st. 
Fraser, James Stuart, boilermaker, Oakshaw, 28 Weiis 

Fraser, James, 45 South drive, Kessock 
Fraser, James, garage attendant, 15 May court (off 

Alexander place) 
Fraser, James, grocer, 40 Argyle street 
Fraser, James & Co., boatbuilders, etc., Telford road. 

ho. Rockburn cottage, 58 Lochalsh road 
Fiaser, Jas., storekeeper, 3 May court, Tomnahurich 

Fraser, James, headmaster, Highland Orphanage, 71 

Culduthel road 
Fraser, James, 3 Railway terrace 
Fraser. James, sawmiller, 112 Glen-Urquhart road 
Fraser, James, chauffeur, 40 Rose street 
Fraser, James, The Cottage, Ballifeary lane 
Fraser, James & Son, plasterers, 13 King street 
Fraser, James, fireman, 9 Telford gardens 
Fraser, John, slater, 12 Argyle street 
Fraser, John, tea merchant, 23 Innes street 
Fraser, John, carter, 1 Raining's stairs 
Fraser, John, labourer, 4 off 11 Bridge street 
Fraser, John, retired, 25 New buildings, Railway ter. 
Fraser, John, plumber, 79 King street 
Fraser, John A., coachbuilder, Carswell cottage, 10 

Planefield road 
Fraser, John, labourer, 16 Tap lane 
Fraser, John, & Co., drapers, 13 Queen's gate 
Fraser, John, gardener, 35 Church street 
Fraser, John, engineer, 93 Church street 
Fraser, John, lorryman, 73 Huntly street 
Fraser, John A., draper, 6, 8 Lombard street and 1 
Drummond street 


Fraser, John C, newsagent, etc., 2 Waterloo place 
Fraser, John, funeral undertaker, 31 Chapel street and 

2 North Church place, ho. 2 Bruce gardens 
Fraser, John J., golf professional, 1 MacEwen drive 
Fraser, John, funeral undertaker, 55 Glen-Urquhart 

Fraser, John, boilermaker, 36 Dunain road 
Fraser, John, turner, 7 Alexandra buildings, Queen st. 
Fraser, John D., blacksmith, 35 Innes street 
Fraser, John, seaman,. 9 Upper Kessock street 
Fraser, John, overseer, P.O. Telegraphs, 31 Bruce gdns. 
Fraser, John, carpenter, 9 George street 
Fraser, John, retired farmer, 26 Ballifeary lane 
Fraser, John, painter, 4 Menzies' buildings, Macdonald 

street, Haugh 
Fraser. John, fitter, Carss house, 23 Lochalsh road 
Fraser, John, janitor, 56 Telford road 
Fraser, John, clerk, 30 Telford street 
Fraser, John, fireman, 3 off 11 Bridge street 
Fraser, John, labourer 15 Duff street 
Fraser, John, grocer, 3 Abban street 
Fraser, John, labourer, 14 Alexander place 
Fraser, John, labourer, 1 North drive, Kessock 
Fraser, John, storeman, 6 May court (off Alexander 

Fracer, John, 32 Tomnahurich street 
Fraser, John, retired farmer, 20 Argyle street 
Fraser, John, labourer, 12 Alexander place 
Fraser, John, retired, 7 Midmills road 
Fraser, John, shunter, L.M.S.R., 64 Ballifeary road 
Fraser, J. McD., gardener, 85 Telford street 
Fraser, K., overseer, P.O., 43 Montague row 
Fraser, Kennedy and Fraser, butchers, 5 Queensgate 
Fraser, Kenneth, chauffeur, 8 View place 
Fraser, Kenneth, fitter, 1 Rosebery place, Haugh road 
Fraser, Lewis, baker, 7 Greig street 
Fraser, Lewis, trimmer, 12 Duncraig street 
Fraser, Miss, 16 Douglas row 
Fraser, Miss, 20 Bridge street 
Fraser, Miss, 97 Castle street 
Fraser, Miss C, 72 Dunain road 
Fraser, Miss M., 55 South drive, Kessock 
Fraser, Miss, 104 South drive, Kessock 
Fraser, Miss M., 52 Crown street 
Fraser, Miss, Netly lodge, 3 Bishop's road 


Fraser, Miss, apartments, 6 Queen's gate 

Fraser, Miss, Drumossie cottage, 18 Midmills road 

Fraser, Miss J., 1 Shore street 

Fraser, Miss Jessie, milliner, 11 Queensgate arcade 

Fraser, Miss, 40a Tomnahurich street 

Fraser, Miss, 42 Tomnahurich street 

Fraser, Miss M. J., 66 Huntly street 

Fraser, Miss, 7 Richmond terrace, Harrowden road 

Fraser, Miss, 10 Friar's street 

Fraser, Miss, Lochend, 2 Bishop's road 

Fraser, Miss, grocer, 29 Chapel street 

Fraser, Miss, teacher, 67 Crown street 

Fraser, Miss, 3 Douglas row 

Fraser, Miss, School of Shorthand, 22 High street 

Fraser, Miss M„ 60 Tomnahurich street 

Fraser, Miss, Catherine cottage, 9 Ardross place 

Fraser, Miss, 31 Kenneth street 

Fraser, Miss, 4 Manse place 

Fraser, Miss, cook, 1 Rose street 

Fraser, Miss, apartments, 17 Charles street 

Fraser, Miss M., Hawthorns, 3 Broadstone avenue, 

Kingsmills road ' 
Fraser, Miss, Carsewell cottage, 10 Planefield road 
Fraser, Miss, 22 Tomnahurich street 
Fraser, Miss. 28 Bank street 
Fraser, Miss, 31 Ardconnel street 
Fraser, Miss, 27 Celt street 
Fraser, Miss S., 84 Kenneth street 
Fraser, Miss. 27 Argyle street 
Fraser, Miss, Hamilton. 10 Midmills road 
Fraser, Miss, 8 Cawdor road 
Fraser, Miss, 26 Innes street 

Fraser, Miss, East Lynne Private Hotel, 17 Ness bank 
Fraser, Misses, Duncraig, 21 Fairfield road 
Fraser; Misses, 50 Argyle street 
Fraser, Misses, Castle court, Castle wynd 
Fraser, Mrs A., 27 Telford street 
Fraser, Mrs, 5 Menzies buildings, Macdonaldst., Haugh 
Fraser, Mrs, Brantford villa, 70 Fairfield road 
Fraser, Mrs, Roysvale, 5 Bellfield terrace 
Fraser, Mrs, 106 South drive, Kessock 
Fraser, Mrs, 39 Telford gardens 
Fraser, Mrs E„ 18 Crown street 
Fraser, Mrs, 68 Tomnahurich street 
Fraser, Mrs, 9 Ardross street 
Fraser, Mrs, Balnain cottage, Canal-side, Muirtown 


Fraser, Mrs, Lestrik, 20 Attadale road 

Fraser, Mrs, 45 Union road 

Fraser, Mrs, 1 Rose street 

Fraser, Mrs, 2 Deveron street 

Fraser, Mrs, Macgregor's buildings, Millburn road 

Fraser, Mrs, Registry, 17 Tomnahurich street 

Fraser, Mrs James, 26 Dochfour drive 

Fraser, Mrs, 5 Ferry road 

Fraser, Mrs, 8 South drive, Kessock 

Fraser, Mrs, 16 King street 

Fraser, Mrs, Midmills cottage, 47 Midmills road 

Fraser. Mrs, Lincluden, 3 Island bank road 

Fraser, Mrs, grocer, and post-office, 87 Telford street 

Fraser, Mrs, grocer, 1 and 2 Crown avenue 

Fraser, Mrs, 11 Fairfield lane 

Fraser, Mrs M., 8 Glebe street 

Fraser, Mrs D., 9 Telford street 

Fraser, Mrs S. H., Hawthorne cottage, 13 Fairfield 

Fraser, Mrs, 77 Castle street 
Fraser, Mrs, 7 Greig street 
Fraser, Mrs, 4 Maxwell drive 
Fraser, Mrs, Orifiamme cottage, Millburn 
Fraser Mrs, 13 Broadstone park 
Fraser, Mrs, Ashlyn, 19 Crown drive 
Fraser, Mrs, 37 Hill street 

Farser, Mrs Mary, 3 Dyer's court, 13 Huntly street 
Fraser, Mrs C, Rockburn cottage, 58 Lochalsh road 
Fraser, Mrs, 10 Smith avenue 
Fraser, Mrs, Grange villa, 39 Midmills road 
Fraser, Mrs, 14 May court (off Alexander place) 
Fraser, Mrs, Westbourne, 16 Glen-Urquhart road 
Fraser, Mrs M., 19 Kessock avenue 
Fraser, Mrs Helen, 18 Kessock avenue 
Fraser, Mrs, 7 Telford street 
Fraser, Mrs, 25 Chapel street 
Fraser, Mrs F., 2 Railway terrace 
Fraser, Mrs Mackay, 61 Tomnahurich street 
Fraser, Mrs Margaret J., 19 West drive, Kessock 
Fraser, Mrs, Raigmore cottages, Millburn 
Fraser, Mrs, Sunnybank, 5 Broadstone avenue, Kings- 
mills road 
Fraser, Mrs, Diriebught road (off Midmills road) 
Fraser, Mrs, 13 Leys drive, Southside place 
Fraser, Mrs Macgregor, 33 Denny street 
Fraser, Mrs, 3 George Street 


Fraser, Mrs, 20 Balchraggan buildings, Reay street 

Fraser, Mrs, 33 Wells street 

Fraser, Mrs J. F., Ardsley, 23 Fairfield road 

Fraser, Mrs, 28 Friar's street 

Fraser, Mrs J., 70 Innes street 

Fraser, Mrs, 78 Lochalsh road 

Fraser, Mrs, Culag, 9 Rangemore road 

Fraser, Mrs, 39 Hill street 

Fraser, Mrs, 4 Lower Kessock street 

Fraser, Mrs, 28 Argyle street 

Fraser, Mrs, 16 Queen street 

Fraser, Mrs, Hanover house, 9 Ness bank 

Fraser, Mrs, 1 off 11 Bridge street 

Fraser, Mrs Murdo, 13 Friar's street 

Fraser, Mrs, 47 Huntly street 

Fraser, Mrs, 44 Island bank road 

Fraser, Mrs, 24 Nelson street 

Fraser, Mrs, 52a Rose street 

Fraser and Maecoll, ironmongers, 20 and 22 Eastgate, 
and blacksmiths, 14 Hamilton street 

Fraser, M., Brumana, 12 Cawdor road 

Fraser, Major E., Drumleys, 43 Drummond road 

Fraser, Malcolm, Rowanbank, 18 Ballifeary road 

Fraser, Malcolm, joiner, 11 Haugh road 

Fraser and Maccallum, solicitors, 23 Academy street 

Fraser and Macdonald, builders and contractors, 23 
Kenneth street 

Fraser and Munro, tea merchants, 27 and 29 Washing- 
ton court 

Fraser, N. and S., stationers, etc., 3 Wells street 

Fraser, Neil, coal merchant, 11 Castle street 

Fraser, Nurse, 34 Charles street 

Fraser, Nurse, 25 High street 

Fraser, Philip, marine engineer, 46 Innes street 

Fraser, Robert, 32 Kingsmills road 

Fraser, Robt., foreman, Wordie & Co., 4 Lower Kessock 

Fraser, Rod., boatbuilder, 15 Telford gardens 

Fraser, Rod., machineman, 44 King street 

Fraser, Rod., sack stores, L.M.S.R., 73 Argyle street 

Fraser, Roderick, porter, L.M.S.R., 17 Rose street 

Fraser and Ross, solicitors, 46 High street 

Fraser, S., blacksmith, Burnfoot, Canal bank 

Fraser, S., gardener, 17 Abban street 

Fraser, S., bar manager, 82 Bruce gardens 

Fraser, S., fruiterer, 10 Jamaica street 


Praser, Simon, foreman, L.M.S.R., 14 Union road 

Fraser, Simon, painter, 15 Washington court 

Fraser, Simon, storeman 15 Castle street 

Fraser, Simon, gas foreman, 34 Ballifeary road 

Fraser, tiimon, b5 Telford gardens 

Fraser, Simon, labourer, 11 Alexander place 

Fraser, Simon, housing inspector, 2 Telford gardens 

Fraser, Simon, railway clerk, 5 Dunain road 

Fraser, Simon, porter, 116 Academy street 

Fraser, Simon, stationer, 4 Menzies buildings, Mac- 

donald street, Haugh 
Fraser, Stephen, fruiterer, 24 Grant street 
Fraser, T., upholsterer, 113 Bruce gardens 
Fraser T., 5 Rosebery place, Haugh road 
Fraser, Thos., Cliff cottage, Raining's stairs 
Fraser, Thomas, fireman, 18 Glebe street 
Fraser, Thomas, upholsterer, 102 Glen-Urquhart road 
Fraser, Thomas, upholsterer, 13 Friar's street 
Fraser, Thomas, coal store, 2 Balnain street 
Fraser, Thomas, coalman, 47 Huntly street 
Fraser, Thomas, clerk, 55a Innes street 
Fraser, Thomas, butcher, 31 Dochfour drive 
Fraser, Thomas, baker, Vulcan cottage, 31 Jamaica st> 
Fraser, Thomas, B.Sc, 74 Culduthel road 
Fraser, Thomas, 66 Fairfield road 
Fraser, Thomas, retired, 14 Innes street 
Fraser, Tom, labourer, 59 Castle street 
Fraser, W. and D„ chemists, 18 Inglis street 
Fraser, W., Glencairn, 30 Argyle street 
Fraser, W. J., draper, 126 Lochalsh road 
Fraser, William, barber, Yarrowdale, 12a India street 
Fraser, William, chemist, Kincraig, 11 Lovat road 
Fraser, William, County chief constable. ho. St 

Duthus, 11 Southside road 
Fraser, William, fitter, L.M.S.R., 47 Montague row 
Fraser, William, slater, 45 Lochalsh road 
Fraser, William, moulder, 4 Huntly place 
Fraser, William, maltman, 2 Diriebught road 
Fraser, William, moulder, 83 South drive, Kessock 
Fraser, William, hairdresser, 28 Waterloo place 
Fraser, William R., commission agent, 15 Falcon 

square, ho. 3 Island bank road 
Fraser, William, gardener, 4 Thornbush road 
Fraser, William, P.O., 91 Ballifeary road 
Fraser, William, storeman, 3 Church street 
Fraser, William, warehouseman, 52 Kingsmills road 


Fraser, William, shunter, 31 New buildings, Railway 

Fraser, William, seaman, 21 Queen street 
Fraser, William, gardener, 31 Celt street 
Fraser, William, quarry foreman, 3 Duncraig street 
Fraser, William, fitter, 45 Innes street 
Fraser, William, compressor attendant, 2 Railway ter. 
Fraser, Wm, chauffeur, 11 Castle wynd 
Fraser, Wm., confectioner, 4 Porterfield bank 
Fraser, Wm., sculptor, 11a Seaforth mansions, Reay 

Fraser, Wm., storekeeper, 4 Maryann court, Ardross 

Free North Church, Bank street 
Free North Church Meeting Hall, 40 Madras street 
Free Presbyterian Church, North Church place 
Freedman, M^ 51 Chapel street 
Freemasons' Hall, School lane, Church street 
French, Mrs, 58 Bruce gardens 
Frere, Harold, retired, Maryfield, 62 Midmills road 
Frewin, G. L., master, Royal Academy, 37 Island bank 

Frewin, W. T., plumber, 2 Hill place 
Fridge, Alex, labourer, 8a Stephen's brae 
Fridge, Donald, painter, 22 Tap lane 
Fridge, William, Threave, 80 Fairfield road 
Fulton, Walter, commercial traveller, 37 Bruce gdns. 

Gaelic Church, St Mary's, 115-117 Church street 
Gaelic Society of Inverness, 28 Queensgate— 

A. N. Nicolson, secretary 
Gair, Alex., distillery worker, 80 Church street 
Gair, Angus, 42 High street 
Gall, J. Hinton, F.R.I.B.A., and Son, architects, 13 

Lombard street 
Gall, James H. (Hipps). 9 Union road 
Gallacher, Miss B., 19 Rose street 
Gallie, Alex., gas worker. 17 Maxwell drive 
Garie, Mrs, Rhu Ella, 11a Ballifeary road 
Gallie, Miss, Carron villa, 28 Union road 
Gallon, George, commission agent, 12 Falcon squa v e. 
Galloway and Coy., chemists, 13 Castle street 
Galloway, James, retired, 55 Kingsmills road 


Galloway, James, coal yardsman, 21 Douglas row 
Garden, Dr David Stewart, M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H., 19 

Planefield road 
Gardener, John J., grocer, 45 Thornbush road 
Gardener, Mrs, 8 Drummond street, ho. 46 Union rd. 
Gardiner, Alex., cooper, Seaview, 22 Millburn road 
Gardiner, D. B., traveller,, 40 Glen-Urquhart road 
Gardiner, R., traveller, 81 Ballifeary road 
Garland, D., dining-car chef, 9 Smith avenue 
Garrow, A., 'bus driver, Armadale terrace, 66 Tomna- 

hurich street 
Garrow, Charles, attendant, L.M.S.R., 29 Innes street 
Garrow, John M., 51 Bruce gardens 
Garvie, John, L.M.S.R., 82 Lochalsh road 
Gas and Water Commissioners' Office and Gas 

works, 7 Manse place 
Gavin, Lewis, jeweller, 5, 11 and 13 New market. 

store rooms 36 Baron Taylor's street, ho. 28 

Lovat road 
Gavin, M., manufacturer's agent, 4 Falcon square 
Geddes, George, labourer, 61 King street 
Geddes, William, 3 Abban place, Abban street 
Geekie, Alexander, S. G., Baldowrie, Annfleld road 
Gellion's Hotel, 12 Bridge st. — W. N. Irvine, proprietor 
General Assurance Co., Ltd. — D. Duffy, district mana- 
ger, Station square 
General Billposting Company, 3 Church street 
General Electric Company, 13 Falcon square 
General Post and Telegraph Office, Queensgate — A. J. 

Campbell, postmaster 
General Radio Service, 107 Castle street 
Gentles, M. P., traveller, 14 Southside place 
Gerrie, Mrs, 11 Fairfield lane 
Gibb, Miss, 3 Hill place 
Gibb, Mrs, 19 High street 
Gibb, Mrs, 144 Lochalsh road 
Gibb, Wm., hairdresser, 5 Greig street. ho. 12a 

Kenneth street 
Gibbie, Andrew, caretaker, 66 Upper Kessock street 
Gibson, Albert, lock-keeper, Sea Lock, Clachnaharry 
Gibson, David, grocer, 65 Eastgate 
Gibson, G. D., civil servant, 48 Dunain road 
Gibson, John (Mitchell and Craig) , 25 Academy street 

ho. 25 Culduthel road 
Gibson, Magnus, clerk, 105 Bruce gardens 
Gibson, Mrs, 10 Glebe street 


Gibson, Robert, milkman, 73 Kessock avenue 
Gibson, S., engineer, 81 Lochalsh road 
Giggins, W., excessman, L.M.S.R., 95 Lochalsh road 
Gilbert, Robert, solicitor, Belle Vue, Upper Drum- 

Gilchrist, Cornelius Cowan, Bank of Scotland, High 

street, ho. 36 Broadstone park 
Gilchrist, Robert, shoemaker, 62 Upper Kessock street 
Gill, John, G.P.O., 40 Crown street 
Gill, Miss, 1 Pretoria terrace, Wells street 
Gill, Mrs, Craigview, 12 Lovat road 
Gill, Mrs M., 93 Dochfour drive 
Gilian, John G., sorting clerk and telegraphist, 36 

Lochalsh road 
Gillanders, Kenneth, bank teller, 16 Abban street 
Gillanders, Malcolm J., Dunskiath villa, 33 Greig st. 
Gillanders, Miss E., 1 Abban street 
Gillanders, Miss M., 14 Innes street 
Gillander's Stores, 26 Queensgate — Alex. Fraser, pro- 
Gillately, Mrs, Fassock house, 2 Perceval road 
Gillespie, George, manager, 20 Telford gardens 
Gillespie, J., labourer, 23 Fairfield lane 
Gillies, Daniel, M.A., Craigrossie, 31 Midmills road 
Gillies, John, cashier, 74 Bruce gardens 
Gillies, Miss, Sunbank, 16 Crown avenue 
Gillies, Mrs, Balaldie, 60 Old Edinburgh road 
Gilmour, D., gardener, 25 Gilbert street 
Gilrnour, Francis, labourer, 38 West drive, Kessock 
Gi'zean, John,, dealer, 25 Upper Kessock street 
Giubarelli, D., confectioner, 38 Tomnahurich street 

ho. 36. 
Giubarelli, Delia, fruit and confectionery, 11 Chapel 

Glass, D., labourer, 42 Bruce gardens 
Glass, James F„ 25 King street 
G'ass, Robert, labourer, 39 South drive, Kessock 
Glass, Thomas, labourer, Balnain house, 40 Huntly St. 
Glashan, Alex. W., cashier, 16 Perceval road 
Gleave, Joseph, 51 Chapel street 
Gleeson, Lieut.-Commander T., R.N.R., Broadstone 

lodge, Broadstone park 
Glenmhor Garage, 5 Ness place, Haugh road 
Glennie. James, saddler, 70b Eastgate. ho. 30 Doch- 
four drive 
Glennie, Mrs, 31 Ardconnel street 


Glennie, R., 5 Argyle street 

Glennie, Robert, gas meter inspector; 38 Eastgate 

Glenalbyn Bar, 2, 4 Young street 

Glenalbyn Hotel, 1, 2 Huntly street 

Goddard, Ernest, motor mechanic, 11 Ferry road 

Godsman, A., spinner, 7 Lindsay avenue 

Godsman, Alex., assistant harbourmaster, 3 Deveron 

Godsman, Duncan, 36 King street 
Godsman, George, labourer, 3 of! 11 Bridge street 
Godsman, John, tailor, 4 Douglas row 
Godsman, John, slater, 58 Upper Kessock street 
Godsman, William, 9 Greig street 
Goldstraw, J., Remington representative, 42 Hill st. 
Golightly, A., carpenter, Beaufort cottage, 63 Balli- 

feary road 
Golightly, Mrs, 58 Haugh road 
Gollan, Andrew, surfaceman, L.M.S.R., 13 May court, 

off Alexander place 
Gollan, James, plumber, 33 Shore street 
Gollan, James, Athlone, 10 Victoria drive 
Gollan, John, painter, 109 Bruce gardens 
Gollan, Mrs, 1 Crown road 
Gollan, Rod., storekeeper, 14 Telford gardens 
Gollan, Robert, labourer, 12 Thornbush road 
Goodall, Alex., licensed grocer, 18 and 22 Madras st. 
Goodall, Alex., Willow cottage, 60 Lochalsh road 
Goodall, J., market gardener, 21 Ballifeary lane 
Goodall, John, baker, 14 India street 
Goodfellow, Mrs J., grocer, 58 Denny street 
Gordon, Alex., compositor, 38 Crown street 
Gordon, Alexander, blacksmith, 3 Stephen street 
Gordon, Alex - ., inspector, 19 Chapel street 
Gordon, Affleck, labourer, 20 Stephen's brae 
Gordon, Andrew A., tailor, 17a Attadale road 
Gordon, Andrew, labourer, 32 Dunain road 
Gordon, Charles, traveller, Hillcrest, 33 Leys drive 
Gordon, Charles, traveller, 60 Dochfour drive 
Gordon, Donald, labourer, 38 Thornbush road 
Gordon, Donald, meal merchant, 28 Eastgate. ho. 

Benview, 5 Rangemore road 
Gordon, George, and Co., C.E.'s, architects and sur- 
veyors, 6 Queensgate 
Gordon, Henry, clerk, 17 Smith avenue 
Gordon, J., painter, L.M.S.R., 96 Lochalsh road 
Gordon, J., skinner, 85 Lochalsh road 



Gordon, James, labourer, 2 George street ' 
Gordon, James, guard, 4 George street 
Gordon, James, P.O., lineman, 25 Kessock avenue 
Gordon, John, insurance agent, 79 Telford road 
Gordon's, drapers and outfitters, 38 and 40 Academy 

Gordon, MacHaffie R. S., Drumblair, Dores road 
Gordon, Miss Isabella, Dell house, 8 Millburn road 
Gordon, Miss, masseuse, 5 Union street 
Gordon, Miss, 9 Porterfieid road 
Gordon, Miss, 12 Stephen's brae 
Gordon, Miss J. E., milliner, 22 Church street 
Gordon, Miss Ina, grocer, 1 Innes street and 45 Rose 

Gordon, Mrs, 43 Haugh road 

Gordon, Mrs, Woodbourne, 18 Glen-Urquhart road 
Gordon, Mrs, 108 Bruce gardens 
Gordon, Mrs A. P., Viewmount, 12 Culduthel road 
Gordon, Mrs, 2 Perceval road 
Gordon, Mrs, 34 Upper Kessock street 
Gordon, R. W., Edulas, 39a Drummond road 
Gordon, S., Hunter (manager, Rose Street Foundry), 

Tighneilan, 38 Island bank road 
Gordon, T., 34 Midmills road 
Gordon, Thomas, 11 Telford street 
Gordon, Wm, 75 Kingsmills road 
Gordon's, fruiterers, etc., 16 Eastgate 
Gossip, Mrs, Knowsley, 82 Fairfield road 
Gossip, Oliver H., L.D.S., R.F.P.S. fGlas.), dental sur- 
geon, 2 Castle road 
Goulder, John, loco, inspector, 4 Carlton terrace, 

Millburn road 
Goulder, Geo., F., insurance inspector, 12 Crown dr. 
Gow, James, painter, 1 Paton street, Haugh 
Gow, James, clerk, L.M.S.R., 23 Ballifeary lane 
Gow, Mrs, 67 Castle street 
Gow, Peter, 9 Alexander place 
Gow. Wm. F., vanman, 19 Dochfour drive 
Gowl, E., electrician, 73 Argyle street 
Graham, Alex. W., Board of Agriculture, Glentromie, 

22 Rangemore road 
Graham, Angus, porter, 43 Innes street 
Graham, Charles, motor mechanic, 26 Harrowden road 
Graham, Donald, M.A., Royal Academy, 36 Lovat rd. 
Graham. Finlay, retired, The Limes, 21 Broadstone 



Graham, George, Benalder, 14 Montague row 

Graham, Hugh, cattleman, Seafleld, Longman road 

Graham, John, and Co., gunmakers, 27 Union street 

Graham, Miss, dressmaker, 16 DufT street 

Graham, Mrs J., Dunalastair, 8 Mayfield road 

Graham, Mrs, 43 Innes street 

Graham, Mrs, 44 Hill street 

Graham, Mrs, Merlewood cottage, Merlewood road 

Graham, Peter, carter, 4 Shore street 

Graham, Simon, taxi driver, 24 Glen-Urquhart road 

Graham, William C, commercial traveller, Lawriston, 

12 Southside place 
Graham, William A., pianoforte tuner, Grahamsville, 

19 Ross avenue 
Grant, A., licensed grocer, 57 Grant street 
Grant, A., joiner, 56 Crown street 
Grant, A„ engine-driver, 11 Abban street 
Grant, A., grocer, 1 Upper Kessock street 
Grant, A., butcher, 36 Rose street 
Grant, A. & Son, plasterers and cement workers, 13 

Shore street, ho. 20 Waterloo place 
Grant, Alex., 2 High street, Clachnahariry 
Grant, Alex., grocer, 11 Dunabban road 
Grant, Alex., meal merchant, 28 Eastgate 
Grant, Alex., C.E., M.Inst., and architect, 6 Queensgate 
Grant, Alex., Tomnahurich farm, Bruce gardens 
Grant, Alex., labourer, 28 North drive, Kessock 
Grant, Andrew, 15 Midmills road 
Grant, Andrew, chauffeur, 5 Bellfield park 
Grant, Arthur R., fishmonger, 3 Church street 
Grant, Benjamin, Clan Tartan warehouse, 12 High st. 
Grant, Ben., postman, 11 Abban street 
Grant, Charles, 27 New buildings, Railway terrace 
Grant, D., sawyer. 66 Denny street 
Grant, David, labourer, 24 Telford gardens 
Grant, Donald, manager, 28 Lochalsh road 
Grant, Donald, head lock-keeper, May cottage, Canal 

Grant, Donald, greenkeeper, 51 Castle street 
Grant, Donald, carriage-builder, 23 Abbotsford ter- 
race, Greig street 
Grant, Donald, messenger, 8 Baron Taylor's street 
Grant, Duncan, watchmaker and jeweller, 54a East 

gate. ho. 3 Carlton terrace, Millburn 
Grant, Duncan J. L., chauffeur, 32 King street 


Grant, Duncan, Achindoune, 10 Grown drive 

Grant, D., motor mechanic, 15 Telford road 

Grant, D. R., plasterer, 7 Shore street 

Grant, Evan, vanman, 16a India street 

Grant, G., mason, 33 Chapel street 

Grant, G. J., motor driver, 49 MacEwen drive 

Grant, George, foreman mason, 34 Waterloo place 

Grant, George, P.O., 2 High street, Clachnaharry 

Grant, George, labourer. 21 Gilbert street 

Grant, George, clerk, 42 Innes street 

Grant, George, painter, 9 Maclennan crescent 

Grant, Rev. George H., B.D., West Church manse, 52 

Crown drivt 
Grant, Hector, painter, 4 Carlton terrace, Millburn 
Grant, Hugh, gardener, 34 Nelson street 
Grant, Ian, 19 Muirneld road 
Grant, J. P., advocate, Sheriff-Substitute of Inverness, 

etc., Castle and County buildings 
Grant, James, motor engineer, 12 Charles street 
Grant, James, plasterer, 17 Greig street 
Grant, James, carpenter, 40 Thornbush road 
Grant, James, wood contractor, 38 Glen-Urquhart rd. 
Grant, James, 57 Shore street 
Grant, James, machineman, 43a Rose street 
Grant, John, boilermaker, 1 Rose street 
Grant, John A., manager, Carrie and Co. ho. 33 

Kenneth street 
Grant, John, chauffeur, 4 Rosebery place, Haugh road 
Grant, John, accountant, Bank of Scotland, Palmer- 

ston villa, 4 Millburn road 
Grant, John, painter, 22 Thornbush road 
Grant, John, engine-driver, 4 Carlton terrace, Mill- 
burn road 
Grant, John R., plumber, 8 Thornbush road 
Grant, John, attendant, Sleeping Car, L.M.S.R., 4 

MacEwen drive 
Grant, J., 28 Charles street 
Grant, J., 44 Hill street 
Grant, J., guard, 28 Maxwell drive 
Grant, Kenneth, distillery manager, Dulnan villa, 14 

Millburn road 
Grant, Miss, Craigellachie, 10 Millburn road 
Grant, Miss Elizabeth, 51 MacEwen drive 
Grant, Miss, Rodmure School, Queen's house, 33 Aca- 
demy street 
Grant, Miss, 20 Midmills road 


Grant, Miss, 50 Tomnahurich street 

Grant, Miss, bookseller, 9 East gate 

Grant, Miss, Dunedin, 28 Ballifeary lane 

Grant, Miss, 5 Porterfleld road 

Grant, Miss, Drayton lodge, 35 Midmills road 

Grant, Miss, 9c Seaforth mansions, Reay street 

Grant, Miss, 10 Duff street 

Grant, Miss, Ashton, 78 Kenneth street 

Grant, Miss, 64 Huntly street 

Grant, Miss C, 2 Haugh road 

Grant, Mrs, 45 MidmilLs road 

Grant, Mrs, 35 Union road 

Grant, Mrs Ann M., Black Bull Inn, Huntly street, ho. 
18 Duff street 

Grant, Mrs H., 36 Argyle street 

Grant, Mrs, Glentromie, 26 Beaufort road 

Grant, Mrs, Rosefield villa, 42 Kingsmills road 

Grant, Mrs J. F., dancing academy, 35 Queen's gate 

Grant, Mrs, 81 Academy street 

Grant, Mrs, 73 Kenneth street 

Grant, Mrs, 51 Chapel street 

Grant, Mrs A., 7 Duncraig street 

Grant, Mrs R., Balnain house, 40 Huntly street 

Grant, Mrs, 52 Ballifeary road 

Grant, Mrs, 10 Innes street 

Grant, Mrs, 28 Queen street 

Grant, Mrs, 31 Upper Kessock street 

Grant, Mrs, 12 Victoria square, Rose street 

Grant, Mrs, 21 Lochalsh road 

Grant, Mrs, School lane (off Church street) 

Grant, Mrs C, 37 Kessock avenue 

Grant, Mrs C, 18 Telford gardens 

Grant, Peter, 5 Ness place, Haugh road 

Grant, Peter, grocer, 4 Telford street 

Grant, Robert, storeman, 63 Dunain road 

Grant, Roderick, labourer, 71 Castle street 

Grant, Simon, plasterer, 1 Coastguard cottage, Ferry 

Grant Street Post-office, 60 Grant street 

Grant, Thomas, 24 Kingsmills road 

Grant, Thomas, cleaner, P.O., 44 Maxwell drive 

Grant, Thomas, engineer, North lodge, 11 Bishop's rd. 

Grant, William, mashman, Millburn cottage 24 Mill- 
burn road 

Grant, William, labourer, 29 Jamaica street 

Grant, William C, 5 Ness place, Haugh road 


Grant, William, plasterer, 18 High St., Clachnaharry 

Grant, William, slater, 2 Planefield road 

Grant, William, carpenter contractor, 30 Celt street. 

ho. 40 Harrowden road 
Grant, William, lock-keeper, Siloam villa, 2 High 

street, Clachnaharry 
Grant, William, baker, 12 Grant street 
Gray, A. W., C.A., 21 Ballifeary lane 
Gray, Alex., labourer, 38 High street 
Gray & Co., fishing tackle and gunmakers, 14 Union 

Gray, Chris., 34 Lower Kessock street 
Gray, Colin, coal merchant, 82 South drive, Kessock 
Gray, David, of David Gray & Co., Lotland place. 

ho. Puxton, 11 Old Edinburgh road 
Gray, Donald, grocer, 32 Telford gardens 
Gray, Donald, plumber, 58 Shore street 
Gray, Donald, grocer, 37 Kenneth street 
Gray, Duncan, engineer, Fern cottage, 45 Kenneth st. 
Gray, James & Sons, slaters and slate merchants, 94 

and 96 AcaSemy street and 28 and 58 Shore st. 
Gray, James, slater contractor (of Gray & Son, 

slaters), The Hollies, 18 Ness bank 
Gray,, James N., slater contractor, 35 Crown drive 
Gray, Mrs, 17 Ardconnel terrace 
Gray, Mrs, 22 High street 
Gray, Mrs E., 21 King street 
Gray, Mrs, 31 South drive, Kessock 
Gray, Mrs Barbara, 46 Kingsmills road 
Gray, Mrs Halewood, 56 Crown drive 
Gray, Robert, motor driver, 1 Rose street 
Gray, Thos., labourer, 7 Swan's lane, Muirtown st. 
Gray, W., sales manager, 25 MacEwen drive 
Gray's Grocery Store, 31 Grant street 
Gray's stores, grocers, 8 Greig' street 
Green, Charles, mason, 53 Kingsmills road 
Green, H. D., Shell Mex superintendent, Carrdeen, 

89 Culduthel road 
Green, John, labourer, 69 Kessock avenue 
Green, William, labourer, Thornbush cottages, 18 

Capel inch 
Greenlees & Sons, boot and shoe warehouse, 17 High 

Greenwald, Hyman, 4 Crown avenue 
Greenwood, Ernest, rigger, 37 Lower Kessock street 
Gregor, Mrs, 47 Hill street 


Greig, Alex. A., civil servant, 33 Lochalsh road 
Greig, Andrew, carder, 16 High street, Clachnaharry 
Greig, Miss, 8 Glebe sttreet 
Greig, Mrs, 28 Queen street 

Greig, Wm, motor hirer, 4 Montague row and 76 Tel- 
ford street, ho. Gilford, 3 Kenneth street 
Grewar, Alex., chauffeur, 31 Lindsay avenue 
Grierson, Mrs, 6 Fairfield road 
Grieve, James, mason, 2 Manse place 
Grieve, John, musician, 11 Union road 
Grieve, Mrs, 3 Glendale place, Shore street 
Grieve, Mrs 49 Irmes street 
Grieve, Rev. W. P., Crown Church Manse, 34 Crown 

Grigor, Mrs, Kerrowaird, 48 Crown drive 
Grigor, Mrs Mary, 34 Maclennan crescent 
Grigor Wm. & Son, 16, 18 and 20 Hamilton street and 

Third street, Dempster gardens 
Grigor, Wm., wine merchant, Woodlands, 15 Island 

bank road 
Groat, D., tailor, 7 Eastgate 
Groat, John, painter, 24 Huntly street 
Groat, Mrs, Fassock house, 2 Perceval road 
Guardian Insurance Company, 42 Union street 
Gunn, Andrew, cabinetmaker, 66 Huntly street 
Gunn, Charles, baths attendant, 11 Telford gardens 
Gunn, George C, engineer, 3 South Kessock 
Gunn, George, shunter, 46 Kingsmills road 
Gunn, James, labourer, 7 Queen street 
Gunn, James, signalman, L.M.S.R., 2 Mid street, 

Gunn, John D., retired schoolmaster 26 Glen- 

Urquhart road 
Gunn, John, cabinetmaker, 1 Fraser Street, off Church 

street, ho. Balchraggan buildings, 28 Reayst. 
Gunn, John M., 14 Low street, Clachnaharry 
Gunn, Miss J., shop assistant, 17 Innes street 
Gunn, Mrs, 24 Argyle street 
Gunn, Mrs, 12 Telford road 
Gunn, Mrs, 61 Maclennan crescent 
Gunn, Mrs, 8 Telford street 
Gunn, Mrs, 9 Greig street 
Gunn, Mrs, 3 Ardconnel street 
Gunn, William, R.N., 5 Paton street. Haugh 
Guthrie, Alex. L., Civil servant, Clarence cottage, 

19 Drummond road 


Guthrie, Charles, carriage and waggon foreman, 45 

Maxwell drive 
Guthrie, Horace, labourer, 98 Kessock avenue 
Guthrie, William, L.M.S.R., 72 Denny street 
Guy, Vivian, governor, H.M. Prison, Porterfield bank 


Hackett, Mrs, Balemore, 16 Beaufort road 

Haddow, Geo. L., Civil servant, 54 Glen-Urquhart road 

Hadley, M., Anarly, 9 Crown drive 

Haggarty, Miss, 6 Victoria square, Rose street 

Haggarty, Mrs, 4 Victoria square, Rose street 

Hain, Wm D., works manager, L.M.S.R., 1 Porterfield 

Haldane, G. W., engineer, 17 Dalneigh road 
Haldane, George, fireman, 12 Waterloo place 
Hall, William, motor engineer, 11 Maxwell drive 
Halley, Mrs, 15 North drive, Kessock 
Hamilton's Auction Marts, Ltd., 67 Eastgate 
Hamilton, A. G., public assistance officer, 26 Bank st. 
Hamilton, A. J. C, surgeon, Ardlarich, 15 Culduthel rd. 
Hamilton, J., traveller, 8 Cawdor road 
Hamilton, Mrs, 64 Huntly street 
Hamilton, R. A., manager, Coast Lines, Ltd., 45 Drum- 

mond road 
Hamilton, Robert, carpenter, 5 Albion square (off 

King street). 
Hamilton, Rev. Arthur A., B.D., of St Stephen's, 42 

Old Edinburgh road 
Hamilton, Thomas, cinema operator, 20 Dunain road 
Hammond, Alex., labourer, 9 Shoe lane 
Handford, William J. and Son, hirers, 4 Fraser street, 

Haugh. ho. 73 Haugh road 
Handford, Wm. J., milk salesman, 50 Dunain road 
Harcombe, Edgar, 56 Denny street 
Hardie, Glen, cashier, 27 Dochfour drive 
Hardie, James, tax officer, 21 Abban street 
Hardie, Lachlan, Burdett cottage, 83 Kenneth street 
Hardie, Mrs, 2 Fraser street (off Church street) 
Hardie, Mrs, 31 Wells street 
Hardie, W. A., solicitor, 6 Ness bank 
Harley, Wm., auctioneer, Trenton villa, 2 Lovat road 
Harper, F. G., Valleyfield, 27 Island bank road 


Harper, Francis Gordon, Telford electric bakery, 52 

Telford road. ho. 15 Beaufort road 
Harper, Mrs, 6 Telford road 

Harper, W., electrician, 5 Holm avenue, Dores road 
Harper, W., labourer, 19 Smith avenue 
Harting, Charles, chauffeur, 57 Church street 
Karris, L., 13 Friar's street 
Harris, Wm, retired, 49 Kenneth street 
Harrison & Reeve, Ltd., fruit salesmen, 16 Falcon 

Harvey, Mrs, 4 Gordon terrace 

Hasson, D. F., brassfounder, 6 South drive, Kessock 
Hasson, Laurence, tailor, 3 Carlton terr., Millburn rd. 
Hasson, Michael, taxidermist, 21 Smith avenue 
Hasson, Mrs Catherine M„ 36 Bellneld park 
Hasson, Wm., reporter, 8 Bellneld park 
Hastie, John, 3 Coastguard cottage, Ferry road 
Haugh Brewery Tap, 39, 41 Haugh road— Wm. Bain. 
Hay, David, labourer, 57 Maclennan crescent 
Hay, George, traveller, 70 Glen-Urquhart road 
Hay, I., Ravelston, Lodge road, Drummond 
Hay, J. M., manager, Errol, 12 Millburn road 
Hay, J., stoker, 8 Jamaica street 
Hay, John, checker, L.M.S.R., 57 Bruce gardens 
Hay, John, fitter, 60 Innes street 
Hay, Mrs, 13a Madras street 

Hay, Mrs, Balchraggan buildings, 26 Reay street 
Hay, Mrs, Ness View Private Hotel, 3 Ardross terrace 
Hay, Mrs C, 36 Kessock avenue 
Hay, R. & Sons, cabinetmakers, 97-99 Church street 
Hayes, Henry, labourer, 10 North drive, Kessock 
Heatley, Harlen, traveller, 62 Dochfour drive 
Heddle, Miss, 28 Ardconnel street 
Hefferman, P., physical training school, 5 Broadstone 

Henderson, Alex., grocer, 33 Charles street 
Henderson, Alex., 48 Nelson street 
Henderson, Bartlett, and Sons, engineers, Cromwell 

works, 25, 27 Lotland street, ho. 33 Abban st. 
Henderson, George, Parklands, 21 Leys drive 
Henderson, Henry, clerk, 5 Telford gardens 
Henderson, Hugh, dyer, 3 Queen street 
Henderson, John, engineer, Cromwell villa, 23 Lotland 

Henderson, J. & Co., house furnishers, 28 High street 
Henderson, J. T., 2 Porterfield road 



Henderson, Mrs J. C., 56 Dunain road 

Henderson, Mrs, 31a Innes street 

Henderson, Mrs, 4 Hill street 

Henderson, Mrs, 115 Bruce gardens 

Henderson, Peter, parcel agent, L.M.S.R., 33 Bellfield 

Henderson, William, shoemaker, Holm mills, Dores 

Hendrie, Miss Margaret, hairdressing saloon, 16 
Bridge street 

Hendry, John, innkeeper, 24, 26 Waterloo place 

Hendry, John, signalman, L.M.S.R., 4 George street 

Hendry, M. R., chemist, 49 Charles street 

Hendry, Mrs, Ontario cottage, 3 Hill street 

Hendry, Simon, chemist, 8, 10 Eastgate. ho. 7 Ness 

Henry, George, tinsmith, 108 Glen-Urquhart road 

Henry, Mrs, 19 Crown street 

Hepburn, Donald, C.A., Fraser street (off Church st.) 
ho. Culduthel gardens 

Hepburn, Donald (of John Macdonald, Castle street), 
ho. St Eanswyth's, 24 Rangemore road 

Hepburn, Hugh, barman, 3 George street 

Hepburn, Mrs, 40 Maclennan crescent 

Hepburn, Thomas, clerk, L.M.S.R., 47 MacEwen drive 

Hepworth & Sons, Ltd., clothiers and outfitters, 36-40 
and 47-49 High street— G. Macdonald, manager 

Herraghty, Patrick, wine and spirit merchant, Rossie 
lodge, Island bank road 

Herraghty, P. J. and E. A., bonded stores, 82 Eastgate 

High School, Montague row— W. S. Kerr, M.A., B.Sc, 
rector; James Marchant, janitor 

Highland Bowling Club, Ltd. — Green, Auldcastle road 

Highland Club, 37 High street — D. M. Edwards, secre- 

Highland Fish Company, 38 Union street — John C. 
Ferguson, manager 

Highland Fish Restaurant — H. Greenwald, Hill place 

"Highland News," Ltd., Hamilton street ana 1-11 
Washington court — Duncan Grant, manag- 
ing director 

Highland Orphanage, 71 Culduthel road— Mrs 
Ritchie, matron 

Highland Preserves, Ltd., 47 Haugh road — D. A. Mac- 
donald, manager 


Highland Rubber Company — 66 Academy street- 
Francis C. Luscombe, proprietor 
Highland Trade Protection Agency, 4 Lombard street 
Highland Transport Co., Ltd., 3 Bank lane— H. W. 

Fowke, manager; Garage — Longman road 
Highland Tweed Company, 2 Fraser street (off Church 

Higgins, Peter, hawker, 32 West drive, Kessock 
Hill, Arthur, pensioner, 21 Ferry road 
Hill Drapery Emporium, 19 Kingsmills road 
Hill, William labourer, 9 South drive, Kessock 
Hillcoat, R. G., solicitor, Eversley, 3 Beaufort road 
Hilton, Matthew, compositor, 11 Victoria sauare. Rose 

Hipps, Ltd., tailors and outfitters, 29 High street — 

James H. Gall, manager 
Hislop, George & Sons, plumbers, 55-56 Huntly street 
Hislop, John B, 55 Huntly street 

Hoare, B. George, The Polytechnic, 7, 9. and 11 Lom- 
bard street, ho. Ravenswood, 37 Southside rd. 
Hobban, Frank, machineman, 19 Duff street 
Hobban, Robert, surfaceman, 59 Castle street 
Hodgson. Thomas, labourer, 49 Maclennan crescent 
Hogg, John, fishing tackle m'aker, 37 Smith avenue 
Holloway, William, 8 Margaret street 
Home, John, butcher, Annfield house, 3 Lotland place 
Home, Walter, tailor, 25 Bridge street 
Holme, Mrs, 7 Maryann court, Ardross place 
Honeyman, James, blacksmith. 65 Huntly street 
Hood, J. D., porter, 82 Muirfield road 
Hood. Miss, 30 Innes street 
Hood, Miss, 20 Shore street 
Hood, Mrs, 21 Grant street 
Hood, Robert, storeman, 4 Innes street 
Hooper, A., C.A., Edderton, 11 Beaufort road 
Hooper, Thomas, labourer, 24 North drive, Kessock 
Hope, Thomas, dyer, 48 Glen-Urquhart road 
Hoirne. J., jeweller, 2 Portland place 
Home, James, lineman, 20 Greig streett 
Home, John, clerk, 55 Crown street 
Home, Mrs, Bhreachloch, 1 Drummond road 
Home, P-. manager Scottish Legal Life Assurance 

Society, 3a Wells street 
Home, Robert, jun.. cashier. 20 Wells street 
Home, Robert E., janitor, Farraline Park School, 2 
Portland place 


Horsburgh, Hugh, chauffeur, 130 Lochalsh road 
Horsburgh, James N.. 58 Grant street 
Hossack, D., Rose cottage, Diriebught road (off Mid- 
mills road 
Hossack, Hugh, labourer, 6 Kessock avenue 
Hossack, Miss M., 40 Denny street 
Hossack, Mrs, Lochinver villa, 35 Montague row 
Hossack, Mrs, 11 Brown street 
Hossack, Mrs, 13 Abbotsford terrace, Greig street 
Hossack, Mrs, 14 Upper Kessock street 
Hoisery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., 20 Inglis street 
Howatt, Thomas, painter, 14 Denny street 
Household Bazaar Company, 12 Union street. Stores 

— Dempster gardens 
Houston, Mrs, 33 Telford road 
Howat, David, director of education, Fenton house, 8 

Crown circus 
Howden & Co., seedsmen, 10 Church street, and 

Muirtown nurseries. Stores — 6a Falcon sq. 
Howe, Mrs, 52 Bruce gardens 
Howie, Mrs, 26 Telford road 

Howie, Urquhart, motor driver, 124 Lochalsh road 
Howie, William D., confectioner and tobacconist, 5 

Chapel street 
Hughes, E., mechanic, 32 King street 
Hughes, Edward, 9 Bellfield park 
Hughes J., clerk, P.O., 2a Crown street 
Humphrey, Mrs G. M., 18 Crown avenue 
Humphrey, R., Dochfour drive 
Hunt, C. K., vehicle examiner, 10 Maxwell drive 
Hunter, D. H., engineer and garage, 6 Young street. 

ho. 3 May bank, Island bank road 
Hunter, E. F., tobacconist, 9 and 24 Inglis street; 

Billiard Saloon, 37 High street, ho. 6 Balli- 

feary road 
Hunter, J., labourer, 36 King street 
Hunter, J. M., agent. N. of S. Bank. ho. Highbury, 

4 Dochfour drive 
Hunter, John, insurance agent, 11 India street 
Hunter, John, 28 Ballifeary road 
Hunter, John, 14 Planefield road 
Hunter, John, baker, 16 Gladstone pi., Harrowden road 
Hunter, P. A. G., painter, 11 Castle street 
Hunter, Peter, house painter, 40 Dochfour drive 
Hunter, Robert, traveller, 88 MacEwen drive 
Hunter, Thomas L., 87 Kenneth street 


Hutcheson, Allan, P.O. linesman, 61 Kessock avenue 
Hutcheson, Mrs, 75 Argyle street 
Hutcheson, William, 46 Lochalsh road 
Hutchison, Alex., shoemaker, 31 Muirtown street 
Hutchison, Alex., shoemaker, 81 Telford road 
Hutchison, Colin, clerk, 94 Dochfour drive 
Hutchison, Geo., carriage inspector, L.M.S.R., 77 Doch- 
four drive 
Hutchison, James, inspector, P.O., 8 Telford avenue, 

Telford road 
Hutchison, Kenneth, labourer, 34 Lower Kessock street 
Hutchison, Miss, dressmaker, 1 Lombard street 
Hutchison, Mrs, 4 Southside road 
Hutchison, Mrs, 120 South drive, Kessock 
Hutton, Mrs, Rosslyn, 3 Lovat road 
Hutton, R., traffic agent, 8 Charles street 

Ida Merry Home, Bowmont Centre, Craigmonie, 5 

Annfield road 
Imlack, John, iron -moulder, 2 India street 
Imperial Bar, 57 Baron Taylor's st. — Mrs MacAllistsr 
Imperial Hotel, 1 and 3 Academy street — Mrs Mac- 

Industry House, 8 Church street 
Inglis, Misses, 27 Bank street 

Inglis, W. G., L.D.S., school dental surgeon, County 
buildings, Ardross street, ho. 59 Old Edin- 
burgh road 
Ingram, William, lorryman, 36 Friar's street 
Inkster, Peter, lock-keeper, 101 Church street 
Inland Revenue offices, 58 High street and 2 Ness walk 
Inland Revenue Department, 23 Lombard street and 

2 Ness walk 

Innes, Andrew, 3 Mitchell's lane, Porterfield bank 

Innes, Donald, 7 Manse place 

Innes, George, fencer, 73 Huntly street 

Innes J., county road surveyor, 2 Darnaway road 

Innes, James, foreman blacksmith, Slipway, 3 Dun- 

abban .road 
Innes, James, 3 Carlton terrace, Millburn road 
Innes, John, sanitary inspector, 6 Castle street, ho. 

3 Leys drive, Southside place 

Innes, John C, warper, 2 Low street, Clachnaharry 


Innes, John, mason, 1 Low street, Clachnaharry 

Innes, Miss, 11a Millburn road 

Innes & Mackay, solicitors, Royal Bank buildings, 

19 Union street 
Innes, W. H., Hilbre, Culduthel gardens 
Insch, Douglas, dental mechanic, 38 Eastgate 
Insch, Edwin J., Daker, 35 Muirfield road 
Instanta Products, Ltd., 62 Academy street 
International Bible Students' Association, 2 Praser st. 

(or! Church street) 
Inverness Airport Aerodrome, Longman road 
Inverness Boat Club, South Kessock 
Inverness Boatslip, Rose Street .foundry Co., Ltd., 

Capel Inch, Thornbush road 
Inverness Bowling Green, Bishop's road — William 

Praser, greenkeeper 
Inverness Bonding Co., Ltd. (Ross and Cameron), 

2 and 18 Millburn road, and 46-47 Shore st. 
Inverness Cemetery, Bruce Gardens and Glen- 

Urqunart road 
Inverness Co-operative Society Drapery Warehouse, 78 

Academy street 
Inverness Co-operative Society, 59, 61, 65 Church street. 

Branch, 2-8 Lochalsh road 
Inverness Co-operative Society, Ltd., furniture show- 
rooms, 20 Bank street 
Inverness Corporation Yard, Citadel, Shore street 
Inverness County Benefit Society, 19 Church street 
Inverness County Insurance Committee, 23 Academy 

Inverness- shire County Education Committee, County 

buildings, Ardross street 
"Inverness Courier" Office, 9, 11 Bank lane 
Inverness Farmers' Dairy Coy., 16 Greig street 
Inverness Farmers' Trading Society, 2 Inglis street 
Inverness Forbes Dispensary, 36 Huntly street 
Inverness Gas Works and Offices, Manse place and 

21 Rose street 
Inverness Hotel Coy. (Douglas Hotel) , 25 Union street 
Inverness Homes (Model lodging house), 6 North 

Church place — James Carrol, proprietor 
Inverness Ice Coy., Diriebught road 
Inverness Investment and Permanent Building So- 
ciety, 57 Academy street 
Inverness Ladies' College, Heatherley, 22 Culduthel 


Inverness Public Library and Museum, Castle wynd 
Inverness Royal Academy, Kingsmills road — W. 

Crampton Smith, B.Sc, O.B.E., rector 
Inverness Royal Academy Hostel, Hedgefield, 23 

Culduthel road — Miss Paterson, matron 
Inverness Savings Bank, 15 Lombard street 
Inverness Tennis Club, Bishop's road 
Inverness-shire Unionist Association, 6 Queensgate 
Irvine, Andrew, baker, 12 Alexander place 
Irvine, Andrew, labourer, 1 Crown street 
Invine, Edward, skipper, 4 South Kessock 
Irvine & Johnstone, stockbrokers, 11 Queensgate 
Irvine, William N., Gellion's Hotel, 12 Bridge street 

and 7 Church street 
Irvine, Miss, 101 Castle street 
Irvine, William, fireman, 23 Denny street 
Isobel Fraser Home of Rest, Mayfield road 

Jack, A. P., Glen Albyn Hotel, 1, 2 Huntly street 

Jack, Charles, fitter, 57a Innes street 

Jack, E. C, licensed grocer, 2 and 3 Exchange place; 

Glenalbyn bar, 2 and 4 Young street; 19 

Haugh road. ho. Abertarff, 12 Crown avenue 
Jack, George, fisherman, Inverlochy, 24 India street 
Jack, Miss, 80 Innes street 
Jack, Mrs, 63 Argyle street 
Jack, Mrs Donald, 9 Jamaica street 
Jack, Robert, joiner, 6 Queensgate 
Jack, Simon W., Eilean-dubh, 38 Muirfield road 
Jack, William, guard, L.M.S.R., 4 Denny street 
Jack, William, carpenter, 69 Telford road 
Jack, William, carpenter, 2 Canal bank, Clachnaharry 
Jackson, James, butcher, 94 Kessock avenue 
Jackson, John, 84 Church street 
Jackson, Lambert, C.S., Larchwood, 103 Glen- 

Urquhart road 
Jackson, Mrs, 26 Telford street 
Jacksons, Ltd., outfitters, 45 High street — Alex. Smith, 

James, J. J., green grocer and butcher, 2 Lombard 

street, and Farm Produce Stores, 14 Baron 

Taylor's street 


Jamieson, Alex., dealer, 31 India street 

Jamieson, Alex., Marine stores, 48 Upper Kessock st. 

Jamieson, Charles, jun., labourer, 1 Anderson square 

(off Anderson street) 
Jamieson, Charles, labourer, 2 Anderson square (off 

Anderson street) 
Jamieson, Henry, china merchant, 21, 21a Upper 

Kessock street 
Jamieson, J., 43 Lindsay avenue 
Jamieson, J., dealer, 31a Grant street 
Jamieson, James, lorryman, 3 Anderson street 
Jamieson, Mrs, 58 Crown street 
Jamieson, Mrs, confectioner, 57 Huntly street 
Jamieson, Mrs G., 24 Douglas row 
Jamieson, Wm, lock-keeper, 9 High St., Clachnaharry 
Jarret, J., labourer, 1 Rose street 
" Jeans," ladies' hairdresser, 42 High street 
Jeans, A. G., patternmaker, 111 Bruce gardens 
Jeans, R., linotype operator, 3 Maxwell drive 
Jeans, Robert, overseer, "Chronicle" office, 52 Telford 

Jeans, Wm., picture framer and art dealer, 3 Queen's 

gate arcade, ho. Allandale cottage, 50 Balli- 

feary road 
Jeffrey, Mrs, caretaker, 49 Shore street 
Jefferson, John, hairdresser and tobacconist, 10 Castle 

street, ho. Ben Nevis cottage, 66 Ballifeary 

Jenkins, Alex., tailor, 42 Wells street 
Jenkins, Mrs, 92 Kenneth street 
Jenner, Mrs, 4 Perceval road 

Jessiman, Evan, gardener, 52 South drive, Kessock 
Jessiman, John, motor mechanic, 101 Dochfour drive 
Jessiman, Mrs, 14 Queen street 

Johansen, Alfred, labourer, 87 South drive, Kessock 
Johansen, Emanuel, 75 Huntly street 
Johansen, Emanuel, dock labourer, 39 Maclennan 

Johnston, Dr E. A., County Medical Officer, 44 Ard- 

connel street 
Johnston, J., art teacher, Academy. ho. Darnaway 

Johnston, T., L.M.S.R., Langbank, 115 Culduthel road 
Johnston, Thomas V., body builder, 8 Innes street 
Johnston, William, 19 Dunain road 
Johnstone, Alastair, plasterer, 64 Kenneth street 


Johnstone, Anthony, manager, Premier Laundry, 15 

Rangemore road 
Johnstone, D. G., garage, 23 Grant street 
Johnstone, Daniel G., watchmaker, 78 Baliifeary rd. 
Johnstone, David M., 1 Portland place 
Johnstone, Donald, electrician, 6 Celt street 
Johnstone, Hugh, draper, 17 Bridge street 
Johnstone, J., Aswan, 127 Culduthel road 
Johnstone, J., keeper of castle, Castle buildings 
Johnstone, James, chauffeur, Woodside cot., Millburn 
Johnstone, James, Lynwood, 13 Ross avenue 
Johnstone, John B., tobacconist and fancy goods mer- 
chant, 5 Lombard st. ho. 35 Ardconnel terr. 
Johnstone, John, labourer, 32 King street 
Johnstone, John, retired, 32 King street 
Johnstone, Kenneth, boot and shoemaker, 25 Grant st. 
Johnstone, Kenneth, shoemaker, 32 Telford road 
Johnstone, Lachlan, postman, 8 Glebe street 
Jchnstone, Leslie, 52 Huntly street 
Johnstone, Miss, la Glebe terrace, Glebe street 
Johnstone, Miss, 2 Murray place, Haugh road 
Johnstone, Miss, 84 Kenneth street 
Johnstone, Miss, 26a Charles street 
Jormstone, Mrs, Roodlands, 17 Crown drive 
Johnstone, Mrs, 2 Murray place, Haugh road 
Johnstone, Mrs, Rae cottage, 62 Kenneth street 
Johnstone, M. B., postman driver, 6 Albion square 

(off King street) 
Johnstone, Murdo, postman, 25 Bruce gardens 
Johnstone,, Robert, grocer, 106 Glen-Urquharl road 
Johnstone. Thomas, district traffic superintendent, 

L.M.S.R. ho. 19 Montague row 
Johnstone, William, milkman, 34 High street 
Johnstone, William & Son, plasterers, 64a Kenneth 

street and 1 Muirtown street 
Johnstone, Wm, plasterer, 30 Lochalsh road 
Joint Hospital Board, 82 Old Edinburgh road— A. P. W. 

Bewglass, clerk and treasurer 
Jones, David, foreman lineman, 32 Muirfield road 
Jones, L. R,, chartered accountant, 3 Union street. 

ho: 14 Charles street 
Jones, Miss,, 40a Tomnahurich street 
Jones, Miss, Strome lodge, 41 Fairfield road 
Joss, John, stationer, 22 Greig street, ho. Drummond 

Junor, A. and K„ licensed grocers, 5 Bridge street 



Junor, Alex., 2 Madras street 

Junor, Alex., labourer, 59 Castle street 

Junor, Alex., slater, 2 South drive, Kessock 

Junor, D., ploughman, 1 Glendale place, Shore street 

Junor, Ian, Newstead, Culduthel road 

Junor, Kenneth, grocer, Beech tree cottage, Drum- 

mond road 
Junor, Mrs, 29 South drive, Kessock 
Junor, Mrs, 8 North Church place 
Junor, Mrs, Cromdale, 38 Kenneth street 
Junor, Peter, carpenter, 33 Thornbush road 
Junor, Wm., shoemaker, 2 Madras street 
Junner, Capt. James, Lyndale, 15 Bellneld park 


Kaka Ismial, traveller, 56 Upper Kessock street 

Keating, Mrs, 33 Ardconnel street 

Keay, H. R., county assessor, County buildings, 

Ardross street, ho. 29 Crown drive 
Keir, Mrs, Dun Ericht, 54 Crown drive 
Keir, Jas, grocer and provision merchant, 34 Eastgate 
Keith and Co., wholesale stationers, 39-41 Church st. 
Kelly, A. G., C.S.M., Cameron Hldrs., 29 Abban street 
Kelly, Alex., L.M.S.R., 55 Kessock avenue 
Kelly, Fred J., hatter, 35 Union street, ho. 10 Beau- 
fort road 
Kelly, George, fitter, 37a Wells street 
Kelly, J. P., antique dealer, 23 Queensgate 
Kelly, Miss, St Catherine's, 18 Rangemore road 
Kelly, Mrs. The Camp, Upper Drummond 
Kelly, Thomas, labourer, 14 North drive, Kessock 
Kelman, Frank, vanman, 45 Hill street 
Kelman, Mrs, 21 Jamaica street 
Kelman, Robert, gardener, 11 West drive, Kessock 
Kemp, Wm., music teacher, 4 Ardross place 
Kennedy, A., Struan, 13 Ness bank 
Kennedy, Douglas, science-master. 40 Fairfield road 
Kennedy, Duncan, 20 Crown street 
Kennedy, George, salesman, 22 Denny street 
Kennedy, James A. L., Mossville, Broadstone park 
Kennedy, James V., clerk, L.M.S.R., 11 Park road 
Kennedy, James, gardener, Holm Mills, Dores road 
Kennedy, James, 30 Midmills road 


Kennedy, John, agent for Hobart, Ltd. ho. 40 Smith 

Kennedy, John, 'bus driver, 69 South drive, Kessock 
Kennedy, Miss. 18 Gladstone place. Harrowden road 
Kennedy, Miss, Whinpark, Canal bank 
Kennedy, Miss Isabel, 3 Union road 
Kennedy, Mrs, 4 Burn road, Drummond 
Kennedy, Mrs, Carsaig, 7 Cawdor road 
Kennedy, Mrs,, 10 Ardross street 
Kennedy, Mrs, Cluny house, 87 Culduthel road 
Kennedy, Mrs, 27 Muirfield road 
Kennedy, Roderick, Culzean, 54 Telford street 
Kennedy, Rod., piano tuner, 3 Union road 
Kennedy, Simon, 58 Telford street 
Kennedy, Thomas, labourer, 45 Maclennan crescent. 
Kennedy, Thomas, labourer, 16 Thornbush road 
Kennedy, William H., C.A., 42 Midmills road 
Kent, Capt. R. K., veterinary surgeon, Doonbank, 9 

Crown circus 
Kent, G. F., 43 Old Edinburgh road 
Kerin, T. M., I.R., Rockville, 44 Harrowden road 
Kerr, Dr George England, M.B., Ch.B., 19 High street 

ho. Ardkeen tower, 5 Culduthel road 
Kerr, John, retired, 25 Glen-Urquhart road 
Kerr, Mrs England, 6 Ladies- Walk 
Kerr, W. S., M.A., B.Sc, rector, High school, 111 Cul- 
duthel road 
Kesson, A., plumber, 11 Brown street 
Kesson, Wm. J., joiner, ll Lower Kessock street 
Kidd, Francis, tailor, 22 High street, ho. 25 Thorn- 
bush road 
Kiel, Fred, labourer, 73 Maclennan crescent 
Kirkpatrick, Dr, Ness house, 1 Bishop's road 
King, Alex., baker and confectioner, 5 Young street. 

ho. 22 Ballifeary lane 
King, A., jun., baker, 57 Fairfield road 
King, Edward W., draper. 43 Maxwell drive 
King, Mrs, 1 5a .tsriage street 

King & Co., road contractors, Duncraig street, 20 
22 Fairfield lane, Glenalbyn road and 
Telford road 
Kintrea, James, storekeeper, 5 Mid st., Clachnaharry 
Kinnear, J. B., P.O. mechanic, 73 Fairfield road 
Kippen, James, mechanic, 21 Queen street 


Kirk, Mrs, 5 Queen street 

Knox, Murray, 33 Ardconnel terrace. 

Kynoch, Mrs, Citadel Shore street 

Labour Party Rooms, Fraser street (off Church st.) 
Ladies' Shop, Messrs A. & F. Cameron, proprietors, 

Castle street 
Laing, Miss Smith, 35 MacEwen drive 
Laing, Mrs A. J., The Yews, 20 Lovat road 
Laing, Mrs Smith, GlentarfT, 33 Southside road 
Laird, David, railwayman, 5 Abban street 
Laird, Sinclair, carter, 37 Shore street 
Lamb, J., labourer, 14 Thornbush road 
Lamb, Mrs, 31 Telford road 
Lamont, Donald, tanner, 6 Deyeron street 
Lamont, Mrs, 46 Ardconnel street 
Land Valuation Department, Inland Revenue — A. M. 

Clark, district valuer, 58 High street 
Lane, Herbert, carriage builder, 1 Carlton terrace, 

Latham, Mrs, 10 May court (off Alexander place) 
Lauder, George, 11 Crown street 
Laurence, John, 38 Eastgate 
Law, Mrs H. M., face treatment, chiropody, and ladies' 

hairdressing, 35 Queensgate 
Law, Mrs, Druim, 3 Rangemore road 
Lawler, A., fruiterer, 44 Eastgate 
Lawler, George, car driver, 7a Seaforth Mansions, 

Reay street 
Lawler, Mrs, 5 Tulloch's buildings, Ardconnel terrace 
Lawless, Mrs, 28 Ferry road 

Lawrie Bros., Ltd., motor accessories, 102 Academy st. 
Lawn, F. A., collector of taxes, I.R.. Alan-Ard, 10 

Mayfield road 
Lawson, David, Cleansing Department, 9 Lindsay ave. 
Lawson, Frank, milkman, 4 Paton street 
Lawson, John, potato merchant, 17 Grove terrace, 

Paton street, Haugh road 
Lawson, Mrs E. M., 7 Innes street 
Layton, Edward, York cottage, Drummond road 
Leah, Major H., 4th Cameron Highlanders, Hamble- 

don, Drummond road 


Legge, James D., insurance agent, Flowerdale cot- 
tage, 14 Lochalsh road 
Leishman, Henry J. L., insurance inspector, 79 Mac- 

Ewen drive 
Ledingham, John, engine-driver, 26 George street 
Lees, John & Co., Ltd., warehouseman, 4 Lombard st. 
Leith, Mrs, 8 Porterfield road 
Leitch, Mrs, 105 Ballifeary road 
Lennon, H. B., labourer, 6 Deveron street 
Lennox, James, Glenlyon, 38 Rangemore road 
Lennox, P. C, collector, Customs and Excise, Dun- 
Macbeth, 14 Auldcastle road 
Lennox, William, 46 Grant street 
Leonard, John, 46 Kingsmills road 
Leslie, Mrs M.. 68 Telford gardens 
Leslie, Mrs, Craigrothie, 26 Union street 
Lewery, A. G., confectioner, Hill place, ho. 1 Port- 
land place 
Lewis and Lewis, M.R.C.V.S., Maegregor's buildings, 

Millburn road. ho. 8 Broadstone park 
Leyden, Misses, 44 Church street 
Leys, Duncan G., physician, Silverwells, 29 Ness bank 
Liberal Association Office, 22 High street 
Licensed Trade Association — A. N. Nicolson, 28 Queens- 
gate, secretary 
Liddell, J., signal fitter, 24 Shore street 
Liddle, Robert, watchman, 14 Celt street 
Lindsay, Alexander, grocer, 20 and 22 Baron Taylor's 

street, ho. 18 Park road 
Lindsay, Mrs, 2 Duncraig street 
Lindsay, W. C, salesman, 6 Kenneth street 
Lindsay, W. G., painter, 12 George street 
Lindsay, W. R., gent.'s outfitter, 24 Broadstone park 
Linton, George 25 Bridge street 
Linton, Mrs, Nevis bank, 66 Old Edinburgh road 
Linton, P., P.O., 9a Seaforth mansions, Reay street 
Lipton, Ltd., 50 High st. — K. M. Anderson, manager 
Lisman, Mrs, 25 Ardconnel terrace 
Lisman, Robert, labourer, 3 Celt street 
Liverpool Victoria Legal Friendly Society, 11 Queens- 
Livingston, Harry, labourer, 20 Gladstone place, Har- 

rowden road 
Livingston, Mrs M., 32 George street 
Livingston, Robert, joiner, 8 Paton street, Haugh 
Livingstone, Charles, tailor, 43 Hill street 


Livingstone, Miss M., stationer, 35 Bridge street, ho. 

28 Huntly street 
L.M.S. Railway lime Office, 33 Railway terrace 
L.M.S.R. Station, 20-22 Academy street 
L.M.S.R. Station Hotel, 18 Academy street — C. Arnold, 

Lobban, George, head boots, 5 Ness place, Haugh road 
Lobban, George, painter and decorator, 46 High street 
Lobban, Mrs, 2 Milne's buildings, Rose street 
Lobban, Mrs, 17 Argyle street 
Locke, J., clerk, L.M.S.R., 44 Glen-Urquhart road 
Lockie, Major, Falcon villa, 1 Fairfield road 
Logan, Mrs David, musicseller, 2 Queensgate arcade. 
Logan and Kent, V.S., 36 Academy street, ho. Doon- 

bank, 9 Crown circus 
Logan, Robert, 'bus driver, Moyness cottage, 5 Argyle 

Logie, James, sawyer, 7 Brown street 
London and Lancashire Insurance Co., Ltd., 29a High 

street — Wm. T. Campbell, agent 
Long, Alex., labourer, 17 North drive, Kessock 
Long, Alex., shoemaker, 60 Upper Kessock street 
Long, Robert, butcher, 68 Tomnahurich street 
Longmuir, G. M., manager (Harrison & Reeve), 63 

Haugh road 
Lord Roberts Memorial Workshops, Factory street 
Low, David, 54 Crown street 
Low, Harry, fruiterer, 14-16 New Market — Eilean 

Nurseries, Lodge road, Drummond 
Low, J. J., labourer, 48 South drive, Kessock 
Low, Wm. and Co., Ltd., grocers, 43 High street 
Lowe, B., yard foreman, 4 Stephen's brae 
Lowe, Edgar F., Springfield, 12 Ness walk 
Lowrie, Allan, guard. L.M.S.R., 6 Harrowden road 
Lowrie, Andrew, mechanic, 39 Wells street 
Luke, Miss, Monaliadh, 45 Culduthel road 
Lumsden, David, police constable, 113 Lochalsh road 
Lumsden, J.. Baths superintendent, 5 Union road 
Lumsden, Wm., retired, 13 Nelson street 
Lunardi, Petrucia, confectioner, ho. Averon, 2 South- 
side place 
Lunn, John, P.O. official, 63 Fairfield road 
Luscombe, F., Highland Rubber Coy., 62 Academy 3t. 
Lyall, James, shop assistant, 4 Crown avenue 
Lyle, Mrs, 20 Gladstone place, Harrowden road 
Lyndon, Mrs, 19 Lower Kessock street 


Lyall, James, restaurant, 35 Grant street 
Lyon, Alex., traveller, 142 Lochalsh road 
Lyon, W. J., tailor, 29 Lochalsh road 


Mabon, John, tile layer, 8 Dunain road 

Mackie, James Alex., radio engineer, 14 Smith avenue 

Mackie, James, general merchant, Princes place, 41 

Huntly street 
Mackie, Miss, 26 Abban street 
Mackie, Mrs, 9 Hill street 
Mackie, Mrs, 13 Greig street 
Mackie, Mrs, 8 Chapel street 
Mackie, Peter, road roller driver, 31 West drive, 

Mackie, Robt., motor mechanic, 28 Lindsay avenue 
Maconochie, Robert H., O.B.E., K.C., Sheriff, the 

Madden, Wm., mechanic, 12 Attadale road 
Maguire, Vincent, 97 Dochfour drive 
Main, Arthur, wireman, P.O., 134 Lochalsh road 
Main, Daniel, boatbuilder, 37 Madras street 
Main, George, baker. 40 Lochalsh road 
Main, W., vanman, 10 India street 
Mair, Donald, gasfitter, 36 Rose street 
Mair, Miss, Dunchea Lodging house, 3 Culduthel road 
Mair, Miss, ladies' hairdresser, 24 Union street 
Mair, Mrs, 35 Nelson street 
Mair, Mrs, 5 Simpson's lane, Grant street 
Mair, S., boilermaker, Strathisla, 32 Rangemore road 
Mair, Wm., 27 Innes street 

Maison Victoria Toilet Saloon, 27, 29 Academy street 
Maitland, Henry, chauffeur, 19 Telford road 
Maitland, J. M., manager, the Rose Street Foundry 
Mallinson, J. A., music teacher, 63 Kingsmills road 
Malcolm, A., L.M.S.R., 10 Union road 
Malcolm, Alexander, Glenbervie, 27 Lovat road 
Malcolm, Alfred John, baker, 11 Friars street 
Malcolm, David, steamer agent, Tayside, 9 Ross avenue 
Malcolm, F., 5 Raining's stairs 
Malcolm, Hugh, motor driver, 18 Shore street 
Malcolm, Mrs, 17 Greig street 
Malcolm, Wm., vanman, 7 Ness place, Haugh 


Malcolm, William, chauffeur, Chester cottage, 35 Glen- 

Urquhart road 
Mann, Alex., 66 Kenneth street 
Mann, Cecil, mason, 9 Duff street 
Mann. Colin, blacksmith, 10 Hamilton street. ho. 

29 Denny street 
Mann, Daniel & Son, blacksmiths, etc., 10 and 12 

Hamilton st. ho. Ryeford, 21 Ardconnei ter. 
Mann, John, sawyer, 36 Shore street 
Mann, Miss A., 9 Shoe lane 
Mann, Mrs, 37 Innes street 
Mann, Mrs, 3 Attadale road 
Mann, R. A., teaser, 46 Upper Kessock street 
Mann, Wm., machineman, 3 Telford road 
Manson, Alex., banker, 4 Dalneigh road 
Manson, Davidson, range fitter, 44 Hill street 
Manson, Donald, 60 South drive, Kessock 
Mapplebeck, P., showman, 5 Madras street 
Mapplebeck, P., 62 South drive, Kessock 
Mapplebeck, Thomas, cleansing department, 27 

Jamaica street 
Marchant, Joseph, engine-driver, 48 Denny street 
Marello, Mrs, 8 Shore street 
Marler, Bert, Larchfield, 15 Ness bank 
Marr, Grigor Edward, overseer, P.O., 8 Park road 
Marr, Peter, cashier (Messrs Wordie & Co., Ltd.,) 5 

Cawdor road 
Marsh, Mrs, 52 Grant street 
Marshall, Alex., outfitter, 5 Crown street 
Marshall, Charles, boots, 76 Church street 
Marshall, General, C.B., Hilton House, Muirfield road 
Marshall, Robert S., cashier, Lonbuie, Dores road 
Martin, A., C.A., 1 Lombard street, ho. 44 Midmills 

Martin, David, labourer, 6 India street 
Martin, James, retired bank agent, Carlenrig, 62 Old 

Edinburgh road 
Martin, John A., motor hirer, 3 Carlton terrace, Mill- 
burn road 
Martin, Miss, 16 Denny street 
Martin, Miss K. G., 6 Queensgate 
Martin, Mrs, 11 Island bank road 
Martin, Mrs, Ivybank, 28 Old Edinburgh road 
Martin, Nurse, 34 Charles street 
Mason, Edward, iron dresser, 19 Douglas row 
Mason, Mrs M., 24 Brown street 


Masonic Buildings, 24 Hamilton st. — St Mary's Lodge 

of Freemasons, No. 339 
Masson, C, retired, 28 Duncraig street 
Masson, H. D., St Austin's, 4 Midmills road 
Masson. Hugh, retired clerk, L.M.S.R., 41 Muirfield rd. 
Masson, Hugh, labourer, 72 South drive, Kessock 
Masson, Wm, Muirtown Dairy, Canal bank, Clach- 

Masters, George, fishmonger, 70 King street 
Matheson, Alex., labourer, 18 Glebe street 
Matheson, Alex., fitter, 29 Tomnahurich street 
Matheson, Allan, insurance agent, 96 Dochfour drive 
Matheson, Angus, labourer, 20 Abbotsford terrace, 

Greig street 
Matheson, D., 92 Academy street 
Matheson, Don., mattress-maker, 3d Seaforth man- 
sions, Reay street 
Matheson, Donald A., cashier, Achany, 8 Leys drive 
Matheson, Donald and Son, plumbers, 5 Fraser street 

(off Church street) 
Matheson, Donald, auditor, L.M.S.R., Inchmore, 

Broadstone park 
Matheson, Donald, grocer, 27 Wells street 
Matheson, Donald, labourer, 84 Innes street 
Matheson, Duncan, engineer, 18 Friar's street 
Matheson, Farquhar, labourer, 18 Friar's street 
Matheson, J., clerk, 51 Telford road 
Matheson, J., grocer, Roslyn, 47 Ross avenue 
Matheson, J., plumber, 43 Argyle street 
Matheson, James, park ranger, Bught mill cottages, 

Glen-Urquhart road 
Matheson, James, fitter, 15a Bridge street 
Matheson, John, Chiloomb, 66 Lochalsh road 
Matheson, John, grocer, 66 Shore street 
Matheson, John, mason, L.M.S.R., 28 High street 
Matheson, John, storeman, lie Seaforth mansions, 

Reay street 
Matheson, John, storekeeper, 1 Glendale pi., Shore st. 
Matheson, Miss, 26 Muirtown street 
Matheson, Miss, Woodbine cottage, 31 Drummond rd. 
Matheson, Mrs, 112 Church street 
Matheson, Mrs, Seaview, 18 India street 
Matheson, Mrs, 27 Ardconnel street 
Matheson, Mrs, Redcliffe, 1 Gordon terrace 
Matheson, Mrs, 2 Fraser street (off Church street) 
Matheson, Mrs, 7 Shoe lane 


Matheson, Mrs, 30 Waterloo place 

Matheson, Mrs, Contin terrace, 24 Duncraig street 

Matheson, Mrs, 102 Kenneth street 

Matheson, Murdo, french polisher, 88 Eastgate 

Matheson, S., 77 Castle street 

Matheson, Smith and Co., tea and coffee dealers, 36 
Baron Taylor's street 

Matheson, W. R., Northern Ignition Co., 37 Abban st. 

Matheson, William, 18 Shoe lane 

Matheson, William E., 50 Telford gardens 

Matheson, William, labourer, 44 Maclennan crescent 

Matheson, Wm, fitter, 11 Thornbush road 

Matheson, Wm. R. J., clerk, L.M.S.R., 34 Dunain road 

Mathieson, Angus, plumber, 19 Lindsay avenue 

Mathieson, Hugh, 83 Ballifeary road 

Matti, Giulio, invisible mending, cleaner, 12 Chapel st. 
ho. 14 

Maxwell, David, hairdresser, 44 Bruce gardens 

Maxwell, James, town chamberlain, Gleniffer, Drum- 
mond road 

Maxwell, Mrs, 2 Dyer's court, 13 Huntly street 

Mayor's Drug Store, 33 High street 

Maypole Dairy Coy., 26 High street— Jas. Christison, 

Mead, Mrs, 21 Muirfield road 

Meade, Miss, 17 Upper Kessock street 

Mearns, Mrs, 29a Grant street 

Medlock and Craik, jewellers, 33 Bridge street 

Meikle, H. Urquhart (York Drive Laundry), 29 Bell- 
field park 

Meiklejohn, D., waiter, Aird villa, 23 Duncraig street 

Meiklejohn, Miss, 15 Denny street 

Mellis, A., 17 Haugh road 

Mellis, Alexander, 41 Chapel stlreet 

Mellis, Miss, 4 Lamont's buildings, 109 Castle street 

Mellis, Mrs, 4 Broadstone park 

Mellis, Mrs< 8 Shore street 

Meldrum, Robert, hairdresser, 110 Glen-Urquhart rd. 

Meldrum, Pipe-Major, 21 Kingsmills road 

Melrose, Rod., mechanic, 6 Gladstone pi., Harrowden 

Melrose, Robert, carpenter, 6 Gladstone place, Har- 
rowden road 

Melrose, Mrs, 10 Friar's street 

Melven Brothers, booksellers, 29 Union street 

Melven, Miss, 20 Church street 


Melville, Alex., clerk, Malvern, 32 Union road 
Melville, Mrs, Blantyre villa, 4 Glen-Urquhart road 
Melville, Win, shoemaker, 36 Union road 
Melville, Wm, shoemaker, 26 Bridge street. ho. 

Taymount, 27 Crown drive 
Melville, Wm., salesman, 21-23 Wells street 
Melvin's, bakers, 25, 29 Castle street, and 12 Eastgate. 
Melvin, Mrs, Ashfield House, Muirfield road 
Menzies, Donald, engine-driver, 72 Maxwell drive 
Menzies, J., engineer, 6 View place 
Menzies, John & Co., railway bookstall and 38 Baron 

Taylor's street 
Menzies, John, baker, 6 Lindsay avenue 
Menzies, Miss, 9 Ardross place 
Menzies, Miss Annie, 63 Tomnahurich street 
Menzies, T., butcher, Caberfeidh, 46 Kenneth street 
Menzies, Wm., plumber, 114 Academy street. ho. 

Sherwood, Dores road 
Merkinch Public School, Telford road — John Mac- 
queen, M.A., rector ; Miss M. J. Campbell, 

infant mistress 
Merkinch Ward Welfare Association, 34 Grant street 
Meeting House, 6 Mid street, Clachnaharry 
Michael, Daniel, carpenter, 14 Alexander place 
Michael, Mrs, 32 Hill street 
Michie, A., machineman, L.M.S.R., 18 Gladstone 

place, Harrowden road 
Michie, George, shipwright, 8 Glebe street 
Michie, Miss, 43 Innes street 
Michie, Mrs, 5 Glebe street 
Michie, Wm. and Son., auctioneers and valuators, 62 

Academy street, salerooms 6a Falcon square. 

ho. Valley cottage, 132 Culduthel road 
Michie, William, jun., furniture salerooms, 6 Meal 

Market close, 47 High street, ho. 3 Smith 

Middleton, J. M. (of Squair, Middleton and Co.) ho. 

Dunolly, 48 Southside road 
Middleton, Miss, 1 Victoria terrace 
Miles, Charles, fitter, 30 Smith avenue 
Miles, Mrs, 23 Longman road 
Millar, D. J., shoemaker, 2a Stephen street. ho. 

16 Park road 
Millar, Mrs, 42 Crown street 
Millar, Mrs Jane, 14 Telford road 
Millburn Motor Co., petrol service station, Millburn rd. 


Miller, Alex., journalist, 15 Smith avenue 
Miller, D., L.M.S.R., 36 Rose street 
Miller, David, fireman, 88 Eastgate 
Miller, Donald, baker, 54 Kingsmills road 
Miller, Hugh, F.R.C.S, (Edin.), 17a Culduthel road 
Miller, Major G. P., M.C., commanding officer, Came- 
ron Barracks, Millburn road 
Miller, Mrs, 28 Ardconnel terrace 
Miller, Mrs, 7 Victoria terrace 
Miller, Mrs A., 45 Rose street 
Miller, Mrs, 2 Chisholm's close, Muirtown street 
Miller, Mrs, 1 and 2 View place 
Miller, R., 31 Ferry road 
Miller, F. G., engineer, 1 Market brae 
Milligan, Charles, car driver, 33 Dunain road 
Milligan, Miss Joan Z., tobacconist, 37 Eastgate 
Milligan, Mrs John, 5 Albion square (ofT King street) 
Milligan, R., electrical and radio engineer, 39 Eastgate. 

ho. 16 Longman road 
Mills, Mrs J., 2 Kingsmills road 
Milne, Alex., chauffeur, 33 Ardconnel street 
Milne, Fergus, tailor, 20 West drive, Kessock 
Milne, James, upholsterer, 4 Manse place 
Milne, John, traveller, Craig villa, 42 Kenneth street 
Milne, J., tailor, 36 Shore street 
Milne, Miss Jane, 29 Ardconnel terrace 
Milne, Mrs, 21 Maxwell drive 
Milne, Mrs, 1 Noble's close (off King street) 
Milne, Mrs, 8 Southside place 
Milne, Mrs, 9 Innes street 
Milne, William M. (of John Macdonald, 37-39 Castle 

Milne, William, 97 Bruce gardens 
Milton, Mrs, 4 Carlton terrace, Millburn road 
Milton, R., labourer, 46 Upper Kessock street 
Ministry of Agriculture, 26 Church street 
Ministry of Labour Employment Exchange, 56-58 

Church street — D. Urquhart, manager 
Ministry of Pensions, 23 Lombard street 
Ministry of Transport, Roads Department, The Castle 
Ministry of Transport Vehicle Examiners, 32 Water- 
loo place 
Mirtle, Gordon, baker, 9 Drummond street, ho. 29a 

High street 
Mission Halls, Grant street, Haugh road, Douglas row, 
60 Shore street, Celt street, Lodge road, Drum- 
mond, and Thornbush road 


Mitchell, A. B., dispenser, Inverness Forbes dispen- 
sary, ho. 2 Mayfield road 
Mitchell, Alex., garden labourer, 7 Celt street 
Mitchell, Colin, guard, L.M.S.R., 9 Douglas row- 
Mitchell and Craig, grocers and wine merchants, 25 

Academy street 
Mitchell, Ed.. J. R., electrician, 2 Ardross terrace 
Mitchell & Co., ironmongers, 22 Hamilton street. 

store, Second street, Dempster gardens 
Mitchell, Fred., clerk, Beaufort cottage, 63 Ballifeary 

Mitchell, G., 10 Dalneigh crescent 
Mitchell, Henry and Son, chemists, 30 Union street 
Mitchell, John, ship carpenter, 10 Waterloo place 
Mitchell, L. M. V.," M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H., 14 Ardross st. 
Mitchell, Mrs, 53 Crown street 
Mitchell, Mrs, 13 George street 
Mitchell, Mrs, 34 George street 
Mitchell, Peter, porter, L.M.S.R., 20 Gladstone place, 

Harrowden road 
Mitchell, Thomas, 72 Glen-Urquhart road 
Mitchell, Wm, architect, 31 Denny street 
Mitchell, William, engineer, 92 Dochfour drive 
Model Lodging House, 6 Grant street 
Moffat, James, P.O. Radio Service, 18 Bellfield pairk 
Moffat, Mrs, 28 Fairfield road 
Moffat, Mrs, 27 Upper Kessock street 
Moffat, Scott, butcher, 6 Southside road. ho. 73 

MacEwen drive 
Moir, D., sheriff-clerk depute, Castle and County 

Moir, John, labourer, 52 Rose street 
Moir, Mrs M., art needlework saloon, 2 Church street 
Moloney, Patrick J., 4 Old Edinburgh road 
Moncur, Frank, mechanic, 4 Stephen's street 
Montgomery, John, bricklayer, 1 South Kessock 
Moodie, Robert, clerk, 4 Bellfield park 
Moore, Mrs, Abbeville, 13 Southside place 
Mooring, Mrs, 27 Montague row 
Moray Firth Salmon Fisheries Co., 7 Montague row 
Morel Bros., Cobbett and Son, Ltd., wine merchants, 

Queensgate — Herbert Topper, manager 
Morris and Macdonald, solicitors, 35 Queensgate 
Morris, C. Outram (of Morris and Macdonald, solici- 
tors), 10 Southside place 


Morris, D. G., engineer, P.O., 76 Dochfour drive 
Morris, L., gown specialist, Myrtle bank, 17 Drum- 

mond read 
Morrison, Alex., labourer, 18 Fraser's close, Muirtown 

Morrison, Alex., surfaceman, L.M.S.R., 52a Rose st. 
Morrison, Charles, nightman, L.M.S.R., 31 Lower Kes- 

sock street 
Morrison, Charles, 91 Academy street 
Morrison, D. and Son, contractors, 10 Brown street 
Morrison, D., evangelist, 49 Union road 
Morrison, Donald, lineman, Albert cottage, 48 Balli- 

feary road 
Morrison, Donald and Son. saddlers, 25 Queensgate 
Morrison, Finlay, 32 Innes street 
Morrison, George, chemist, Summerhill, 2 Bellneld 

terrace, Bellneld park 
Morrison, George, labourer, 23 Maclennan crescent 
Morrison, George G., wholesale fruit and vegetable 

merchant, 3, 4 Falcon square, ho. 56 Maxwell 

Morrison, George, saddler, 36 Lindsay avenue 
Morrison, Hugh, potato merchant, 7 Telford road 
Morrison, I. R., P.O. clerk, 31 Ballifeary road 
Morrison, J., labourer, 24 May court (off Alexander pi.) 
Morrison, James, tobacconist, la Union street and 

18 Lombard street, ho. 14 Longman road 
Morrison, John, butcher, 40 Lindsay avenue 
Morrison, John, vanman, 15 Abbotsford terrace, Greig 

Morrison, K., labourer, 34 Wells street 
Morrison, Miss, Pine house, 60 Telford street 
Morrison, Miss, nurse, 30 Fairfield road 
Morrison, Miss M., 21 Kenneth street 
Morrison, Misses, 71 Kenneth street 
Morrison, Mrs A., 28 Telford gardens 
Morrison, Mrs, 8 Ferry road 
Morrison, Mrs, 39 Abban street 
Morrison, Mrs, Dalhousie, 17 Harrowden road 
Morrison, Mrs, 18 Smith avenue 
Morrison, Mrs, Craig Conis, 7 Rangemore road 
Morrison, Mrs, 103 Bruce gardens 
Morrison, Malcolm, labourer, 51 Chapel street 
Morrison, Murdo, M.A., 39 Southside road 
Morrison, Murdo, contractor, 35 Brown street 
Morrison, M., Beechlawn, 20 Culduthel road 


Morrison, M. I., fruiterer, 9 New Market, Academy st. 
Morrison, Neil, clerk, L.M.S.R., 18 Longman road 
Morrison, Neil, clerk, 15 Bruce gardens 
Morrison, Richard, labourer, 16 North drive, KessocK. 
Morrison, Robert, ironmonger, 13 Beaton's lane, Friar's 

Morrison, Roderick, chef, 54 Telford gardens 
Morrison, Thomas, labourer, 107 South drive, Kessock 
Morrison, W. D., entertainment contractor, 30 Muir- 

town street 
Morrison, Wm, 24 Harrowden road 
Morrison, Wm., 3 Carlton terrace, Millburn road 
Morrison, William, hairdresser, 17 Huntly street, ho. 

26 Dunain road 
Morrison, William, 93-95 Academy street hotel and 

Phoenix Cafe, 106 and 110 Academy street 
Morrison, William A., mason, 1 India street 
Mortimer, George, motor driver, 25a Greig street 
Morton, C. J. H., insurance inspector, 36 Muirrield rd. 
Morton, James, traveller, 11 AbertarfT road 
Morton, Rev. James, M.A., 49 Fairfield road 
Motor Traders Guarantee Corporation, Ltd., Station 

Mowat, Alex. L., traveller, Kinnaird, 28 Glen-Urquhart 

Mowat, Donald A., bank teller, 6 Lovat road 
Mowat, Mrs, 32 Hill street 

Mowatt, Alex., chimney sweep and slater, 11 Queen st. 
Mowatt, Andrew, motor driver, 3 Grove terrace, Paton 

Mowbray, C. T., plumber, Woodside, 18 Auldcastle rd 
Mudie, Peter, engineer, 42 Hill street 
Muir, James, Whinny Rigg, 37 Drummond road 
Muir, R., manager, 16 Ballifeary road 
Muir, Mrs, Carnach, Mayrleld road 
Muirrield Institution and Hospital, 82 Old Edinburgh 

Muirtown Nurseries (Howden & Co.), Telford street 
Mulholland, A. B., 43 Chapel street 
Mundell, D., Messenger- at-Arms, 11 High street, ho. 

Claremont, 7 Kenneth street 
Munro, A., butcher, 16 Innes street 
Munro, Alex., ironmonger, 40-42 Baron Taylor's 

street, ho. Branxholme, Dores road 
Munro, Alex., mason contractor, 90 Lochalsh road 
Munro, Alex., carpenter, 72 Telford road 


Munro, Alex., farmer, 2 Seabank road, Millburn 

Munro, Alex., blacksmith, 10 Kenneth street 

Munn>, Alex., machinist, 63a Innes street 

Munro, Alex., slater, 4 Friar's place 

Munro, Alexander, plumber, 3 Railway terrace 

Munro, Arch., fruiterer, 3 Tomnahurich street. ho. 

16 Ballifeary road 
Munro, Archibald E., clerk, 4 Stephen street 
Munro, Archibald, 15 New buildings, Railway terrace 
Munro, C, coalman, 15 Celt street 
Munro, Captain, The Knoll, 2 Abertarff road 
Munro, Captain Donald, harbourmaster and collector 

of dues, Portland place 
Munro, Charles, mason, 6 Duncraig street 
Munro and Cameron, carpenters, 29 King street 
Munro, D., hatter, 12 Inglis street 
Munro, D., 51 Castle street 
Munro, D. R. and Co., clothiers, 7 Castle street, 

ho. 29 Harrowden road 
Munro, Daniel, lailor, 23 Westend terrace, Gilbert st. 
Munro, David, clerk of works, 6 Culduthel road 
Munro, David, cashier, 99 Castle street 
Munro, Donald, coal merchant, 90 Eastgate 
Munro, Donald, labourer, 4 Waterloo place 
Munro, Donald, ironmonger, 6 Millbuirn road 
Munro, Donald, 'bus driver, 7 Broadstone park 
Munro, Donald F., clothier, 9 Abertarff road 
Munro, Duncan, 40 Telford gardens 
Munro, Duncan, guard, L.M.S.R., 2 Smith avenue 
Munro, E. S., bank teller, 1 Ardconnel terrace 
Munro, Finlay, lorryman, 16a Eastgate 
Munro, George, P.O., 68 Tomnahurich street 
Munro, George, commission agent, 93 Church street 
Munro, George, clerk, 36 Nelson street 
Munro, H. A., 107 Church street 
Munro, Hugh A., mechanic, St Bernard's, 4 Leys drive 
Munro, Hugh, jeweller, Roselea cottage, 61 Glen- 

Urquhart road 
Munro, Hugh, engineer, 2 Coastguard cottage, Ferry 

Munro, H., vanman, 29 Ardconnel street 
Munro, Hugh, gardener, 56 Tomnahurich street 
Munro, Hugh, Labour Exchange, 21 Telford street 
Munro, Hugh, joiner, Daniel cottage, 5 Abban street 
Munro, J., clerk, 46 High street 
Munro, J., labourer, 21 Grant street 


Munro, J., retired, 44 Dunain road 

Muiiro, James, 80 Church street, 

Munro, James, painter, L.M.S.R., 6 limes street 

Munro, James, 2y Muirtown street 

Munro, James, solicitor, 41 Midmills road 

Munro, James, warehouseman, 39 Lindsay avenue 

Munro, James A. G., janitor, 33 Telford street 

Munro, James C, 4 Stephen street 

Munro and Jenkins, tailors and clothiers, 1 off 11 

Bridge street 
Munro, John A., caretaker, 2 Balnain street 
Munro, John A., grocer, 78 Huntly street. ho. 15 
Munro, John, chauffeur, 50 Union road 
Munro, John, resident inspector, Warden Insurance 

Coy., 110 Kenneth street 
Munro, John, painter, 86 MacEwen drive 

Abban street 
Munro, John, commission agent, 78 Glen-Urquhart rd. 
Munro, John, foreman, 39 Nelson street 
Munro, John, clerk, L.M.S.R., 73 Kingsmills road 
Munro, John, architect and surveyor, Garden cottage, 

47 Old Edinburgh road 
Munro, John, carriage builder, 20 Telford road 
Munro, John, carter, 57 Shore street 
Munro, John, woodcutter, 59 Castle street 
Munro, John W., I.R. clerk, 49 Bruce gardens 
Munro, Joseph, engine-driver, L.M.S.R., 51 Dochfour 

Munro, Kenneth, fitter, 1 coastguard cot., Ferry road 
Munro, Miss, Burnfoot, Canal bank 
LVLurro, Miss, 2 Milne's buildings, Rose street 
Munro, Miss L. G., Glenrossie, 86 Kenneth street 
Munro, Miss, 34 Shore street 
Munro, Miss, 49 Tomnahurich street 
Munro, Mies. 52 Denny street 
Munro, Miss, 17 Telford street 
Munro, Miss., grocer, lc Hill street 
Munro, Miss, Fassock house, 2 Perceval road 
Munro, Miss A., 21 Maxwell drive 
Munro, Miss Jane, 32 Madras street 
Munro, Miss Whinburn cottage, 126 Culduthel road 
Munro, Miss, Colmeg, 47 Crown drive 
Munro, Misses, Achanrigh, 4 Darnaway road 
Munro, Mrs, Abercairnie, 7 Beaufort road 
Munro, Mrs, 17 Crown street 
Munro. Mrs, 32 Muirtown street 



Munro, Mrs, Netherdale, 24 Crown drive 

Munro, Mrs A., 10 Dunain road 

Munro, Mrs A. B., 30 Maclennan crescent 

Munro, Mrs I., 17 George street 

Munro, Mrs J., 29 Maxwell drive 

Munro, Mrs, 2 Carlton terrace, Millburn road 

Munro, Mrs, 10 Duncraig street 

Munro. Mrs, 24 Crown street 

Munro, Mrs, 18 Telford road 

iviunro, Mrs, 22 ±±ni street 

Munro, Mrs M., 110 Cnurch street 

Munro, Mrs, 4 Hill place 

Munro, Mrs, 80 Cnurch street 

Munro, Mrs, 3 Railway terrace 

Munro, Mrs B. C, Moorlands, Drummond road 

Munro, Mrs, 16 May court (off Alexander place) 

Munro, Mrs, The Croft, 3 Dochfour drive 

Munro, Mrs, 1 Muirtown street 

Munro, Mrs, t> MacHiwen arive 

Munro, Mrs, 5 Beaton's Lane (off Friar's street) 

Munro, Mrs, 39 Madras street 

Munro, Mrs, 12 Ardross place 

Munro, Mrs, 61 Dunain road 

Munro, Mrs, 2 Milne's buildings (off Rose street) 

Munro, Mrs, 3 Friar's street 

Munro, Murdo, lorryman, 96 Church street 

Munro, Murdo, chauffeur, 18a India street 

Munro, R., L.M.S.R., Maxwell cottage, 39 Glen- 

Urquhart road 
Munro, R., carter, 9 Greig street 
Munro, Rod., 4 Coastguard cottage, Ferry road 
Munro, Rod., labourer, L.M.S.R., 85 Academy street 
Munro, Simon, boilermaker, 34 Hill street 
Munro, Thomas J. and Coy., architects, 62 Academy st. 
Munro, W., 11 Greig street 
Munro, W., retired schoolmaster, 4 Ladies' walk 
Munro, W. A., 10 Alexander place 
Munro, Wm, dental mechanic, 6 Dunabban road 
Munro, Wm. and Co., wholesale merchants, Falcon 

Munro, Wm., dairyman, Citadel Farm, Citadel 
Munro, Wm., wood turner, 1 Glendale place, Shore st. 
Munro, Wm., warder, H.M. Prison, 5 Mitchell's lane 
Munro, William, chef, 68 Telford street 
Munro, William J., milk salesman, 58 Telford gardens 


Munro, William, 8 King street 

Munro, W. J., dairy, Eldad villa, 18 Southside road 

Munro's, Moyness Board-Residence, 6 Bruce gardens 

Murchison, C, porter, 93 Church street 

Murchison & Mackenzie, dressmakers, 79 Castle street 

Murchison, Miss, 45 Church street 

Murcnison, Miss, 25 Southside road 

Murdoch, Mrs, 12 Ardross street 

Murchison, Mrs, 11a Duncraig street 

Murdoch, Charles, 3 Porterfield bank 

Murdoch, E., manager, bookstall, 65 Kingsmills road 

Murdoch, John, coal merchant, 51 Crown street 

Murdoch, Mrs, 40 Midmills road 

Murdoch, Thomas, tailor, 17 Young street 

Murphy, John C, garage superintendent, 30 Nelson 

Murphy, Miss, 18 Balchraggan buildings, Reay street 
Murray, A., Trafford bank gardens, Fairfield road 
Murray, A., dyer, 12 May court (off Alexander place) 
Murray, A. G., superintendent, The Club, 21 Bridge st. 
Murray, Alex., waggon lifter, L.M.S.R., 3 Anderson st. 
Murray, Andrew F., postman, 69 Dochfour drive 
Murray, Dan., shunter, L.M.S.R., 2 Maclennan crescent 
Murray, Donald D., draper, 22 Douglas row 
Murray, George, retired, Smediton, Lodge road, Drum- 

Murray, George, guard, L.M.S.R., 28 Denny street 
Murray, George. Cleansing Dept.. & North drive, Kes- 

Murray, George, Cleansing Dept., 7 Maclennan crescent 
Murray, Hugh F., carpenter, 5 View place 
Murray, J. draper, 58 Crown street 
Murray, James, slater, 11 Friar's street 
Murray, James, blacksmith, Elm Park cottage, Island 

Bank road 
Murray, James, M.A., M.D., 8 Ness bank 
Murray, James, teacher, 11 Harrowden road 
Murray, John, gardener, 14 Abbotsford terr., Greig st. 
Murray, John A., coachpainter, 4 Albion square, King 

Murray, John, carpenter, 23 Telford gardens 
Murray, John, barman, 27 Chapel street 
Murray, John, blacksmith, 2 High street, Clachnaharry 
Murray, John, painter, 34 Madras street 
Murray, John, joiner, 19 Upper Kessock street 
Murray, Kenneth, shoemaker, 11 Castle street 


Murray, Miss, Rosehall, 51a Ballifeary road 

Murray, Miss, Ardinair, 36 Lovat road 

Murray, Misses, Ethel cottage, 12 Midmills road 

Muray, Mrs A., 11 Low street, Clachnaharry 

Murray, Mrs A. J., 76 Eastgate 

Murray, Mrs, 12 Southside road 

Murray, Mrs, 52 Tomnahurich street 

Murray, Mrs, Dunearn cottage, 31 Ballifeary lane 

Murray, Robert, 31 Friar's street 

Murray, Robert, carpenter, 24 Huntly street 

Murray, Walter, chauffeur, 47 Hill street 

Murray, Wm, porter-guard, L.M.S.R., 79 Dochfour dr, 

Murray, Wm., labourer, 33 Brown street 

Murray, Wm., carpenter, 60 Tomnahurich street 

Murray, William, 30 Waterloo place 

Murray, William, boots, 24 Bridge street 

Murray, William, slater, 63 King street 

Murray, William, gardener, 70a East gate 

Mutch, David, coke salesman, 10 Ardross place 

Myhill, W. C, Ridgeleigh, 50 Crown drive 

Myron, Charles, 'bus driver, 3 Huntly terrace 


McAdam, Wm., railway porter, L.M.S.R., 3 Glebe st. 
Macadie, George, fireman, 22 Innes street 
Macallan, J., grocer, 38 Lindsay avenue 
Macallan, John, retired, 11 Perceval road 
Macallister, Mrs, Imperial Hotel, Academy street 
Macallister, T. S, and Co., 80 Eastgate 
Macandie, Mrs, wine and spirit merchant, Hamilton 

street, ho. 6 Queensgate 
Macandie, Miss J., Glennes place, 56 Kenneth street 
Macandrew, Alex., gardener, 58 Dochfour drive 
Macandrew & Jenkins, solicitors, Drummond street 
Macandrew, Miss, Aisthorpe, 64 Midmills road 
Macarthur, James, confectioner, 4 Ness walk 
Macarthur, Jas., patternmaker, Oakfield, Dores road 
Macarthur, Henry, carter, 4 Albion square, King st. 
Macarthur, Neil, solicitor, Milnfield house, 83 Kings- 
mills road 
Macarthur, Wm. James, solicitor, Victoria villa, 45 

Glen-Uquhart road 
Macarry, D., labourer, 18 Shoe lane 


Macaskill, Alex., motor driver, 34 Muirtown street 

Macaskill, D., fireman, 12 Diriebught road 

Macaskill, Miss, 28 Huntly street 

Macaskill, Mrs, 10 Telford street 

Macaskill, Mrs, 33 Castle street 

Macaskill, Murdo, carriage cleaner, L.M.S.R., 35 
Chapel street 

Macaskill, Neil, labourer, 53 Huntly street 

Macaskill, Ronald, burgh constable, 32 Denny street 

Macaulay, A., engine-driver, 34 May court (off Alex- 
ander place) 

Macaulay, Alex., traveller, 5 Park road 

Macaulay, Andrew, fireman, L.M.S.R., 3 Stephen st. 

Macaulay, D., carpenter, 63 Crown street, ho. Ault- 
bea, 31 Leys drive 

Macaulay, J. D., grocer, 13 Kingsmills road. ho. 
Inverarnie, 25 Lovat road 

Macaulay, John, engine-driver, 12 Kingsmills road 

Macaulay, John, grocer, 52 Union road 

Macaulay, M., 'bus driver, 12 Alexander olace 

Macaulay, Murdo. telegraph lineman, 46 Dochfour 

Macaulay, Wm, grocer, Laurel terrace, 25 Denny st. 

Macavoy, J. R., auctioneer, 8, 10, and 103 Academy st. 
ho. Tordarroch, 63 Old Edinburgh road 

Macbain, John, grocer, 2a Duff street, ho. Allan- 
more, 88 Kenneth street 

Macbain, John, blacksmith, etc., 20-22 King street, 
ho. Hartington place, 11 Duncraig street 

Macbain, Miss, 21 Douglas row 

Macbain, Miss E., 2 Manse place 

Macbain, Mrs, 2 Portland place 

Macbain, W., slater, 50a Huntly street, ho. 53 Tomna- 
hurich street 

Macbain, William, tailor's cutter, 21 Abban street 

Macbean, Andrew, chauffeur, 45 Lindsay avenue 

Macbean, David & Son, painters, 1 Haugh road. ho. 
31 MacEwen drive 

Macbean, E. A., 112 Church street 

Macbean, George L., registrar, Parish Council office, 
26 Bank street; ho. 16 Fairfield road ' 

Macbean, James, insurance agent, 23 West End 
terrace, Gilbert street 

Macbean, James, Craiglea villa, 4 Beaufort road 

Macbean, James, scavenger, 3 Brown street 

Macbean, James, 57 South drive, Kessock 


Macbean, John, fireman, L.M.S.R., 47 South drive 

Macbean, John, fitter, 28 Rose street 

Macbean, John, fireman, 37 Lower Kessock street 

Macbean, John, slater, 43 Longman road 

Macbean, John, retired inspector of poor, 11 Bank st. 

Macbean, John, solicitor (of Davidson, Scott and Co.), 

46 Crown drive 
Macbean, Miss, 67 Shore street 

Macbean, Miss, Drummond lodge, 39 Drummond road 
Macbean, Miss, 18 Hill street 
Macbean, Miss E., 13 Tomnahurich street 
Macbean, Miss, Elm cottage, 20 Glen-Urquhart road 
Macbean, Mrs, 6 Bale's buildings, Argyle street 
Macbean, Mrs, 25 Broadstone park 
Macbean, Mrs, 9 Brown street 
Macbean, Mrs, 19 Church street 
Macbean, Mrs, 50 Telford road 
Macbean, Mrs, 43 Thornbush road 
Macbean, Peter, 48 Tomnahurich street 
Macbean, Robert J., engineer, 74 Innes street 
Macbean, Robert, engine fitter, 19 Bruce gardens 
Macbean, Wm, painter, 6 Bale's buildings, Argyle st. 
Macbean, Wm., labourer, 37 Nelson street 
Macbean, Wm., machineman, 1 Glebe terrace, Glebe 

Macbean, William, vanman, 4 Simpson's Lane, Grant 

Maebeath, George, labourer, 33 Muirtown street 
Macbeath, John, labourer, 45 Hill street 
Maebeath, Miss, 81 Bruce gardens 
Macbeath, Miss, 9 Millburn road 
Macbeath, Mrs, 30 King street 
Macbeth, Mrs, 7 Ferry road 
MacBey, Robert, engine-driver, L.M.S.R., Macgregor's 

buildings, Millburn road 
MacBrayne. David, Ltd., steamer agents, 2 Canal bank 

and 33 Queensgate 
Macbride. D., inspector, Caledonian canal, Quirang 

cottage, 2 Canal bank, Clachnaharry 
Macbride, James, Rosebank, 14 Fairfield road 
Maccall, James, 125 South drive, Kessock 
Maccallum, Dun., traveller, Armadale cot., Greig St. 
Maccallum, John, burgh pavior, 2 Maxwell drive 
Macca]lum, J. W.. painter, 14 Alexander place 
Maccallum, Mrs, 7 Dalneigh crescent 
Maccallum, William J., chauffeur, 13 Church street 


Macclarence, W. J., shoemaker, 6 Chapel street, ho. 

57 Innes street 
McColgan, Prank, D.B., U.A.B., 28 Bellfield park 
Maccoll, Alex., grocer, 31 Telford gardens 
Maccoll, Miss, teacher, 104 Fairfield road 
Maccoll, Mrs, Inchlea, 47 Drummond road 
Maccoll, R. S., Ltd., confectioners, 15 Inglis street 
Maccombie, Miss, 9 Lovat road 
Maccombie, Miss, 103 Castle street 
Maccombie, Mrs, 3 Bale's buildings, Argyle street 
Maccombie, Mrs, 139 Lochalsh road 
Macconnachie, James, labourer, 46 Maclennan 

Macconnachie, Wm. G., M.A., Drumsheugh, 80 

Kingsmills road 
Macconnell, Mrs, 116 Lochalsh road 
MacClure, Miss, Damfield cottage, Damfield road 
MacCrae, John, 57 Haugh road 
MacCubbin, Wm., creamery manager, Co-operative, 24 

Dunain road 
Macculloch, Miss L., 3 George street 
Macculloch, Wm., P.O., engineer, Armadale terrace, 66 

Tomnahurich street 
Macculloch, Wm., 6 Maryann court (off Ardross place) 
Macculloch, Wm., guard, L.M.S.R., Enrick villa, 12. 

Reay street 
McCrum, Mrs, 18 Perceval road 
Macdiarmid, J., Glenalbyn road (off Telford road) 
Macdiarmid, Mrs, 90 Telford street 
Macdiarmid, Mrs, 5 Milne's buildings, Rose street 
Macdiarmid, N„ 3a Seaforth mansions, Reay street 
Macdonald, A., barman, 5 India street 
Macdonald, A. labourer, 13 Haugh road 
Macdonald, A., gardener, Eileanach, Ladies' walk 
Macdonald, A., 45 Rose street 
Macdonald, A. and D., fleshers, 33 Union street 
Macdonald, A. & Sons, plasterers, 70 Lochalsh road 
Macdonald, A. G., 51 Muirtown street 
Macdonald, Alan, retired, Darnaway avenue 
Macdonald, Alex., butcher, 24 Innes street 
Macdonald, Alex., St Aethans, 10 Bishop's road 
Macdonald, Alex., blacksmith, 33 Telford gardens 
Macdonald, Alex., retired farmer, 57 Old Edinburgh rd. 
Macdonald, Alex., grocer, 46 Rose street 
Macdonald, Alex., foreman, L.M.S.R., 32 Hill street 
Macdonald, Alex., clerk, 63 Innes street 


Macdonald, Alex., draper, 21 Lombard street. ho. 

18 Montague row 
Macdonald, Alex., 37 Celt street 
Macdonald, Alex., mason, 72 Bruce gardens 
Macdonald, Alex., boiler inspector, 51 Tomnahurich st. 
Macdonald, Alex., labourer, 8a> Stephen's brae 
Macdonald, Alex. & Co., wine merchants, 49 and 53 

Church street 
Macdonald, Alex., foreman painter, L.M.S.R., 40 Bell- 
field park 
Macdonald, Alex., fitter, 34 Innes street 
Macdonald, Alex., ploughman, 11 Duff street 
Macdonald, Alex., shunter, L.M.S.R., 9 Richmond 

Terrace, Harrowden road 
Macdonald. Alexander, guard, L.M.S.R., 4 Milne's 

buildings, Rose street 
Macdonald, Alexr. A., tailor, 27 Maclennan crescent 
Macdonald, Allan, labourer, 13 Anderson square (off 

Anderson street) 
Macdonald, Andrew, Maryville, 84 Culduthel road 
Macdonald, Andrew, vanman, 37 Innes street 
Macdonald, Andrew, of Macdonald & Morrison, Ltd., 

Meadowpark, Culduthel gardens 
Macdonald, Angus, labourer, 15 Tomnahurich street 
Macdonald, Angus, commission and shipping agent, 3 

Union street 
Macdonald, Angus, 15 Castle street 
Macdonald, Angus G., cycle salesman, 52 Maxwell 

Macdonald, Angus, L.M.S.R., 61 MacEwen drive 
Macdonald, Arch., fireman. L.M.S.R., 38 Crown street 
Macdonald, Arch., fitter, 6 Tulloch's buildings, Ard- 

connel terrace 
Macdonald, Arch., fireman, L.M.S.R.. 4 Stephen street 
Macdonald, Archibald, tailor, 16 Anderson square (off 

Anderson street) 
Macdonald, B., labourer, 6 Grant street 
Macdonald, Charles, postman, 15 George street 
Macdonald, Charles, harbour-meter, Portland place. 

ho. 35 Innes street 
Macdonald, Charles, blacksmith, 21 Lindsay avenue 
Macdonald, Charles, 35 Innes street 
Macdonald, Charles, carpenter contractor, 9 and 9a 

Friar's lane. ho. 14 Dochfour drive 
Macdonald, Charles, L.M.S.R., 36 North drive, Kessock 
Macdonald, Colin, retired, 55 Huntly street 


Macdonald, Colin, coalman, 135 South drive, Kessock 
Macdonald, D., foreman surfaceman, Canal bank, 

Macdonald, D., lamplighter, 13 Greig street 
Macdonald, D., painter, L.M.S.R., 8 Innes street 
Macdonald, D., railwayman, 24 Queen street 
Macdonald, D., grocer, 67 Huntly street 
Macdonald, D., cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 49 

Chapel street 
Macdonald, D., waiter, 2 Ness place, Haugh road 
Macdonald, D. J., teacher, Craigdarroch, 29 Kenneth 

Macdonald, Rev. D., Largie, Drummond circus 
Macdonald, Daniel, joiner, 34 King street 
Macdonald, David, nomder, 5 Montague row 
Macdonald, David, milk salesman, 7 Shore street 
Macdonald, David, labourer, 1 Ness place, Haugh road 
Macdonald, David, chauffeur, Holm Mills, Dores road 
Macdonald, Donald, Airdalanish, 21 Beaufort road 
Macdonald, Donald, yard foreman, 24 Lower Kessock 

Macdonald, Donald, L.M.S.R., 3 Tulloch's buildings, 

Ardconnel terrace 
Macdonald, Donald, engineer, 92 Fairfield road 
Macdonald, Donald, wood-cutter, 66 South drive, 
Macdonald, Donald, compositor, 17 Bruce gardens 
Macdonald, Donald, shoemaker, 25 South drive 
Macdonald, Donald, mechanic, 100 MacEwen drive 
Macdonald, Donald, labourer, 6 Mackintosh's close, 

Muirtown street 
Macdonald, Donald, fitter, 1 Lindsay avenue 
Macdonald, Donald, retired guard, 12 George street 
Macdonald, Donald, painter, Kingsburgh, 8 and 10 

Montague row 
Macdonald, Donald, P.O. linesman, 19 Douglas row 
Macdonald, Donald, bricklayer, 28 Innes street 
Macdonald, Donald, dealer, 85 Kessock avenue 
Macdonald, Donald, shoemaker, 5 Stephen's brae 
Macdonald, Don. J., warehouseman, 16 Market brae 
Macdonald, Donald, Altchurn, 32 Lovat road 
Macdonald, Donald, carting contractor, 5 Telford st. 
Macdonald, Donald, plumber, 47 Hill street 
Macdonald, Donald, retired, 25 Kingsmills road 
Macdonald, Donald, car driver, 1 Carlton terrace, 

Macdonald, Donald, engine-driver, 7 View place 


Macdonald, Donald, signal dept., L.M.S.R., 87 Church 

Macdonald, Donald, fireman, L.M.S.R., 50 Dochfourdr. 
Macdonald, Duncan, cable joiner, 25 Longman road 
Macdonald, Duncan, clerk, 2 High street, Clachnaharry 
Macdonald, Duncan, joiner, 60 Dunain road 
Macdonald, Duncan, wagon lifter, L.M.S.R., 8 Gilbert 

Macdonald, Duncan, warder, 7 Mitchell's lane, Porter- 
field bank 
Macdonald, Duncan, joiner, 30 Madras street 
Macdonald, Duncan G., joiner, 22 Duncraig street 
Macdonald, Duncan, fireman, L.M.S.R., 25 Nelson st. 
Macdonald, Evan, clerk, IS Ferry read 
Macdonald, Ewen, retired postmaster, Cairnie villa, 39 

Crown drive 
Macdonald, Ewen, 9 Wells street 
Macdonald, Ewen, labourer, 6 Huntly street 
Macdonald, Farquhar, moulder, 4 Ness place, Haugh 
Macdonald, Farquhar, telegraph lineman, 3 Stephen 

Macdonald, Finlay, chauffeur, Holm Mills, Island bank 

Macdonald, Finlay, smallholder, Holm Mills, Island 

bank road 
Macdonald, Frank, 7 King street 
Macdonald, Frank, joiner, 1 Mid street, Clachnaharry 
Macdonald, Fraser & Co., Limited, auctioneers and 

cattle salesmen, Eastgate. Office — Station sq. 
Macdonald, G., 2a Crown street 
Macdonald, G., labourer, 92 South drive, Kessock 
Macdonald, George, lorry driver, 20 May court (off 

Alexander place) 
Macdonald, George, retired farmer, 8 Porterfield bank 
Macdonald, George, licensed grocer, 17 Chapel street. 

ho. 47 Charles street 
Macdonald, George, tailor, 59 Huntly street 
Macdonald, George, smallholder, Holm mills, Dores 

Macdonald, George, manager (Hepworth & Co.), 47 

Crown street 
Macdonald, George, P.O., 20 Kingsmills road 
Macdonald, George, Tweedside cottage, 8 India street 
Macdonald, H, roadman, 93 Lochalsh road 
Macdonald, H, mason, 60 Crown street 


Macdonald, H. F., butcher, 1 New market, Academy 

Macdonald, Harry, chauffeur, 7 Manse place 
Macdonald, Harold, painter, 1 Park road 
Macdonald, Hector T., fireman, L.M.S.R., 45 Hill st. 
Macdonald, Hector, burgh police, 34 Charles street 
Macdonald, Hector, cinema operator, 3 Alexandra 

buildings, Queen street 
Macdonald, Herbert, fireman, 66 Shore street 
Macdonald, Hugh, blacksmith, 35 Innes street 
Macdonald, Hugh, 13 Porterfield road 
Macdonald, Hugh, retired, 7 Manse place 
Macdonald, Hugh, foreman, loading bank, L.M.S.R., 

6 off 11 Bridge street 
Macdonald, Hugh, fitter, 44 Ballifeary road 
Macdonald, Hugh, fishmonger, 27 Telford gardens 
Macdonald, Hugh, retired, 2 Park road 
Macdonald, Ian, shop assistant, 28 Dochfour drive 
Macdonald, Ian, clerk, L.M.S.R., 25 Dochfour drive 
Macdonald, J., clerk, 12 Waterloo place 
Macdonald, J., cabinetmaker, 61 Argyle street 
Macdonald, J., barman, 32 Hill street 
Macdonald, J., mason, 51 Church street 
Macdonald, J. C, spirit merchant, 17 Inglis street, ho. 

Daviot lodge, 16 Old Edinburgh road 
Macdonald, J. D., confectioner, 19 Bridge street, ho. 

33 Smith avenue 
Macdonald, J. E. & Co., clothiers, 36 Baron Taylor's 

Macdonald, J. R., 'bus driver, 15 Thornbush road 
Macdonald, J. Morris, 6 Gordon terrace 
Macdonald, James, clerk, Delshangie, 17 Leys drive 
Macdonald, James, 'bus driver, 39 Attadale road 
Macdonald, James, Greenlawn, 45 Muirfield road 
Macdonald, James, baker, 23 India street 
Macdonald, James, baker, 8 Duff street 
Macdonald, James, mason, 70 Tomnahurich street 
Macdonald, James, fitter, 15 Telford street 
Macdonald, James, plumber, 16 Telford gardens 
Macdonald, James, nainter, 18 Gordonville rd., Haugh 
Macdonald, James, porter, L.M.S.R., 41 Dochfour dr. 
Macdonald, James, Glenmoriston House, 20 Ness bank 
Macdonald, James, mason, 1 Bale's buildings, Argyle st 
Macdonald, James, gardener, 15a Haugh road 
Macdonald, James, Home wood, 11 Crown circus 


Macdonald, James, gardener, Bankhead, Island Bank 

Macdonald, James A., storeman, 2 Glendale place, 

Shore street 
Macdonald, James, Rogie cottage, 57 Ballifeary road 
Macdonald, James, insurance agent, 22 Bruce gardens 
Macdonald, James, labourer, 18 Thornbush road 
Macdonald, James, commission agent, 10 Dochf our dr. 
Macdonald, James, tax officer, Inland Revenue, 25 

Maxwell drive 
Macdonald, James, agent, Commercial Bank, Haw- 
thorne bank, Muirfield road 
Macdonald, John, 'bus driver, 32 King street 
Macdonald, Dr John, M.B., CM., D.P.H., 56 Old 

Edinburgh road 
Macdonald, John M., wood merchant, 17 Queensgate. 
ho. Lochardil. Sawmills — 3 Longman road 
and 23 Lotland street 
Macdonald, John, 110 Church street 
Macdonald, John, maltman, Glenalbyn road (off Tel- 
ford road) 
Macdonald, John, compositor, 50 Huntly street 
Macdonald, John, hairdresser, Daisy cottage, 12 

Lochalsh road 
Macdonald, John, fireman, L.M.S.R., 8 Lindsay avenue 
Macdonald, John, licensed appraiser, 27 Harrowden 

Macdonald, John, mason, 18 Innes street 
Macdonald, John, seaman, 62 Huntly street 
Macdonald, John, potato merchant, 30 Kessock av. 
Macdonald, John, coal merchant, 34 Kessock avenue 
Macdonald, John, dyer, Holm Mills, Island Bank road 
Macdonald, John, traveller, Craigview, 8 Dochfour 

Macdonald, John, hairdresser, 10 Grant street 
Macdonald, John, engine-driver, L.M.S.R., 76 MacEwen 

Macdonald, John, fishing tackle maker, 9 Celt street 
Macdonald, John, View bank, 6 Gordon terrace 
Macdonald, John, Brookvale, 9 Drummond road 
Macdonald, John, labourer, 37 North drive, Kessock 
Macdonald, John, caretaker, 1 Castle street 
Macdonald, John, 71 Castle street 
Macdonald, John, blacksmith, 57, 59 Eastgate 
Macdonald, J., joiner, 82 Glen-Urquhart road 
Macdonald, J., 9 Crown street 


Macdonald, J. C., woodworker, 1 West drive, Kessock 
Macdonald, John, coachbuilder, 15 Innes street 
Macdonald, John, plumber, Ormus cottage, 15 Lotland 

Macdonald, John, boilermaker, 10 Queen street 
Macdonald, John M., L.D.S. (Edin.), dental surgeon, 

6 Queensgate 
Macdonald, John M., grocer, 43 Telford road 
Macdonald, John, commercial traveller, 3 Perceval rd. 
Macdonald, John, turner, 76 King street 
Macdonald, Jonn, overseer, P.O., 41 Telford street 
Macdonald, John, carter, 1 Abban place, Abban st. 
Macdonald, Jonn, P.W. inspector, Forglen, 2b Range- 
more road 
Macdonald, John, The Stores, 37-39 Castle street. 

Garage — Maryann court, Ardross place 
Macdonald, Jonn, clerk, L.M.S.R., 7 Richmond terrace,. 

Harrowden road 
Macdonald, John, market gardener, 7 Bale's buildings,. 

Argyle street 
Macdonald, Jonn, labourer, Rowan cottage, 47 Kenneth. 

Macdonald, John, porter, 60 Upper Kessock street 
Macdonald, John, waiter, 15 Tomnahurich street 
Macdonald, John, printer, 5 Alexandra buildings,. 

Queen's street 
Macdonald, Joseph, milkman, 18 Diriebught road 
Macdonald, K., ironmonger, 22 Bridge street 
Macdonald, Kenneth, labourer, 85 Academy street 
Macdonald, Kenneth, shoemaker, 20 Upper Kessock st. 
Macdonald, Kenneth, L.M.S. linesman, 22 Wells st. 
Macdonald, L., painter, 12 Anderson square (off 

Anderson street) 
Macdonald, Lewis, engineer, 15 Muirtown street 
Macdonald, Miss, 50 Tomnahurich street 
Macdonald, Miss J., -11 Fairfield lane 
Macdonald, Miss, 25 Lower Kessock street 
Macdonald, Miss Nellie, 5 off 11 Bridge street 
Macdonald, Miss, 3 Paton street 
Macdonald, Miss, 2 Wells street 
Macdonald, Miss, 36 Tomnahurich street 
Macdonald, Miss A., Armadale cottage, 35 Greig st. 
Macdonald, Miss, 21 Celt street 
Macdonald, Miss, 6 Mackintosh's close, Muirtown st.. 
Macdonald, Miss, Lentran cottage, 6 Perceval road 
Macdonald, Miss, Stanley lodge, 35 Fairfield road 


Macdonald, Miss, 27 Denny street 

Macdonald, Miss, 42 Hill street 

Macdonald, Miss, Tuach villa, 14 Lovat road 

Macdonald, Miss, 1 Ardross place 

Macdonalct, Miss J., 40 Telford street 

Macdonald, Miss, 18 Glebe street 

Macdonald, Miss, 3 Anderson square (off Anderson st.) 

Macdonald, Miss, milliner, 73 Castle street 

Macdonald, Miss Mary, 26 Gilbert street 

Macdonald, Miss, Ashley, 13 Midmills road 

Macdonald, Miss, masseuse, 17 Queensgate 

Macdonald, Miss, Struan Hallin, 27 Leys drive, South- 
side place 

Macdonald, Miss, Strowan house, 4 Annfield road 

Macdonald, Miss, 20 Ardconnel street 

Macdonald, Miss, 43 Friar's street 

Macdonald Miss, ladies' outfitter, 4 Hill place 

Macdonald, Miss K., 45 Kessock avenue 

Macdonald, Miss, 21b Kingsmills road 

Macdonald Miss, Dunabban villa, 22 Lochalsh road 

Macdonald, Miss, 4 Tulloch's buildings, Ardconnel ter. 

Macdonald, Miss Elizabeth, 94 Church street 

Macdonald, Miss M. A., 18 Shoe lane 

Macdonald, Miss E. A., Drumbuie cottage, 37 Glen- 
Urquhart road 

Macdonald, Miss, 16 Douglas row 

Macdonald, Miss,, 2 Ness place, Haugh road 

Macdonald, Miss, 21 Hill street 

Macdonald, Miss, Athole villa, 37 Midmills road 

Macdonald, Miss, 22 Huntly street 

Macdonald, Miss M., 3 Friar's lane 

Macdonald, Miss M., teacher, 90 Glen-Urquhart road 

Macdonald, Miss, Caberfeidh, 44 Kenneth street 

Macdonald, Miss, 46 Kingsmills road 

Macdonald, Miss, teacher, 100 Glen-Urquhart road 

Macdonald, Miss, 28 Queen street 

Macdonald, Miss, Golf View Hotel, 2 Millburn road 

Macdonald, Misses, 35 Hill street 

Macdonald, Misses, apartments, Victoria house, 8 Ness 

Macdonald, Misses, apartments, Glenmhor hotel, 10 
Ness bank 

Macdonald, Misses, Garry, 36 Kingsmills road 

Macdonald, Misses, 45 Crown street 

Macdonald, Misses, 22 Ferry road 

Macdonald, Misses, 1 Bellfleld terrace 


Macdonald, Misses, 79 Telford road 

Macdonald, Mrs A., 63 Telford gardens 

Macdonald, Mrs A. J., Eskadale cottage, 74 Ballifeary 

Macdonald, Mrs B., 12 Raining stairs 
Macdonald, Mrs Herman, 8 Bruce gardens 
Macdonald, Mrs Hugh, 80 Dochfour drive 
Macdonald, Mrs, Del-Kushi, 3 Southside place 
Macdonald, Mrs Margaret, 15 Tomnahurich street 
Macdonald, Mrs D., 6 Abban street 
Macdonald, Mrs S. E., 68 Old Edinburgh road 
Macdonald, Mrs, 21 Attadale road 
Macdonald, Mrs, 4 Crown avenue 
Macdonald, Mrs, 16 Victoria square, Rose street 
Macdonald, Mrs, Princes place, 43 Huntly street 
Macdonald, Mrs, 4 Kingmills road 
Macdonald, Mrs W., 1 Rose street 
Macdonald, Mrs, 47 Union road 
Macdonald, Mrs, 14 Maclennan crescent 
Macdonald, Mrs, 39 Madras street 
Macdonald, Mrs, 100 Lochalsh road 
Macdonald, Mrs, le Seaforth mansions, Reay street 
Macdonald, Mrs, Balcharn, 29 Lovat road 
Macdonald, Mrs Margaret, 24 MacEwen drive 
Macdonald, Mrs, 109 South drive, Kessock 
Macdonald, Mrs, Balnacarn, 4 Victoria drive 
Macdonald, Mrs, The Firs, Island bank road 
Macdonald, Mrs, 6 Huntly street 
Macdonald, Mrs, 13 Mid street, Clachnaharry 
Macdonald, Mrs, 5 Huntly terrace, Huntly street 
Macdonald, Mrs, 6 Duncraig street 
Macdonald, Mrs Hugh, Inchyettle, Harrowden road 
Macdonald, Mrs, Allan cottage, 15 Old Edinburgh rd- 
Macdonald, Mrs, 57 Haugh. road 
Macdonald, Mrs, Burnfoot, Canal bank 
Macdonald, Mrs, 30 Waterloo place 
Macdonald, Mrs I., 11 Alexander place 
Macdonald, Mrs, Auld Castlehill, 11 Auldcastle road 
Macdonald, Mrs, 23 Charles street 
Macdonald, Mrs M. J., 16 Duncraig street 
Macdonald, Mrs, 25 Jamaica street 
Macdonald, Mrs, 19 Charles street 
Macdonald, Mrs, 57 Church street 
Macdonald, Mrs, 21 Grant street 
Macdonald, Mrs, 86 Kenneth street 
Macdonald, Mrs M., 40 West drive, Kessock 


Macdonald, Mrs C., Roslyn cottage, 43 Kenneth street 

Macdonald, Mrs A., 71 Church street 

Macdonald. Mrs, 25 North drive, Kessock 

Macdonald, Mrs, 5d Seaforth mansions, Reay street 

Macdonald, Mrs H., 15 Young street 

Macdonald, Mrs Helen, 54 Dunain road 

Macdonald, Mrs, 59 Huntly street 

Macdonald, Mrs K., 20 Bridge street 

Macdonald, Mrs, 4 Dalneigh crescent 

Macdonald, Mrs, 7 Paton street 

Macdonald, Mrs, 38 Bellfield park 

Maecionald, Mrs, 5y Castle street 

Macdonald, Mrs,, 78 Innes street 

Macdonald, Mrs, caretaker, 26 Bank street 

Macdonald, Mrs, 94 Lochalsh road 

MaccLonald, Mrs, 27 Nelson street 

Macdonald, Mrs, 8 Planefield road 

Macdonald, Mrs J., 36 Shore street 

Macdonald, Mrs, 3 Stephen's street 

Macdonald, Mrs H., Armadale terrace, 68 Tomna- 

hurich street 
Macdonald, Mrs, 27 Southside road 
Macdonald, Mrs, 9 Meal market close, 47 High street 
Macdonald, Mrs, Princes place, 41 Huntly street 
Macdonald, Mrs Mary, 34 Dochfour drive 
Macdonald, Mrs, 26a Hilton village,, Old Edinburgh rd. 
Macdonald, Mrs, 132 Lochalsh road 
Macdonald, Mrs G.„ 5 Queen street 
Macdonald, Mrs, Rosemount, 20 Broadstone park 
Macdonald, Mrs, 16 Gladstone place, Harrowden road 
Macdonald, Mrs, 25 Friar's street 
Macdonald, Mrs, 53 Huntly street 
Macdonald, Mrs, 19 Abbotsford terrace, Greig street 
Macdonald, Mrs, 9 Denny street 
Macdonald, Mrs, 6 Douglas row 
Macdonald, Mrs, 29 Southside road 
Macdonald, Mrs, 93 Kenneth street 
Macdonald, Mrs, 10 Innes street 
Macdonald, Mrs, 4 Carlton terrace, Millburn road 
Macdonald, Mrs, 8 Shore street 
Macdonald, Martin, engine-driver, 8 Ness place 
Macdonald & Mackintosh, licensed grocers (D. & J. 

Macewen & Co.). 60 High street. Stores — 17 

Washington court 
Macdonald, Morris (of Macdonald and Morrison, Ltd., 

coal merchants), Glencoe, 51 Fairfield road 


Macdonald & Morrison, Ltd., coal merchants, 37 
Church, street and 26-28 Lower Kessock street 
and 15 Grant street 
Macdonald, Malcolm, labourer, 13 New buildings, 

Railway terrace 
Macdonald, Murdo, harbourmaster, 15 Harrowden rd. 
Macdonald,, Murdoch, carpenter, 19 King screet 
Macdonald, Murdoch, gas worker, 4 Craigton avenue 
Macdonald, Nurse, 32 Tomnahurich street 
Macdonald, Patrick, painter, 30 West drive, Kessock 
Macdonald, Peter, storekeeper, 14 Anderson square 

(or! Anderson street) 
Macdonald, Peter, fireman, L.M.S.R., 10 Hamilton st. 
Macdonald, Peter, grocer,, 5 Castle street 
Macdonald, Peter, labourer, 44 Nelson street 
Macdonald, Dr R C, M.D., Bona villa, 25 Midmills rd. 
Macdonald, Robert, chemist, 5a Tomnahurich street. 

ho. 22 Planefield road 
Macdonald, R., milkman, 3 Alexandra buildings, Queen 

Macdonald, Robert, tinsmith, 52 East gate. ho. 4 

Abban street 
Macdonald, Robert, sculptor, 34 Telford street 
Macdonald, Robert, labourer, 17 Greig street 
Macdonald, Rod., sawyer, Holm mills, Dores road 
Macdonald, Rodger, L.M.S.R., 33 West drive, Kessock 
Macdonald, Ronald, labourer, 21 New buildings, Rail- 
way terrace 
Macdonald, Ronald, 3 Stephen street 
Macdonald, S., collector, Caledonian canal, Canal 

bank, Clachnaharry 
Macdonald, S., foreman moulder, 23 George street* 
Macdonald, S., retired constable, 25 Bellneld park 
Macdonald, Somerled, Woodfield, 13 Island Bank rd. 
Macdonald, Thomas, baker, 111 Lochalsh road 
Macdonald, Thomas, 14 Hilton village 
Macdonald, Thomas, lorryman, 87 Church street 
Macdonald, Thomas, mason, 34 Telford gardens 
Macdonald, Thos., turner, 20 Thornbush cottages, 

Capel Inch 
Macdonald, W., hairdresser, 14 Kingsmills road 
Macdonald, W., labourer, 8 Anderson square (off 

Anderson street) 
Macdonald, William, compositor, 23 Lochalsh road 
Macdonald, William,, engine-driver, 122 Kenneth st. 



Macdonald, William D., chauffeur, 1 Dalneigh cres. 
Macdonald, William, labourer, 10 Ferry road 
Macdonald, William, shunter, 36 Telford gardens 
Macdonald, William, 10 Southside road 
Macdonald, William, Cleansing Department, 16 Mac- 

lennan crescent 
Macdonald, William, 4 Anderson street 
Macdonald, William, greaser, 43 Innes street 
Macdonald, Wm., painter, 10 Low street, Clachnaharry 
Macdonald, Wm., Westwood, 5 Attadale road 
Macdonald, Wm., surveyor, 9 Dalneigh road 
Macdonald, Wm., retired, 56 Maxwell drive 
Macdonald, Wm. F., postman, 90 Telford road 
Macdonald Wm. J., joiner, 20 Hill street 
Macdonald, Wm. J., lorry driver, 24 Douglas row 
Macdonell, James, tinsmith, 73 Old Edinburgh road 
Macdonell, Miss, 50 Wells street 
Macdonell, Miss M., 32 Wells street 
Macdonell, Miss, 62 Huntly street 
Macdougall, Donald, traveller, Carrizzo, 3 Burn road, 

Macdougall, Allan, traveller, 45 Bruce gardens 
Macdougall, Alex., signalman, 40 Tomnahurich street 
Macdougall, Alex., labourer, 8a Stephen's brae 
Macdougall, D. F., 5 Dalneigh crescent 
Macdougall, David B., manager, Boblainie, 8 Range 

more road 
Macdougall, Donald, drover, 17 Upper Kessock street 
Macdougall, Duncan, carter, 4 Albion square, King st. 
Macdougall, Hugh, 8 North Church place 
Macdougall, James, baker, 8 King street 
Macdougall. John, slater, 8 Madras street 
Macdougall, Miss Barbara, 16 Argyle street 
Macdougall,, Miss, 10 Hill street 
Macdougall, Miss, St Giles' lodge, 5 Ladies' walk 
Macdougall, Misses, Glenmarkie, 12 Rangemore road 
Macdougall, Mrs, 3 Dalneigh road 
Macdougall, Mrs, 73 South drive, Kessock 
Macdougall, Mrs, Bengal cott., 69 Glen-Urquhart rd. 
Macdougall, P., 66 Haugh road 

Macdougall, Roderick, plasterer, 15 South drive, Kes- 
Macdougall, Roderick, 18 Glebe street 
Macdougall's Temperance Hotel, 83 Church street — A. 

Macdougall, proprietor 
Macdowall, Andrew,* traveller, 27 Union road 


MacEchern, Charles, Tor Valley, 113 Culduthel road 
Macewen, Mrs, Trie Knowe, 3 Victoria drive 
Macewan, William, 46 Glen-Urquhart road 
Macfadyen, Duncan, M.B., Ch.B. (Glasj, 1 Ardross ter. 
Macfadyen, Hector, lorryman, 74 Dochfour drive 
Macfadyen, Miss, Cul-na-Skiach, 42 Culduthel road 
Macfadyen', Miss, 22 Ardconnel street 
Macfadyen, Miss Mary, teacher, 19 Telford gardens 
Macfarlane, Charles, 29 Ross avenue 
Macfarlane, Miss, 33 Muirfield road 
Macfarlane, Miss, 32 Tomnahurich street 
Macfarlane, Miss M. A., 2 Culduthel road 
Macfarlane, Mrs, 15 Kessock Avenue 
Macfarlane, Murdo, bricklayer, 17 South drive, Kes- 
Macfarlane, R. P., 41 Drummond road 
Macfarlane, Root., carman, 7 Jamaica street 
Macfarlane, Robert, dairyman, Oaktree, Burn road, 

Macfarquhar, Alex., labourer, 21 Grant street 
Macfarquhar, Don., barman, 3 Stephen's street 
Macfarquhar, Miss Jessie, 25 Bridge street 
Macfarquhar, Mrs, 23 Ross avenue 
Macfee, Miss, 16 Douglas row 
Macfie, Donald, engineer,, 5 Porterfield bank 
Macgavin, Adam, general dealer, 19 Glebe street 
Macgavin, Peter, fireman, 27 West drive, Kessock 
Macgillivray, Adam, shoemaker, 9 Kingsmills road 
Macgillivray, D., baker, Id Seaforth mansions, Reay st. 
Macgillivray, Donald, taxi-driver, 74 Eastgate 
Macgillivray, Donald, sub-manager, Coast Lines, Ltd., 

Dornie villa, 28 Planefield road 
Macgillivray, Donald, gamekeeper, 15 Young street 
Macgillivray, Donald, 26 Leys drive 
Macgillivray, Ewen, clothier,, 38 Charles street 
Macgillivray, G., clothier, 74 King street 
Macgillivray, Hugh, labourer, 14 Duff street 
Macgillivray, John, mattress maker, 58 Crown street 
Macgillivray, J. G., engineer. 42 Lochalsh road 
Macgillivray, J. J., cemetery foreman, 91 Bruce 

Macgillivray, John, Glengarry cottage, 7 Hill street 
Macgillivray, John, butcher, 18 Chapel street. ho. 

12 Douglas row 
Macgillivray, John A., postman, 13 Douglas row 
Macgillivray, John, fireman, L.M.S.R., 45 Longman rd. 


Macgillivray, Miss, Woodbine cottage, 63 Glen- 

Urquhart road 
Macgillivray, Miss, 8 Midmills road 
Macgillivray,, Miss, 8 Crown street 
Macgillivray, Miss, Thorn villa, 69 Lochalsh roar 1 
Macgillivray, Mrs, Kenmore, 21 Bellfield park 
Macgillivray, Mrs, 3 Abban place, Abban street 
Macgillivray, Mrs, 15 Duncraig street 
Macgillivray, Mrs, Inver villa, 30 Charles street 
Macgillivray, Mrs, 54 Bruce gardens 
Macgillivray, Mrs Isabella, 63 Dochfour drive 
Macgillivray, Peter, labourer, 1 Perry road 
Macgillivray, Thomas, spinner, 19 Lower Kessock st. 
Macgillivray, W., motor mechanic, 18 Duncraig street 
Macgillivray, Wm, postman, 51 Kessock avenue 
Macgranaghan, Mrs, 60 Tomnahurich street 
Macgregor, A., labourer, 17 Friar's street 
Macgregor, A., plumber, 4 Innes street 
Macgregor, D., machineman, 111 Church street 
Macgregor, Donald, butcher, 63a Innes street 
Macgregor, Donald, traveller, 43 Charles street 
Macgregor, George, fireman, 15 Longman road 
Macgregor, Mrs, Falcon villa, 3 Fairfield road 
Macgregor, Ian, 12a Kenneth street 
Macgregor, J., hairdresser and umbrella maker, 3 

Market brae 
Macgregor, James, engine-driver, 2 Lotland place, 

Shore street 
Macgregor, James, sawyer, 42 Thornbush road 
Macgregor, James, bricklayer, 21 Lower Kessock street 
Macgregor, John, police constable, Buzancy, 10 Auld- 

castle road 
Macgregor, John, labourer, 26 Crown street 
Macgregor, Miss, 81 Academy street 
Macgregor, Miss, 31 Telford road 
Macgregor, Miss, Craigroyston, 16 Millburn road 
Macgregor, Miss,, 41 Attadale road 
Macgregor, Miss Ann, 25 Old Edinburgh road 
Macgregor, Miss Isabella, 36 Maclennan crescent 
Macgregor, Mrs, 52 Innes street 
Macgregor, Mrs, 18 Shoe lane 
Macgregor, Mrs, 8 Duff street 

Macgregor, Mrs, temperance hotel, 20-22 Kenneth st 
Macgregor, Mrs, 47 Kessock avenue 
Macgregor, Peter, slater, 70 Tomnahurich street 


Macgregor, Robert, hand loom weaver, 14, 16 Tomna- 
hurieh street, ho. Stanley villa, 37 Fairfield 
Macgregor, Thomas, riding master, Bught cottages (off 

Glen-Urquhart road) 
Macgregor, W., roads foreman, Ivybank, 8 Attadale rd. 
Macgregor, Wm, labourer, 9 Telford road 
Macgregor, William, fitter, 38 George street 
Macgregor, William, retired, 22 MacEwen drive 
Macgregor, William, storeman, 19 Rose street 
Macgruer, Alex., joiner, 32 Lower Kessock street 
Macgruer, Alex., butcher, 53 Glen-Urquhart road 
Macgruer, Donald, motor mechanic, 92 Lochalsh road 
Macgruther, J. O. (of Macgruther & Marshall), Dee- 
bank, 7 Crown drive 
Macgruther & Marshall, ship owners, coal merchants, 

1 Church street and 44 Shore street 
Machardy, Mrs, 32 Bruce gardens 
Machardy, Thomas, chauffeur, 9 Maxwell drive 
Machattie, John, labourer, 116 Glen-Urquhart road 
Macilwraith, David, 21 Grant street 
Machines, John, shunter, 1 Dunain road 
Machines, Miss, 77 Castle street 

Macinnes, W., foreman cleaner, L.M.S.R., 35 Shore st. 
Macintyre, Alex., labourer, 28 Kessock avenue 
Macintyre, Andrew, chauffeur, The Cottage, Dirie- 

burght (off Midmills road) 
Macintyre, Angus, 93 South drive, Kessock 
Macintyre, Angus, P.O., 9 India street 
Macintyre, David, lorry driver, 19 Chapel street 
Macintyre, Duncan, shoemaker, 4 Crown avenue 
Macintyre, Duncan, shoemaker, 70 Upper Kessock st. 
Macintyre, James, labourer, 35 South drive, Kessock 
Macintyre, John, warehouse porter, Lemon cottage, 

Diriebught road (off Midmills road) 
Macintyre, Martin F., meter tester, 27 Telford road 
Macintyre, Mrs. 11 Castle street 
Macintyre, Mrs A., 45 Ross avenue 
Macintyre, William, O.B.E., Glenoe, 12 Ness bank 
Macisaac, Mrs, 13 Greig street 

Maciver Bros., butchers, 27 Castle st. and 14 Greig st. 
Maciver & Co., cabinetmakers, 64, 68 Church street 

and 45, 47, and 49 Academy street 
Maciver, Capt., Larachan, 7 Dochfour drive 
Maciver, Daniel V., butcher, 22 Lombard street, ho. 8 
MacEwen drive 


Maciver, Donald, shoemaker, 34 High street 
Maciver, George, carpenter, 33 Nelson street 
Maciver, James, joiner, 14a India street 
Maciver, J. 35 Brown street 
Maciver, J. A., butcher, 33 Grant street 
Maciver, John, butcher, 5 Victoria terrace 
Maciver, Mrs, Ravelston, 42 Crown drive 
Maciver, Mrs, Milton cottage, 27 Lochalsh road 
Maciver, Mrs, 2 Railway terrace 
Maciver, Mrs, 23 Brown street 
Maciver, Mrs, 117 South drive, Kessock 
Maciver, Murdo, fitter, 34 Madras street 
Maciver, Norman, Major, 2 Ardross terrace 
Maciver, Wm, Inverinate, 35 Attadale road 
Mackay, A. J., shop assistant, 95 Dochfour drive 
Mackay, Alex., labourer, 81 Kessock avenue 
Mackay, Albert A. L., railway clerk, 17 Queensgate 
Mackay, Dr Alex. W., M.A., M.B., CM., 37 Bridge st. 
Mackay, Alexander, 23 Tomnahurich street 
Mackay, Andrew, Allarburn, 105 Culduthel road 
Mackay, Andrew, 51 Castle street 
Mackay, Andrew, pensioner, 24 Ardconnel street 
Mackay, Andrew, porter, 2 Queen street 
Mackay, C, dealer, 3 Brown street 
Mackay, Charles, cattle drover, 120 Glen-Urquhart rd. 
Mackay, Charles, dairyman, 67 Castle street 
Mackay, D., St Ives, 17 Montague row 
Mackay, D., baker, 60 Lochalsh road 
Mackay, D. F., painter, 16 Gladstone place, Harrow- 
den road 
Mackay, Daniel, county constable, 8 Reay street 
Mackay, David, labourer, 49 King street 
Mackay, David, labourer, Kingsmills cottage, 98 

Kingsmills road 
Mackay, Don., Abereigh. Broadstone park 
Mackay, Donald James, fireman, 5 off 11 Bridge street 
Mackay, Donald, blacksmith, 12 Celt street 
Mackay, Donald, carter, 43 Rose street 
Mackay, Donald, grocer, 4 Ness terrace, Hau^h road 
Mackay, Donald, labourer. 5 Simpson's lane. Grant st. 
Mackay, Donald, jun., fireman, 43a Rose street 
Mackay, Donald, sculptor, 65 Glen-Urquhart road 
Mackay, Donald, 53 Kessock avenue 
Mackay, Duncan, printer, 37 Innes street 
Mackay, Duncan, Birchdale, 69 Culduthel road 
Mackay, Duncan, grieve, Seafield farm, Longman road 


Mackay, Finlay, sawmiller, 2 Paton street, Haugh 
Mackay, George, fitter, 92 Glen-Urquhart road 
Mackay, George, electrician, 32 Crown street 
Mackay, George, foreman patternmaker, 35 Lindsay 

Mackay, George, pointsman, 58 Innes street 
Mackay, George, 4 Stephen street 
Mackay, Hugh, boots, 33 Ardconnel street 
Mackay, Hugh, fireman, 10 Diriebught road 
Mackay, Hugh, labourer, 37 Nelson street 
Mackay, Hugh, labourer, 8 Huntly street 
Mackay, Rev. H. W., B.D., Drummond circus 
Mackay, Isaac, labourer, 7 Swan's lane, (off Wells st.) 
Mackay, J., 'bus driver, 70a Eastgate 
Mackay, J., bus driver, 43 Muirtown street 
Mackay, J., grocer, Culduthel road 
Mackay, J., slater, yard, 41 Wells street 
Mackay, Jas., insurance agent, 1 Deveron street 
Mackay, James, insurance agent, 95 South drive 

Mackay, James, labourer, 17 Anderson square, Ander- 
son street 
Mackay, James, labourer, 41 Maclennan crescent 
Mackay, James, engine-driver, L.M.S.R., 29 Argyle St. 
Mackay, James M., chauffeur, 2 Noble's close, King st. 
Mackay, James, grocer, 48 Dochfour drive 
Mackay, James, porter, 40a Tomnahurich street 
Mackay, John, carpenter, 39 Wells street 
Mackay, John C, reporter, "Courier" Office, 46 Argyle 

Mackay, John, hammerman, 4 Deveron street 
Mackay, John, carpenter, 21 Argyle street 
Mackay, John, 39 Union road 
Mackay, John, labourer, 77 Kessock avenue 
Mackay, John, chauffeur, 51 Castle street 
Mackay, John, checker, 41 Rose street 
Mackay, John, P.O. clerk, 55 Lochalsh road 
Mackay, John, 61 Argyle street 
Mackay, John, 17a High street,: Clachnaharry 
Mackay, Kenneth, S.C. and T., Ashbrook, 27 Glen- 
Urquhart road 
Mackay, Kenneth, traveller, Kildonan, Southside road 
Mackay, Kenneth, fitter, 22 Brown street 
Mackay, Kenneth, 22 Abbotsford terrace, Greig street 
Mackay, Miss, dressmaker, 13 Innes street 
Mackay, Miss Margaret, 34 Innes street 


Mackay, Miss, 10 Innes street 

Mackay, Miss B., 28 Grant street 

Mackay, Miss E., 72 Huntly street 

Mackay, Miss, 33 Ross avenue 

Mackay, Miss, grocer, 47 Innes. street 

Mackay, Miss J., 8a Stephen's brae 

Mackay, Miss, 27 Montague row 

Mackay, Miss, Bught House hotel, Glen-Urquhart rd. 

Mackay, Miss, Gordonston, 3 Gordon terrace 

Mackay, Miss Johan, 40a Tomnahurich street 

Mackay, Miss, 29 Charles street 

Mackay, Miss, Nurse, 22 High street 

Mackay, Miss, 15 Ardconnel terrace 

Mackay, Miss, 48 Innes street 

MacKay, Mrs, 61 Argyle street 

Mackay, Mrs Ann, 16 George street 

Mackay, Mrs, 26 Queen's street 

Mackay, Mrs, Rowan cottage 47 Kenneth street 

Mackay, Mrs Simon, 20 Union road 

Mackay, Mrs, 13 Greig street 

Mackay, Mrs E. N., 46 Nelson street 

Mackay, Mrs, 3 Crown road 

Mackay, Mrs, 14 Ballifeary road 

Mackay, Mrs, 36 Muirtown street 

Mackay, Mrs, Millburn road 

Mackay, Mrs A., 20 Brown street 

Mackay, Mrs D„ boarding-house, Studleigh, 9 Auld- 

castle road 
Mackay, Mrs, Kinreay, 32 Crown drive 
Mackay, Mrs, 60 Glen-Urquhart road 
Mackay, Mrs E., 14 Mid street, Clachnaharry 
Mackay, Mrs, 2 Douglas row 
Mackay, Mrs, 6 Low street, Clachnaharry 
Mackay, Mrs, 2 Milne's buildings, Rose street 
Mackay, Mrs, grocer, 21 Denny street 
Mackay, Mrs, 36 Innes street 
Mackay, Mrs, 77 Castle street 
Mackay, Mrs, 8 Manse place 
Mackay, Mrs, 3 Telford street 
Mackay, Mrs, 32 Thornbush road 
Mackay, M., P.O. lineman, 18 Denny street 
Mackay, Matthew, left luggage attendant, L.M.S.R., 

98 Lochalsh road 
Mackay, Murdo, plasterer, 11 Meal market close, 47 

High street 
Mackay, Murdo, hairdresser, 21 Brown street 


Mackay, Peter, retired stationm'aster, 1 Argyle street 
Mackay, R., blacksmith, 22 Huntly street 
Mackay, Robert, chauffeur, 9 Queen street 
Mackay, Robert, joiner, 8 Denny street 
Mackay, Robert, Parkgate, 78 Kingsmills road 
Mackay, Robert, surfaceman, 24 Perry road 
Mackay, Rod., arover, 17 Jamaica street 
Mackay, Rod., surfaceman, 8 Young street 
Mackay, Thomas, storeman, 4 Stephen's brae 
Mackay, Thomas, butcher, 30 Duncraig street 
Mackay, Thomas, mason, 42 Charles street 
Mackay, Thomas, snipwright, 19 May court (off Alex- 
ander place) 
Mackay, W. G., manager, 51 Union road 
Mackay, W. J., storeman, 28 Bruce gardens 
Mackay, Wm„ blacksmith, 69 Haugh road 
Mackay, Wm, licensed grocer, 32 Upper Kessock st. 
Mackay, Wm., solicitor, Netherwood, 21 Drummond 

Mackay, William, L.M.S.R. police, 19 Telford road 
Mackay, William and Son., booksellers, 27 High street 
Mackay, William, labourer, 1 Craigton avenue 
Mackay, Wm., engineer, 59 Bruce gardens 
Mackay, Wm., grocer, 13 India street 
Mackay, Wm., Clachnaharry inn, 19 High street, 

Mackay, Wm., cabinetmaker, 23 South drive, Kessock 
Mackechnie Alex., F.F.S., architect and surveyor, 6 

Queensgate. ho. The Sheiling, 25 Island 

Bank road 
Mackechnie, Mrs, 34 Union road 
Mackechnie, Peter, burgh assessor, 6 Castle street 
Mackelvie, Mrs, 44a Church street 
Mackendrick, Mrs, 36 Smith avenue 
Mackenzie, Very Rev. A. A. D., provost, Cathedral, 

15 Ardross street 
Mackenzie, A., chimney sweep, 84 Church street 
Mackenzie, A., 77 South drive, Kessock 
Mackenzie, A., 4 Tap lane 

Mackenzie, A., machineman, L.M.S.R., 49 Huntly st. 
Mackenzie, A., chef, L.M.S.R., 34 Glen-Urquhart road 
Mackenzie, A., gas stoker, 99 Bruce gardens 
Mackenzie, A., grocer's assistant, 13 Abban street 
Mackenzie, A. P., motor agent, hirer, and coach 

painter. Glebe square, Glebe street 
Mackenzie, A. D., storekeeper, 13 Pumpgate street 


Mackenzie, A. J., hairdresser, 1 Bridge street and 42 

Eastgate. ho. Domeville, 14 Beaufort road 
Mackenzie, A. J., carriage inspector, 11 Upper Kessock 

Mackenzie, A. J., solicitor, Wilton lodge, 49 Old Edin- 
burgh road 
Mackenzie, A. L., sorter, P.O., 46 Harrowden road 
Mackenzie, Abel, optician, Craighill, Drummond road 
Mackenzie, Alan, 44 Church street 
Mackenzie, Alastair, car attendant, 6 Dunain road 
Mackenzie, Alex., storeman, 101 Ballifeary road 
Mackenzie, Alex., labourer, 16 Ferry road 
Mackenzie, Alex., barman, 6 Tap lane 
Mackenzie, Alex., carter, 35 Shore street 
Mackenzie, Alex. J. & Munro, solicitors and N.P., 62 

Academy street 
Mackenzie, Alex., Raresmount, 10 Attadale road 
Mackenzie, Alexander and Son, bootmakers, 28 Baron 

Taylor's st. ho. Enrick villa, 34 Planefield rd. 
Mackenzie, Alex., foreman porter, L.M.S.R., 19 Mac- 

lennan crescent 
Mackenzie, Alex., engine-driver, 60 Bruce gardens 
Mackenzie, Alex. & Co., china merchants, 44 Union st. 
Mackenzie, Alex., manager, "Northern Chronicle." 

ho. Lincoln villa, 8 Friar's place 
Mackenzie, Alex., 10 North Church place 
Mackenzie, Alex., chauffeur, 106 Bruce gardens 
Mackenzie. Alex., chauffeur, 49 Lochalsh road 
Mackenzie, Alex., manager, 5 Smith avenue 
Mackenzie, Alex., janitor, Royal Northern Infirmary. 

9 Ness walk 
Mackenzie, Alex., 20 Diriebught road 
Mackenzie, Alex., steward, 2 Attadale road 
Mackenzie, Alex. F., architect and surveyor, 34 Bridge 

street, ho. 12 Victoria terrace 
Mackenzie, Alex., labourer, Braemar cottage, 53 

Ballifeary road 
Mackenzie, Alex., burgh police, 6 Attadale road 
Mackenzie, Alex., hairdresser, 15 Maxwell drive 
Mackenzie, Alex., storekeeper, 44 Nelson street 
Mackenzie, Alex., cabinetmaker, 106 Castle street 
Mackenzie, Alfred, joiner, 13 Victoria square, Rose st. 
Mackenzie, Andrew D., slater, 15 Innes street 
Mackenzie, Andrew, labourer, 29 Telford road 
Mackenzie, Andrew, carter, 10 Lochalsh road 
Mackenzie, Andrew, lock-keeper. Ivy cottage, Canal 



Mackenzie, Angus, labourer, 25 Upper Kessock street 
Mackenzie, Angus, fishmonger, 15 Castle street 
Mackenzie, Angus. 89 Lochalsh road 
Mackenzie, Bros., butchers, 13 Young street 
Mackenzie Bros., tailors, 7 East gate 
Mackenzie, C, fruiterer, etc., 10 Chapel street 
Mackenzie, Captain, 36 Baron Taylor's street 
Mackenzie, Charles, labourer, 13 Church street 
Mackenzie, Charles, Woodside, Culduthel road 
Mackenzie, Charles, boilermaker, 4 Duncraig street 
Mackenzie, Charles, retired postmaster, 29 Midmills rd. 
Mackenzie, Charles, Munford house, 38 Denny street 
Mackenzie, Charles, stoker, R.N.. 7 Beaton's lane 

Friar's street 
Mackenzie, Colin L., tailor, 27 Tomnahurich street 
Mackenzie, Colin, cleansing department, 4 Stephen st. 
Mackenzie, Colin, marine fireman, 96 Kessock avenue 
Mackenzie, Colin, slater, 25 Telford street 
Mackenzie, D., carter, 29 North drive, Kessock 
Mackenzie, D., Ben Dearg, 70 Ballifeary road 
Mackenzie, D., gardener, 46 Kingsmills road 
Mackenzie, D., cycle agent, 56-60 Eastgate 
Mackenzie, D., tea traveller, 55 Dunain road 
Mackenzie, D., 11 Castle street 

Mackenzie, D., cleansing department, 4 Duncraig street 
Mackenzie, D., 20 Gladstone place, Harrowden road 
Mackenzie, Daniel, fitter, 7 Tulloch's buildings, Ara- 

connel terrace 
Mackenzie, David, chauffeur, 20 Greig street 
Mackenzie, David, labourer, 17 Ferry road 
Mackenzie, David, tinsmith, 24 Upper Kessock street 
Mackenzie, David, Craiglyn, 3 Bellfield terrace, Bell- 
field park 
Mackenzie, Don., tailor, 46 Kingsmills road 
Mackenzie, Donald, 'bus driver, 44 South drive, Kessock 
Mackenzie, Donald, signal installer, 4 Telford gardens 
Mackenzie, Donald, taxi driver, 4 Crown avenue 
Mackenzie, Donald, burgh constable, Palm villa, 11 

Midmills road 
Mackenzie. Donald, waggon-builder, 8 King street 
Mackenzie, Donald, traveller, Earnscliffe, 11 Southside 

Mackenzie, Donald A., carpenter, 18 Stephen's brae 
Mackenzie, Donald, boxmaker, 5 Haugh road 
Mackenzie, Donald, coalman, 22 Innes street 
Mackenzie, Donald, slater, 60 Tomnahurich street 


Mackenzie, Donald, fireman, L.M.S.R., 13 Upper Kes- 

sock street 
Mackenzie, Donald, woodcutter, 111 South dr., Kessock 
Mackenzie, Dr G. D., M.B., Ch.B., 1 Ardross Street 
Mackenzie, Duncan A., Dunardarigh, 14 Crown drive 
Mackenzie, Duncan M., teacfier, 70 Doch'lour drive 
Mackenzie, Duncan, labourer, 76 King street 
Mackenzie, Duncan, labourer, 50 South drive. Kessock 
Mackenzie, Duncan, moulder, 58 Tomnahurich street 
Mackenzie, Duncan, outfitter, 76 Lochalsh road 
Mackenzie, E., labourer, 78 South drive, Kessock 
Mackenzie, Evan, deputy chief constable, Kiltearn, 18 

Lovat road 
Mackenzie, Evan, engine-driver, 1 Seabank road 
Mackenzie, P., caretaker, 4 Hamilton street 
Mackenzie, F. and J., butchers, 40 Grant street 
Mackenzie, Finiay, Infirmary attendant, 18 King st. 
Mackenzie, Frank, butcher, 51 Lochalsh road 
Mackenzie, Fred., confectioner, 37 Argyle street 
Mackenzie, Fred, fitter, 6 Rosebery place, Haugh road 
Mackenzie and Fraser, carpenters and undertakers, 

Dempster gardens 
Mackenzie, George, confectioner, 72 and 74 Lochalsh 

Mackenzie, George, upholsterer, 18 King street 
Mackenzie, George, editor, "Northern Chronicle," The 

Sutors, 28 Broadstone park 
Mackenzie, George, tailor, 13 Kenneth street 
Mackenzie, George, 34 Hill street 
Mackenzie, Harry, clothier, Erradale, 2 Ladies' walk 
Mackenzie, Hector, asylum attendant, 62 Innes street 
Mackenzie, Hector, dining car, L.M.S.R., 3 Milne's 

buildings. Rose street 
Mackenzie, Hector, engine cleaner, 54 Shore street 
Mackenzie, Hector, watchman, 21 Innes street 
Mackenzie, Hector, waggon-builder, 70a Eastgate 
Mackenzie, Henry, electrician, L.M.S.R., 11 May court 

(off Alexander place) 
Mackenzie, Hugh (Provost) , Lethington, 7 Annfield rd. 
Mackenzie, Hugh, gardener, 5 May court (off Alex- 
ander place) 
Mackenzie, Hugh & Co., millers, 100 Kingsmills road 

ho. 24 Charles st. 
Mackenzie, Hugh, lorryman, 46 Grant street 
Mackenzie, Hugh and Son, boot and shoe warehouse 

52 and 54 Baron Taylor's street 


Mackenzie, Hugh, tailor, Holm mills, Dores road 
Mackenzie, I., sewing machine agent, 5 Queensgate 
arcade, ho. Broadstone house, 44 Broadstone 
Mackenzie, J., 35 Innes street 
Mackenzie, J., plumber, 5 MacEwen drive 
Mackenzie, J., fruiterer, 37 Muirtown street 
Mackenzie, J., motor insurance, Bught cottages (off 

Glen-Urquhart road) 
Mackenzie, J., bootmaker, 57 Haugh road 
Mackenzie, J., shoemaker, 5 Maryann court (off 

■Ardross place) 
Mackenzie, J. W., surfaceman, 48 Telford gardens 
Mackenzie, James, engineer, 68 Innes street 
Mackenzie, James M., fishmonger, 25 Telford street 
Mackenzie, James D., cashier, 8 Smith avenue 
Mackenzie, James, milkman, 24 Innes street 
Mackenzie, James, carpenter, 13 Tomnahurich street 
Mackenzie, James, flesher, 63 Shore street 
Mackenzie, James, painter, 21 Haugh road 
Mackenzie, James, manager, Hamilton & Co., Ltd., 

Craiganna, 41 Harrowden road 
Mackenzie, James, upholsterer, 23 Abban street 
Mackenzie, James, boot repairer, 4a Innes street 
Mackenzie, James, window cleaner, 33 North drive, 

Mackenzie, James, painter, 66 Shore street 
Mackenzie, James, L.M.S.R., Kensaleyre, 47 Argyle st. 
Mackenzie, James, Linnhe cottage, 5 Burn road Drum- 

Mackenzie, John, 11 Maclennan crescent 
Mackenzie, John R., general superintendent, N.C. In- 
stitute for the Blind, 36 Ardconnel street 
Mackenzie, John, barman, 7 Simpson's lane, Grant s\,. 
Mackenzie, John, caretaker, 17 Margaret street 
Mackenzie, John, L.M.S.R., 15 Young street 
Mackenzie, John W. and Co., boot and shoemakers, 
7-9 Church street, ho. Dunardarigh, Crown 
Mackenzie, John, chimney cleaner, 41 Castle street. 

ho. 44 Union road 
Mackenzie, John, barber, 40 King street 
Mackenzie, John, fitter, 17 Rose street 
Mackenzie, John, Raybank, 26 Lovat road 
Mackenzie, John, fireman, 44a Nelson street 
Mackenzie, John, Rocklands, 42 Ross avenue 


Mackenzie, John & Co., grain merchants, 42 Academy 

street and. Glebe street 
Mackenzie, John, 10 Mid street, Clachnaharry 
Mackenzie, John, carpenter, 30 Harrowden road 
Mackenzie, John, road roller driver, 31 Maxwell drive 
Mackenzie, John, butcher, 41 Dunain road 
Mackenzie, John, traveller, 38 Bruce gardens 
Mackenzie, John, yardman, 67 South drive, Kessock 
Mackenzie, John, 15 Ardconnel street 
Mackenzie, John W., butcher, 19 Castle street 
Mackenzie, John, confectioner, 7 Crown street 
Mackenzie, John, shoemaker, 56 Dochfour drive 
Mackenzie, John, carter, 50 Upper Kessock street 
Mackenzie, John W., nesher, 97 Academy street 
Mackenzie, John, inspector weights and measures, 

Castie wynd. ho. 31 Old Edinburgh road 
Mackenzie, John, inspector, L.M.S.R., Miranda cot- 
tage, 42 Railway terrace 
Mackenzie, John, labourer, 40a Tomnahurich street 
Mackenzie, John, boots, 28 Huntly street 
Mackenzie, John, millworker, 6 Duncraig street 
Mackenzie, John, labourer, 61 King street 
Mackenzie, John, fitter, 5 Milne's buildings, Rose st. 
Mackenzie, John, Barbeth, 56 Culduthel road 
Mackenzie, John, retired, Elsar, Darnaway avenue 
Mackenzie, John, insurance agent, 53 Dunain road 
Mackenzie, John, mashman, Carse farm, Glenalbyn 

road (off Telford road) 
Mackenzie, Joseph, 19 Upper Kessock street 
Mackenzie, Kenneth, labourer, 35 Muirtown street 
Mackenzie, Kenneth, labourer, 37 Nelson street 
Mackenzie, Kenneth, carter, 28 Rose street 
Mackenzie, Ken., auctioneer, 8, 10, 11 Washington 

court and 15 Eastgate. ho. 13 Denny street. 
Mackenzie, Kenneth, guard, 34 Muirtown street 
Mackenzie, Kenneth, labourer, 31 Thornbush road 
Mackenzie, Kenneth, Cleansing employee, 39 Dunain 

Mackenzie, Kenneth, porter, 11 Abbotsford terrace, 

Greig street 
Mackenzie, Kenneth, traveller, 7 Maxwell drive 
Mackenzie, Kenneth, mashman, 79 Telford road 
Mackenzie, Kenneth, Customs & Excise, 2 Charles st. 
Mackenzie, Matthew, slater, 25 Telford street 
Mackenzie, Miss C, 2 Manse place 
Mackenzie, Miss Lyon, 4 Ardross street 


Mackenzie, Miss A. G., grocer, 37 Grant street 

Mackenzie, Miss A., 7 Paton street, Haugh 

Mackenzie, Miss A., 2 Hill street 

Mackenzie, Miss M., 65 South drive, Ke&sock 

MacKenzie, miss, comeccioner, 41 Castle street 

Mackenzie, Miss, health visitor, 14 Mayfield road 

Mackenzie, Miss, 1 Pretoria terrace, Wells street 

Mackenzie, Miss, 64 Himtly street 

Mackenzie, Miss J., 7 Simpson's lane, Grant street 

Mackenzie, Miss, 42a Rose street 

Mackenzie, Miss Sarah, Cliff cottage, 14 Raining 

Mackenzie, Miss Isabella, 94 Telford road 
Mackenzie, Miss, 25 Celt street 
Mackenzie, Miss, 54 Harrowden road 
Mackenzie, Miss, Craigmonie, '62 Piane'ield road 
Mackenzie, Miss B., nurse, Albyn villa, 10 Fairfield rd 
Mackenzie, Miss, 68 Tomnahurich street 
Mackenzie, Miss, 13 Tomnahurich street 
Mackenzie, Miss, 17 Ballifeary road 
Mackenzie, Miss, Kinrara, 26 Southside road 
Mackenzie, Miss, draper, 21 Greig street 
Mackenzie, Miss, Seaforth villa, 21 Midmills road 
Mackenzie, Miss, teacher, 79 Lochalsh road 
Mackenzie, Miss, 11 Fairfield lane 
Mackenzie, Miss 46 Innes street 

Mackenzie, Miss Peggie, ladies' hairdresser, 52 High st. 
Mackenzie, Miss, 66 Huntly street 
Mackenzie, Miss C, cook, 2 Muirtown street 
Mackenzie, Miss I., 27 May court (off Alexander place) 
Mackenzie, Miss, 1 Railway terrace 
Mackenzie, Miss J. A., 60 Tomnahurich street 
Mackenzie, Misses, Daisyfield, 37 Ross avenue 
Mackenzie, Misses, Naverton, 5 Drummond road 
Mackenzie, Misses, Clyne cottage, 19 India street 
Mackenzie, Mrs A., grocer, 15 Millburn road 
Mackenzie, Mrs Alan, 44 Church street 
Mackenzie, Mrs, Eildon, 29 Old Edinburgh road 
Mackenzie, Mrs Rose, Ivanhoe, 68 Lochalsh road 
Mackenzie, Mrs George, Hazeldean, 8 Ballifeary road 
Mackenzie, Mrs, 25 Abban street 
Mackenzie, Mrs, 4 Tap lane 

Mackenzie, Mrs John, ^Lamburn, 41 Old Edinburgh rd. 
Mackenzie, Mrs, 1 Union road 
Mackenzie, Mrs, 10 Lindsay avenue 
Mackenzie, Mrs, 65 Crown street 


Mackenzie, Mrs, 7 Haugh road 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 103 Castle street 

Mackenzie, Mrs, Holm mills, Dores road 

Mackenzie, Mrs, nurse, 16 Bruce gardens 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 50 Maxwell drive 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 6 Manse place 

Mackenzie, Mrs, Kilmorack, 13 Hill street 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 19 New buildings, Railway terrace 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 53 Maclennan crescent 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 3 Stephen street 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 7 Union road 

Mackenzie, Mrs, nurse, 3 Union road 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 12 Hill street 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 30 King street 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 7 King street 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 10 Wells street 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 8 Hilton village, Old Edinburgh road 

Mackenzie, Mrs Jessie, 38 South drive, Kessock 

Mackenzie, Mrs Lucy, 83 Dochfour drive 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 15 Kenneth street 

Mackenzie, Mrs, Raigmore lodge, Millburn road 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 55 Fairfield road 

Mackenzie, Mrs, Princes place, 44 Huntly street 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 1 Brown street 

Mackenzie, Mrs D., Macgregor's buildings, Millburn rd. 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 34 Argyle street 

Mackenzie, Mrs, Hillside cottage, 24 Ballifeary lane 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 26 Denny street 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 50 Kingsmills road 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 105 Lochalsh road 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 23 Maxwell drive 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 24 Abbotsford terrace, Greig street 

Mackenzie, Mrs, Cciltry villa, 10 Reay street 

Mackenzie, Mrs, Novar cottage, 16 Midmills road 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 11 Ardconnel street 

Mackenzie, Mrs, Crown Private Hotel, 19 Ardconnel st. 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 21 Grant street 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 10 Park road 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 8a Stephen's brae 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 35 Charles street 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 3 Ness terrace, Haugh road 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 3 Friar's lane 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 31 Wells street 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 19 Queen street 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 61 King street 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 119 South drive, Kessock 


Mackenzie, Mrs J., 71 Castle street 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 33 Celt street 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 148 Lochalsh road 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 17 Gordonville road, Haugh 

Mackenzie, Mrs, Lilybank, 4 Attadale road 

Mackenzie, Mrs J., 4 Crown avenue 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 'Thistle cottage, 72 Baliifeary road 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 27 King street 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 52 Huntly street 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 111 Academy street 

Mackenzie, Mrs J., 63 Bruce gardens 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 15 Bridge street 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 19 Jamaica street 

Mackenzie, Mrs E., 25 Maclennan crescent 

Mackenzie, Mrs Netta, 12 Lindsay avenue 

Mackenzie, Mrs, Ord Muir, 48 Telford street 

Mackenzie, Mrs E., 53 King street 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 7 Abbotsford terrace, Greig street 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 12 Planefield road 

Mackenzie, Mrs A., 3 Friar's street 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 32 Hilton village, Old Edinburgh road 

Mackenzie, Mrs, Dho cottage, Holm mills, Dores road 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 16 Lovat road 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 29 Rose street 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 30 Waterloo place 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 2 Telford street 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 1 Tulloch's buildings, Ardconnel 

Mackenzie, Mrs, 18 Argyle street 
Mackenzie, Mrs, 73 Argyle street 
Mackenzie, M., architect, 107 Baliifeary road 
Mackenzie, Malcolm, caretaker, 11 Kenneth street 
Mackenzie, Murdo, shoemaker, 6 Muirtown street, ho. 

2 Abban street 
Mackenzie, Murdo, roadman, 4 Gladstone place, 

Harrowden road 
Mackenzie, Murdo, motor mechanic, 51 Innes street 
Mackenzie, Murdo, labourer, 6 Diriebught road 
Mackenzie. Murdo, Caberfeidh, 6 Auldcastle road 
Mackenzie, Murdo, 71 Castle street 
Mackenzie, Murdo, 4 Tap lane 
Mackenzie, Murdo, carpenter, 46 Telford road 
Mackenzie & Murray, carpenters, 15 Friar's street 
Mackenzie. Norris, carpenter, 28 Baliifeary lane 
Mackenzie, Nurse D., 58 Glen-Urquhart road 



Mackenzie & Pennington, electrical engineers, 16 

Young street 
Mackenzie, Peter, labourer, 4 Kessock Avenue 
Mackenzie, Peter, painter, 2 May terrace, Alexander pi. 
Mackenzie, Peter, painter, 43 South, drive, Kessock 
Mackenzie, Peter, tailor, 3 May terrace, Alexander pi. 
Mackenzie, R., stableman, 19 Snore street 
Mackenzie, R., cabinetmaker, 4 Lindsay avenue 
Mackenzie, R. J., motor driver, 33 Shore street 
Mackenzie, R. T., cierK, so Telford roaa 
Mackenzie, R. W., 41 Crown street 
Mackenzie, Rev. Father, St Mary's R.C. Chapel House, 

30 Huntly street 
Mackenzie, Richard, machineman, 7 Park road 
Mackenzie, Robert, painter, 55 Shore street 
Mackenzie, Robert, fitter, 11 Young street 
Mackenzie, Robert, barman. 2d Lochaish road 
Mackenzie, Robert, 6 Huntly street 
Mackenzie, Robert, butcher, 11 Millburn road 
Mackenzie, Rod., fitter, 33 Shore street 
Mackenzie, Rod., linotype operator, 5 Duncraig street 
Mackenzie, Rod., 15 Duff street 
Mackenzie, Rod., guard, 55a Innes street 
Mackenzie, Rod., garageman, 21 Bruce gardens 
Mackenzie, Roderick, 59 Castle street 
Mackenzie, Rod., motor mechanic, 35 Maxwell drive 
Mackenzie, Roderick, 37 Innes street 
Mackenzie, Ronald, jeweller, 85 Bruce gardens 
Mackenzie, Ronald, labourer, 44a Nelson street 
Mackenzie, Ronald, carpenter, 35 Madras street 
Mackenzie, Simon, checker, L.M.S.R., 21 Thornbush 

Mackenzie, Simon & Co., motor engineers, 2 Glebe 

square, Glebe street 
Mackenzie, Dr T. C, Druim, Drummond (upper) 
Mackenzie, Theodore, fireman, 2 Madras street 
Mackenzie, Thomas & Co., chemists, 1 High street. 

ho. Waldaira, 100 Fairfield road 
Mackenzie, Thomas and Son, opticians, 7 High street 
Mackenzie, Thomas, tuber, L.M.S.R., 29 Bank street 
Mackenzie, Thomas D., tailor, 18 Dochfour drive 
Mackenzie, W., blacksmith, 7 Friar's place, ho. 102 

Fairfield road 
Mackenzie, W. A., mechanic, 63a Innes street 
Mackenzie, W. J., labourer, 17 Rose street 
Mackenzie, W. J., 21 Abbotsford terrace, Greig street 


Mackenzie, W. J., stoker, 29 Thornbush* road 
Mackenzie, William, clothier, 11a Bridge street 
Mackenzie, William, lamplighter, 2 Macdonald street, 

Mackenzie, William, 22 Argyle street 
Mackenzie, William J., labourer, 71 Maclennan 

Mackenzie, William, engineer, 35 Telford road 
Mackenzie, William, motor engineer, 2 Island Bank rd. 
Mackenzie, William and Sons, carpenters and under- 
takers, 8, 10 Gordonville rd., and la Haugh rd. 
Mackenzie, William, secretary, 32 Telford street 
Mackenzie, William, labourer, 26 Bruce gardens 
Mackenzie, William, 11 Beaton's lane, Friar's street 
Mackenzie, Wm, engineer, L.M.S.R., 17 Bellfield park 
Mackenzie, Wm., jun., 3 Haugh road 
Mackenzie, Wm., gardener, 58 Tomnahurich street 
Mackenzie, Wm., coachman, 53a Eastgate 
Mackenzie, Wm., motor driver, 16 Ardconnel street 
Mackenzie, Wm., gardener, Muirtown 
Mackenzie, Wm., painter, 105 South drive, Kessock 
Mackenzie, Wm., engineer, P.O., 53 Charles street 
Mackenzie, Wm., coal merchant, Drummond circus 
Mackenzie, Wm., cabinetmaker, 17 India street 
Mackenzie, Wm., shoemaker (Clach), 15 Lochalsh road 
Mackeracher, James, yardsman, 78 MacEwen drive 
MacKillop, J. W., county clerk, County buildings, 

Ardross street, ho. Letham lodge, 53 Old 

Edinburgh road 
Mackillop, Malcolm, P.O. Engineering Dept., 18 Har- 

rowden road 
Mackinlay, D., vanman, 36 Shore street 
Mackinlay, Mrs, confectioner, 18 Bridge street. ho. 

Delny, 34 Rangemore road 
Mackinlays and Birnie, Ltd., Glen-Mhor and Glen- 

albyn Distilleries, 80 Telford street 
Mackinnon, A., boilermaker, 12 Perry road 
Mackinnon, O, 10 Broadstone park 
Mackinnon; Donald, car ■ driver, 14 South drive, 

r&Tackmnon, John, retired, 18 Charles street 
Mackinnon, John, shoemaker, 4 Duncraig street 
Mackinnon, John, brakesman, 5 Victoria sq., Rose st. 
Mackinnon, Miss, 8 King street 
Mackinnon, Miss, 2 Pretoria terrace, Wells street 


Mackinnon, Misses, Ben View temperance hotel, 101 

Church street 
Mackinnon, Mrs, 3 Milne's buildings, Rose street 
Mackinnon, Mrs, 38 Wells street 
Mackinnon, Mrs, 56 Fairfield road 
Mackinnon, Peter, motor mechanic, 5 Kessock avenue 
Macintosh, J. G., traveller, Thule, 4 Abertarff road 
Mcintosh, Murdoch, sheriff-clerk and auditor of court, 

8 Lovat road 
Mackintosh, A., 20 Denny street 
Mackintosh, A., Cleansing department, 80 South drive, 

Mackintosh, Alex., car driver, 2 Pretoria terrace, 

Wells street 
Mackintosh, Alex., retired, 1 Hill place 
Mackintosh, Alex., sawyer, 54 Shore street 
Mackintosh, Alex., carpenter, Summerville, 7 Argyle st 
Mackintosh, Alex., gardener, Lilybank cottage, 110 

Culduthel road 
Mackintosh, Alex., 8 Burn road, Drummond 
Mackintosh, Alex., storeman, 114 Lochalsh road 
Mackintosh, Allan, fireman, 17 Brown street 
Mackintosh, Andrew, 37 Haugh road 
Mackintosh, Angus, moulder, 12 George street 
Mackintosh, Angus, traveller, 7 Bruce gardens 
Mackintosh, Archibald, stableman, 12 Maclennan 

Mackintosh, Arthur J., painter, 44 Upper Kessock st. 
Mackintosh, Athole G.. solicitor, 5 Midmills road 
Mackintosh, Charles, Gordonville Dairy, 8 Abban st. 
Mackintosh, Charles. 70 South drive, Kessock 
Mackintosh, Charles, baker, 90 Telford street 
Mackintosh and Co., Ltd., aerated water manufac- 
turers, 14 Abban street 
Mackintosh & Co., wine merchants, 28, 32 Bridge st. 
Mackintosh, Colin, fruiterer, 47, 49, and 53 Castle st. 

ho. Crown cottage, 4 Crown circus 
Mackintosh, Colonel, 5 Ardross street 
Mackintosh, D., compositor, 104 Church street 
Mackintosh, D., ladies' and gent.'s tailor and kilt- 
maker, 3 Union street 
Mackintosh, D. H., Drumalin, Drummond road 
Mackintosh. David, grocer, 40 Innes street 
Mackintosh, David, labourer, 23 Kessock avenue 
Mackintosh, Donald, tailor, 23 Douglas row 
Mackintosh, Donald, Strathdawn, 12 Dochfour drivt 


Mackintosh, Duncan, engineer, 52 Huntly street 
Mackintosh, Duncan, railway guard, 51 Telford street 
Mackintosh, Duncan, butcher, 14 Douglas row 
Mackintosh, Duncan, manager, 6 Fraser street, Haugh 
Mackintosh Estates office, 17 Queensgate 
Mackintosh, F., fireman, 8 Young street 
Mackintosh, George, traveller, Monkswood, 1 Leys 

drive, Southside place 
Mackintosh, George, barman, 19 Denny street 
Mackintosh, George, barman, 30 Friar's street 
Mackintosh, Grigor, insurance agent, 49 Lindsay av. 
Mackintosh, H., warder, Mitchell's lane (off Porter- 
field bank) 
Mackintosh, Hugh, blacksmith, 30 Telford gardens 
Mackintosh, Hugh, ship carpenter, 3 High street, 

Mackintosh, Hugh, machineman, 27 King street 
Mackintosh, Hugh, shepherd, 24 Fairfield lane 
Mackintosh, J., 37 Muirfield road 
Mackintosh James, retired gamekeeper, Holm mills, 

Dores road 
Mackintosh, James, fitter, 6 Lochalsh road 
Mackintosh, James, painter, 57 Shore street 
Mackintosh, James, engine driver, 4 Mav court (ofl 

Tomnahurich street) 
Mackintosh, James, cleansing department, 36 West 

drive, Kessock 
Mackintosh, John, sculptor, 11 Mid street Clachna- 
Mackintosh, John, guard, 16 Dunain road 
Mackintosh, John, labourer, 15 Madras street 
Mackintosh, John, county sanitary inspector, County 
buildings, Ardross street, ho. 2 Victoria terrace 
Mackintosh, John, plumber, 111 and 113 Castle street 

ho. 9 Duncraig street 
Mackintosh, John, storeman, 23 Innes street 
Mackintosh, John, 15 Castle street 
Mackintosh, John Kyle, Barnhill, 5 Gordon terrace 
Mackintosh, J. G., traveller, Thule. 4 Abertarff road 
Mackintosh, J. M., guard, 11 Dunain road 
Mackintosh. K. J., cycle and motor agent, 51 and 54b 
Eastgate. ho. 20 Leys drive, Southside place 
Mackintosh, Kenneth, fitter, 122 South drive, Kessock 
Mackintosh, Kenneth, tailor, 9 Anderson square (off 
Anderson street) 


Mackintosh, Miss, 69 Old Edinburgh road 

Mackintosh, Miss, 18 Glebe street 

Mackintosh, Miss, Oaktree cottage, 14 Burn road, 

Mackintosh, Miss, 90 MacEwen drive 
Mackintosh, Miss, Inchmay, 24 Island Bank road 
Mackintosh, Miss, 16 Shore street 
Mackintosh, Miss, 16 Douglas row 
Mackintosh, Miss B., 61 Shore street 
Mackintosh, Miss Helen, Marjory house, 40 Crown st. 
Mackintosh, Miss, 73 Kenneth street 
Mackintosh, Miss, 9 Muirfteld road 
Mackintosh, Miss Fanny, 33 Argyle street 
Mackintosh, Miss, 66 Haugh road 
Mackintosh, Miss, 1 Milne's buildings, Rose street 
Mackintosh, Miss, 21 Ross avenua 
Mackintosh, Miss, Clifton lodge, 16 Culduthel road 
Mackintosh, Miss, Burnbank, 76 Culduthel road 
Mackintosh, Miss, 51 Hill street 
Mackintosh, Miss, Glenholme, 25 Crown drive 
Mackintosh, Miss, St Margaret's Nursing Home, 35 

Southside road 
Mackintosh, Mrs, Fassifern, 8 Crown drive 
Mackintosh, Mrs, 13 Ardconnel terrace 
Mackintosh, Mrs, 8 India street 
Mackintosh, Mrs, 61 Shore street 
Mackintosh, Mrs E., Inverbruach, 11 Fairfield road 
Mackintosh, Mrs, Lochmaree cottage, 14 Southside rd. 
Mackintosh. Mrs, 56 Ballifeary road 
Mackintosh, Mrs, Marlee, 41 Montague row 
Mackintosh, Mrs, 39 Church street 
Mackintosh, Mrs, 49 Dochfour drive 
Mackintosh, Mrs, 19 Thornbush road 
Mackintosh, Mrs, 45 Church street 
Mackintosh. Mrs, 14 Raining's stairs 
Mackintosh, Mrs, 22 Shore street 
Mackintosh, Mrs, Maskee, 11 Bellfieldi park 
Mackintosh, Mrs, 2 Noble's close, King street 
Mackintosh, Mrs, 5 Milne's buildings, Rose street 
Mackintosh, Mrs, Norwood villa. 48 Midmills road 
Mackintosh, Mrs, 15 Innes street 
Mackintosh, Mrs. 17 Wells street 
Mackintosh, Mrs. 5 Beaton's lane. Friar's street 
Mackintosh, Mrs. 11 Brown street 
Mackintosh, Mrs, 1 Rosebery place, Haugh 
Mackintosh, Mrs Margaret, 72 MacEwen drive 


Mackintosh, Mrs, 76 Huntly street 
Mackintosh, Mrs, 21 Fairfield lane 
Mackintosh, Neil D., of Raigmore, Millburn 
Mackintosh, Peter G., Purdovan cottage, 9 Fairfield rd. 
Mackintosh, Peter, L.M.S.R., 26 North drive, Kessock 
Mackintosh, Peter A., M.A., solicitor, Muiryshade, 33 

Old Edinburgh road 
Mackintosh, R. & Co.. bakers, 5 Tomnahurich street. 

Bakery — 4 May court (off Tomnahurich st.) 
Mackintosh, Roderick, pensioner, 1 Tulloch's build- 
ings, Ardconnel terrace 
Mackintosh, T., P.O. engineer, 41 Celt street 
Mackintosh, Thomas, clerk. L.M.S.R., 97 Ballifeary rd. 
Mackintosh, Wm, joiner, 29 Tomnahurich street 
Mackintosh, Wm., 14 Harrowden road 
Mackintosh, Wm., traveller, 4.1 MacEwen drive 
Mackintosh, Wm., butcher, 58 Shore street 
Mackintosh, Wm. H., motor mechanic, 37 Wells st. 
Mackintosh, Wm., tableman, 32 Charles street 
Mackintosh, William, labourer, Ferry bank, Clachna- 

Mackintosh, Wm., 12 Union road 
Mackintosh, Wm., carter, 21 Gilbert street 
Mackintosh, Wm.. plumber, 7 Telford road 
Mackintosh, Wm., fitter, Inver Villa, 25 Lochalsh rd. 
Mackissick, Joseph, coal merchant, 19 Queen street 
Maclagan, R., cashier, Ellerslie, 47 Midmills road 
Maclamont, Mrs, 6 Deveron street 
Maclaren, A., signalman, 53 Muirtown street 
Maclaren, Alex. O., Star Photo Co. 22 High street 
Maclaren, Angus, Roskhill, 16 Bellfield park 
Maclaren, Leslie, White lodge, 15 Bishoo's road 
Maclaren, Thomas, bookseller, 3 Lombard street 
Maclaren, Thomas, joiner, 20 Douglas row 
Maclaren, Thomas, carpenter, 57 Haugh road 
Maclaren, Wm. A., carpenter, 91 Dochfour drive 
Maclachlan, Alex., hewer. 88 Telford road 
Maclachlan, David, 4 Rosebery place, Haugh road 
Maclaughlan, Miss, 46 Kingmills road 
Maclauchlan, Mrs, 30 Brown street 
Maclean, A., clerk, 3 Holm avenue, Dores road 
Maclean, Alex., labourer, 60 Upper Kessock street 
Maclean, A., 18 Gladstone place, Harrowden road 
Maclean, Alex., police constable, 16 Dochfour drive 
Maclean, Alex., boots, 75 South drive, Kessock 


Maclean, Alex., confectioner, 86 Dochfour drive 
Maclean, Alex., builder, Roselea, 10 Bellfield park 
Maclean, Alex., gardener, 7 Canal bank, Clachnaharry 
Maclean, Alex., telegraph lineman, 40 Hill street 
Maclean, Alex., taxidermist, 20 Bruce gardens 
Maclean, Alex. J., cashier, Ardlair, 54 Fairfield road 
Maclean, Allan, motor driver, 46 Tomnahurich street 
Maclean, Angus, 41 Chapel street- 
Maclean, Charles, porter, 13 Low. street, Clachnaharry 
Maclean, The Most Rev. Arthur John, Bishop of 
Moray, Ross, and Caithness, Primus of the 
Episcopal Church of Scotland, Eden court 
Maclean, D., plasterer, 20 Shore street 
Maclean, D., grocer, 75 Lochalsh road. ho. 46 Telford 

Maclean, D., plumber, 2b Glen-Urquhart road 
Maclean, D. F., 4 View place 

Maclean, D. F., plasterer contractor, 48 Rose street 
Maclean, David, plumber, 25 Huntly street. ho. 29 

Attadale road 
Maclean, Donald, grocer, 62 Glen-Urquhart road 
Maclean, Donald A., building contractor, Kilchurn, 

Drummond road 
Maclean, Duncan, storeman, 34 Madras street 
Maclean, Finlay, labourer, 18 Anderson square (off 

Anderson street) 
Maclean, G. C, electrical engineer and manager 

Corporation electricity, 1 Waterloo place 
Maclean, George, motor driver, 12 Celt street 
Maclean, George, labourer, 33 Lower Kessock street 
Maclean, H., labourer, 6 Macdonald street, Haugh 
Maclean, H. K, shipwright, 2 Telford road 
Maclean, Hugh, 3 MacEwen drive 
Maclean, J. R., retired, Braehead, Merlewood road 
Maclean, James, gas stoker, 3 Stephen street 
Maclean, James, labourer, 103 South drive, Kessock 
Maclean, John, caretaker, British Legion Club, Huntly 

Maclean, John, ex-Inspector, Burgh Constabulary, 41 

Charles street 
Maclean, John, fitter, 30 Tomnahurich street 
Maclean, John, 23 Chapel street 
Maclean, John, chauffeur, 45 Church street 
Maclean, John Kennedy, labourer, 43 Ross avenue 
Maclean, John, master mariner. 47 Fairfield road 
Maclean, John, vanman, 9 West drive, Kessock 


Maclean, Joseph, labourer, 33 Glen-Urquhart road 
Maclean, Kenneth, carpenter, 6 Canal bank, Clachna- 

Maclean, Kenneth, lineman, P.O., 36 Lower Kessock 

Maclean, Lauchlan, motor engineer, Duart, 15 Crown 

Maclean, L., and Son. building contractors, 33 Crown 

drive, yard, 29 Lovat road 
Maclean, Miss, 9 Attadale road 
Maclean. Miss, 7 Abban street 
Maclean, Miss Netta, milliner, 47 Church street 
Maclean, Miss L., 84 Lochalsh road 
Maclean, Miss, 25 Wells street 
Maclean, Miss, 41 Charles street 
Maclean, Miss, 7 Perceval road 
Maclean, Miss, Dalvourn villa, 14 Cawdor road 
Maclean, Miss G. C, 70 Dunain road 
Maclean, Miss Annie, ladies outfitter, 3 Church street 
Maclean, Miss, Inver cottage, 72 Kenneth street 
Maclean, Miss, Willowbank Nursing Home, 11 Island 

bank road 
Maclean, Miss B., matron, Rossal Nursing Home, 31 

Island bank road 
Maclean, Miss, 1 Wells street 

Maclean, Miss M. A., Balmoral restaurant, 19 Queens- 
Maclean, Mrs, 84 Church street 
Maclean, Mrs, 8 May court (off Alexander place) 
Maclean, Mrs, 51 Dunain road 
Maclean, Mrs, 36 Telford street 
Maclean, Mrs, 106 Kenneth street 
Maclean. Mrs R., 40 Upper Kessock street 
Maclean, Mrs, 3 Greig street 
Maclean, Mrs, 92 Academy street 
Maclean, Mrs, 3 Milne's buildings, Rose street 
Maclean, Mrs, 51a Telford road 
Maclean, Mrs, 13 Muirtown street 
Maclean, Mrs, 71 Castle street 
Maclean, Mrs. 29 Wells street 
Maclean, Mrs, Oak villa, 48 Harrowden road 
Maclean, Mrs, 25 Argyle street 
Maclean, Mrs. 83 King street 
Maclean, Mrs E., grocer, 19 Grant street 
Maclean, Murdo, painter, 11 Hill street 
Maclean, Robert, 21 Nelson street 


Maclean, Robert, law clerk, 10 Kingsmills road 
Maclean, Rod., fish dealer, 28 George street 
Maclean, Rod., mason, 1 Huntly ter., Huntly street 
Maclean, Rod., bar manager, 20 Thornbush cottage, 

Capel Inch 
Maclean, Roderick and Co., C.A.'s, 1 Lombard street. 
Maclean, Simon, sugar boiler, 10 Paton street 
Maclean, Thomas, carriage builder, 25 Wells street 
Maclean, Wm, milkman, 4 Menzies buildings, Mac- 

donald street, Haugh 
Maclean, W., coppersmith, 12 Queen street 
Macleay, J., joiner, 14 Crown street 
Macleay, James, coach-builder, 65 King street 
Macleay, Miss, 5 Huntly street 
Macleay, Mrs M., 21 South drive, Kessock 
Macleay, Mrs, 24 Maxwell drive 
Macleay, W. A. & Son, taxidermists, etc., 43 Church st., 

22-23 Bank street 
Macleay, W. A. (of W. A. Macleay and Son), Rose- 
hall, Fairfield road 
Maclellan, Hugh, labourer, 13 Friar's street 
Maclellan, Mrs, Hill house, 7 Culduthel road 
Maclellan. Mrs, Glebe cottage, 1 Glebe square, Glebe 

Macleman, Geo., joiner, 16 India street 
Macleman, John, goods checker, 21 India street 
Macleman, James, porter, L.M.S.R., 13 Greig street 
Maclennan, Alex., clerk, P.O., 29 Dochfour drive 
Maclennan, Alex., labourer, 57 Shore street 
Maclennan, Alex, and Son, butchers, 2 and 4 New 

Maclennan, Alex., carpenter, 16 Crown street 
Maclennan, Alex., 28 Muirtown street 
Maclennan, A. T., C.A., York house, 20 Church street. 

ho. 50 Harrowden road 
Maclennan, Andrew, mason, 100 South drive, Kessock 
Maclennan, Bert., chauffeur, 3 Glendale pi., Shore st. 
Maclennan, Charles, plumber, 45 Innes street 
Maclennan, Colin, 20 Hilton village Old Edinburgh rd. 
Maclennan, D. G., guard, L.M.S.R., 7 Richmond ter- 
race, Harrowden road 
Maclennan, Donald, Brookvale, Drummond road 
Maclennan, Donald, carpenter, 5 Friar's lane 
Maclennan, Donald, postman, 27 Lower Kessock street 
Maclennan, Donald, retired, 45 Telford road 
Maclennan, Donald J., joiner, 65 Dochfour drive 


Maclennan, Duncan, mason, 19 Telford street 
Maclennan, Duncan, Rosehaugh, 59 Kenneth street 
Maclennan, Duncan, mason, 16 King street 
Maclennan, George, plasterer, 4 Mid street, Clachna- 

Maclennan, George, yard foreman, St Margaret's 

cottage, 18 High street, Clachnaharry 
Maclennan, J., painter, Drummond circus 
Maclennan, Jas., apartments, Alturlie, 16 Harrowden 

Maclennan, John, clerk, 27 Ross avenue 
Maclennan, John, wireless and accessory engineer, 6 

Maclennan, John, carter, 19 Upper Kessock street 
Maclennan, John, tailor, Tullich cottage, 5 Ardross pi 
Maclennan, John, labourer, 12 Dunain road 
Maclennan, John, joiner, 1 High street, Clachnaharry 
Maclennan, John, hotel porter, 13 Duff street 
Maclennan, John, labourer, 30 Upper Kessock street 
Maclennan, John, labourer, 21 Gilbert street 
Maclennan, John, sawmiller, Canal bank, Clachna- 
Maclennan, John, sawmiller, 34 George street 
Maclennan, John, carnage cleaner, 85 South drive, 

Maclennan, John, supt., the Slaughter house, Citadel 
Maclennan, Kenneth, 33 Friar's street 
Maclennan, Kenneth, coachpainter, 97 Lochalsh road 
Maclennan, Kenneth, tailor. 4 Stephen street 
Maclennan, Lewis, painter, 4 Alexandra buildings, 

Queen street 
Maclennan, Miss, Ashland cottage, 73 Kenneth street 
Maclennan, Miss, 11 Porterfleld road 
Maclennan, Miss, Carrol, 29 Island Bank road 
Maclennan, Miss, 84 South drive, Kessock 
Maclennan, Miss, 4 Stephen street 
Maclennan, Miss, Carron, 19 Southside road 
Maclennan, Miss, 40 Upper Kessock street 
Maclennan, Miss, 7 Glebe street 
Maclennan, Misses, 35 Harrowden road 
Maclennan, Misses, Hawthorne cottage, 27 Midmills rd. 
Maclennan, Mrs, 5 Maryann Court (off Ardross place) 
Maclennan, Mrs, 6 Maryann court (off Ardross place) 
Maclennan, Mrs, 45 Tomnahurich street 
Maclennan, Mrs, 16 Hilton village 


Maclennan, Mrs, 100 Bruce gardens 

Maclennan, Mrs E., 10 Innes street 

Maclennan, Mrs, Struy house, 109 Ballifeary road 

Maclennan, Mrs, 48 Crown street 

Maclennan, Mrs, 112 Church street 

Maclennan, Mrs, Cairnboag, 10 Rangemore road 

Maclennan, Mrs, Balcairn, 27 Bellfield park 

Maclennan, Mrs, New Market bar, Church street, ho. 

Glenariff, 33 Montague row 
Maclennan. Mrs, 100 Kenneth street 
Maclennan, Mrs W., 101 South drive, Kessock 
Maclennan, Mrs, 31 Celt street 
Maclennan, Mrs 58 Crown street 
Maclennan, Mrs, 65 Lochalsh road 
Maclennan, Mrs, 5 Upper Kessock street 
Maclennan, Murdo, plumber, 6 Crown avenue. ho. 

Canal bank, Clachnaharry 
Maclennan, Murdo, fireman^ L.M.S.R., 2 Fraser street 

(off Church street) 
Maclennan, Murdo, joiner, 8 Low street, Clachnaharry 
Maclennan, Nurse, Coleshill house, 47 Harrowden rd. 
Maclennan, R., carpenter, 25 Lochalsh road 
Maclennan, Rod., porter, 8 Lochalsh road 
Maclennan, Roderick, butcher, "Te-Kowai, 84 Telford 

Maclennan, Roderick, mechanic, 37 Thornbush road 
Maclennan, Thomas, butcher, 25 Dunain road 
Maclennan, T. W. (of Neil & Maclennan), The Neuk, 

Annfield road 
Maclennan, W. J., clerk, P.O., 3 Dalneigh crescent 
Maclennan, Wm, labourer, 3 Celt street 
Maclennan, William, engine fitter, 26 Attadale road 
Macleod, A., tailor, 38 High street 
Macleod, A. and Co., clothiers, 59 and 61 Academy st. 
Macleod, Alex., wholesale provision merchant, 18 

Queensgate. ho. 1 Denny street 
Macleod, Alex., chauffeur, 17 George street 
Macleod, Angus, sculptor, 43 Telford street 
Macleod, Angus, traveller, 3e Seaforth mansions, Reay 

Macleod, Angus, labourer, 3 Queen street 
Macleod, Arch., grocer, 29 Ardconnel street 
Macleod. Benjamin, carpenter, 44 innes street 
Macleod, Charles, stables and yards, 16 Fraser's close,. 

Muirtown street 


Macleod, Charles, mechanic, 3 Alexandra buildings, 

Queen street 
Macleod, Rev. Donald, B.D., minister of the First 

Charge, Broomhill, 18 Culduthel road 
Macleod, D., engine driver, 11 Greig street 
Macleod, Don., carpenter contractor, 25 Washington 

court, ho. 29 Glen-Urquhart road 
Macleod, Donald, jobbing gardener, Alexandra build- 
ings, Queen street 
Macleod, Donald, labourer, 52 Grant street 
Macleod, Dr D. J., H.M.I.S., 13 Ness walk 
Macleod, Donald, brakefitter, 37 King street 
Macleod, Donald, tobacconist, 29 Academy street 
Macleod, Donald, 12 Bishop's road 
Macleod, Donald, plumber, 4 King street 
Macleod, E,, 32 North drive, Kessock 
Macleod, George, baker, 3 Railway terrace 
Macleod, George A., private inquiry agent, 4 Lombard 

street, ho. 6 Bellfield park 
Macleod, George, joiner, 109 Lochalsh road 
Macleod, Hugh, auto, painter, 72 Telford street 
Macleod, Hugh, fitter's mate, L.M.S.R., 34 High street 
Macleod, Ian T., chemist, 8 Auldcastle road 
Macleod, Ian, grocer, 20 High street, Clachnaharry 
Macleod, Dr Ian M., M.D., 45 Church street 
Macleod, J., engine driver, 10 View place 
Macleod, J., gardener, 35 Celt street 
Macleod, J., 27 Ardconnel street 
Macleod, J., 116 Kenneth street 
Macleod, J. G., foreman, 10 Telford gardens 
Macleod, J. R., grocer, 78 Upper Kessock street 
Macleod, James, salesman, 5 Innes street 
Macleod, John, An-Crasg, 9 Leys drive 
Macleod, John, accountant, 3 Friar's place 
Macleod, John, fireman, 4 Duncraig street 
Macleod, John W., chauffeur, 7 Paton street, Haugh 
Macleod, John, carter, 43 Kessock avenue 
Macleod, Joseph, Liberal organising secretary. ho. 

Langwell, 41 Crown drive 
Macleod, Kenneth, police sergeant, 7 Denny street 
Macleod, Mackintosh, labourer, 13 Dyer's court, 

Huntly street 
Macleod, Miss, 54 Crown street 
Macleod, Miss, 110 Church street 
Macleod, Miss, ladies' and children's outfitter, 5 

Church street, ho. 8 Bishop's road 


Macleod, Miss, The Ridge, 36 Crown drive 

Macleod, Miss, 11 Wells street 

Macleod, Miss Catherine, 71 Castle street 

Macleod, Miss, 21 Tomnahurich street 

Macleod, Miss, teacher, Craigieholm, 24 Planefield road 

Macleod, Miss, teacher, 19 MacEwen drive 

Macleod, Miss, 64 Innes street 

Macleod, Miss Isabella, 27 South drive, Kessock 

Macleod, Miss Jessie, 27 Kessock avenue 

Macleod, Misses, Craigielea, 15 Perceval road 

Macleod, Mrs, 21 Grant street 

Macleod, Mrs, Alfred villa, 30 Union road 

Macleod, Mrs, Norwood, 1 Ross avenue 

Macleod, Mrs Colin, Blairinich cottage, 23 Hill street 

Macleod, Mrs, 14 Reay street 

Macleod, Mrs, Silverf jord, 5 Ness bank 

Macleod, Mrs, 1 Brown street 

Macleod, Mrs, 1 Lamont's buildings, 109 Castle street 

Macleod, Mrs, 23 Ballifeary road 

Macleod, Mrs, Ardchattan, 43 Fairfield road 

Macleod, Mrs M., 10 Glebe street 

Macleod, Mrs, 9d Seaforth mansions, Reay street 

Macleod, Mrs, 13 Beaufort road 

Macleod, Mrs, 39 Hill street 

Macleod, Mrs, 31 Ardconnel street 

Macleod, Malcolm, shunter, L.M.S.R., 29 Brown street 

Macleod, Murdo, retired, 6 Thornbush road 

Macleod, Murdo, killer, 67 Shore street 

Macleod, N., signalman, 21 High street, Clachnaharry 

Macleod, Norman, coalman, 59 South drive, Kessock 

Macleod, Norman, woollen warehouseman, Duntulm, 

Drummond road 
Macleod, Norman, 2 Anderson street 
Macleod, R. A., 42 Glen-Urquhart road 
Macleod, R., goods checker, 90 Eastgate 
Macleod, R., outfitter, 10 Drummond street. ho. 39 

Lovat road 
Maclsod, Robert J., clothier, 59 Kingsmills road 
Macleod, Robert, engine driver, L.M.S.R., 29 Rose st. 
Macleod, Robert John, barman, 52 Ballifeary road 
Macleod, S., storeman, 46 South drive, Kessock 
Macleod, Wm, motor engineer, Glenelg, Canal side, 

Macleod, William, platelayer, 24 Union street 


Macleod, William, stationmaster, L.M.S.R., The Elms, 

22 Lovat road 
Macleod's Electric Printing Works, 4 Meal Market 

close, Higr) street 
Maclernan, Frederick, painter, Victoria buildings, 65 

King street 
Macleroy, V., 35 Brown street 
Maclintock, John, P.O., 68 King street 
Maclucas, Alex., 53 Union road 
Macmahon, James, valuator, 8 Ardross terrace 
Macmahon, John, 13 King street 
Macmahon, John, property agent, 7 to 9 Huntly street 

and 1, 11, 12 Albion square, ho. Castle Toimie,. 

1 Castle road 
Macmahon, Mrs Wm. H., broker, 20 Grant street 
Macmahon, Wm., dealer, 22 Grant street 
Macmanus, Mrs, 17 Union road 
Macmillan, A., insurance agent, Belleville, 36 Balli- 

feary road 
Macmillan, Alex., mason, 1 Bale's buildings, Argyle st 
Macmillan, Alex., hawker, 1 Ross's close, Shoe lane 
Macmillan, Alex., cattle dealer, 9 Shore street 
Macmillan, Alex., mason, 20 Gordonville road, Haugh 
Macmillan, Angus, joiner, 64 Huntly street 
Macmillan, Arthur, fireman, 66 Shore street 
Macmillan, Charles, gas stoker, 38 Lochalsh road 
Macmillan, Donald, civil servant, 12 Dalneigh crescent 
Macmillan, Donald, butcher, 2 Glendale place, Shore 

Macmillan, J., ladies' and gent.'s tailor, 29a High st. 
Macmillan, James, 18 Ardconnel street 
Macmillan, John, 3 Maryann court (orl Ardross place) 
Macmillan, L. G. printer, 11 Argyle street 
Macmillan, Miss, 1 Bruce gardens 
Macmillan, Miss, 18 Celt street 
Macmillan, Miss, 14 Argyle street 
Macmillan, Miss, Hosiery Comoany, 25 Bridge street 
Macmillan, Mrs, 9 Abban street 
Macmillan, Mrs, 4 Crown avenue 
Macmillan, Mrs, 5 Ross's close, Shoe lane 
Macmillan, Mrs, 7 Ross's close, Shoe lane 
Macmillan, Mrs, 29 Charles street 
Macmillan, Mrs, Balchraggan buildings, 22 Reay street 
Macmillan, Mrs, 3 Ross's close, Shoe lane 
Macmillan, Mrs, 9 Argyle street 
Macmillan Mrs, Bayfield villa, 32 Midmills road 


Macmillan, R., boilermaker, 42 King street 
Macmillan, Robert, accountant, R.B., 20 Beaufort rd. 
Macmillan, Robert, dealer, 79 Kessock avenue 
Macmillan, W., Craignay, 16 Ardross street 
Macmillan, William, baker, 4 Lombard street 
MacMurrough, James, checker, L.M.S.R., 33 Ard- 

connel street 
Macmurtrie, G., retired, 22 Telford gardens 
Macnab, A., Customs and Excise, 77 Kingsmills road 
Macnair, Alex. R., civil servant, 71 MacEwen drive 
Macnair, George, mason, 20 Gordonville road 
Macnair, Misses, La-Cloche, 37 Crown drive 
Macnaughton, Evan, grocer, 23 George street 
Macnaughton, John, clerk, 89 Doehfour drive 
Macnaughton, Misses, 70 Maxwell drive 
Macnaughton, Mrs, Merlindene, 30 Planeneld road 
Macnaughton, Ronald, motor engineer, 15 Dalneigh rd. 
Macneill, D. H., solicitor, 17a Southside road 
Macneil, James, fireman, 43 Innes street 
Macneil, John, dock labourer, 3 Craigton avenue 
Macneil, Miss, 25 Ardconnel street 
Macneill and Co., solicitors, 29a High street 
Macniven, Austin, plumber and gasfitter, 77 Castle st. 
Macniven, John, School lane, Church street 
Macowan, David, M.A., B.Sc, 33 Harrowden road 
Macphail, Angus, labourer, 86 Kessock avenue 
Macphail, Frank, Brenchil, 9 Burn road, Drummond 
Macphail, Donald, Gaelic organiser, 98 Doehfour drive 
Macphail, Mrs, Florida cottage, 55 Argyle street 
Macphail, Thomas, hairdresser, 74 MacEwen drive 
Macphee, A. & Son, fruiterers and confectioners, 2 

Southside road 
Macphee, Alex., retired, 48 Maclennan crescent 
Macphee, Alex., carriage builder, 41 Telford road 
Macphee, Charles, labourer, 41 West drive, Kessock 
Macphee, Donald, dealer, 3 West drive, Kessock 
Macphee, Donald El, Clunebeg, 72 Culduthel road 
Macphee, John, Eilean Aigas cottage, 67 Glen- 

Urquhart road 
Macphee, John, hairdresser, 41 Grant street 
Macphee, Miss, 15 Friar's lane 
Macphee, Mrs, Merlin, 30 Lovat road 
Macphee, Wm, cabinetmaker, India cott., 29 Innes street 
Macphee, Wm. A., fitter, India cottage, 29 Innes st. 
Macpherson, Alex., trimmer, 4 Crown road 


Macpherson, Andrew, dock labourer, 63 Kessock av. 
Macpherson, Charles, P.O., 24 Hill street 
Macpherson & Co., licensed grocers, 65 Kenneth st. 
Macpherson, D. 5 butcher, 4 Porterfield road 
Macpherson, D., vanman, 25 Ross avenue 
Macpherson, David, sawmiller, 26 Upper Kessock st. 
Macpherson, Donald, clerk, L.M.S.R., 57 Dunain road 
Macpherson, Donald, carder, 133 South drive, Kessock 
Macpherson, Donald L., carpenter, Enfield cottage, 33 

Island bank road 
Macpherson, Donald, carting contractor, 14 Brown st. 
Macpherson, Donald, driver, Highland Transport, 93 

Ballifeary road 
Macpherson, Donald, upholsterer, 23 Ardconnel street 
Macpherson, Donald, gardener, Druim cottage, Upper 

Macpherson, Duncan, St Margaret's, 14 Victoria drive 
Macpherson, Duncan, traveller, 35 Bellfield park 
Macpherson, Geo. Smith, C.E., 42 High street 
Macpherson, George, watchmaker, 61 Castle street 
Macpherson. H. H., opthalmic optician, 25 Bridge street 
Macpherson, J., foreman stableman, 25 Smith avenue 
Macpherson, James, tailor, 23 Ferry road 
Macpherson, John, upholsterer, 23 Nelson street 
Macpherson, John, fishing tackle maker, 8 Inglis 

street, ho. 10 Crown circus 
Macpherson, John, fishmonger, 107 Lochalsh road 
Macpherson, John & Co., coal merchants, 32 Baron 

Taylor's street and 42 Shore street, ho. St 

Margaret's, 14 Victoria drive 
Macpherson, Miss, 16 Gordonville road, Haugh road 
Macpherson, Miss J., 19 Argyle street 
Macpherson, Miss, Inveroran, 13 Bellfield nark 
Macpherson, Miss, 69 Castle street 
Macpherson, Miss, 20 Bellfield park 
Macpherson, Miss, Hazelgrove, 31 Kingsmills road 
Macpherson, Miss, 11 Denny street 
Macpherson, Miss, Redfern villa, 43 Lochalsh road 
Macpherson, Miss, 25 May court (off Alexander pi.) 
Macpherson, Misses, 22 Charles street 
Macpherson, Mrs, 64 Haugh road 
Macpherson, Mrs, School lane (off Church street) 
Macpherson, Mrs, 61 King street 
Mecpherson, Mrs, 33 Madras street 
Macpherson, Mrs, 3 Balnain street 
Macpherson, Mrs, 89 Ballifeary road 



Macpherson, Mrs Margaret, 31 Longman road 
Macpherson, Mrs, 14 Waterloo place 
Macpherson, Mrs, Riverbank, 20 Abban street 
Macpherson, Mrs C, 21 Gilbert street 
Macpherson, Mrs, 11 Friar's street 
Macpherson, Mrs, Balcroydon, 6 Broadstone park 
Macpherson, Mrs, 24 Maclennan crescent 
Macpherson, Murdoch, stoker, 6 Telford avenue (off 

Telford road) 
Macpherson, Rev. Duncan, retired, Muirtown, Canal- 
Macpherson, Rod., tailor, 34 Lower Kessock street 
Macpherson, S„ sculptor, 29 Bruce gardens 
Macpherson, Simon, grocer, 29 MacEwen drive 
Macpherson, Thomas J., compositor, 57 Kings- 
mills road 
Macpherson, Thomas, clerk, 19 Maxwell drive 
Macpherson, Thomas, warehouseman, 96 Church st. 
Macpherson, William, M.A., teacher, Dalanach, 8 Ann- 
field road 
Macpherson, Wm, carter, 29 Charles street 
Macqueen, George, engineer, 15 Ferry road 
Macqueen, George, foreman baker, 48 Maxwell drive 
Macqueen, John, 7 Raining's stairs 
Macqueen, Miss, 45 Charles street 
Macqueen, Mrs, 15 Victoria square, Rose street 
Macqueen, Rev. E., F.P. Manse, 30 Broadstone park 
Macqueen, Sween, mechanic, 100 Church street 
Macqueen, Wm., painter, 23 Lower Kessock street 
Macrae, A., barman, 18a Fairfield lane 
Macrae, Alex., retired, 42 Dochfour drive 
Macrae, Alex., cleansing department, 8 Shore street 
Macrae, Alex., barman, 2 Celt street 
Macrae, Alex., fireman, L.M.S.R., 76 Church street 
Macrae, Alex., foreman, 44 Kingsmills road 
Macrae, Alex., retired gamekeeper, 3 Huntly place 
Macrae, Angus, clerk, 34 Smith avenue 
Macrae, Angus, plumber, 8 Wells street 
Macrae, Charles, labourer, 18 Ferry road 
Macrae, D., Mokoia, 31 Greig street 
Macrae, D. L., 6 Ardross street 

Macrae & Dick, Ltd., motor engineers, 36 Academy st. 
Macrae, Donald, deputy firemaster, 11 Castle wynd 


Macrae, Donald, labourer, 4 Duncraig street 

Macrae, Donald, gardener, 13 Duff street 

Macrae, Donald, blacksmith, 5 Milne's buildings, Rose 

Macrae, Donald, vanman, 33 Wells street 

Macrae, Edward, lorryman, 32 Smith avenue 

Macrae, Parquhar, vanman, 3 Greig street 

Macrae, Finlay, county constable, 80 Ballifeary road 

Macrae, H., 3 Greig street 

Macrae, Hugh, miller, 101 Kingsmills road 

Macrae, Ian, plasterer, 8 Maxwell drive 

Macrae, J. A., 50 Crown street 

Macrae, J., tailor, 13 Duff street 

Macrae, J., 27 Ardconnel terrace 

Macrae, J., retired constable, 96 Bruce gardens 

Macrae, J. W., Ledgoun, Canal bank, Clachnaharry 

Macrae, James, carter, 121 South drive, Kessock 

Macrae, James, seedsman, 2 Gladstone place, Harrow- 
den road 

Macrae, James, seaman, Burnfoot, Canal bank 

Macrae, John, carpenter, Balchraggan buildings, 32 
Reay street 

Macrae, "John, gardener, 8 Glebe street 

Macrae, John, labourer, 4 Madras street 

Macrae, John, retired police sergeant, Balchraggan 
buildings, 30 Reay street 

Macrae, John L„ carpenter, 7 Victoria square, Rose st. 

Macrae, John, holder-on, 13 Fraser street, Haugh 

Macrae, Kenneth, wholesale agent, 15 Falcon square 

Macrae, L., vanman, 56 Kenneth street 

Macrae, Miss B., 18 Ross avenue 

Macrae, Miss, 11 Raining's stairs 

Macrae, Miss, 10 Celt street 

Macrae, Miss, 15 Castle street 

Macrae, Miss, 12 Friar's street 

Macrae, Miss, Anellan villa, 37 Union road 

Macrae, Miss, 9 Friar's street 

Macrae, Miss, 42 High street 

Macrae, Mrs, 7 Haugh road 

Macrae, Mrs M., 21 Ballifeary lane 

Macrae, Mrs W., 22 Ardconnel street 

Macrae, Mrs, 10 Crown street 

Macrae, Mrs, 3 Glebe street 

Macrae, Mrs, 25 Union road 

Macrae, Mrs, 17 George street 


Macrae, Mrs, 11 Charles street 
Macrae, Mrs, 49 Grant street 
Macrae, Mrs, Osborne, 1 Perceval road 
Macrae, Mrs, 64 Telford road 
Macrae, Mrs, 2 off 11 Bridge street 
Macrae, Mrs, 22 Diriebught road 
Macrae, N., hotel porter, 6 Kingsmills road 
Macrae, Neil, 2 Dunain road 
Macrae, Peter, gardener, 83 Kessock avenue 
Macrae, R., lorryman, 87 Lochalsh road 
Macrae, Roderick, barman, 29 Rose street 
Macrae, W., fruiterer, 25 Greig street, and 3 and 9 
New market, Academy st. ho. 9 Park rd. 
Macrae, Walter, 16 Celt street 
Macrae, Wm., slater, 34 King street 
Macrae, William, labourer, 11 Castle street 
Macrae, William, fireman, 43 Friar's street 
Macrae, William, 47 Ballifeary road 
Macrae, William, cabman, 7 King street 
Macready, Edward, postman, Dalness, 69 Fairfield road 
Macready, James, postman, 56 Grant street 
Macrobert, William, baker, 12 Abbotsford terrace, 

Greig street 
Macswan, Miss, 35 Argyle street 
Macsween, Charles, Australian Mutual Provident 

Society, 96 Academy street 
Macsween, Mrs C, 89 Kessock avenue 
Mactavish, Alastair, ironmonger, Crosshill, 13 Lovat rd. 
Mactavish, Alex., ironmonger and house furnisher, 18 
and 22 Castle street; stores — Dempster Gar- 
dens (Third street) 
MacTurk, John, traveller, 69 MacEwen drive 
Macvicar, Angus, car attendant, 14 Maxwell drive 
Macvicar, John, labourer, 20 Thornbush road 
Macvicar, Miss Annie, teacher, 3 Porterfield road 
Macvinish, Hector & Sons, builders and contractors, 
94 Academy street, and mason contractor's 
yard, 12 Telford street 
Macvinish, Hector, wine and spirit salesman, 43 Tel- 
ford gardens 
Macvinish, John, building contractor, Roseneath, 6 

Rangemore road 
Macvinish, Mrs, Viewforth, 2 Rangemore road 
Macvinish, Thomas, chauffeur, 61 Huntly street 
Macwilliam, George, carting contractor, 57 Crown st 



Nairn, John, 27 Madras street 
Nairn, Walter, carpenter, 11 Nelson street 
Nairne, Duncan, retired farmer, 21 Ballifeary road 
Nairne, Simon, butcher, 3 Glendale place, Shore st. 
Nairne, William G., blacksmith, 24 Union street 
National Bank of Scotland, Station square — G. C. 

Forbes, agent 
National Union of Railway men, 2 Fraser street (off 

Church street) 
Neil, George, musicseller (Neil and Maclennan) , Ann- 
field house, 2 Annfield road 
Neil, J. C, auctioneer, Ivy cottage, 12 Old Edinburgh 

Neil and Maclennan, music saloon, 21 Academy street 
Neill, W. V., assistant secretary, N.C.T.A.A., Dalma- 

garry, 1 Dochfour drive 
Neiison, Oliver, boilermaker, 30 Innes street 
Nelson F.C. Hall, 6 Jamaica street 
Nelson, Henry, L.M.S.R., 4 Madras street 
Nelson, John, car driver, 91 Kessock avenue 
Nelson, M., fish dealer, 6 Grant street 
Nelson, Wm, dealer, 26 Maclennan crescent 
Neish, Alfred, lorryman, 65 East gate 
Neish, J. C, Ardross hotel, 9 Ardross terrace 
Ness, Alex., Glenmore, 117 Culduthel road 
Ness Bank Church, Ness bank 
Neville, Alexander, chief constable, Falconcliffe, 60 

Crown drive 
Neville, Mrs, 7 Charles street 

New Inverness Cinema Co., Ltd., 18-23 Huntly street 
New Inverness Laundry Coy., 74 Telford street, and 

Receiving Depot, 6 Drummond street 
New Popular Cafe, 41 Academy street 
New Market Entry, 34 Church street 
Newlands, John, labourer, 74 Kessock avenue 
Nicol, Alexander, motor driver, 6 Duncraig street 
Nicol, George, manager, Sloan & Co., 19 Attadale rd. 
Nicol, James, mason, 31 May court (off Alexander pi.) 
Nicol, James, builder, 11 Muirtown street 
Nicol, Wm., labourer, 6 Duncraig street 
Nicol, William, 6 Duncraig street 
Nicholson, Alex. N», Scorrabreac, 6 Montague row 
Nicholson, Miss I., 10 Bank street 


Nicolson, Alex., bridgeman, Tomnahurich Bridge, 

Glen-Urquhart road 
Nicolson, Donald, engine-driver, L.M.S.R., 12 Mac- 

Ewen drive 
Nicolson, Misses, Trafford Bank, 96 Fairfield road 
Nicolson, Mrs, Balnuig, 22 Ross avenue 
Nicolson, Nurse, 3 Church street 
Nisbet & Co., Ltd., plumbers, 58 Eastgate. stores, 

Dempster gardens 
Nisbet, Mrs, Druim-an-Ault, Drummond road 
Noble, Alex. A., 15 Ballifeary road 
Noble, Donald, solicitor, Scotscraig, 40 Southside rd. 
Noble, Donald John, labourer, 35 West drive, Kessock 
Noble, Donald, pensioner, 5 North drive, Kessock 
Noble, Donald, labourer, 52 Upper Kessock street 
Noble, P. J., Temperance hotel, 6 Inglis street 
Noble, James, Darnaway avenue 
Noble, John B. & Co., grocers, 36 Eastgate 
Noble, John, labourer, 4 off 11 Bridge street 
Noble, Miss, 12 Crown street 
Noble, Miss, 42 Argyle street 
Noble, Misses, 11 Ardross place 
Noble, Mrs, 65a Innes street 
Noble, Robert, labourer, 76 King street 
Noble, Wm., labourer, Alexandra buildings, Queen st. 
N. of S. College of Agriculture, 3 Union street 
Norrie, A. traveller, 4 Wells street 
North of Scotland Heritable Investment Coy., 1 

Lombard street 
North of Scotland Bank, Ltd., 1, 3 Eastgate and 

North of Scotland Milk Marketing Board, 24 Greig st. 
North British & Mercantile Insurance Coy., 19 Church 

street — E. D. A. Smart, local secretary 
Northern Assurance Coy., Ltd., 28 Queensgate — R. 

Walker, agent 
"Northern Chronicle" Office, 10 Margaret street 
Northern Counties' Territorial Army Association, 57 

Church street 
Northern Counties Institute for the Blind, 79a and 81 

Castle street and 38, 39 Ardconnel street— Wm. 

Gray, workshop and sales manager 
Northern Counties' Infant Home, 2 Drummond 

Northern Hotel, 6, 10 Grant's close (off High street) 


Northern Ignition Co., automobile and electrical 

engineers, 55b Eastgate 
Northern Meeting Park, Ardross street 
Northern Meeting Rooms, 12-14 Church street and 6 

Baron Taylor's street 
Northern Tyre Service, 17 Shore street 
Norwich Union Life Insurance Society, 3 Union street 
Notman, Wm, Department of Agriculture, 63 Mac- 

Ewen drive 


O'Beirne, Thomas, burgh surveyor, 6 Castle street, ho. 

Ethandune, 9 Old Edinburgh road 
Office of Inspector of Weights and Measures, Burgh 

Police Office, Castle wynd 
Office of Medical Officer for County of Inverness, 

County buildings, Ardross street 
Officer, James Roydon, traveller, 36 Harrowden road 
Ogg, J. T., inspector A.A., 7 Smith avenue 
Ogg, Robert, baker, 26 Maxwell drive 
Ogg, Robert, 11 Friar's street 
Ogston, James, Atherstone, 42 Fairfield road 
Ogstons, chemists, 18 Union street — G. Morrison 
Old High Church, Church street 
Old High Church Mission Hall, 69 Academy street 
Oliver, J. Stuart, 6 Crown circus 
Oliver. Mrs. 14 Waterloo place 
O'Neill, John, ship's fireman, 18 Fraser's close, Muir- 

town street 
Orchard, Dr, Drummond circus 
Orrock, William, compositor, 18 Fairfield lane 
Osborne, Alex., P.O. lineman, 1 Smith avenue 
Owen, Lewis J., music master, Cartref, 3 Cawdor rd. 
Owens, Alex., motor mechanic, 3 Mid street, Clachna- 

Owens, Hugh, butcher, 137 Lochalsh road 
Owens James, carpenter, 4 Huntly place 
Oxley. T., S.M., Lovat Scouts, 17a Fairfield road 

Pagliari. Enrico, 99 and 101 Academy street 
Palace Hotel, 8 Ness Walk — Mrs Fotheringham, pro- 


Pallister, H. J., wireless operator, 20 Planefield road 

Palmer, Mrs, 93 Church street 

Palmer, Wm, labourer, 65 Maclennan crescent 

Panton, John G., chauffeur, 99 Lochalsh road 

Paris, Mrs, ladies' hairdresser, 1 Friar's street 

Park, Miss, Lee cottage, 108 Kenneth street 

Park, James, tailor, 2 Abbotsford terrace, Greig street 

Park, John, baker, 18 Maxwell drive 

Parker, John L., painter, 16 Lombard street 

Parker, Miss J. F., chiropodist, Hill place 

Parker, Thomas, labourer, 25 India street 

Paterson, A., draper, 39 Ross avenue 

Paterson Alex-, factor, Seapark cottage, 8 Longman 

Paterson, Andrew, shoemaker, 2 Kessock avenue 
Paterson, Andrew, butcher, 39 Muirtown street 
Paterson, Andrew, photographer, 19 Academy street. 

ho. Tigh-an-uilt, 48 Culduthel road 
Paterson, Andrew, butcher, 16 Lindsay avenue 
Paterson, Angus, Southwood, 42 Southside road 
Paterson, Archibald, surfaceman, 65 Kessock avenue 
Paterson, D., driver, L.M.S.R., 67 Shore street 
Paterson, David, butcher. 11 Lindsay avenue 
Paterson, George, joiner, 23 Lochalsh road 
Paterson, George, newspaper representative, 7 Chapel 

Paterson, Hamish N., architect, 17 Queensgate 
Paterson, Harold, fitter, 55a Innes street 
Paterson, Hector G. N., photographer, Culduthel 

Paterson, Hugh, L.M.S.R., 64 Tomnahurich street 
Paterson, Hugh, engineer, 33 Innes street 
Paterson, J., dock labourer, 56a Shore street 
Paterson, James, chauffeur, 15 Young street 
Paterson, James, Gladstone cottage, 65 Glen-Urquhart 

Paterson John, sawmiller, 38 Shore street 
Paterson, John, nurseryman, 99 Dochfour drive 
Paterson, John S., chartered surveyor, Glenwhern, 28 

Leys drive 
Paterson, John, cabinetmaker, 67 Huntly street 
Paterson, Kenneth, fitter, 36 Madras street 
Paterson, Miss, 2 Innes street 
Paterson, Miss M., grocer, 36 Denny street 


Paterson, Miss, Kiltearn villa, 68 Kenneth street 

Paterson, Miss, 91 Kenneth street 

Paterson, Miss, 11 Burn road, Drummond 

Paterson, Mrs, 3 Stephen street 

Paterson, Mrs Isabella, 7 North drive, Kessock 

Paterson, Mrs, 21 Ardconnel street 

Paterson, Mrs, 68 Tomnahurich street 

Paterson, Mrs, 9 King street 

Paterson, Mrs, 69 Kingsmills road 

Paterson, Mrs, 15a Haugh road 

Paterson, Richard, sawyer, 2 Glendale place, Shore 

Paterson, Thomas, labourer, 10 Duff street 
Paterson, Wm„ postman, 81 Kenneth street 
Paterson, Wm, sergt., burgh police, 16 Smith avenue 
Paterson, Wm., 33 May court (off Alexander place) 
Paterson, Wm., orderly R.N.I., 1 Kennedy's close (off 

Huntly street) 
Paterson, Wm., mechanical engineer, 4 North drive, 

Paterson's Nurseries, Ballifeary road 
Patterson, Alex., traveller, 68 Glen-Urquhart road 
Patience, Andrew, labourer, 35 Shore street 
Patience, David, grocer, 134 South drive, Kessock 
Patience Donald, Anchorage, 68 Ballifeary road 
Patience H., labourer, 51 South drive, Kessock 
Patience, Hector, conductor, 36 Shore street 
Patknce, Hugh, labourer, 66 Shore street 
Patience, L., labourer, 17 Maclennan crescent 
Patience, Mrs, 28 Queen street 
Paton, H., cabinetmaker, 25 Lindsay avenue 
Paton, Mrs, Kildary villa, 23 Kingsmills road 
Paton, Thomas R., Chief Public Assistance Officer. 

Perguslie, Drummond road 
Paul. C, clerk, L.M.S.R., 90 Dochfour drive 
Paul, George, L.M.S.R., 4 Stephen street 
Paul, James, commission agent, 30 Washington court. 

ho. Crowleigh, 6 Midmills road 
Paul, Miss, 39 Telford street 
Paxton, J., butcher, 2 Innes street 
Paxton, James W., foreman supervisor, 1 Telford st. 
Paxton, Miss, 39 Argyle street 
Paxton, Robert R., grocer, 81 Academy street 
Payne, W., shipwright, Burnfoot house, Canal bank 
Pearl Life Assurance Coy., 28 Queen's gate — Andrew 

Mackay, district manager 


Pearson, Mrs, 8 Queen street 

Peden, Miss, 75 Argyle street 

Pealling, Robert J., teacher, 1 Porterfield road 

Pennington, A., motor driver, 1 Murray place, Haugh 

Pennington, Mrs, The Haven, 2 Canal bank, Clachna- 

"People's Journal" Office, 36 Baron Taylor's street 
Perrie, Thomas, joiner, 81 Telford street 
Persichini, Giacomo, restaurateur, 7 Wells street 
Peterkin, P. W., Inland Revenue, Broadstone cottage, 

3 Broadstone park 
Peterkin, Gilbert, H.M. Customs and Excise, Malvern, 

54 Kenneth street 
Peters, A. B., librarian, 10 Victoria terrace 
Peters, George, painter, 67 Castle street 
Petrie, D. & Co., coal merchants, Station square. 

yards — 5 Portland place and 45 Shore st. 
Petrie, D., guard, L.M.S.R., 7d Seaforth mansions, 

Reay street 
Petrie, James H. 5 excise officer, St Gilbert's, 8 Aber- 

tarff road 
Petrie, Mrs, Taybank, 3 Crown circus 
Pettigrew, Mrs, 8 Union road 
Phair, Thomas, tailor, 24 Smith avenue 
Phemister, Mrs, Macgregor's buildings, Millburn road 
Philip, George, 29 India street 
Philip, John, 'bus driver, 66 Dochfour drive 
Philip, Roderick, 84 Church street 
Phillips, Edward, carpenter, 40 Innes street 
Pieraccini Bros., confectioners, 30 Eastgate, 57 Castle 

street, and 46, 48 King street 
Pieraccini, Primo, 32 East gate and 35 Grant street 
Pilcher, B., S.S.M., 17c Fairfield road 
Pirie, G., plasterer, 4 Macdonald street, Haugh 
Pirie, Gordon, joiner, 26 Hill street 
Pirrie, A. W., traveller, 18 Bruce gardens 
Pirrie, Andrew, blacksmith, 38 Dochfour drive 
Pirrie, Charles, carpenter, 55 Dochfour drive 
Pirrie, J., coal dealer, 4 Shore street 
Pirrie, John, coal merchant, 1 Abbotsford terrace, 

Greig street 
Pirrie. Joseph, coalman. 58 Maxwell drive 
Pirrie, Mrs A., 37 Telford gardens 


Pirrie, R., shoemaker, 1 Abbotsford terrace, Greig st. 
Pizzamiglio, Enrico, confectioner, 46 Eastgate. ho. 

3 Stephen's brae 
Planefield Bowling Green, Planeneld road 
Plinstone, John, 11 Nelson street 
Plough Inn, 48, 50 Eastgate 
P.O. Area Engineers, 33 Academy street and 28 

P.O. Garage, Longman road 

Polombo, Peter, 2 Cameron's close, Muirtown street 
Poison, Mrs. 2 off 11 Bridge street 
Poison, S., baker, 15 Innes street 
Poison, Thomas, assistant inspector, P.O., 37 Maxwell 

Polworth, Donald, distillery worker, 22 West drive, 

Polworth, John, labourer, 7 Paton street, Haugh 
Poole, Misses, 4 Gordon terrace 
Porter, James, salesman, 23 Culduthel road 
Porter, Mrs, 3 Glebe street 

Portree Wool Mill Company, Ltd., 10-12 Lombard st. 
Potter, Henry R., foreman printer, 118 Lochalsh road 
Premier Inverness Laundry, Co., Ltd., 28 Montague row 
Prices, Tailors, Ltd., 23 High street 
Pringle, James, Holm tweed mills, Dores rd., and 78 

and 84 Telford st. ho. St Ronan's, Dores rd. 
Pringle, William, Sunnybank, Holm mills, Dores road 
Prior, Mrs, 50 Denny street 

Prott, James, motor engineer, Averon cottage, 61 Ken- 
neth street 
Proudfoot, Cameron, taxi driver, 48 Telford road 
Proudfoot, D., taxi-owner, Kilmodan, 5 Thornbush rd. 
Proudfoot, Mrs, 9 Greig street 
Proudfoot, William, taxi-driver, 73 Kenneth street 
Provan, D. Lees, L.D.S., dental surgeon, 42 Union 

street, ho. Mansefleld 1 Mayfield road 
Provincial Insurance Co., Ltd., 3 Church street 
Prudential Assurance Coy., Ltd., 30 High street: — 

James Fisken, district superintendent 
Public Assistance Offices, 26 Bank st. and 7 Bank lane 
Pullars, dyers and cleaners, 55 Church street 
Pullar, Mrs, 118 Kenneth street 
Pybus, Miss, 50 Tomnahurich street 


Queen Street Church, Huntly street 

Queen Street Hall, 75 King street 

Queen Victoria Jubilee Institute of Nurses, Briton 

Lodge, 37 Telford street 
Queensgate Hotel, 27 Queensgate— J. C. Ward, 

Quinn, Duncan, painter, 18 King street 
Quinn, Duncan, labourer, 19 Brown street 
Quinn, Mrs, 20 Telford street 
Quinn, Robert, 80 Church street 


Rae, Ellington, labourer, 59 Huntly street 

Rae, J. R., 92 Academy street 

Rae, Mrs, 5 Milne's buildings. Rose street 

Rae, Mrs, Hawthorndene, 4 Hill place 

Rae, Wm, coal merchant, 27 Telford street 

Rae, William, baker, 50 Lochalsh road 

Ralph, Duncan, baker, 47 Harrowden road 

Ralph, George, baker, 32 Nelson street 

Ralph, Mrs Mary, dressmaker, 16a Southside road 

Ramsay, Donald, cabinetmaker, Grant's close, High st. 

Ramsay, Mrs, 4 Southside roact 

Ramsay, Wm.. labourer, 20 Gordonville road, Haugh 

Rankin, Miss, 24 Midmills road 

Rankin, Mrs, 66 Maxwell drive 

Rattray, James C, gardener, 26 Wells street 

Rattray, Mrs, 6 Porterfield road 

Rattray, Robert S., 8 Darnaway road 

Rattray, T. W. S., insurance agent, 10 Leys drive 

Reeves, Mrs, 15 Denny street 

Refuse Destructor, Factory street 

Regal Ladies' Hairdressing Saloon, 9 Bridge street 

Reid, A., contractor, 30 Maxwell drive 

Reid, Alex., M.D., Riverdale, 17 Island bank road 

Reid, Alex., shunter, L.M.S.R., 20 Shore street 

Reid, Alex., retired, 56 Lochalsh road 

Reid, Archibald, 6 Planefield road 

Reid, C. S., Glenskiach, 9 Beaufort road 

Reid, D., labourer, 21 Madras street 


Reid, D. Mackenzie, town clerk depute, 29 Ballifeary 

Reid, Donald, labourer, 29 Ferry road 

Reid, Donald, Engineering Dept., P.O., The Nook, 2 
Beech avenue, Drummond road 

Reid, Donald, labourer, 2 North drive, Kessock 

Reid, Donald, manager, 10a Telford road 

Reid, Douglas P., French polisher, 133 Lochalsh road 

Reid, George, engine driver, 8 Kingsmills road 

Reid, George, clerk, 32 Hill street 

Reid, Gordon, clerk, 55 Telford gardens 

Reid, J., 28 Rose street 

Reid, James, joiner, 14a Duncraig street 

Reid, John and Son, slaters, 14 Kenneth street 

Reid, John, Greenhill, 19 Drummond crescent 

Reid, John, retired, 22 Ardconnel street 

Reid, Rev. John R., 2 Crown drive 

Reid, Malcolm, mechanic, 55a Innes street 

Reid, Miss, 24 Bridge street 

Reid, Miss, 71 Castle street 

Reid, Miss, newsagent, 15 Chapel street 

Reid, Miss K., ladies' outfitter, 24 Eastgate. ho. Moy 
cottage, 29 Ballifeary road 

Reid, Miss, 9 Southside place 

Reid, Mrs Margaret, 23 Celt street 

Reid, Mrs, 40 Kenneth street 

Reid, Mrs, Cherry villa, 34 Hilton village, Old Edin- 
ourgh road 

Reid, Mrs, 10 Paton street, Haugh 

Reid, Mrs, Maryville cottage, 16 Kenneth street 

Reid, Mrs Isabella, 59 Castle street 

Reid, Mrs, Elrig villa. 23 Lovat road 

Reid, Peter, tractor driver, 77 Castle street 

Reid, Robert, lorry driver, 9 Raining's stairs 

Reid, Rodk., butcher, 33 Castle street 

Reid, Thomas, taxi-driver, 124 South drive, Kessock 

Reid, W., engineer, Premier Inverness Steam Laundry,. 

28 Montague row 
Reid, Wm., waggon builder, 28 Grant street 
Reid, Wm., labourer, 20 Lower Kessock street 
Reidpath, John, fishing tackle maker, 45 Montague row 
Reidpath, Mrs, 24 Bridge street 
Remington Typewriter Coy., Ltd., Fraser street (off 

Church street) 
Rennie, S., watchmaker, 37 Crown street 
Renton, Mrs B. I., The Bield, 58 Ballifeary road 


Renwick, Mrs, 2 Ferry road 

Rex & Co. (Falkirk, Ltd.), warehousemen, 113 Aca- 
demy street 

Rhind, James, butcher, 26 Huntly street 

Rhind, James L., stationer, 53 Fairfield road 

Rhodes, T. H., 46 Dunain road 

Riach, Alex., cashier, 1 New Market entry, Church st. 

Riach, James, carter, 7 Madras street 

Riach, James A., watchmaker, 1 New Market entry 
Church street 

Riach, Miss, 13 Argyle street 

Rice, Mrs, 29 Smith avenue 

Richardson, J., Arch cottage, 94 Culduthel road 

Richardson, R. W., 38 Smith avenue 

Richardson, Robert, machineman, 7 Raining's stairs 

Riddell, James, traveller, 21 MacEwen drive 

Riddoch, John, porter, L.M.S.R., 90 Telford street 

Riddoch, W. J., shop assistant, 9 Abban street 

Riddoch, Wm, fireman, L.M.S.R., 59 Innes street 

Riggs, D., Whinpark, 17 Ardross street 

Riggs, D. and Co., butchers, 31 Eastgate, 39 Grant 
street, 20 Washington court, and 69 Kenneth 
street; garage — 29 Muirtown street 

Riggs, Donald, baker, 67 Kenneth street 

Riley, Miss, 20 Dochfour drive 

Rintoul, Mrs, 28 Queen street 

Ritchie, James, manager, Glenalbyn house, 86 Telford 

Ritchie, Mrs, matron, Highland Orphanage, Cul- 
duthel road 

Ritchie, Mrs, 75 Ballifeary road 

Ritchie, Thomas, painter, 7 Anderson street 

Riverside Hall, 6 Bank street 

Rizza, Peter, confectioner, 29 Bridge street. ho. 
Monti villa, 28 Kenneth street 

Rizza, R., 17 Upper Kessock street 

Ritson, Thomas, banker, Kyle, 2 Union road 

Robb, Donald, licensed grocer, 4 Queensgate arcade, 
ho. 27 Broadstone park 

Robb, Mrs, 7 Greig street 

Roberts, D. E., A.R.C.O., professor of music. Cathedral 
organist, 31 Crown drive 

Roberts, Lord, Memorial Workshops, Factory street 

Robertson, A. and Co., tobacconists, 37 Union street 

Robertson, Alex. D-. electrician, 8 Harrowden road 

Robertson, A. R., 13 Ardconnel street 


Robertson, Alex., blacksmith, 67 Kessock avenue 

Robertson, Alex., 41 Greig street 

Robertson, Alex., dock labourer, 38 North drive, 

Robertson, Alexander, labourer, 17 Upper Kessock st. 
Robertson, Angus, fish dealer, 12 Madras street 
Robertson, Charles, contractor, 26 Attadale road 
Robertson, Charles A. L., temperance organiser, 120 

Academy street 
Robertson, Charles and Co., carting contractors, 9 

George street 
Robertson, David, electrician, 23 Smith avenue 
Robertson, Donald, and Sons, carting contractors, 22, 

24 George street 
Robertson, Donald, 23 Jamaica street 
Robertson, Donald, labourer, 65 Eastgate 
Robertson, Forsyth, retired, 28 Muirfield road 
Robertson, Harry, labourer, 21 Gilbert street 
Robertson, James, motor driver, 41 Lindsay avenue 
Robertson, James, sawmiller, 12 Innes street 
Robertson, James, L.M.S.R., 86 South drive, Kessock 
Robertson, James, and Son, slaters, 19 George street. 

Yard 23 
Robertson, James, manager, 102 Lochalsh road 
Robertson, James, engine driver, 20 Innes street 
Robertson, James, fireman, 106 Lochalsh road 
Robertson, John L., 109 Church street 
Robertson, John L., clerk, 30 George street 
Robertson, John, 22 Grant street 
Robertson, John, fitter, 25 Innes street 
Robertson, John, Princes place, 44 Huntly street 
Robertson, John, surfaceman, 3 India street 
Robertson, John, newsagent, 2 Grant street, ho. 52 

Telford gardens 
Robertson, Miss 11 Broadstone park 
Robertson, Miss, 110 Church street 
Robertson, Miss H. D., S.R.M., R.R.C., Carrol, 29 

Island bank road 
Robertson, Miss, 14 Douglas row 
Robertson, Mrs, Achanor, 3 Crown drive 
Robertson, Mrs, 18 Wells street 
Robertson, Mrs C, 8 Douglas row 
Robertson, Mrs I., 20 Maclennan crescent 
Robertson, Mrs, 14 Friar's street 
Robertson, Mrs, 6 Victoria terrace 


Robertson, Mrs, 2 Gladstone place, Harrowden road 

Robertson, Mrs, School lane- Church street 

Robertson, Mrs A., 20 George street 

Robertson, Mrs, 48 Kenneth street 

Robertson, Mrs, Hilton villa, 6 Hilton village, Old 

Edinburgh road 
Robertson, Mrs, 59 Castle street 
Robertson, Mrs, 3 View place 

Robertson, Mrs M. L., licensed grocer, 29 Grant street 
Robertson, R. A., electrical engineer, 73 Church street. 

ho. 17 Telford gardens 
Robertson, Robert, Ardlea, 14 Attadale road 
Robertson, Robert, C.E., county road surveyor, County 

buildings, Ardross street. ho. Twyford, 5 

AbertarfT road 
Robertson, Robert, boilermaker, 32 Muirtown street 
Robertson, Thomas, agent, 18 George street 
Robertson, W. A., 24 Kenneth street 
Robertson, Wm. G., blacksmith, 51 Longman road 
Robertson, Wm., 32 George street 
Robertson, Wm., fitter, 8 Deveron street 
Robertson, William, labourer, 18 King street 
Robertson's Garage, 31 Rose street 
Robinson, Mrs R., 24 Tomnahurich street 
Robinson, R., labourer, 51 Maclennan crescent 
Robson, Hugh F., retired, Drummond park, Drummond 

Robson, Mrs, Eilandhu, 3 Drummond crescent 
Robson, Mrs, East lodge, Drummond road 
Roche, Lieut.-Col. B. R., 17 Culduthel road 
Rodgers, George B., fruiterer and confectioner, 18 

Grant street 
Rodgers, J. S., manager, Royal Insurance Company, 48 

Ardconnel street 
Rollo, John, fireman, L.M.S.R., 17 Friar's street 
Roman Catholic Chapel and School, 32 Huntly 

street — Rev. Father Mackenzie 
Rooney, John, labourer, 21 Maclennan crescent 
Rose, Alex., inspector, P.O., 14 Hill street 
Rose, Charles, 17 Denny street 

Rose, Donald, Board of Health, 59 MacEwen drive 
Rose. George, 1 North Church place 
Rose, Hector, motor engineer and hirer, Millburn road 
Rose, Hugh, motor driver, 4 Muirtown street 
Rose, Hugh, fitter, 59 Innes street 
Rose, M. M-, 20 Lindsay avenue 


Rose, Miss, 7 Richmond terrace, Harrowden road 

Rose, Miss E. O, 6 Southside place 

Rose, Miss, 4 Muirtown street 

Rose, Mrs, 14 King street 

Rose, Mrs, 59 Tomnahurich street 

Rose Street Foundry and Engineering Coy., Ltd., 2 
to 22 Rose street 

Rose, Wm. P., sweeper, 15 Beaton's lane, Friar's street 

Rose, Wm., engineer, Miliburn road 

Rosenbloom, John, merchant, New Market. ho. 8 
Huntly street 

Ross, A. Ramsay, solicitor, 51 Church street 

Ross, A., joiner, 2 Deveron street 

Ross, A., labourer, 34 North drive, Kessock 

Ross, A., lamplighter, 96 Castle street 

Ross, A., motor driver, 51 Huntly street 

Ross, A., motor driver, 46-48 Wells street 

Ross, A. J., G.P.O., Ardmore villa, 58 Crown drive 

Ross, Alex., confectioner, Balchraggan buildings, 34a 
Reay street 

Ross, Alex., labourer, 73 Huntly street 

Ross, Alex., contractor, 75 Kenneth street 

Ross, Alex, and Son, architects, 28 Queensgate (J. A. 
Ross, F.R.I.B.A.) 

Ross, Alex., boilermaker, L.M.S.R., 8 George street 

Ross, Alex., carting contractor, 14 Fraser's close, 
Muirtown street 

Ross, Alex., baker and confectioner, 15 Hill street 

Ross, Alex., and Co., carpenter contractors, 3 and 5 
Shore street 

Ross, Alex., Dallas, fireman, L.M.S.R., 1 Carlton ter- 
race, Miliburn road 

Ross, Alex., labourer, 34 King street 

Ross, Alfred, platelayer, 11 New buildings, Railway 

Ross, Allan, Royal Ordnance Bar, 18 Tomnahurich 
street and 1 and 3 Fairfield lane. ho. 44 Doefcr 
four drive 

Ross, Andrew, P.O. Engineer's Dept., 14 Glen-Urquhart 

Ross, Charles, labourer, 89 South drive, Kessock 

Ross, Charles, motor contractor and garage, 56 Mid- 
mills road. ho. 45 Arygle street 

Ross, Colin, labourer, 9 Beaton's lane, Friar's street 

Ross, C. A., 86 Lcchalsh road 

Ross, C. F. M., traveller, Hawthornlea, 58 Midmills rd. 



Ross, D., L.M.SR, 11 Young street 

Ross, David, pensioner, 2 Milne's buildings, Rose st. 

Ross, David, shoemaker, St Kilda, Rangemore road 

Ross, David, painter, 10 Porterfield bank 

Ross, David, solicitor, Craigwood, Old Edinburgh road 

Ross, David, Muirtown cottage, Canal bank, Canal 

Ross, David, labourer, 21 Grant street 
Ross, Don., lorryman, 23 New buildings, Railway ter. 
Ross, Don. J., motor mechanic. 25 Crown street 
Ross, Don., engine driver, 54 Innes street 
Ross, Donald, 56 Crown street 

Ross, Donald, mattress-maker, 19 South drive, Kessock 
Ross, Donald, West End gardens, Drummond (Upper) 
Ross, Duncan, greenkeeper, Fraser Park, 102 Mac- 

Ewen drive 
Ross, E., 'bus driver, 29 Dunain road 
Ross, George, engine-driver, L.M.S.R., 12 Kenneth st. 
Ross, George, ironmonger, 22 Smith avenue 
Ross, George, and Noble, solicitors, 41a High street 
Ross, Gilbert, ironmonger, 32 Academy street. ho. 

Archwood, 6 Crown drive 
Ross, H., P.O., 15a Seaforth mansions, Reay street 
Ross, Hector, traveller, 10 Hilton Village, Old Edin- 
burgh road 
Ross, Hugh, cook, 31 North drive, Kessock 
Ross, Hugh, grocer (Cameron and Co.. Queensgateh 

Cainard house, 11 Crown drive 
Ross, Hugh, police sergeant, Castle lodge 
Ross, Hugh, Ballone, 6 Victoria drive 
Ross, Hugh, 7 Huntly terrace, Huntly street 
Ross, Ian, 'bus driver, 59 Lochalsh road 
Ross, J., dairyman, 8 Muirtown street 
Ross, J. A., dyer, 1 Holm avenue, Dores road 
Ross, J. A. architect, Nessdale, 32 Island bank road 
Ross, James, 2 Abban place (off Abban street) 
Ross, James, yardsman, 12 Telford gardens 
Ross, James, labourer, 7 Kessock avenue 
Ross, James Macdonald, draper, Tarnash, Dores rd. 
Ross, James, butcher, 45 Chapel street 
Ross, John, 9 Ardconnel street 
Ross, John, 65 MacEwen drive 
Ross, John, coachman, 4 Stephen street 
Ross, John telegraph linesman, 2 Huntly place 
Ross, John, 2 Tap lane 


Ross, John, manager, Globe warehouse, 2 Eastgate. 

ho. 9 Midmills road 
Ross, John, carpenter, 11 Friar's lane 
Ross, John, taxidermist, 96 MacEwen drive 
Ross, John A., signalman, 2 Muirtown street 
Ross, John, mechanic, 29 Bank street 
Ross, John, carpenter, 38 Eastgate 
Ross, John, chauffeur, 44 Hill street 
Ross, John, carpenter, 10 Abbotsford terrace, Greig 

Ross, John, labourer, 1 South drive, Kessock 
Ross, John, linesman, 10 Alexander place 
Ross, John, Bronville, 125 Culduthel road 
Ross, John, clerk, 18 Dunain road 
Ross, Miss, caretaker, 42 High street 
Ross, Miss J., 19 Innes street 
Ross, Miss, 15 Castle street 
Ross, Miss, 50 Tomnahurich street 
Ross, Miss, 51 Castle street 
Ross, Miss, Eden villa, 8 Perceval road 
Ross, Miss, 21 Queen street 

Ross, Miss, confectioner, 94a Telford road. ho. 96 
Ross. Miss, 7 Bale's buildings, Argyle street 
Ross, Miss, 24 Madras street 
Ross, Miss, Hillhead, 3 Heathmount road 
Ross, Miss Mary, 6 Union road 
Ross, Miss, Glenbeg, 1 Kenneth street 
Ross, Miss, 1 Anderson street 
Ross, Miss C. L., 11 High street 
Ross, Miss Jessie, grocer, 38 Hill street 
Ross, Miss, 11 Innes street 
Ross, Miss, 64 Denny street 
Ross, Misses, 41 Innes street 
Ross, Misses, 73 Ballifeary road 
Ross, Misses, 2 Pretoria terrace, Wells street 
Ross, Mrs Errington, 1 Beaufort road 
Ross, Mrs, 13 Crown street 
Ross, Mrs, 68 South drive, Kessock 
Ross, Mrs, 20 Park road 
Ross, Mrs, 34 Muirtown street 
Ross, Mrs, 12 Queen street 
Ross, Mrs, 36 Friar's street 
Ross, Mrs J.. 1 Carlton terrace, Millburn road 
Poss, Mrs J. S., 3 Ardross place 
^oss. Mrs, 24 Attadale road 
Ross, Mrs, Meadowfield, 20 Millburn . road 


Ross, Mrs, 39 Innes street 
Ross, Mrs, The Whins, 114 Kenneth street 
Ross, Mrs, 99 South drive, Kessock 
Ross, Mrs, Danestone, 28 Beaufort road 
Ross, Mrs Gilbert, Archwood, Crown drive 
Ross, Mrs, 84 MacEwen drive 
Ross, Mrs, 5 Southside place 
Ross, Mrs, 2 Ness terrace, Haugh road 
Ross, Mrs Annie, 45 Church street 
Ross, Mrs, 5 Dunabban road 
Ross, Mrs, 28 Friar's iane 
Ross, Mrs, New Tarbet villa, 6 Cawdor road 
Ross, Mrs, 2 Celt street 
Ross, Mrs, Atholdene, 20 Southside road 
Ross, Mrs. 31 Friar's street 
Ross, Mrs, 17 Innes street 
Ross, Mrs, 20 Bridge street 
Ross, Mrs, 13 Kaugh road 
Ross, Mrs I., 30 Crown street 
Ross, Mrs, 32 Argyle street 
Ross, Mrs, 128 South drive, Kessock 
Ross, Mrs, 15 Attadale road 
Ross, Mrs, 2 Crown street 
Ross, Mrs, 22 High street 
Ross, Mrs, 37 Hill street 
Ross, Mrs, 3 Milne's buildings, Rose street 
Ross, Murdo, chauffeur. 15 Dunain road 
Ross, M., fitter, L.M.S.R., 16 Innes street 
Ross, Neil A., grocer, 45 Eastgate 
Ross, Peter, 6 Mackintosh's close, Muirtown street 
" Ross, Robert, timekeeper, Redf ern villa, 41 Lochalsh 

Ross, Rod., blacksmith, Charmaine. 56 Ballifeary 

Ross, Rod., Seaview villa, 53 Ferry road 
Ross and Sutherland, shoemakers, 8 Stephen's brae 

and 7 and 9 Academy street 
Ross, S-, labourer, 11 Greig street 
Ross, Thomas, clerk, 48 Argyle street 
Ross, Walter, linotype operator, 53 MacEwen drive 
Ross. Wm., 58 Crown street 
Ross, Wm., signal fitter, 7b Seaforth mansions, Reay 

Ro^s, William, foreman engineer, Stacpolly, Dirie- 

bught road (off Midmills road) 


Ross, William J., installation supervisor (Shell Mex), 

60 Maxwell drive 
Ross, ffm, dealer, 22 Lower Kessock street 
Ross, Wm, cleaner, L.M.S.R., 27 Ardconnel street 
Ross, Wm., Foyness, 123 Culduthel road 
Ross. Wm., traveller, 49 Dunain road 
Ross, W. T., labourer, 19 Upper Kessock street 
Ross, W. W. M., inspector of taxes, 1 Beech avenue 

(off Drummond road) 
Ross and Maclennan, carpenters and funeral under- 
takers, 17 Lochalsh road 
Rossal Nursing Home, 31 Island bank road — Miss B. 

Maclean, matron 
Rothnie, James, joiner, 15 India street 
Rough, Mrs, 15a Bridge street 
Rowan, James, porter, L.M.S.R., 11 Young street 
Roy, George, collector, 15 Douglas Row 
Roy, John, signalman, L.M.S.R., 18 MacEwen drive 
Roy, Miss, grocer, 45 King street 
Roy, Miss M., Mariann villa, 1 Maryann court (off 

Ar dross place) 
Roy, Miss, teacher, 18 Leys drive 
Roy, Mrs, J., 104 Castle street 
Roy, Mrs C, Rathel villa, 3 Gordonville road 
Royal Baby Linen Shop, 7 Drummond street 
Royal Bank of Scotland, Bank buildings, Union street 
Royal Hotel — Trust Houses. Ltd. — 15 Academy street 
Royal Insurance Coy., Ltd., 2-4 Queensgate — John S. 

Rodgers, local manager 
Royal Northern Infirmary, Ness walk 
Royal Navy and Royal Marine Recruiting Office, 3 

Union street 
Royan, Hugh, guard, L.M.S.R., 29 West drive Kessock 
Royan, John, 16 Friar's street 
Russel, Lachlan, fitter, 22 Ardconnel street 
Russell, A. J., and Son, plumbers, 13-15 Baron Taylor's 

Russell, Alex., labourer, 16 King street 
Russell, Andrew, motor driver, 3 Pumpgate street 
Russell, Duncan, dealer, 58 Tomnahurich street 
Russell, James, cabman, 3 Muirtown street 
Russell, John, craneman, 4 Crown avenue 
Russell, John, motor driver, 3 Paton street, Haugh 
Russell, Mrs, 3 Ross avenue 
Pusssll. Mrs. Rhodavil, 14 Midmills road 
Russell, Nurse, 35 Abban street 


Russell, Thomas, porter, 53 Longman road 
Russell, Thomas, labourer, 56 South drive, Kessock 
Russell, W. S., assistant collector, I.R., 58 High street. 

ho. 6 Mayfield road 
Rusterholz, Jules, 3 Young street 
Rutherford, George, 23 Argyle street 
Ryles, Mrs, 40 North drive, Kessock 
Ryrie, A., boilermaker, 2 Tulloch's buildings, Ardconnel 


Saddan, Edward, I.R., 67 Fairfield road 

Salmon, George, dining car attendant, L.M.S.R., 19a 

Attadale road 
Salvadori, Secondo, confectioner, 10 Greig street, ho. 

Iver villa, 50 Kenneth street 
Salvation Army Headquarters, Fraser street (off 

Church street) 
Salvation Army Relief Centre, 4 Maclennan crescent 
Sanderson, Alex., works manager, Rowanbank, 3 Mid- 
mills road 
Sanderson, Ernest, spinner, Holm Mills, Dores road 
Sandison, A. L., Alturlie, 12 Harrowden road 
Sandison, Wm, clerk. L.M.S.R., 34 Lindsay avenue 
Sangster, Hector, Glengarry villa, 16 Montague row 
Sangster, Mrs, wine and spirit merchant, Tarry He, 

2 King street, ho. 79 Ballifeary road 
Saunders, Mrs, Leanach cottage, 67 Culduthel road 
Scanlan, John, 126 South drive, Kessock 
Scotland, Mrs, 53a Eastgate 

Scott, A., motor mechanic, 47a Tomnahurich street 
Scott, Alex., machineman, 9 Bruce gardens 
Scott, Andrew, engine fitter, L.M.S.R., 34 Denny st. 
Scott, Andrew, motor driver, 42 Huntly street 
Scott, Arthur, newsagent, 105 Church street. ho. 

42 Innes street 
Scott, Cyril, motor driver, Tyne villa, 12 India street 
Scott, D., jeweller, 41 Bruce gardens 
Scott, D. M., hairdresser, 15 Young street 
Scott, G., clerk, L.M.S.R., 15 Ross avenue 
Scott, H, foreman, 99 Ballifeary road 
Scott, Harry G., Railway Police, 88 Glen-Urquhart 

Scott, I., Excise officer, 61 Haugh road 


Scott, James G. (Bookless Bros.), Lumsdaine, 31 Har- 
rowden road 

Scott, James, la Drummond road 

Scott, John, Millburn Farm, Seabank road 

Scott, Miss, 6 North drive, Kessock 

Scott, Mrs Iona, board residence, 6 Ardross terrace 

Scott, Mrs, 16 Planefield road 

Scott, Mrs, Rosekeen villa, 19 Lochalsh road 

Scott, Mrs, 31a Eastgate 

Scott, Mrs, 105 Castle street 

Scottish Agricultural Industries, Ltd., 7, 8 and 10 
Falcon square and 47, 49, 51 Ferry road 

Scottish Airways, Ltd., 36 Academy street 

Scottish Automobile and General Insurance Co., Ltd., 
42 High street 

Scottish Equitable Life Assurance Society, 17 Queens- 
gate — J. L. I. Wilson, resident inspector 

Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society, 11 Queens- 
gate — William Andrews, manager 

Scottish Motor Accessories, Ltd., 17 Bank street 

Scottish Oils and Shell Mex, Ltd., Citadel, Shore st. 

Seex, Dr I. M., 10 Ardross street 

Steve Mulsion, road dressing manufacturers, Millburn 

Scottish Union and National Insurance Cov., 62 Aca- 
demy street — F. G. Collie, res. inspector 

Seraflni, L., restaurant, 19 Young street, ho. 15 

Shackleton, Miss A., Bruar, 30 Old Edinburgh road 

Shand, Alex, driver, 34 High street 

Shand, Alex., L.M.S.R., 6 South Kessock 

Shand, Charles, labourer, 4 Tap lane 

Shand, J. D., outfitter, 22 Leys drive 

Shand and Lindsay, hosiers and outfitters, etc., 1 

Shand, James, labourer, 22 Maclennan crescent 

Shand, James, guard, 50 Rose street 

Shand, Mrs, Citadel 

Shand, P. W., Franklin villa, 31 Fairfield road 

Shand, Rod., motor mechanic, 12 Lotland place 

Shand, Roderick, butcher, Old Toll Bar, Canal bank, 

Shand, Wm, fireman, 41 Telford gardens 

Shane, P., labourer, 54 South drive, Kessock 

Shanks, W. H, temperance agent, 1 Fraser's close 
(off Muirtown street) 


Shanks, William, commercial traveller, 4 Harrowden 

Sharp, Alex., soldier, 19 Glebe street 
Sharp, C. E„ dining car attendant, 103 Lochalsh road 
Sharp, Donald, barman, 31a Eastgate 
Sharp, G., 20 Market brae 

Sharp, John, gramophone repairer, 39 King street 
Sharp, Miss, 8 Victoria square, Rose street 
Sharp, Mrs, 10 Victoria square, Rose street 
Shaw, A. F., motor driver, 17 Dunain road 
Shaw, A. M., butcher, Macgregor's buildings, Millburn 

Shaw, Alex., 3 Ardross street 

Shaw, Alex., Macgregor's buildings, Millburn road 
Shaw, Angus, 46 High street 

Shaw, D. E., R.A.F., retired, Monavie, 12 Ballifeary rd. 
Shaw, David, labourer, 97 South drive, Kessock 
Shaw, Duncan, constable, 24 Union street 
Shaw, Hugh, tinsmith, 11 Celt street 
Shaw, John, labourer, 56 Upper Kessock street 
Shaw, John, mechanic, 27 Greig street 
Shaw, John, painter, 36 Dochfour drive 
Shaw, Lachlan, clerk, 72 Fairfield road 
Shaw, Lewis, fireman, L.M.S.R., 1 Telford gardens 
Shaw, Miss, 104 Culduthel road 
Shaw, Miss, Thornhill, 13 Culduthel road 
Shaw, Miss, 28 Crown street 
Shaw, Miss, 3 Ardross street 
Shaw, Miss, 66 Huntly street 
Shaw, Mrs, 33 South drive, Kessock 
Shaw, Mrs, 5 Richmond terrace, Harrowden road 
Shaw, Mrs, St Aubyns', 44 Southside road 
Shaw, Mrs, Gair ville, 5 Gordonville road, Haugh 

Shaw, Mrs, 12 Telford street 
Shaw, Mrs E., 2 Bellfield park 
Shaw, Peter, 20 Gordonville road, Haugh 
Shaw, Peter, painter, 19 Abban street 
Shaw, W., manager, Co-op. Drapery stores, Culduthel 

Shaw, W. J., headmaster, Central P. School, 23 Island 

Bank road 
Shaw, Wm., 6 Huntly street 
Shennan, G. H., inspector, R.S.S.P.C.C, 26 Bank 

street, ho. 26 Charles street 
Shepherd, John, retired, 52 Dochfour drive 


Shepherd, Robert, G.P.O., 32 Dochfour drive 
Sherlaw, Charles, engine driver, 3 Argyle terrace, Por- 

terfield bank 
Sheriffs, James, inspector, P.O., 20 Harrowden road 
Sherret, William, cooper, 4 Crown road 
Shields, Hugh, labourer, 37 Maclennan crescent 
Shivas, Andrew, Anglo-Persian Oil Co., 41 Argyle st. 
Shivas, Mrs, 4 Carlton terrace, Millburn road 
Shivas, Pat., 27 Tomnahurich street 
Shivas & Ross, cabinetmakers and upholsterers, 43, 45 

Castle street 
Sim, Alexander, 14 George street 
Sim, Mrs, 40 Bruce gardens 
Sim, Mrs, 31 Chapel street 
Sim, Robert, cabinetmaker, 7 Maryann court, Ardross 

Sim, T., warehouseman, 12 Duff street 
Sime, Prank, timber merchant, 28 Queensgate. ho. 

Drummond hill, Drummond (Upper) 
Sime, James, timber merchant, 34, 36 Island bank rd. 
Sime, Mrs Stewart, Crown lodge, 1 Crown drive 
Sime, Mrs, Glenfeshie, 30 Beaufort road 
Simmie, James D., 38 Ross Avenue 
Simmons, J., manager, Timpson's, 4 Holm avenue, 

Dores road 
Simpson, Alex., carpenter contractor, 36 Waterloo 

Simpson, Alex., labourer, The Bungalow, Diriebught 

road (off Midmills road) 
Simpson, Alexander, sawmiller, Bisset's close (off 

Muirtown street) 
Simpson, Anthony, fireman, 67 Shore street 
Simpson, D., 57 Telford gardens 

Simpson, Daniel, upholsterer, Annfield house, 4 Lot- 
land place 
Simpson, Donald, retired, 3 Manse place 
Simpson, James, fitter. 16 Duff street 
Simpson, James, upholsterer, 135 Lochalsh road 
Simpson, John, L.M.S.R., 18 West drive, Kessock 
Simpson, John, labourer, 24 Innes street 
Simpson, John, carter, 90 Kessock avenue 
Simpson. Mrs, grocer, 46 Thornbush road 
Simpson, Mrs, 9 Raining's stairs 
Simpson, Mrs, 13 Queen street 
Simpson, Mrs, 6 Queensgate 


Simpson, Mrs, 32 Ardconnel street 

Simpson, Robert, engine-driver, L.M.S.R., 80 Lochalsh 

Simpson, Robert, chauffeur, 115 Church street 
Simpson, Robert, compositor, 44 Thornbush road 
Simpson, T., yardsman, 2 Chapel street 
Simpson, Thomas, clerk, May villa, Drummond circus 
Simpson, William. Anchorvil, 86 Telford road 
Sinclair, A., book-keeper, 20 Auldcastle road 
Sinclair, A., manager (A. Fraser, Ltd.), 39 Old Edin- 
burgh road 
Sinclair, Alex., guard, 39 Longman road 
Sinclair, Alex., clerk, 28 Dunain road 
Sinclair, Hubert, civil servant, 36 Bruce gardens 
Sinclair, George, signalman, L.M.S.R., 10 MacEwen 

Sinclair, James, railway guard, 64 Telford gardens 
Sinclair, James, grocer, 2a Waterloo place, ho. 22 

Waterloo place 
Sinclair, James, S.C. and T., P.O., 2a Glen-Urquhart 

Sinclair, Kenneth, 14 Telford road 
Sinclair, Mrs, Cennamonie villa, 13 Perceval road 
Sinclair, Mrs, Waratah cottage, 22 Attadale road 
Sinclair, Mrs M. A., 13 Wells street 
Sinclair, Mrs, 16 Anderson square (off Anderson st.) 
Sinclair, Mrs, 34 Bruce gardens 
Sinclair, Mrs J., 11 Greig street 
Sinclair, Mrs, 4 Southside place 
Sinclair, Miss, 5a Rosebery place, Haugh road 
Sinclair, Peter, labourer, 22 Kessock avenue 
Singer Sewing Machine Company, 5 Queensgate — 

C. W. Williamson, manager 
Singer, Miss, dressmaker, 1 Pretoria terrace, Wells st. 
Singer, Miss, 17 Abban street 
Sisters, The, of Notre Dame, Huntly Lodge, 19 Cul- 

duthel road 
Skinner, Alex., cycle agent, 2 Glebe square (off Glebe 

street), ho. Raigmore cottage, Millburn rd. 
Skinner, Andrew, labourer, 23 Upper Kessock street 
Skinner, D. R. (Hamilton's Auction Marts, Ltd.), 94 

MacEwen drive 
Skinner, Donald, motor driver, 47 Dcchfour drive 
Skinner, Jas., blacksmith, 4 Milne's buildings, Rose st- 
Skinner, John, printer, 19 Abban street 
Skinner, Mrs, 115 Lochalsh road 


Skinner, Thomas, carpenter, 72 Innes street 
Skinner, Thomas, Crown bakery, 2 Stephen's brae. ho. 

4 Stephen's brae 
Skinner, Walter, barman, 27 India street 
Skinner, William, blacksmith, 1 Kessock avenue 
Skirving, Win., quarryman, 1 Pretoria terrace, Wells 

Slaughter House, Citadel — John Maclennan, superin- 
Slessor, T. S., M.B., Ch.B., 5 Ardross terrace 
Sloan, Alex, and Co., Ltd.. furniture dealers, 6 

Queensgate arcade 
Sloan, Samuel, 11 Anderson square (off Anderson st.) 
Smart, Alex., chauffeur, 1 Maxwell drive 
Smart, Andrew, grocer, 57 Dochfour drive 
Smart, Andrew, grocer, 24 Tap lane. ho. 22 Wells 

Smart, E. D. A., local secretary, N.B. and Mercantile 

Insurance Co., Ardlui, 1 Lovat road 
Smart, James, joiner, 29 Telford gardens 
Smart, James, joiner, 15 Lindsay avenue 
Smart, John, painter, 11 Grove terrace, Paton street 
Smart, Miss, 6a Culduthel road 
Smart, Miss, 39 Kenneth street 
Smart, Norman, carpenter contractor, 99 Kenneth 

street, ho. 101 Kenneth street 
Smith, A. J. H., Summerfield, 4 Bruce gardens 
Smith, Alex., labourer, 6 Grant street 
Smith, Alex., machineman, 35a Wells street 
Smith, Alex., manager, Jacksons, Ltd., The Sheiling, 

12 Mayfield road 
Smith, Alexander, cashier, 4 Kenneth street 
Smith, A. M., motor garage, 16 Telford street 
Smith, Andrew, retired postman, 55 MacEwen drive 
Smith, Angus, labourer, 3 Dyer's court, Huntly street 
Smith, Angus M., Monadh, Damfield road 
Smith Bros., haulage contractors, Thornbush road 
Smith, Charles, milkman, 87 Bruce gardens 
Smith, D., 24-31 King street, ho. The Square, 25 

Ballifeary lane 
Smith, David & Sons, metal merchants, 9 Anderson 

Smith, Dun., Prudential Insurance, 11 Rangemore rd. 
Smith, G., ironmonger, 96 Glen-Urquhart road 


Smith, George, wholesale fruiterer, Birnam, 16 Auld- 

castle road 
Smith, Henry, constable, 16 Union road 
Smith, J., manager, 25 Charles street 
Smith, J. A., meter inspector, 6 Telford gardens 
Smith, James, county librarian, 37 Harrowden road 
Smith, James, M.R.C.V.S., Elcies, 5 Lovat road 
Smith, James M., carting contractor, 18 Brown street 
Smith, James, loco, foreman, Aitnoch, 7 Porterfield rd. 
Smith, James, The Bungalow, 2 Leys drive, Southside 

Smith, James, Board of Agriculture, 22 Auldcastle 

Smith, James, general merchant, 33 Ballifeary lane 
Smith, John A., wholesale fruiterer, 53 Kenneth st. 
Smith, John, fireman, 48 Innes street 
Smith, John, engine-driver, 4 Milne's buildings, Rose 

Smith, John, stevedore, "The Neuk," 63 Lochalsh rd. 
Smith, Joseph, architect, Glentruim, 49 Harrowden rd. 
Smith, Miss, Dirisbught mills, Diriebught road 
Smith, Miss Annie, 56 Grant street 
Smith, Miss, 25 Innes street 
Smith, Misses, Orchardville, 15 Broadstone park 
Smith, Mrs C. J., "Cromdale," 15 Brown street 
Smith, Mrs, 106 Castle street 
Smith, Mrs, 73 Kenneth street 
Smith, Mrs, 15 Maclennan crescent 
Smith, Mrs, 45 MacEwen drive 
Smith, Mrs, 4 Crown avenue 
Smith, Mrs, 16 Maxwell drive 
Smith, Mrs, 88 Lochalsh road 
Smith, Mrs, Cash Drapery Stores, 8 Queensgate. ha 

Altyre, Abertarff road 
Smith, Mrs, Nicol's alley, 115 Academy street 
Smith, Mrs, 38 Shore street 
Smith, Mrs, Douglas lodge, 18 Crown drive 
Smith, Mrs, 39 Celt street 

Smith, Malcolm C, "Calken," 99 Culduthel road 
Smith, Michael, agricultural agent, 84 Dochfour drive 
Smith, Murdo, sawmiller, 20 George street 
Smith, Percy J., civil servant, 64 Glen-Urquhart road 
Smith, R., labourer, 21 Grant street 
Smith, Richard, police constable, 29 Charles street 
Smith, Tavish, hairdresser, 15a Tomnahurich street. 

ho. 47 Dunain road 


Smith, Thomas, shop assistant, 29 Ardconnel street 

Smith, Thomas, chauffeur, 4 Waterloo place 

Smith, W., 9 Anderson street 

Smith, Wm., civil engineer, Crathorne, Darnaway rd. 

Smith, Wm., locomotive fireman, 91 Lochalsh road 

Smith, Wm.y manager, 16 Telford road 

Smith, William, Woodford, 15 Lovat road 

Smith, William, labourer, 3 Alexandra buildings, 

Queen street 
Smith, William, labourer, 41 South drive, Kessock 
Smith, William, architect and surveyor, 52 High st. 
Smith, William, mason, 112 Church street 
Smith, William, 5 Hill street 

Smith, William and Coy., CA.'s, 13 Lombard street 
Smith, William, C.A., Ferness villa, 17 Midmills road 
Smith, William, labourer, 39 Nelson street 
Smith, William, clerk, 12 Abban street 
Smith, William Crampton, B.Sc, O.B.E., rector, Royal 

Academy, ho. Dunelm, 2 Muirfield road 
Smith, William, labourer, 69 Maclennan crescent 
Snowie, James, porter, L.M.S.R., 55a Innes street 
Snowie, Thomas, porter, Royal Northern Infirmary, 

North lodge, 11 Bishop's road 
Soldiers' and Sailors' Home, 2 Academy street 
Soloman, Thomas, postman, 3 Bruce gardens 
Souter, John, retired, 1 Southside place 
South, James, solicitor (Fraser and Ross), ho. Red- 
burn, 63 Culduthel road 
Soutter, John, sawmiller, 38 Kessock avenue 
Speirs, John F., clerk, Labour Exchange, 37 Madras 

Speirs, Mrs Margaret, 25 Lochalsh road 
Spence, Alan, chauffeur, 38 Eastgate 
Spence^ J., representative, Macfarlane & Lang, 16 

Mayfield road 
Spence, James, mason, 3a Tulloch's buildings, Ard- 
connel terrace 
Spence, John, 33 Crown street 
Spence, Mrs, 30 Rose street 
Spence, R., telephone fitter, Hedgefteld cottages, 23 

Culduthel road 
Squair, Middleton and Co., solicitors, 2 Inglis street 
St Andrew's Cathedral, Ardross street and Ness walk 
St Andrew's Cathedral Guild House, 9 Kenneth st. 
St Columba High Church, 19 Bank street 
St John's Episcopal Church, 5, 7 Southside road 


St Mark's West Church, Upper Kessock street 
St Mary's (Gaelic) Church, 115 Church street 
St Mary's Masonic Lodge, Hamilton street 
St Mary's Presbytery, 30-31 Huntly street 
St Mary's R.C. Club, 33 Huntly street 
St Michael's and All Angels' Church, 28 Abban street 
St Stephen's Church, Old Edinburgh road and South- 
side road 
St Stephen's Crown Church Mission Hall, 24 Stephen's 

Stafford, Miss, Maryville, 18 Kenneth street 
Stalker, James, engine-driver, 131 Lochalsh road 
Standard Property Investment Co., Ltd., 17 Queens- 
Stanford, Frank, shoemaker, 58 Huntly street. ho. 

9 Montague row 
Stanford, Mrs- 2 Friar's place 
Stark, George, chauffeur, 41 Hill street 
Stark, J. Herbert, M.I.S., Ch. (Edin.), chiropodist, 

41a High street, ho. 2 Ardross terrace 
Stark, James, chemist, 13 Southside road 
Steel, John, clerk, 83 Lochalsh road 
Steel, Rev. W., rector, St John's Church, St John's 

lodge, 26 Broadstone park 
Steele, Herbert, civil servant, 27 MacEwen drive 
Steele, Mrs, lb Seaforth mansions, Reay street 
Stenhouse, Alex., butcher's assistant, 55a Innes st. 
Stenhouse, Harry, postman, 12 Wells street 
Stephen, John, coachman, 4 Crown road 
Steven, Frank, Windsor hotel, 22, 23 Ness bank 
Steven, John R., basket maker, 2 Bale's buildings, 

Argyle street 
Stevens, Miss Margaret M., 25 Muirtown street 
Stevenson, Frank, 44 Hill street 
Stevenson, J., carpenter, Canal bank, Clachnaharry 
Stevenson, Miss J., 45 Tomnahurich street 
Stevenson, Mrs F., 84 Glen-Urquhart road 
Stevenson, Robert H, electrician, Inchgower, 44 Ross 

Stewart, Alex., insurance agent, 29 Tomnahurich st. 
Stewart, Alex., engine-driver, 11 Bruce gardens 
Stewart, Alex., fitter, 55 Tomnahurich street 
Stewart, Allan, 10 Anderson square (off Anderson st.) 
Stewart, Angus, Balchraggan buildings, 34 Reay street 
Stewart and Co., wine merchants, 40 Union street 
Stewart, A. D., Hamiltons' Auction Marts, 4 Charles st. 


Stewart, D. & Co., petrol station, Macgregor's build- 
ings, Millbum road 
Stewart, Donald, tailor, 11 Innes street 
Stewart, Donald, labourer, 18 Innes street 
Stewart, Hugh, fish salesman, Denny House, 5, 7 

Huntly place 
Stewart, H. W., farmer, Seafield, Longman road 
Stewart, J., Ltd., ladies' hairdressers, 27 Academy st. 
Stewart, J., hawker, 98 South drive, Kessock 
Stewart, James, motor driver, 6 Alexandra buildings, 

Queen street 
Stewart, James B., restaurateur, 28 Inglis street, ho. 

10 Ardross terrace 
Stewart, James, fireman. L.M.S.R., 9 Friar's street 
Stewart, James C, solicitor, Melness, 8 Old Edin- 
burgh road 
Stewart, James, baker, 13 Crown street 
Stewart, John, The Hut, Citadel (off Shore street) 
Stewart, John, turf commission agent, 14 Grant st. 
Stewart, John, furniture salesman, 60 Innes street 
Stewart, John, carpenter, 25 King street 
Stewart, John, fish salesman. New Market. ho. 7 

Anderson street- 
Stewart, John, painter, 4 Smith avenue 
Stewart, John, pensioner, 20 Kessock avenue 
Stewart, John, traveller, 5 South Kessock 
Stewart, Michael, traveller, 35 Brown street 
Stewart, Miss, 3 Victoria square, Rose street 
Stewart, Miss, 2 Douglas row 
Stewart, Miss J., 11 Castle street 
Stewart, Miss, 4 Milne's buildings, Rose street 
Stewart, Miss M. A., Westfield, 32 Ballifeary road 
Stewart, Miss B., 18 Queen street 
Stewart, Miss C, 71 South drive, Kessock 
Stewart, Miss, Telford villa, 4 Telford road 
Stewart, Mrs A., Thistle Bar, 19 Celt street, ho. 3 

Duff street 
Stewart, Mrs I., china merchant, 85 Church street 
Stewart, Mrs, 7 May court, Alexander place 
Stewart, Mrs, 21 Innes street 
Stewart, Mrs, 38 Rose street 

Stewart, Mrs, 3 Cameron's close, Muirtown street 
Stewart, Mrs, 16 Waterloo place 
Stewart, Mrs, 10 Douglas row 
Stewart, Mrs M., 7 Anderson street 
Stewart, Mrs, 4 Albion square, King street 


Stewart, Mrs, 9 North drive, Kessock 
Stewart, Mrs, 1 Maclennan crescent 
Stewart, Murdo, baker, Princes place, 43 Huntly st. 
Stewart, Peter, labourer, 21 North drive, Kessock 
Stewart, Peter, labourer, 23 West drive, Kessock 
Stewart, R., metal dealer, 15 Upper Kessock street 
Stewart, Robert, dealer, 12 Tap lane 
Stewart, Robert, hawker, 11 North drive, Kessock 
Stewart, Robert G., plumber, gasfitter, and electri- 
cian, 20 Lombard street. ho. 12 Bruce 
Stewart, Robert, labourer, 62 Huntly street 
Stewart, Robert, dealer, 70 Kessock avenue 
Stewart, Rod., 9 Greig street. 
Stewart, Rule & Co., solicitors, 21 Church street 
Stewart, T., painter, 50 Tomnahurich street 
Stewart, Thomas, chief accountant, I.C.C., 8 Sunny- 
bank road 
Stewart, W., 53 Huntly street 

Stewart, W. G., clerk, L.M.S.R., 56 Glen-Urquhart road 
Stwart, William, labourer, 39 West drive, Kessock 
Stewart, William, painter, 1 Raining's stairs 
Stewart, William, Excise officer, Corrie lodge, Mill- 
burn road 
Stewarts (clothiers), Ltd., 3 High street— W. Smith, 

Stirling, John, motor driver, 53 Dochfour drive 
Stirling, Robin, Merlewood, Merlewood road 
Stitching Service Coy., The, 28 Queensgate— Donald 

H. M. Campbell 
Stoddart, James, joiner, 30 Tomnahurich street 
Stoddart, Mrs, 2 Dalneigh road 
Stoddart, R., joiner, 32 Muirtown street 
Stoker A. T., civil engineer, 77 Fairfield road 
Stokes, Misses, Glencairn hotel, 19 Ardross street 
Storm, John, cashier, Goods Department, L.M.S-R., 

75 MacEwen drive 
Storm, Miss, 77 MacEwen drive 
Strachan, Mrs, 37 Charles street 
Strachan, Robert, Roselea, 4 Bishop's road 
Strang, Mrs, 18 Fairfield lane 

Strang, Wm„ gardener, 4 Macdonald street, Haugh 
Stratton Dairy Depot, 92 Church street — R. Ross, 

Stronach, James, storeman, 56 Harrowden road 
Stronach, William, 38 Eastgate 


Stuart, R., 4 Hilton village, Old Edinburgh road 

Stuart, Miss, 28 Wells street 

Stuart, Win., clerk, L.M.S.R., 38 Wells street 

Sture, J. H., harbourmaster, 5 Canal bank, Clachna- 

Sturrock, David, iron turner, 34 High street 
Sturrock, Robert, M.D., Ch.B., Planefield house, 11 

Planefleld road 
Sturrock, James, retired warder, 50 Bruce gardens 
Sturrock, Wm, coachpainter, 17 Kessock avenue 
Sullivan, E., fitter, 1 Exchange place 
Summerfield R., fruit salesman, 27a Wells street 
Summerfield, William, 150 Lochalsh road 
Sun Insurance Office, Ltd., Fraser street — A. W. 

Fraser, resident inspector 
Sutherland, Adam, clerk, L.M.S.R., 39 Maxwell drive 
Sutherland, Adam, fitter, 2 Gladstone place, Harrow- 
den road 
Sutherland, Alex., labourer, 12 South drive, Kessock 
Sutherland Bros., plumbers and slaters, 59 Argyle 

street and 13 Porterfield bank 
Sutherland, Charles, slater, 32 Muirtown street 
Sutherland, Colin, labourer, 5 Nelson street 
Sutherland, David, chimney sweep, 30 North drive, 

Sutherland, David, sawmiller, 5 Simpson's lane, Grant 

Sutherland, Duncan, painter, 27 Abban street 
Sutherland, Duncan, electrician, 5 Pumpgate street 
Sutherland, Duncan, electrician, 37 Dochfour drive 
Sutherland, E., clerk, L.M.S.R., 10 Denny street 
Sutherland, Finlay, plumber, 5 High street, Clachna- 

Sutherland, Fraser, hairdresser, 119 Academy street. 

ho. Dundreggan buildings, 65 Argyle street 
Sutherland, George, 33 Drummond road 
Sutherland, George chauffeur, 4 Stephen street 
Sutherland, J., L.M.S.R., 30 Bruce gardens 
Sutherland, J., 10 Hamilton street 
Sutherland, J. B., roadman, 28 Maclennan crescent 
Sutherland, James, jun., 3 Pumpgate street 
Sutherland, James, guard, 3 Pumpgate street 
Sutherland, James, lorryman, 59 Dunain road 
Sutherland, James, baker, 16 Gladstone place, Har- 

rowden road 
Sutherland, James, docker, 15 West drive, Kessock 



Sutherland, James L., machineman, 41 Muirtown st. 
Sutherland, John, turner, 3 Abbotsford terrace, Greig 

Sutherland, John, seedsman, 26 Kingsmills road 
Sutherland, John, 4 Crown avenue 
Sutherland, John, Wordie and Co., 131 South drive, 

Sutherland, John R., P.O. Engineering department, 3 

Smith avenue 
Sutherland, John S., Rechabite Office, 25 Bridge street 
Sutherland, Miss, 14 Ardconnel street 
Sutherland, Miss, 9 Friar's street 
Sutherland, Miss, Contin terrace, 24 Duncraig street 
Sutherland, Miss, Urray cottage, 75 Culduthel road 
Sutherland, Mrs, 28 Upper Kessock street 
Sutherland, Mrs, 13 Greig street 
Sutherland, Mrs, 87 Church street 
Sutherland, Mrs, 57a Innes street 
Sutherland, Mrs, 12 Nelson street 
Sutherland, Mrs, boarding-house, Flowerdale villa, 

30 Greig street 
Sutherland, Mrs, 31a Lower Kessock street 
Sutherland, Mrs, 94 Academy street 
Sutherland, Robert, mason, 45 Hill street 
Sutherland, Rev. Wm., M.A., East Church Manse, 1 

Drummond crescent 
Sutherland, Walter, guard, L.M.S.R.. 73 Dochfour dr. 
Sutherland, Wm., packer, 72 Eastgate 
Sutherland, Wm., pavior, Whin park, Canal bank 
Sutherland, William, labourer, 4 Stephen street 
Sutherland, William, clerk, 17 Telford road 
Sutherland, William, lineman, G.P.O., 25 Telford st. 
Suttie, David, telephone operator, 27 Huntly street 
Suttie, J., Bank of Scotland, 40 Lovat road 
Suttie, Mrs Ann, 13 Church street 
Swanney, C, 49 Crown street 
Swanney, Peter, draper, 20 Perceval road 
Swanson, Alex., labourer, Bught cottages, Glen- 

Urquhart road 
Swanson, David, sheet metal worker, 23 Washington 

court, ho. 41 Rose street 
Swanston, D., boots, 5 Albion square, King street 
Swanston, D. Scott, accountant, 23 Academy street. 

ho. 24 Leys drive 
Swanston, James, stoker, 60 Telford gardens 


Sweeney, Hugh, Aultnaskiach Dairy Farm, Culduthel 

Sweeny, W. T., Dalreda, 32 Culduthel road 
Sykes, S., shepherd, 25 Fairfield road 
Symington, J. M., chemist, 3 Castle street — J. A. 

Connan, proprietor 
Symington, Mrs, "Corston," 12 Beaufort road 
Symon, James A., traffic superintendent, 6 Maxwell 


Tatggart, Mrs, 100 Castle street 

Tainsh, Dr James C., M.B., Ch.B., 27 Fairfield road 

Tait, A., coachman, 22 High street 

Tait, James, taxi-driver, 7 King street 

Tait, Mrs Margaret H, ladies' outfitter, 29 Queensgate. 

ho. 19 Midmills road 
Tait, Mrs, 13 Abban street 
Tait, Mrs, 79 South drive, Kessock 
Tarn, W. W., Muirtown house 
Tarrant, George, clerk, 1 Railway terrace 
Tarrant, W. G., carpenter, 10 Innes street 
Taylor, Alex., painter, 96 Castle street 
Taylor, Alex., cabman, 7 Ness place, Haugh 
Taylor, Alfred D., superintendent, Prudential Assur- 
ance Company, 29 Fairfield road 
Taylor, Daniel A., chauffeur, Burnfooit, Canal bank 
Taylor, David, skin curer, 104 Castle street 
Taylor, Donald, painter, 4 Lombard street 
Taylor, Edward J., Royston, 4 Mayfield road 
Taylor, Francis, slater contractor, 39 Fairfield road 
Taylor, George M., P.O. clerk, la Crown street 
Taylor, Harry, fish restaurant, 43 Rose street 
Taylor, J., taxi-driver, 80 Church street 
Taylor, James, labourer, 15a Bridge street 
Taylor, James, barman, 13 Pumpgate street 
Taylor, James, carpenter, 65 Dunain road 
Taylor, James, insurance agent, 53 Grant street 
Taylor, John W., 100 Church street 
Taylor, John, labourer, 84 Church street 
Taylor, John, railway clerk, 29 Union road 
Taylor, John, brassfinisher, 71 Church street 
Taylor, Miss Mary, nurse, 7 Douglas row 
Taylor, Miss, 13 Innes street 
Taylor, Miss, Belladale villa, 34 Fairfield road 


Taylor, Mrs J., 24 Wells street 

Taylor, Mrs Jane, 71 Church street 

Taylor, Mrs, 18 Waterloo place 

Taylor, Mrs, Fernlea, 43 Muirfield road 

Taylor, Mrs, Kingston, 15 Drummond road 

Taylor, Mrs C. P., 18 Lindsay avenue 

Taylor, Mrs, caretaker, 19 Union street 

Taylor, Mrs, 27 Attadale road 

Taylor, Robert, and Sons, Ltd., coal merchants, 43 

Eastgate and 34a Shore street 
Taylor, Robert, retired, Dunedin, 29 Leys drive 
Taylor, Robert C, cash draper, 10 Queensgate arcade 
Taylor, Robert, watchmaker, Dunmore villa, 25 Atta- 
dale road 
Taylor, T. J., manager Underwood Typewriter Com- 
pany, 5 Maxwell drive 
Taylor, Thomas, slater, 19 Gilbert street 
Taylor, Thomas, plumber, L.M.S.R., 43 Dochfour drive 
Taylor, W. & Son, slaters, 17 Baron Taylor's street 
Taylor, William, labourer, 26 Ferry road 
Taylor, Wm, architect, Craigneish, 6 Old Edinburgh 

Taylor, W. J. and Co., architects, 28 Queensgate 
Taylor, Wm. B., jeweller, 25 and 27 Church street 

ho. Elmgrove, 7 Ballifeary road 
Telford Electric Baking Coy., 52 Telford road 
Telford Engineering Works, 47 Telford road 
Telford Wholesale Grocery, 52 Telford road 
Tennis Courts and Recreation Grounds, Bellfield park,. 

Fraser park and Bishop's road 
Thain, Finlay, coalman, L.M.S.R., 35 Thombush road 
Thain, Mrs, 4 Madras street 

Theosophical Society, 2 Fraser street (off Church st.> 
Third, John, joiner, 44a Nelson street 
Third, Mrs. Margaret cottage, 34 Lochalsh road 
Third, William M., ship carpenter, 4 Deveron street 
Third, William, ship carpenter, 57 Shore street 
Thatcher. John, pastor of Nazareen Church, 15 Wells 

Thorn, J., 56 Telford gardens 
Thomas, Mrs, 46 Crown street 
Thomas, Wm., tailor, 25 Bridge street 
Thompson, A. S., 5b Seaforth mansions, Reay street 
Thompson, Charles F., commission agent, 15 Falcon 

Thompson, Colin, plumber, 10 Telford street 


Thompson, Mrs, 3 Friar's street 
Thompson, Mrs W., 33a Innes street 
Thompson, Neil, sawmiller, 20 Innes street 
Thomson, Alex., 51 Castle street 
Thomson, Alex. J., nreman, 3 Dunain road 
Thomson, Alex., labourer, 36 Upper Kessock street 
Thomson, Andrew, manager, Gas Works, ho. Arnis- 

ton, 51 Old Edinburgh road 
Thomson & Brown Brothers, motor accessories, 62-64 

Eastgate and 2 Crown road 
Thomson, David, labourer, 68 Dunain road 
Thomson, Donald, machineman, 14 Ferry road 
Thomson, Donald, carter, Rose, cottage, Wormfield, 

1 Lotland street 
Thomson, Finlay, labourer, 12 Raining's stairs 
Thomson, G., warder, 4 Mitchell's lane (off Porter- 
field bank) 
Thomson, George, retired engine-driver, 19 Gordon- 

ville road 
Thomson, George, salesman, 12 Mid street, Clachna- 

Thomson, George, signalman, If Seaforth Mansions, 

Reay street 
Thomson. Henry, fitter, 67 Castle street 
Thomson, J., traveller. 66 Glen-Urquhart road 
Thomson, James, nreman, 9 Dunain road 
Thomson, James and Co., photographers, 9 Bank st. 
Thomson, James, gardener, 63 South drive, Kessock 
Thomson, John, mason, 17 Fairfield Lane 
Thomson, John, fireman, 42 South drive, Kessock 
Thomson, John, labourer, 49 South drive, Kessock 
Thomson, Lindsay, Cleansing department, 27 Thorn- 
bush road 
Thomson, Miss, 23 Queen street 
Thomson, Miss, 57 Church street 
Thomson, Miss E., 12 Low street, Clachnaharry 
Thomson, Mrs, 18 Douglas row 
Thomson, Mrs, 36 Friar's street 

Thomson, Mrs, Macgregor's buildings, Millburn road 
Thomson, Mrs, 67 Castle street 
Thomson, Mrs, Benslie, 3 Ballifeary road 
Thomson, Mrs Jessie A., 5 Douglas row 
Thomson, Mrs, 49 Innes street 
Thomson, Robert, 12 Low street, Clachnaharry 
Thomson, Robert, painter and decorator, 75 Castle st. 
ho. Delvorar villa, 38 Ballifeary road 


Thomson, Thomas, 3 Brown street 

Thomson, Thomas, motor claims assessor, 11 High st. 

Thomson, William, storeman, 34 Hill street 

Thomson, William, chauffeur, 6 Gladstone place, Har- 
rowden road 

Thomson, Wm, labourer, 59 Kessock avenue 

Thorburn, Mrs, Stanwix, Lodge road, Drummond 

Thorne, Edward, fireman, 41 Longman road 

Thorne, James, porter, L.M.S.R., 7 Richmond terrace, 
Harrowden road 

Thorne, Mrs, 7 Greig street 

Thorpe, Lieut. H., Lovat Scouts, 9 Drummond circus 

Thow, William, 50 Innes street 

Timpson, W., Ltd., boot and shoemakers, 48 High st. 

Tinnock, Robert, warder, 8 Mitchell's lane, Porterfield 

Toe H Hall, Raining house, Hill place 

Tocher, George, tailor and clothier, Glenisle, 66 
Telford road 

Tocher, Misses I. and R., confectioners, 15 Greig st. 

Todd, Thomas, Westdale, 21 Montague row " 

Tolmie, D. J., senior depute county clerk, County 
buildings, Ardross street, ho. 17 Southside rd. 
Tolmie, G., motor driver, 66 Tomnahurich street 
Tolmie, Miss, confectioner, 31 Union street, ho. 20 

Church street 
Tolmie, Mrs, 29 Rose street 

Tolmie, William, 8 Innes street 

Tolmie, Rev. James, M.A., Queen Street Church. 

Manse, 60 Kenneth street 
Topp, George, The Grange, Muirtown 

Topper, Herbert, manager, Morel Bros., 6 Queensgate 

Tough, John, soldier, 12 North drive, Kessock 
Tough, Mrs, 16 Rangemore road 
Townsley, John, dealer, 19 Nelson street 
Town Hall, High street 

Town Water Supply Yard, 10 Old Edinburgh road 
Trace, E. J., 74 South drive, Kessock 
Trace, R. V., Ferndale, 19 Island bank road 
Treasurer, Donald, photographer, Whitehaven, Per- 
ceval road 
Treasurer, George, carter, 47 Hill street 
Treasurer, Miss, Princes place, 43 Huntly street 
Treasurer, Mrs E., 31 Dunain road 
Treasurer, Wm., Marieville. 80 Eastgate 
Tritton, D., Gillaroo, 107 Culduthel road 


Trust House Temperance Hotel, 19 Lombard street 

Tuach, Alex., carpenter, 8 Millburn road 

Tuach, Miss, 5 Bank street 

Tucker, R., inspector, Board of Health, 71 Fairfield 

Tucker, W., 58 Crown street 
Tulloch, David, fitter, 6 Innes street 
Tulloch, Edmund, 5 Albion square, King st. 
Tulloch, H., taxi-driver, 2 Pavilion buildings, Ardross 

Tulloch, Hugh, carpenter, 6 Kenneth street 
Tulloch, J., chef., L.M.S.R., 32 Lindsay avenue 
Tulloch, James, vanman, 43a Rose street 
Tulloch, John, mechanic, 6 Gladstone place, Harrow- 
den road 
Tulloch, Mrs, ladies' tailoress, 24 Bridge street 
Tulloch, Mrs, 23 Innes street 
Tulloch, Thomas, guard, L.M.S.R., 8 Grant street 
Tulloch, Thomas, fireman, 24 Lochalsh road 
Tulloch. Thomas, painter and decorator, 77 and 79 

Church street, ho. Mayhill, 28 Crown drive 
Tulloch, Wm, milkman, 59 Castle street 
Turriani. Renato, fruiterer and confectioner, 36 
Church street, 89 Academy street, and 19 
Chapel street 
TurrirJ.. Dorando. 21 Charles street 
Turnbull, George, carder, 2 Holm avenue, Dores road 
Turnbull, Mrs, The Elms, 5 Ballifeary road 
Turner, Fred, tailor, 13 Harrowden road 
Turner, Miss C, apartments, 44 Denny street 
Turner. Mrs, 64 Tomnahurich street 
Turner, R. W., 1 Huntly place 
Turiff, Acton A., B.L. Bank, 9 Charles street 
Tweedie, Roderick, Ltd., 29 Church street 
Tyrell, G. M., photographer, 57 Church street 
Tyronney, Hugh, striker, 38 King street 


Underwood Elliott Fisher Typewriter Co., 62 Academy 

Unemployed Service Hall, Nicols Alley (off Academy 

Unemployment Assistance Board, Station square 
Union Bank of Scotland, Ltd.. 21 Union street 


Urquhart, A., grocer, 54 Dochfour drive 
Urquhart, A., fish merchant, 6 Madras street 
Urquhart, A. C, .motor engineer, 8 Maryann court, 

Ardross place 
Urquhart, Alex., L.M.S.R., 4 Ferry road 
Urquhart, Alex., motor engineer, 5 Friar's place 
Urquhart, Alex., labourer, 10 Maclennan crescent 
Urquhart, Christopher, dental mechanic, 7 Richmond 

terrace, Harrowden road 
Urquhart, Donald and Son, licensed grocers, 6 and 8 

Waterloo pi. ho. Mont Clair, 58 Fairfield rd. 
Urquhart, Donald, oil merchant, 9 Simpson's lane 

(off Grant street) 
Urquhart, Donald, slater, 29 Tomnahurich street 
Urquhart, Donald, Labour Exchange manager, 33 

Fairfield road 
Urquhart, Duncan, burgh police constable, 28 May 

court (off Alexander place) 
Urquhart, Duncan, grocer, 29 Longman road 
Urquhart, F., and Co., seedsmen, 1 and 3 Union st., 

and Dempster gdns. Nurseries — Drummond 
Urquhart, George, tailor and clothier, 18 Bank street 
Urquhart, Harry, painter, 3 Friar's lane 
Urquhart, Hugh, 74 Upper Kessock street 
Urquhart, Hugh, retired, St Vincent cottage, 32 Old 

Edinburgh road 
Urquhart, J. G., Woodside, 11 Leys drive 
Urquhart, James, mechanic, 17 Douglas row 
Urquhart, James, butcher, 6 Glebe street 
Urquhart, James, cabinetmaker, 45 Innes Street 
Urquhart, John, clerk, 67 Glen-Urquhart road 
Urquhart, John, sergeant, Burgh Police, Benview, 23 

Ardconnel terrace 
Urquhart, John, grocer, 44 Rose street 
Urquhart, John, grocer, 1 Milne's buildings, Rose st. 
Urquhart, John, slater, 15 Muirtown street 
Urquhart, John, upholsterer, 18 Market brae 
Urquhart, John, dealer, 115 South drive, Kessock 
Urquhart, Joseph, chauffeur, 96 Church street 
Urquhart, Miss, 14 Waterloo place 
Urquhart, Miss, lc Seaforth mansions, Reay street 
Urquhart, Miss, grocer, 10 Charles street 
Urquhart, Miss, 122 Glen-Urquhart road 
Urquhart. Miss, Rigfoot, 22 Southside road 
Urquhart, Misses, Melrose villa, 35 Kenneth street 
Urquhart. Mrs, 85 Ballifeary road 


Urquhart, Mrs, 5 Brown street 

Urquhart, Mrs, 4 Kenneth street 

Urquhart, Mrs E., 5 Ardconnel terrace 

Urquhart, Mrs, 7 Shoe lane 

Urquhart, Mrs, 11 South drive, Kessock 

Urquhart, Mrs, Westgrove, 23 Montague row 

Urquhart, Mrs, 30 May court (off Alexander place) 

Urquhart, Mrs, 44 Argyle street 

Urquhart, N., S.C. and T., 86 Glen-Urquhart road 

Urquhart, Paul Fraser, shunter, 2 Ardross place 

Urquhart, R., 3 Alexandra buildings, Queen street 

Urquhart, Robert, fish dealer, 10 Tap lane 

Urquhart, Robert, 8 Telford road 

Urquhart, Robert, retired, 11 Nelson street 

Urquhart, Thomas, labourer, 24 West drive, Kessock 

Urquhart, Wm, plumber, 53 Eastgate. ho. Tore villa, 

23 Bellfield park 
Urquhart, Wm., fish salesman, 123 South drive, Kessock 
Urquhart. W. H. (of F. Urquhart and Co.), St Ann's, 

31 Southside road 

Vauss, William, 15 Nelson street 

Venables, Wm., Asylum attendant, 5 Deveron street 


Waldie, Reinhard, hammerman, 22 Upper Kessock st. 
Walker A., Insurance superintendent, 33 Maxwell 

Walker, A. P., 12 Maxwell drive 
Walker, Alex, retired inspector, 17 Muirtown street 
Walker, Alex., baker, 35 Dunain road 
Walker, D., 31 Madras street 
Walker's Emporium, 25, 26, and 29 Inglis street 
Walker, James, and Co.. timber merchants, 49 Shore 

street. Creosoting works — 34 Shore street 
Walker, James, manager (W. Low and Co.), 33 Atta- 

dale road 
Walker, John, drover. 4 South drive, Kessock 
Walker, Miss Janet, grocer, 31a Madras street 
Walker, Miss Sara, Northern College of Music, 42 

Union street 
Walker, Misses, 15 Mayfield road 
Walker, Hon. Mrs, Kingsmills house, Damfield road 


Walker, Mrs, St Leonards, 6 Leys drive, Southside pi. 

Walker, Mrs, 17 Rose street 

Walker, R., 109 Culduthel road 

Walker, Stewart, grocer, 17, 19 Kenneth street, ho. 

53 Argyle street 
Walker, Thomas B., traveller, 2 Victoria drive 
Walker, William A., mechanic, 77 Old Edinburgh road 
Wallace, Donald, 33 Kessock avenue 
Wallace, Hill N., 56 Crown street 
Wallace, James, butcher, 6 Dalneigh crescent 
Wallace, Mrs, 23 Upper Kessock street 
Wallace, R., 34 Tomnahurich street 
Waller, A., labourer, 35 North drive, Kessock 
Walls, John, Thornbush Inn, 47 Thornbush road 
Walton, Mrs, 3 Lindsay avenue 
Walton, William, draper, 17 Castle street. ho. 17 

Crown circus 
Warburton, Fred., mason, 17 Thornbush road 
Ward, H. H., Queensgate hotel. ho. Green Gables. 

Drummond road 
Ward, John, Bahrain house, 40 Huntly street 
Wardrop, Gavin, window-dresser, 88 Church street 
Warner, J. F., grocer, 72 Tomnahurich street 
Warren, Angus, cattle drover, 4 off 11 Bridge street 
Waters, Mrs, Roachdale, 14 Southside pi. 
Waterston, Mrs, 37 Lower Kessock street 
Watson, Andrew, sawyer, 92 Kessock avenue 
Watson, Andrew, 38 Lovat road 
Watson, Donald, & Co., gunmakers, 19 Inglis street 
Watson, George, gardener, 22 Grant street 
Watson, J. A., railwayman, 80 Bruce gardens 
Watson, J. Stuart, W.S. (of Macandrew and Jenkins), 

Aultnaskiach, 36 Culduthel road 
Watson, James, joiner. 76 Upper Kessock street 
Watson, John, vanman, 56 Innes street 
Watson, Miss, 84 Church street 
Watson, Miss, Lauriston, 38 Lovat road 
Watson, Miss, Princes place, 43 Huntly street 
Watson, Mrs A., 2 MacEwen drive 
Watson, Mrs, 88 South drive, Kessock 
Watson, Mrs, 62 Fairfield road 
Watson, Mrs, 9 Victoria terrace 
Watson, Mrs, 25 Upper Kessock street 
Watson, Peter, chauffeur, 96 Castle street 
Watson, Simon, labourer, 71 Kessock avenue 
Watson, W., police constable, 15 Alexander place 


Watson, William M., Kinnahaird, 67 Lochalsh road 
Watt, G. Urquhart, musicseller, 21 Castle street, ho. 

32a Old Edinburgh road 
Watt, Herbert G., manager, Royal Hotel, Academy st. 
Watt, Hugh, labourer, 20 North drive, Kessock 
Watt, James, fish salesman, 18 North drive, Kessock 
Watt, James, 39 Bruce gardens 
Watt, James, electrician, 2 Duncraig street 
Watt, John, carriage cleaner, 100 Kessock avenue 
Watt, Miss, Central Hotel, 80 Academy street 
Watt, Mrs, 22 Stephen's brae 
Watt, Mrs, Eileanach, Ladies walk 
Watt, Mrs, 6 Albion square (off King street) 
Watt, Robert, gardener, 29 Muirtown street 
Watt's Temperance Hotel, 25 Bridge street 
Weale, P., 3 Stephen's street 

Webster, C. H., Imperial Typewriters, 11 Queensgate 
Weights and Measures Office, Castle Wynd 
Weir, George, labourer, 25 Upper Kessock street 
Weir, John, gardener, Olive cottage, 29 Greig street 
Weir, Mrs, Ailsa cottage, 38 Fairfield road 
Wells, Alex., labourer, 36 South drive, Kessock 
Wells, Jonathan, fitter, 7 Fraser street, Haugh 
Wells, Jonathan, gardener, 51 Huntly street 
Wells, Robert, labourer, 87 Kessock avenue 
Wells, Wra, iron moulder, 41 Kessock avenue 
Welsh, George, labourer, 3 Muirtown street 
Welsh, James, motor driver, 7 Paton Street, Haugh 
Wemyss, D., labourer, 5 South drive, Kessock 
Wemyss, Donald, West lodge, Drummond road 
Wemyss, James, labourer, 10 Thornbush road 
Wemyss, Mrs, 10 Nelson street 
Wemyss, Robert, dock labourer, 4 Madras street 
Wemyss-Sinclair, Miss C. A., 7 Ardross street 
Wemyss, William, labourer, 20 Shoe lane 
Wesleyan Central Hall, 32 Union street— Rev. J. R. 

West Church, 38 Huntly street— Rev. G. H. Grant, 

B.D., minister; Louis Maclennan, church 

West Church Hall, 35a Huntly street 
West Riding Wallpaper Co.. 7-9 Queensgate arcade 
Westwood, Mrs, 20 Duncraig street 
Wheatley. Mrs, 4 Milne's buildings, Rose street 
Wheatley. J. D., clerk, L.M.S.R., 22 Lindsay avenue 
Wheeler, Hugh, plumber, 4 Manse place 
Wheeler, John, mason's labourer, 7 Manse place 


Wheeler, Mrs, 42 Hill street 

Wheeler, John, mason, 12 Pumpgate street 

White, A. T., clerk, Labour Exchange, 36 Glen- 

Urquhart road 
White, Misses, 10a Charles street 
White, Mrs, 33 Longman road 
Whitecross, George, mechanic, 30 Dunain road 
Whitecross, George, 3 Innes street 
Whitehead, Mrs, Lincoln villa, 8 Friar's place 
Whitehorn, H. K., Morton villa,, 36 Fairfield road 
Whitton, William, 23 Charles street 
Whyte, Charles, lorryman, 4 Queen street 
Whyte, David, photographic studio, 57 Church street 
Whyte, Frank, M.Inst, C.E., superintendent, Cale- 
donian Canal, Clachnaharry house 
Whyte, George, 4 Shore street 
Whyte, Mrs, 119 Lochalsh road 
Whyte, Mrs, Roseville, 49 Argyle street 
Whyte, Mrs, 34 Hill street 

Whyte, Murdo, 15 Anderson square (off Anderson st.) 
Whyte, R., labourer, 24 Union street 
Whyte, Robert, storeman, 30 Rose street 
Whyte, Roderick, janitor, 34 Hill street 
Whyte, Roderick, ex-constable, 39 Ballifeary road 
Whyte, William A., chauffeur, 3 Portland place 
Wight, Mrs, dressmaker, 46 High street 
Wight, Peter, plumber, 3b Seaforth mansions, Reayst. 
Wilkie, Alex., Millvalley place, 14 Diriebusht road 
Wilkie, James M. (of Tawse, contractors, Aberdeen) , 

30 Muirfield road 
Wilkie, Mrs, 90 Telford street 
Wilkie, Mrs, 17 and 19 Friar's lane 
Wilkinson, L. S. J., picture house manager, Linross, 

Canal bank, Clachnaharry 
Will, Ernest, traveller, 36 Maxwell drive 
Williams, Alfred, clerk, 107 Bruce gardens 
Williams, Edward, fitter, L.M.S.R., 15 Southside place 
Williams, James, machineman, 10 Hamilton street 
Williams, Lewis, commercial traveller, 30 Lindsay ave. 
Williams, Mrs, 67 Huntly street 
Williams, Mrs, 2 Rosebery place, Haugh 
Williams, Robert, fireman, 21 May court (off Alex- 
ander place) 
Williams, Robert, car driver, 59 Muirtown street 
Williams, Roderick, sculptor, 3c Seaforth mansions, 

Reay street 
Williams, Roderick, motor mechanic, 9 Ardross place 


Williamson, Alex., labourer, 3 Ferry road 
Williamson, Alex., hawker, 3 North drive, Kessock 
Williamson, Andrew, labourer, 3 South drive, Kessock 
Williamson, Angus, dealer, 76 South drive, Kessock 
Williamson, Charles, coal carter, 71 Church street 
Williamson, George, P.O., 31 Ross avenue 
Williamson, George, labourer, 32 King street 
Williamson, George, 2 Munro's lane (ofT Huntly st.> 
Williamson, Hugh, 35 Crown street 
Williamson, Isaac, electrical engineer, 63 Kenneth st. 
Williamson, James, hostel for travellers, 15, 27 Dun- 

abban road 
Williamson, James, 64a Upper Kessock street 
Williamson, James, machineman, 52 Huntly street 
Williamson, Jolnij grocer, 2 Hilton village 
Williamson, Miss, Broornfield, 22 Crown drive 
Williamson, Mrs, Bught lodge, 107 GlenUrquhart rd. 
Williamson, Mrs, Columba hotel, Ness walk 
Williamson, Mrs, 5 Simpson's lane, Grant street 
Williamson, Mrs, Kinhrive, 7 Lovat road 
Williamson, Mrs, 47 Telford gardens 
Williamson, Mrs, 34 South drive, Kessock 
Williamson, Thomas, labourer, 33 Maclennan crescent 
Williamson, Thomas, dealer, 10 Simpson's lane (off 

Grant street) 
Willowbank Nursing Home — Miss Maclean, 11 Island 

bank road 
Wilson, A., caretaker, 42 Waterloo place 
Wilson, Allan, 24 Bruce gardens 
Wilson, Andrew, sen., 1 Ross's close, Shoe lane 
Wilson, Andrew, dealer, 72 Kessock avenue 
Wilson, Andrew, labourer, 32 Maclennan crescent 
Wilson, Capt., Scottish Airways, Beamore, 48 Fair- 
field road 
Wilson, Duncan C, stationer (of Keith and Co.), 58 

Kenneth street 
Wilson, Duncan, accountant, 38 Innes street 
Wilson, Charles, storeman, 120 Lochalsh road 
Wilson, George, fireman, L.M.S.R.. 31 Smith avenue 
Wilson, James, hawker, 3 Ross's close, Shoe lane 
Wilson, James, traction driver, 54 Shore street 
Wilson, James, boilermaker, Thornbush cottage, 

20 Capel Inch 
Wilson, James, labourer, 35 Kessock avenue 
Wilson, James, hawker, 17 West drive, Kessock 
Wilson, John, 16 Lochalsh road 
Wilson, John, labourer, 9 Lochalsh road 


Wilson, Joseph, 2 Argyle terrace, Porterfield bank 

Wilson, Joseph, painter, 25 Gilbert street 

Wilson, M. W., retired, 33 Dochfour drive 

Wilson, Miss Hilda, feather mount-maker, 4 Bale's 

buildings, Argyle street 
Wilson, Miss I., Brankie, 105 Glen-Urquhart road 
Wilson, Mrs, 11 Porterfield bank 
Wilson, R. C, teacher, Egmore, 7 Leys drive 
Wilson, Richard, hairdresser, 18 Abbotsford terrace, 

Greig street 
Wilson, Ronald, fitter, 129 South drive, Kessock 
Wilson, Stanley, depute town chamberlain, 18 Plane- 
field road 
Wilson, Sydney, plume maker, 62 Denny street 
Wilson, T., 14 Crown avenue 
Wilson, W- J., hairdresser, 87 Academy street. ho. 

120 Academy street 
Wilson, William, inspector, G.P.O., 3 Denny street 
Wilson, William, labourer, 74 King street 
Wilson, William, signalman, 5 Friar's street 
Wilson, Wm, barber, 68 Tomnahurich street 
Wilson, Wm. D., local manager, Commercial Union 

Insurance Coy., 77 Bruce gardens 
Wimberley, Miss, 1 Muirfield road 
Winchester, Wm., Rootfield, 42 Harrowden road 
Wiseman, L., traveller, 49 Kenneth street 
Wiseman, Mrs, 39 Bellfield park 
Wiseman, William, plumber, 41 Maxwell drive 
Witham, Mrs, 38 Union road 
Witherspoon, H., manager, Brittanic Assurance Co., 

Ltd., Canal bank, Clachnaharry 
Wood, G., masori, 81 South drive, Kessock 
Wood, George E., 41 Kenneth street 
Wood, J., chauffeur, Drummond (upper) 
Wood, Joseph, baker, 8 Southside road 
Wood, Mrs F. M., 15 Mid street, Clachnaharry 
Wood, Mrs, Sevenoaks, 17 Fairfield road 
Wood, Wm., labourer, 18 Shoe lane 
Wordie and Coy., Ltd., railway carting contractors, 61 
Eastgate, and Stables, Washington court — 
E. Duncan, manager 
Woodward, Edward, 34 Old Edinburgh road 
Woolworth, F. W. and Co., 13-15 High street and 14 

Lombard street 
Woolley, Charles, porter, L.M.S.R., 73 Huntly street 
Wotherspoon, Robert, solicitor, "Westwood," Drum- 
mond (Upper) 


Wright, Rev. James, M.A., Ness Bank Manse, 3 Aber- 

tarff road 
Wright, Robert, labourer, 4 Duncraig street 
Wright, William, shipwright, 130 South drive, Kessock 
Wylie, Mrs, 34 Shore street 

Yates, Harry, grocer, 37 Denny street, ho. 74 
Yeaman, Alex., clerk, L.M.S.R., 64 Maxwell drive 
Yeudall, M., Grant street sub post-office 
Yeudall, Miss, stationer, etc., sub post-office, 17 Kings- 
mills road 
Yeudall, Thomas, 38 Telford street 
York Drive Laundry, Bellneld park 
York House, 20 Church street 

Young and Chapman, drapers, 13, 15, 17 Union street 
Young, C. G., postman, 13 Friar's lane 
Young, Donald, traveller, 72 Upper Kessock street 
Young, George, Brucefield, 35 Ross avenue 
Young, Hugh, Cleansing department, 4 Tap lane 
Young, Ian (Young & Chapman's), Lodge Road, 

Young, J. P., milk carter, 38 Nelson street 
Young, James R., wholesale stationer, 15 Falcon square 
Young, James, caretaker, 3 Bank lane 
Young, James, fish merchant, 17 Madras street 
Young, James, Violet bank, 7 Bellneld park 
Young, James, labourer, 35 Maclennan crescent 
Young, Mrs, Crombagh, 1 Victoria drive 
Young, John, monotype operator, Gwffane, 40 Telford 

Young Men's Christian Association Rooms, 1 Castle st. 
Young, Miss C, 22 Dunain road 
Young, Mrs, 6 Tullcch's buildings, Ardconnel terrace 
Young, Mrs, 98 Glen-Urquhart road 
Young, Thomas, 3 Friar's lane 
Young, W., advertising representative, 6 Holm avenue, 

Dores road 
Young, Wm., mechanic. 6 Abbotsford ten*., Greig st. 
Young, William, 21 Innes street 
Youngson, Frederick, goods checker, 90 Eastgate 
Y.W.C.A. of Scotland Rooms, Thornbush road— Miss 

Y.W.C.A. of Great Britain, 7 and 9 Island bank 
road— Miss Skinner, secretary 


Telephone No. 322. 

York Drive Laundry 


The LAUNDRY is equipped with an up-to-date plant. 
The greatest care is taken with Linen. 


The work of Country Houses and Shooting 

Lodges a speciality. 

Regular Van Deliveries in Town and Outlying 



DRY-CLEANING PLANT of the very latest descrip- 
tion has been installed. 
We undertake the Cleaning of Household Articles, 
made like new. 
The work is under the supervision of an expert. 


PRICE-LISTS for Laundry Work and Dry-Cleaning 
Work on application. 


Scottish Union & National 






Fire, Lightning and Explosion (includ- 

ing Loss of Profits) 

Life and Endowment 

Annuity and Pension 

Leasehold and Capital Redemption 

Personal Accident and Illness 

"All Risks" (Jewellery, Furs, &c.) 

Burglary and Theft 

All these 

Glass Breakage 

Public Liability 
Employers' Liability 


Owners' and Occupiers' Liability 

effected on 

Salaries and Wages in Transit 

Transit of Valuables 

the most 


Court Bond 


Motor Vehicle 

Horse-Drawn Vehicle 


Wireless Installations 

Householders' and Houseowners' 


Boiler Explosion 

Machinery Lift 

Marine Baggage 


DAVID ROSS, Solicitor, Inverness 
Sir A. N. MACAULAY, Golspie 
H. W. LEASE, Solicitor, Forres 
HENRY SAVEGE, Solicitor, Elgin 
J. McDONALD, Solicitor, Nairn 

Proposal Forms and Full Particulars to be had on application to 

Telephone No 757. 

F. GRANT COLLIE, Local Secretary 



ERIC W. H. BRANDER, Esq., Advocate, Aberdeen. 
ALEX. BRODIE, Esq., Solicitor, Banff. 
A. E. P. GARDNER, Esq., Solicitor, Stonehaven. 
Sir THOS. JAPFREY, Bart., LL.D., 6 West Craibstone 
Street, Aberdeen. 

E. D. JAMESON, Esq., LL.B.. Solicitor. Elgin. 

Sir ANDREW LEWIS, LL.D. (John Lewis & Sons, Ltd.), 

ALEX. MACKIE, Esq., Aberdeen. 

JOHN REID, Esq., Peterhead (W. C. and J. H. MacBean). 
ERNEST RENNET, Esq., Advocate. Aberdeen. 

Col. A. W. McPHERSON (George, •'-■-Riddell— and 

McPherson), Macduff. - — : • --■- '-"■•'--- ■ 



Local Manager — A. H. LYON. 

Fire Superintendent — A. PARK, 

Inverness Office— 29a HIGH STREET. 

Phone 477. '"" ' ' ' ' " * '' "\ " ',""',' 

Elgin Office— 90 HIGH STREET.